HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 4 Teaser Trailer Concept (2020) Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens Disney Musical Movie

HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 4 Teaser Trailer Concept (2020) Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens Disney Musical Movie

I just can’t. Can’t stop thinking about what she’s doing. You know, we met in school. I honestly thought we were going to get married. Sort of took the fast track to the whole marriage and kids thing. And I don’t need to settle it’s not like I’m 30… The first time that I saw you. You were reading less than zero. I’d never seen anything. So perfect. Are you gonna hold on to this… forever? Hi everyone. How’s it going? From that day on nothing could ever be that bad. Because I had you.

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  2. Que chido que la nueva peli si sea con el guapísimo ZAC EFRON porque avían dicho que uvan a cambiar personajas

  3. Is this real i wish they never stop doing high school musical this my true live I cry for them I wish this is real and I wish see ther dolls again

  4. It’s ten fucking years later why the fuck would they call it high school musical 4 ?? Also I’m really excited for it to come out if this is a fact but it just needs a different fucking name

  5. I’m 11 but even though I was born in the year the second movie was made I love it so so much and I want this to be true

  6. people need to stop doing these teasing for reunion movies like there’s been one made for friends and it kills me especially as it looks so real😭💔

  7. if there was a 4 this generation is would love this high school musical and well never understand cuz we grew up on the first 3 that is so wierd to think of kinda like IT

  8. Omg I'm cryinggggg
    I just finished binge watching the 3 movies for the billionth time and I always go through this routine of watching interviews of them talking about it. AHH

  9. bitch i’d pay a thousand dollars for this bruh if they dare to make the series without the original cast imma cancel my netflix subscription

  10. I remember when they used to have those dancing tutorials on Disney commercial breaks before the movie resumed that showed you how to dance to some of the songs that they played in the high school musical movies

  11. High school musical 4: exists

    me and everyone who really enjoyed all HSM movies: welcome back old friend😢😭🤧

  12. I feel like I'm going to cry! High School Musical is my favourite and really want to see this!!!!! It's all changed from HSM3 and a different director so I want to see what happens.❤️

  13. Is this really about to happen if it is I am really excited right now I all ways hope this would happened love high school Musical 1, 2, 3 ,

  14. Yes DISNEY just an ADVICE we think you should show us the real LIFE after HIGH SCHOOL LIFE. You guys started it and you should Finnish it for WE are All Waiting for part4 for the real finale

  15. To be honest, most of those clips were out of different movies. Zac Efron in the clip was out of Are We Officially Dating.

  16. What were all these movies/tv shows??? I know two of them where "Switched at Birth" and "Little Women (2018)"

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