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  1. I never thought Disney would do a song with bad advice. There is a lot of women & men in the jobs they mentioned. Usually, Disney would do a song about not sticking to the status Quo. If you can get the job or career you like, then do it.

  2. East High must have been a small school. Big schools, even medium-sized schools don't really… do this? Or maybe the ones I went to were just nice.

  3. Will never get over Ashley Tisdale's amazing vocals, though. And I LOVE Gabriella's panic. Ya know what, this whole song is a jam.

  4. Tucked about the group sniff the boy ego plays the cello!
    Cool, what's a cello; is it a saw? Do you have to wear a costume? 😱

  5. if you look at 4:01 you can see the girl walking. But if you go to 4:04 she is still standing in her spot and not even walking to the stairs, then at 4:08 she is walking the stairs. (Sorry my brother is an actor so i pay more attention to things

  6. Hey YouTube why are you doing these songs again I’m just saying I mean I still love high school musical but you should be doing more of the zombies 2 or descendants 2&3

  7. Anyone else notice that Sharpay starts walking toward the stairs and then in the next scene she is still standing beside Ryan and then in the next scene she is partway down the stairs suddenly, or just me?

  8. At 4:02 Sharpay is making her way down the stairs, but in the cut straight after you can see her not moving at all. And then starts moving again, whilst already on the stairs at 4:08?

  9. Wait that kid with the red hair that looks suspiciously like Ron Howard started the "Is that even Legal" meme?
    Also what happened with the kid that plays cello he never ever appears throughout the series again?!

  10. Happy birthday zac efron 32 today 13 years ago you stole our hearts with this movie and 13 years later you still have it 💜💙💜💙😘😘🤙

  11. I’m a fan of HSM… but I really dislike this song. It’s the tune and lyrics, it’s just bad 😂 Even when if first came out. 🙅🏻‍♀️😂

  12. It is crazy to me that my math teacher has a haircut like troy and has a beard like post malone (all he needs is tattoos on his face)😂😂

  13. When i was younger, I just enjoy singing and dancing to this song but now though the tune is still danceable, the lyrics hits me differently coz I can relate to it now… 🙁

  14. At 4:05, you can see Sharpie and Ryan standing up on the balcony, even though they started walking in the cut before… I noticed this when the movie came out years ago and it still bothers me to this day 🙈🙈🙈

  15. Is it just me or is the chick with the pink shirt the same one who played tracy in the hairspray movie??????

  16. If you look closely at 1:02, that's Mollee Gray from Teen Beach Movie and Teen Beach 2 who plays Giggles. She plays the role as brainiac/principal dancer in High School Musical 1-3.

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