High School Picture Day | Hannah Stocking

High School Picture Day | Hannah Stocking

Whoo, Okay, you got this you got this today. All right. Okay, This is what you’ve been waiting for all year You think you got the best yearbook picture this year. It’s not happening Here it is Thanks, mama and a little oregano I am allergic to oregano. I’m allergic to You’re going to look beautiful in your picture Mm-hmm. Oh, I hope so I hope so Well, it’s too bad for you you wear the exact same thing as me on picture day It’s a coincidence. My mom actually bought me this outfit Well, I bought my own so grow up honey And you know at the end of the day We both look great. I think I look better and I think you’re gonna have to change. Why Here’s why Really think I’m gonna fall for that two years in a row. Oh, it’s on It’s on *Bell Ringing* Hey everyone, my name is Photographer Keith Welcome to picture day Today is about pictures and Art Little pro tip might just be for your yearbook, but you’re gonna look at these pictures for the rest of your life So really make it count, okay All right, first up. We got Bruno. Bruno come on over here. Hi, I’m Bruno I’m Bruno Okay said that great. All right Bruno. Here we go. Big smile. Okay, little smaller a little smaller Smaller smile All right, one, two three Good enough. Thank you I am Bruno Okay, Ryan, you’re up. Let’s go Oh, Alright Ryan have a seat I’m here to send one message Save the whales right? Is this really how you want your one photo to be taken? Listen? PK Whales rights are human rights? Yeah. Well one whale start paying taxes then talk to me So. Yeah, dude. I took your picture like 20 seconds ago I hope you got this sign in there, bud I didn’t I assumed didn’t read interface. No sign Okay, who’s next? Bobby Picture time brought your own prop. That’s great. Catch you the game tonight play for the team No Why do you wanna look like a football player for your picture? Cuz it’s 2018. Oh, yeah, cool the years the answer awesome here We go. Here we go. One two three Boom got it can’t get one more action. My better side. Each person. Only gets one. Come on. It’s easy You press a button one more time one photo per person My dragon David Have a seat right there. All right ready victor big smile. Here we go Have you ever smelled before? Okay, just smile. Like I don’t know think about like Halloween or sleeping in the graveyard or hey grave. Let’s fix that in Photoshop. Here we go. One two, three. There you go You’re all set No, I’ll just out nope Okay, oh great okay great I’ll just do Kristen – how long have you guys been dating I’m the for four days Wow Okay, good now I’m gonna break up probably in a couple weeks You guys want to just stop for a second and smile. Just look over here and smile. I Love you. Okay. Just choose the kissy face you want then? Here you go Great. Okay, we’re all set. We’re done No, we’re done. No, you don’t have to pose anymore. Hmm. So what does it feel like to always be second best? Oh, no III really want to win. Oh that’s cute. We’ll see that even printable At least my name isn’t Eddie sauce. It’s TT South next up we have Titty sauce, it’s TT sauce You mean Let’s go to the bleachers. Wait. Are you the same titty sauce from last year? Yes, I am You had the best picture last year and the year before titty sauce. Let’s get this going What pose do you want to start with went to the side? Oh, that’s beautiful. Yeah. Love it. Your perfect hair so good Look at you’re scared. You’re someone just start over you gap great. Oh, look at that emotion. I wish I had your skin What are these two right here? Look at that. You’re gorgeous Yes And boom. Okay, cool. We probably got one in there. If not the studio. We’ll reach out to you a book another photo shoot We’ll see. Okay next we have Hanna What Photographer keep it’s my pleasure. Are you? Okay? I’ve been I’m ready I’ve been practicing for 48 hours Wow. Your your face is very sweaty. Very sweaty It’s high light Can you stop? Quivery in that bottom lip take a look. Take a deep breath Let me go good. Okay, here we go. Just think of something nice puppies think of puppies Okay here. Okay. Good smile. Here we go. Ready? Sorry Hannah One two three Uh I’m so sorry. Uh Can we read ticket? Okay one per person titty sauce got to retake. Why can’t I get one? It’s pronounced TT South and she’s the greatest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. I haven’t been able to sleep I haven’t been able to breathe or really eat one photo per person Person today was my year to weigh curity take her away Wait a second, that’s you. I’ve always wondered what you look like in bikini No way Bruno; What? What’s going on? Oh You haven’t heard Heard what? I don’t know people just seem to think that I got the best picture of the yearbook That’s impossible. I don’t know see for yourself I Saw your picture. How did you do this? Oh, nothing photographer Keith. Let me swap out my photo You know he- he might have retouched yours too. Oh, did he touch up my flyaways Oh No, See For Yourself *Shouting*

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  1. I hope you have a blessed day everyone that reads this message.
    It would be largely appreciated if you were to drop a sub as my dream is to be a YouTube with 100 💯 subscribers

  2. Hannah: Well at least my name isn’t titty sauce
    Titi: It’s Titi Sows
    Photographer: Up next we have uhh titty sauce
    Titi: IT’S TITI SOWS

  3. Our school said nothing about picture day till I went to school and they said ToDaY iS pIcTuRe DaY…………

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