Highest Resolution Machu Picchu Picture  Ever Taken- Smarter Every Day 66

Highest Resolution Machu Picchu Picture Ever Taken- Smarter Every Day 66

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  1. Look in the picture on the high stairs on the top of em' there is a ghost which couldnt vanish quickly enough 0.o

  2. How come my iphone gotten really really warm while trying to look at that photo? But I found u bought ))

  3. 7 And
    the house, when it was in building, was built of stone made ready
    before it was brought thither: so that there was neither hammer nor axe
    nor any tool of iron heard in the house, while it was in building.

  4. duuude destin! look at the top of the mountain in the picture!! so much more mason work. millions of more rocks i couldnt believe it! love your vids and i just got smarter 🙂

  5. In the picture Destin is on the stairs on the left side of the pic under the mountain. The other dude was in the ruins on the left.

  6. I had to look at it again, I founf a person looking at something on the small hilltop, wonder if he was allowed to be there.
    There is also an antenna on it.

  7. I am not a professional photographer but have professional equipment. Will I get into trouble with a 18-270 mm lens? My pictures are only for personal use, since it's a big hobby of mine.

  8. What exactly did the Camera do?
    It took 1920 photos each zoomed in to a certain point on a grid?
    If so, how did you manage to sneak in on the picture?

  9. I've learnt more watching your channel for last 3 days than i did from last 5 years on YouTube!!!! thanks man!! i feel at home watching your videos every sec is worth it!!!

  10. is the whole video with the headphone thing you was talking about at the end? or is it just the end. I can't find anything else about it

  11. The video is very cool, Machu Picchu is one of the places that we should visit at least once :P. In order to get even smartereveryday, why do you require a permit for professional-looking equipment? What is the deal with that? Thank you.

  12. Hey Destin – question for you! I could see that nearly 2,000 images were captured in order to compile this panorama, but I was curious to know how you avoided motion blur from people moving around while going through this process and/or editing the image? I feel like without extensive editing there would be blurs of people all over the place!! Interested to know how this was overcome?

  13. Yeah they polished the stones lol for a genius level guy It’s odd to me you seem to not see the impossible nature of how locals and others believe megalithic structures were made. Do you also believe the pyramids were made by copper tools to house one body?? Man check out Brian Foresters YouTube or NewEarths YT. Smarter every day right.
    Ps those stones were shaped using some sort of light and vibrations which is clear in many examples.
    Much love

  14. If I were to ever get to go see this place, I'd be more curious about seeing what the joints and surfaces between some of those tight fitting rocks looked like. The smooth rocks with rounded edges and perfect joints look to have been almost cast, similar to our concrete. At the very least, I'm betting those rocks were chemically softened or the joints were agglomerated from natural stone chips or powder. Since some of those rocks aren't perfectly fitted and some are, it looks like there might have been a natural chemical softener like citric acid, acetic acid, or some blend that was used later in the construction from cruder fitting stones to soften and improve the joints. Anyway, that's what I'd be most interested in finding out if I were ever to go see this place and others like it in South America. I'd be slyly looking under a stone or two and confirming a theory or two on construction technique.

  15. So many floating body parts in the photo I lost count… Like someone went crazy in photoshop just to see if you could spot it in a normal looking photo. Still cool that it exist.

  16. So if you have a professional looking camera they assume that you're stealing national secrets like the fact that they have stone age ruins? Some people are overly protective of the wrong things.

  17. Floating head by Destin, Found the second guy that went down there with Destin (far right and a little down from Destin's position) and found the pair of legs! What a fantastic picture, thanks guys!

  18. " The kings quote at the end refers to "When the house was built, it was with stone prepared at the quarry, so that neither hammer nor axe nor any tool of iron was heard in the house while it was being built."

  19. Found both.

    But… I didnt know this was something people liked. I did this for a lot of my panos years ago and didnt realize people wanted to see this done. I didnt have a pano mount though.

    https://flic.kr/p/9fNZKL original image is 11,482 by 2,676 pixels from an 8mp camera. Was only about 20 photoes to stich.

    Thank you Destin for making me wanna get back into this and do wheres waldo with them.

  20. No wait wait wait at 0:59 that girl on the right looks like my Spanish teacher. I know she went to Machu Picchu I think it was in 2012.

  21. The Incas were not responsible for the megalithic works (the construction work that doesn't use mortar) at Machu Pichu, there is simply no evidence that they had the technology to be able to do such magnificent work – and to be honest – I highly doubt we could even construct something of this scale so high up on the mountains and with the precision you find there (as you mentioned that we would use mortar to do similar work – and we use much much smaller blocks of stones / bricks). Obviously you just spitting the mainstream story at us but I forgive you because you have actually made me smarter every other day.

  22. Correct me if I'm wrong. I was informed that the inca was only around for 500 yrs. so how did they amass so much technology on building, farming and astrology in such a short period of time?

  23. Okay, first… Wow!!! Unbelievable resolution!!! Never would have thought that possible! Second, how are you related to Waldo? Third, found you both. 👍

  24. Great video, we're heading to Machu Picchu shortly…can't wait! But… at what point do you need a permit for photography?

  25. Just looked at the picture. So cool and so weird. You can see the same people in different spots, like the old pair next to you in the photo and the them again up top and people's heads with no body. I understand it is due to delay the shots were taking with. I can take a wild guess that you had to sit still with the thumb up for about 15 minutes, so you get one from me. Thank you for saving me mucho deneiro 🙂

  26. I find your complete lack of respect for not only the SIMPLE rules and CLEARLY LABELED paths, but your lack of respect for an entire history of a people to be disgusting. YOU ARE AN ARROGANT, SELF SERVING, NARCISSIST posing as Mr. Helpful and Friendly…just so you can feed your ego. And oh my gosh your YouTube famous….sad sad sad. At the very least, show some class and respect the rules set in place to protect this amazing architectural artifact.

  27. Machu picchu is pre-inca, and probably by a large amount. The Incas are known to have built the terraces to make the place sustainable, and some maintenance work within the original structure. The difference in stonework might be clearly noticeable in the pictures you guys took, given the level of detail shown in the video. Not a single construction known to have been made by the Incas shows such level of mastership.

  28. Hey I was looking at that pic and somewhere on the right looks like a wall between the mountains but it’s in the background

  29. Got luck about found you in about 20 seconds. Lol. Sitting down looking at the camera giving a thumbs up. Just above a head with no body. Lol

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