Hillary Clinton on Being ‘Emotionally Drained’ After Talking Monica Lewinsky Scandal for Docuseries

Hi, Hillary. Hi. Hi, Ellen. The last time you were
here, you were sitting here saying that, when
you’re elected, you were going to let us do
our show in the White House. That’s right, I did say that. Yeah, we didn’t get to do it. Well, we didn’t get to do it. No, we did not. But there is a different
kind of show going on. There is. [LAUGHTER] There is a show going on. I’m sure you’re watching. But I’ll talk to
whoever’s next and see if we can get that done. All right. That’s a deal? Yeah, yeah, I want to– exactly. Because I would like to do
the show in the White House. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I’d love you to. I would love to do it. This is– Dancing, too. Keep the dancing, right? [APPLAUSE] More dancing. More dancing. Moore dancing in the
world, that’s what we need, happiness and dancing. This is a big week. You’re here. The president was just– Trump was just acquitted by
the Senate of his impeachment. Does that surprise? Did you expect that? Well, I wasn’t surprised. Because it’s hard
to get 67 votes to convict and remove somebody. But I was still
disappointed that not more of the Republicans were willing
to take the stand that Mitt Romney took. Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney. Yeah. [APPLAUSE] He made an absolutely
extraordinary speech on the floor of the
Senate, talking about why he felt the weight of
history on his shoulders, and that he was going to
vote to convict on one of the articles of impeachment. Look, the evidence
was really clear. There was no doubt
by the time it was all presented that,
actually, the president had done what he was accused of. In fact, he’d
admitted that he had done what he was accused of. He just didn’t
think that anybody would hold him accountable. So we’re now moving on. But I hope that
voters and Americans of all political
stripes actually pay attention and say
to themselves, hey, he has to be held accountable. And now, the way to do
that is in the election. Yep, yep. [APPLAUSE] And like you said, this is
just people doing what’s right and what’s– I mean, Mitt Romney
is a Republican. The fact that he is standing and
saying, no, this is not right, is a very important thing. Well, it was really important. And it was the first
time in our history that there has ever been a
bipartisan vote to convict, it was the first time ever. But also, if you actually
listen, as I did, to what a lot of the other
Republican senators said, they all said things like,
this is terrible behavior, it was inappropriate,
it wasn’t right, he shouldn’t have
done it, I hope he doesn’t do
anything bad again, but I’m not going
to vote to convict. So even the words
of senators who ended up voting to acquit
him need to be remembered. Because for whatever
combination of reasons, they were not willing to
take the historic stand that Mitt Romney
took, who, remember was the Republican nominee
for president not so long ago, got more than 60 million votes. And so his taking
that stand, combined with all of the
other remarks that different Republican
senators had to say, there’s no doubt what the
president did was wrong. It was to promote his own
personal interests, not the interests of our country. It did put our national
security at risk. And everything that
was said was proven. So now it’s voters who are
going to have to say, OK, I have to take
responsibility for this and follow Mitt Romney’s lead. Yeah, I hope this is going to be
the biggest voter turnout ever. I mean, this is the
most important– Yes, right, right. I mean, we really– and now that you have a
lot of these– the voters for the Democrat
side, they aren’t ready to make a decision yet. I mean, what do you say to these
people who are still undecided? Look, the primary
process is very long. It’s very rigorous. It’s difficult. Candidates
will have ups and downs. I know that very well, myself. And I say two things. I say, vote for the
person that you believe can actually win in November
and the person who you think can govern our country. Because somebody
has to get in there and try to bring our
country together, and try to put us on the
right track into the future and restore our democracy,
and our standing in the world. So it’s those two factors,
who do you think can win? Because if you don’t
win, you can’t govern. And who can best govern
at a very difficult time in American history. Because it seems to
me, more than ever, we need somebody who is
going to go in and be able to kind of steer this ship
in the right direction instead of going to an extreme. Yes. Do you have somebody you’re
leaning towards right now? Will you even say? No. I am saying the same
thing to everybody. Please look at the candidates. And clearly, you’ll like
somebody better than others. And then analyze that person’s
positions, and their message, and can that person win? Because remember, it’s
not the popular vote. It’s the electoral college. Because I got 3 million more
votes but lost by 70,000 or so in the electoral college. And so you’ve got to be very
clear minded about who can win. But it’s not enough just to win. You want somebody who,
as you rightly said, is going to try to
get us back on track. You know, we have so much to
be proud of in our country. We have so many wonderful
people and great things that are going on. But we need to
get back into what I call the future business. We need to be investing
in our future. That means dealing
with climate change. That means dealing
with health care. It means making the
economy work for everybody. And these things
are not easy to do. So you need somebody
who knows how to govern. And I just want everybody
to pay attention. Because as you say, we really
should have the biggest turnout ever in this next election. And not just listen to what
people are saying they can do, because anyone can say anything. Like in your
documentary, you refuse to say things that you
knew you couldn’t get done. And you could have
said a lot of things. I mean, the
documentary is so good. I can’t wait for
people to see it. It’s really, really
good and revealing. We have to take a break. But I’m just so glad
to see you again. And I love this documentary. And people will see so– what a life you’ve had. What a life you’ve had. We’ll be back. We’re back with Hillary Clinton. So this documentary,
which is on Hulu– which will be on Hulu. I don’t know when it comes out. March 6th. March 6th, it’s so good. It is a four-part docuseries. You really didn’t
plan on doing this. But you had all this
footage from campaigning and from your life. And they put a
documentary together. Well, originally,
I thought it was going to be a kind of behind
the scenes look at the campaign. Because we had about
1,700 hours of footage that was backstage, on
the plane, on the bus. I, mean everything that
people were interested in, we had all this footage. And a couple of folks said, how
about a campaign documentary? I said, fine. And Hulu ended up
buying it and hired a director who I met before
the decision was made. I thought she was terrific. And so she came back to me. She looked at all
the 1,700 hours. Then she came back to me. She goes, you know, there’s
a bigger story here. And, yes, it’s a
story about your life. But it’s also a story
about women’s lives over the last 50 to 60 years. It’s about the women’s movement. It’s about the American
political system. And we’d like to do more than
just a behind the scenes look. I said, OK, sounds good. I still didn’t really have any
idea what this would entail. So I ended up doing 35
hours of interviews. And I was amazed
when I finally saw the documentary myself at
who she had tracked down, the people that she talked to. And there’s a really– it’s probably only personal
to me and my closest friends. But there’s a woman in the
documentary who was my best friend since sixth grade. And she had breast cancer. And she’d been fighting
it for 10 years. And the director, Nanette
Burstein, called her and said, would you be willing
to be interviewed? And Betsy said sure. So they interviewed her. And she was very sick
when they interviewed her. And she died shortly after that. So for me, watching
the documentary, and seeing people
from my childhood, from my young adulthood,
obviously, people from my campaigns, and working
on health care, everything we did, for me, seeing my dear,
dear friend in that documentary shortly before we lost
her just made it so real. I mean, there are things in it
that I didn’t remember, Ellen. I mean, there’s a scene that
the director and her staff, her team, found where I was
working on affordable health care. And I was being burned
in effigy because I wanted to get quality affordable
health care for everybody. And people are
burning me in effigy. And I thought, wow, what
does that really tell you about how hard it is
to get things done that actually help people? So there’s a lot of really
interesting insights. And again, not just
about me in my life, but about a lot of our lives. Yeah, no, I mean, it really is. I mean, I was just
reminded how attacked you were for everything,
for you didn’t smile enough. And over and over again
hearing people didn’t like you, and how hard that must
be to hear everybody telling you have
to dress different, you have to wear your hair
different, and nobody likes you and you don’t come off warm. And it’s just
attack, after attack, after attack, which just
shows your strength. And they wouldn’t
do that to a man. They wouldn’t attack the way
he’s dressed, or his hair, or whatever. It’s crazy how
attacked you were. But what’s amazing, too– I want to talk about this now. And then we’ll take a break. OK. But there was nothing off
topic, that you went there with Monica Lewinsky. President Clinton talked
about Monica Lewinsky. Because you said,
you can ask anything. Right. Was that really
difficult for you? I mean, it must have been
really tough to relive that. Yeah, it was. Once I agreed to
cooperate, the director said, well, we’re going
to talk about everything. And I said, OK. And yet, when it actually
came time, yeah, it’s hard. You know, as I said when I was
talking about the book Chelsea and I wrote, The
Book of Gutsy Women, that staying in my marriage was
the gutsiest personal decision I ever made. And so for me, revisiting
that, talking about it, for my husband also to
agree to be in the film, and then also to be asked, you
know, made it a bit difficult. There’s no doubt about it. But you couldn’t actually
do a film about my life and not cover something
that everybody knew about, because you could read about
it, and everybody had an opinion about. And it’s fascinating. Because as you go through
the film, some of the women who have been my
friends, and who have supported me personally
in every other way, they talked about it. They talked about
how so many women would be really upset because I
chose to stay with my husband. And they would go and
talk to these women. And a lot of the
women would say, well, I just can’t
I can’t support her. I don’t like her because
she stayed with her husband. And they would say, oh,
OK, well, why is that? And people would talk. But then pretty
soon they would say, well, you know, that
happened to my sister. That happened to my friend. That happened–
and I always said, everybody needs to
make the best decision for you and your family. And toward the end
of the film, one of the people who
is both a friend and also worked in my
campaigns said, you know, it just was such a
strange conversation. Because some of the very
same people who would say, I could never support
her, would say, literally in the next breath,
but I love her husband. I love Bill Clinton. I said, well, I do, too. But it was a really
emotionally draining experience to go through it again. But I have to say, once
I saw the whole four hours of the documentary, I hope
that our talking about this, my willingness to
address all of this, really does help other people. I mean, there are lessons. There are lessons from
my life, from our times. Because people need to be
thoughtful about the decisions they make in their own lives. And we should be kinder and
more supportive to everybody who makes the best decisions
that they think they can make. Absolutely. It’s a fascinating documentary. It’s fascinating. I mean, really,
when you hear them talk about it, and everything
else that you talk about, it’s eye opening,
and informative. And we’ll take a break. More with Hillary after this. That’s a very common concern
that people still have, that somehow a woman president
will act on her emotions. And by the time somebody
runs for president, you’ve actually been through
a lot, through a lot of life. Usually, you’ve been
elected to something. Sometimes not. But often, yes. And it really strikes
me as quite odd. Because most of the criticism–
and as I alluded to in the clip there– is because I didn’t
show my emotions enough. I wasn’t emotional enough. I should have been, I
don’t know, emoting more. But I thought, you
know it’s such a highly responsible, awesome
job being president, that I needed to demonstrate
that, hey, I can handle this. I can do it. I’m not going to
get knocked around. And now, you know we’ve
got one of the most emotionally acting
out people ever in the history of our
country in the White House. And I don’t hear anybody
saying, he’s just too emotional, you know? So we still have a
ways to go until women are going to be judged by
the same standards instead of the old double standard. Yeah, it really is crazy. We can really see
something for what it is. But we’re so used to
being women, and being taught to stay quiet or
smile more, or whatever, and not yell. And it’s a really
great documentary. You’re getting some
heat for some stuff you said about Bernie Sanders. Mm-hm. It must feel good that you
can say whatever you want now. Mm-hm. But you want to talk
about that moment? Well, it’s from the film,
which was probably filmed, I don’t know, year
and a half or so ago. So it wasn’t in the
midst of the election. But, yeah, I feel like I have
a pretty clear perspective about what it’s
going to take to win. And as I said
earlier, that’s what I think the key calculation
for any voter has to be. But you know, people can
have their own opinions about anybody in public life. That’s a free country,
you get to do that. But I think, as I
say in the film, you’ve got to be
responsible for what you say and what you say
you’re going to do. We need to rebuild trust
in our fellow Americans and in our institutions. And if you promise the moon
and you can’t deliver the moon, then that’s going to be one
more indicator of how we just can’t trust each other. So it’s not it’s
not good theater. It’s not, maybe, good
politics anymore. But I think you should
tell people what you mean, mean what you say, and have
some sense of responsibility for how you would get anything
done that you talk about. So health care, let’s take
health care, for example. Look, I want quality, affordable
health care for everybody. And I’ve been fighting
for more than 25 years. I’ve been burned in effigy
over it, all of that. I want to get there. But let’s remember
what’s at stake. We have a current
president who’s trying to take away
fundamental health care rights. If you have a
preexisting condition, they are in court right now,
the Trump administration, trying to take that
right away that you got into the Affordable Care Act. So we can have a big
argument about, ideally, what kind of health care we
should want for everybody. Because I’m on the
frontlines on that battle. But let’s remember,
if we don’t win, people will lose what
they have right now. So I just want
everybody to understand how high the stakes
are and to hold every candidate and every
public office holder accountable for what
they do or they don’t do. [APPLAUSE] Last question, last
question, if someone asked you to be vice
president, would you do it? Well, that’s not
going to happen. But, no, probably, no. You don’t know that’s
not going to happen. I think I do, yeah. Really? I think I do. Yeah, I think I do. All right. But what if they did? Oh, well, look, it’s like
when Barack Obama asked me to be Secretary of State. I was shocked. I had no idea he
was going to ask me. And I turned him down twice. He said, the
economy’s in freefall. It’s a catastrophe. I’ve got to focus on that. We’ve got problems
around the world. You go focus on that. I said, no, no, I’m
happy where I am. You get somebody else. I’m sure there’s
good people around. And at the second time I said
no, Mr. President-elect, I’m not going to do it, he
said, I’m not calling you again until you say yes. And so I’ll tell you, I
started thinking about it. And I thought, if
I’d won, and I’d wanted to ask him
to do something, I would have wanted
him to do that for me. So I never say never. Because I do believe
in serving my country. OK, so you will. But it’s not going to happen. [APPLAUSE] So you will. Thank you for putting me in
your book of gutsy women. This is Hillary’s
book with Chelsea. They wrote it, called
The Book of Gutsy Women. And it’s a fantastic book. And you have been on
the forefront fighting for women’s rights since
you were a young girl, since you were in college. I thank you for everything
that you do, everything that you have done for women. As you say, human rights
are women’s rights, women’s rights are human rights. Thank you for that. I’m not stopping yet. Hillary premieres
March 6th on Hulu. We’ll be right back. Hi, I’m Andy. Ellen asked me to remind you
to subscribe to her channel so you can see more
awesome videos, like videos of me
getting scared, or saying embarrassing things, like
ball peen hammer, and also some videos of Ellen and
other celebrities, if you’re into that sort of thing. Ah! Oh, [BLEEP]! God [BLEEP]!

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