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Hindi Dubbed Movies 2019 Full Movie | Khatron Se Khelenge Full Movie | Hindi Movies | Action Movies

‘Vasudev!’ What happened, father? Vasudev! What happened, father? Vasudev, the temple’s sanctum
sanctorum is being opened. Mahendra Varma and his
son Shekhar Varma are opening it. All these years my father has been
looking after the sanctum sanctorum. These people used
to play with marbles.. ..when my father was looking
after the sanctum sanctorum. And now they want half
of the share of the treasure. That is what they are saying. Should we give it? No, father. Then come with me. Shri Krishna, come. Father, he is still a child. I was 13 years old when I
had first held a weapon in my hands. He is just one year younger. Come with us. [Sanskrit chant] Devendra, no blood shedding. I am doing exactly what your father,
my younger uncle had said.. ..before his death. We should equally divide the
treasure in the sanctum sanctorum. I don’t want to hear
about equal share. Whatever is in there belongs to me.. ..and along with me
it belongs to my children. Thank you for opening the
doors to the sanctum sanctorum. Come on. Don’t use force. I say stop. Move from my path. Let me go ahead. Mahendra, move aside.
– It’s worng. Stop. I say stop. – Move aside from my path.
– Move! – Move aside.
– I won’t move. I would rather die than move aside. [Sanskrit chant] Son. [Sanskrit chant] Father.. Goddess.. Mother. Mother Goddess. ‘The king and government
officials held a joint meeting..’ ‘..about the bloodshed
which took place in the mansion.’ ‘After that the chief
priest venerated the Yantra..’ ‘..and came to know
that the reason for this..’ ‘..is the bloodshed in the temple..’ ‘..because of which the
Goddess had cursed them..’ ‘..and that is why the gem in
the Goddess’s crown also shattered.’ ‘The royal priests conducted
venerations and rituals..’ ‘..for seven days
to atone for this fault.’ ‘After that the decision was taken..’ ‘..to lock the sanctum
sanctorum for 41 years.’ ‘A decision was taken to
divide the treasure of the temple..’ ‘..equally among four heirs.’ ‘In the presence of the
heirs present on the occasion..’ ‘..and witnesses,
everybody signed on the document..’ ‘..prepared by the advocate.. ‘Mahendra Varma’s sons Shekhar Varma.. ‘..and Rajshekhar Varma,
and Devendra’s sons..’ ‘..Vasudev Varma and
Shri Krishna Varma..’ ‘..were declared as the heirs.’ Then the sanctum sanctorum
was locked with four locks.’ ‘And thus the mansion
became a family trust.’ You are absolutely right. – Just a second.
– Okay. Maria. Excuse me. Yes, sir? – Maria.
– Yeah? No one has heard about
the singer you have arranged. Who knows how he sings? We are spending 10
crores on this wedding. Look, this is the wedding
of my one and only daughter. Shouldn’t you have called
Sonu Nigam or Shreya Ghoshal? Instead you have called,
what’s his name? Yes, John Klim. Sir, Sonu Nigam and Shreya
Ghoshal are great singers.. ..but they are too
familiar to the crowd. So I thought of doing
something different. And you know what? He is a Mallu. John Klim is a pure Mallu. He had gone to Jamaica at the
age of 20 due to his craze for music. Sir the party will liven
up once this musician arrives. I’m really sorry. Sorry.. – Take this.
– Thank you. Now he is back in
India after 30 years. He is going to sing for
the first time after coming here.. ..and that too, for us. Trust me, sir.
John Klim is going to rock us tonight. Fusion by mixing
raga and Indian music.. ..backed up with Malayalam lyrics. This is his promise, sir. No matter what the fusion is,
but there should be no confusion. You take care of everything. Okay, sir, I will do it. My daughter’s father-in-law
is a very big billionaire. He is NRI,
but at heart he is still orthodox. He wants the dowry in cash only,
and that too today itself. Do one thing. take out
the cash from the strong room.. – ..and keep it in your room.
– Okay, sir. Ladies and gentlemen,
may I have your attention please? Let’s welcome on the stage
the great band musician John Klim.. His first live performance in India. You will have a rocking time. Hey, look. “O heart-broken lover.” “This is your tale.” “O heart-broken lover.” “Control yourself.” “O heart-broken lover.” “O heart-broken lover.” “Forget your sorrow.” “When you walk I hold my heart..” “O heart-broken lover.” “Why are you alone?” “I can’t find peace without you.
What to do?” “I can’t pass my days in loneliness.” “You help me to forget all pain and
play the music of love in my heart..” “These paths are for you..and
to live alone is intoxication..” “O heart-broken lover.
– O heart-broken lover.” “This is your tale.” “This is your tale.” “O heart-broken lover.” “Control yourself.” “If ever loneliness troubles you.” “If you start drifting apart.” “Control yourself. Realise the truth.” “Let go of what you can’t control.” “Sing a song. Hum a tune.” “Enjoy your life.” “O heart-broken lover,
this is your tale.” “O heart-broken lover.
Control yourself.” “O heart-broken lover.
O heart-broken lover.” “O heart-broken lover!” Welcome, Bhai-ji, welcome. Can I get your drink? – No.
– Please. Bhai-ji. Bhai-ji,
just like you had thought.. ..Tom Kurien did not file
a complaint about this incident. And giving of dowry
is also an offence, right? There is no source of the cash
and he had to face embarrassment. But Maria got implicated. She I the kingpin of the robbery,
so her chapter is closed. It is Maria’s mistake in not
looking for John Klim’s history.. ..beyond a multimedia presentation
and 14 YouTube links. Let her pay for it. Javed, your share. 10 crores. Thank you, Bhai-ji. Thank you. Bhai-ji, you are the
only one who pays on time.. ..for giving this kind pf information. I am not doing you any favour. I benefited from the
information you gave me. You alone have the right to this cash. And I never usurp anybody’s right. It is my principle. Bhai-ji, I did one thing
without your instruction. Don’t be angry with me. It’s just a..it’s a great opportunity. An what I have done until
now is nothing in comparison to it. And I don’t want to
lose such an opportunity. Shall I call that man? Bhai-ji, this is.. Hi. I am Nikhil Atharva,
but you can call me Nikki. And, you are mister.. You can call me anything. I have many names, many faces. Interesting. Javed told me a lot about you. I am impressed. But I am not. Javed, tell him why I have come here. Bhai-ji, weren’t you talking
about a last and final deal.. ..and that you will
give it all up after that? This is it. This is Kerala’s Adityapur mansion. Many years ago there was
a fight and bloodshed for property. Because of that the sanctum
sanctorum of the mansion was locked. It has an amazing collection of
gold ornaments and precious stones.. ..which are worth crores
at current market rates. These are the heirs to the treasure. Ravindra Varma’s sons Vasudev Varma.. ..and Shri Krishna Varma. Mahendra Varma’s sons Shekhar Varma.. ..and Rajshekhar Varma. Vasudev Varma’s children
Trivikram Varma.. ..and Pratap Varma. Shrikrishna Varma’s one
and only daughter Damini Varma. Shekhar Varma has only one son,
Sudhakar Varma. Rajshekhar Varma’s children
are Rukmini and Gauri. These people are rich,
influential and tough. When the time came to
open the sanctum sanctorum.. ..no one had thought that
it will give them a surprise. Let it them come before deciding.. ..the time and date for
opening the sanctum sanctorum. I have asked the
court for a stay order. Stay? For what? The treasure inside it
is not the king’s property. It is my intention that
it belongs to the people. When they were ruling they
collected taxes, won battles.. ..and along with that they
have accumulated gold and cash.. ..from trade with foreign countries. Now people like us want
to divide and share it. I don’t think it is right. The treasure will be divided
only after a court order is received. Rajshekhar,
you cannot force your views on us. All these years we have been waiting
for the sanctum sanctorum to be opened. I won’t tolerate it if
you try to create a hurdle. I know that you have still
kept the sword in your room.. ..with which you
had injured my brother. Forget any bad ideas
you may have in your mind. I am not like my brother. My brother Shekhar
Varma may be peace-loving. But don’t expect the same from me. One, two, three, no matter
how many people come before me.. ..I am ready to face them. Don’t try to intimidate me. Rajshekhar, you are going
against what our father had said. Our ideas and belief are different. Forgive me, brother. The stay by the court is still in force
and the treasure is in the cellar. You will steal it. When and how you
will do it is your call. And the terms of the deal between us. I will give you 20 percent
of the entire treasure. In cash. I make a deal of
partnership only with God. Half to me and half to Him. But I am my own God,
so the other half is also mine. That makes it 100 percent. Please understand.
A third party is involved in this. An unknown entity. Come on. Be reasonable, my friend. What’s your part in it? I am a humble trader. I can sell anything for anybody. I don’t do business
with street vendors. My price is 500 crores.
And there is no need for bargaining. Out of it I want
250 crores in advance. The rest of it after
the mission is completed. How can I trust you? Trusting me is a huge risk. You are in need so
you must take the risk. Impossible. Simply impossible. What if..what if you fail? What if I fail? You mean I will fail? Javed, explain to him that
no one asks the God of Death his age. He will succeed. Let’s do this. – Sajan. Hey, Sajan.
– Who is it? – Sajan.
– Who is it? Oh, sir, it is you? Sir. Sorry, sir.
You..how come you are here? I see. You are questioning
me in my office? Sir, if this is your office,
why am I here? You see,
I sent my men to bring you here. You are useless. I had expected some
minimum decorum from you.. ..when you come to meet me. Look at yourself. You look so dirty and untidy. And on top of it you smell
of the rum you have drunk. In a government job I can
afford only rum and not scotch. What are you mumbling? No, nothing, sir. You come to the office at
half past 11 and then you disappear. SP had given this report. So he did betray me. If you want to lie then speak loudly. Don’t mumble. Sir, the whole police department
has been computerised. What remains to do? Everybody sits and opens his window. But I know only this window. Okay. Then I am going to shift you. Oh. Where am I supposed to go? Gandhiji? The sanctum sanctorum of
Adityapur has been kept locked.. ..all these years and
it is going to be opened. People say that there
is a treasure inside. And its inheritors
have split into two sides.. ..and now they are sworn
enemies of each other.. ..for the sake of the treasure. And on top of it, our ex-MLA, Mr.
Rajshekhar Varma.. ..is also one of the legal heirs. And he has suggested to
the court that the government.. ..should take possession of it. Sir, this is the problem
with such people. They won’t take it,
nor will they let others take it. Sir, those who deceived me
are also the same kind of people. Listen carefully to what I am saying. The lower level
officers and the media.. ..know about all the reports we have. That is why there can be theft also. So it is very important
to safeguard it. It is very important for
you to be present in that mansion.. ..from today onwards. The entire mansion should
be under surveillance. Okay, sir. No one will be able to even
see that treasure while I am there. I promise you, sir. ‘I will have to make
a deal with that fraud.’ ‘I will get the treasure stolen
and then I will take my share..’ ‘..and will enjoy my life.’ Come, I was waiting for you only. I wanted to talk about the
case so I have called all of you. Advocate, now you will speak. In this case everybody
are on one side.. ..and Mr. Rajshekhar is
totally alone on the other side. There is no need to prefix
an honorific to my name. Simply call me Rajshekhar. Okay. The court will
hear out both the sides.. ..and then only will decide if all the
contents of the sanctum sanctorum.. ..should be handed
over to the government. And along with that,
the court’s ideas will also be heard. For this, we will have to leave all the
contents of the sanctum sanctorum.. ..inside the sanctum sanctorum
without any disturbance. It is very important to do that. But there is one problem also. So far both the sides have
not been able to provide information.. ..regarding what all things
are inside the sanctum sanctorum. Therefore, whatever both the
sides are saying is only guesswork. So both the sides should
go in with mutual consent.. ..and list all the contents
and fix their value. They should present these details
to the court within one month. There is a man, A. S. Shivram. He is a private
consultant from Jaipur. He is a Malayali. There are very few
people who are qualified.. ..to fix the value of such things. I have heard about him from a friend.. ..and he has suggested his name to me. If all of you permit
I will call him here. We will have to think about it. No, there is no need
to think much over it. As per uncle Rajshekhar’s
suggestion… ..we will get the
evaluation done by Shivram. She won’t say such a
thing without checking out. We are ready. Get ready to bring him here. I ma Damini.
I am Shri Krishna Varma’s daughter. Dear, what do you do? Property developer.
I am based in Mumbai. And your husband? So far I haven’t made that mistake. Oh. In that case I will inform
the court about Shivram. Do inform but only after
telling me everything. I am Sajan. Intelligence DYSP. Mr. Varma. How are you? It has been a long time since we met,
isn’t it? Yes. We are old friends. I know everything about
all that is going on here. I too will be present when
the sanctum sanctorum is opened. We didn’t ask for
help from the police. So why have you come here? What are you saying? Don’t you know that
these two come uninvited? One is death,
and the other are police. Look, we have received report that
there is a possibility of robbery. The department has sent
me as a precautionary measure. There is treasure
worth crores in there.. ..and we have taken necessary steps.. ..after the media hype and
we have strengthened the security. We have given contract
for the security of the mansion.. ..and the sanctum sanctorum
to India’s number one.. ..private security agency Blue Fox. So we don’t need your services. Father, may I say something? It is good for us having
extra surveillance form the police. Why should we refuse if
we are getting help from them? Rajshekhar, what do you say? Yes, it’s okay. Okay, Mr. Sajan, you can do your work. – We will cooperate.
– Okay. Mr. Varma, come aside for a minute. Many days have passed after that.. ..so I thought you
might have forgotten I do not forget anything. Well, I have heard a lot about you. I have heard that these
days you are doing big jobs. That’s wonderful. It will be better
for you to keep quiet. If you try to open
your mouth in here.. ..I will chop you
to pieces and bury you. Mr. Varma, don’t worry at all. Our deal will remain between us only. Even a child won’t
be able to find out. Yes. You have suddenly stopped to go ahead. What is the reason for this decision? Look, I am bored now.
That is the reason. You should stop doing
whatever you are doing.. ..if you are not enjoying it. This job is based in Kerala
from where we had started. And I will end it there only. It has been 15 years
since I went to Kerala. Do you want to say something? Is it that important? There is no need to be emotional. Look Abbas, you have been
with me since seven years. We will part ways after this mission. But I am not going anywhere. I will stay with you. No, Abbas, I have decided. And no one can change my decision now. There is nothing personal in this. Don’t carry any emotional baggage. Priya, in the last deal you were safe. So there is no need for
you to be a part of this. Yeah, I’m safe. Ever since I have met Bhai-ji,
life has become like a fairy tale. I need to take sleeping
pills if I want to sleep. To speak in your style,
no emotional baggage. No regrets. Oh, no. Haven’t you heard? Nothing belongs to
anybody in this world. Look, whatever is our today,
can belong to someone else tomorrow. And that is a fact. So where is the need to feel regret? Now you can live your life in peace. I will accompany you in this
life-changing last mission of yours. I don’t even want any share. I just want to be with
you on your last mission. What did you say? Free of charge? I don’t want it. Love, thanks, respect. Nothing at all. Everything will remain
as it was before. We are equals and we go equal. We are going.
But the planning comes first. Where is the newspaper? Hello. Hello, who are you? Hey. Hello? – Good morning.
– Who are you? – I?
– Yes, you. I am the one you all are waiting for. – We are waiting?
– Yes. Oh, then come from the back door.
The cowshed in there. – Cowshed?
– Yes. I was told that s veterinarian
will be coming to treat the cow. What? No, no.
Looks like you have not recognised me. You have misunderstood. I haven’t come to treat some animal. And I am not a veterinarian. – I am just..
– Who is ii, Saraswati? I don’t recognise you. You didn’t recognise me? I am Shivram.
From Court Consultancy. Jai..Jaipur. You had appointed
an advocate to evaluate.. ..the contents of Adityapur mansion.. ..and to submit the
report to the court. Mr. Shivram? Are you Mr. Shivram? Shivram.. I am very surprised, Mr. Shivram. I had never imagined
that we will meet like this. I was in Delhi, so I took a train. I arrived here in the morning. I didn’t want to trouble you
so I slept in the passage outside. You did a good thing. Now, Shivram, freshen up quickly. We will go to the
mansion after breakfast. Arrangements have been
made for your stay over there. Dear, open the room
upstairs for Shivram.. ..and place towel and other
things in the bathroom, okay? – Okay.
– Go upstairs. Okay. – Go.
– Thank you. Anything else for you? – A cup of black coffee is it’s no
trouble for you. – Not at all. – Dear, did you hear that?
– Yes. Come. Shivram. Excuse me. I was just casually
looking at the mansion. Why do you need the binoculars
if you want to look casually? We are going there only. You see, looking directly
and looking from a distance.. ..are two different things. Some things look good from
far and some when they are closer. Sometimes a thing which
is far comes closer. Coffee. And some things
must not be looked at. Good coffee.
And that always makes my day. Towel. Soap. Thank you. – Mohanam.
– What? The most beautiful raga is Mohanam. And your singing
it was very beautiful. Oh, so you were not sleeping. You were pretending to be sleeping. It is not so. I was trying to sleep. To be honest, I was lying
between sleep and wakefulness.. ..when I heard your singing. That was a great wake up call. Oh, I will just be back. He is a very strange man. What happened? All of you are here? Come. Come in. No, we haven’t come here to have food. Father, how much more trouble
are you going to cause us? How can you give to
the party the property.. ..which you should have given to us? Finally we will receive the
inheritance and yet there is a case.. ..that our property
is public property? Don’t you feel shame in saying so? Yes, I have filed a case,
but I feel no shame for that. I am ashamed that
I have two such children. Look, we have come here to discuss
before things become complicated. Don’t waste time here if
you want to have a discussion. Leave now, because I have
never learnt to talk with love. Father, call for you. Who is it, dear? – From the mansion.
– Tell them I will talk later. Father will call you later. Father, how did you dare? Ever since you stepped in here,
things are going wrong. Our father distanced from us. We will deal with you if not now,
then in future. Sister, the time for
such dialogues is gone. The current style is
just to stare and leave. The music plays in the background. Come on. Father, I didn’t like at
all to talk to them like this. They were right. All bad things
started to happen after I came. Everything became
fine only after you came. Really? Really. Come. – My children..
– Shall we have breakfast? Certainly. Dear, serve breakfast to us. [English rap song] Come, Shivram. [English rap song] [English rap song] [English rap song] [English rap song] [English rap song] [English rap song] [English rap song] Hello. – This is my elder brother
Shekhar Varma. – Hello. This is the current king. And this is Mr. Shivram. Hello. There is no point
in calling me the king. I am just another citizen. Mr. Shivram, you are a Malayali. Which is your native village? Shashtangkota. – But now I have nobody over there.
– Oh. I’m advocate Ladikula. From when shall we
start the evaluation? We will start from tomorrow. I have two assistants.
They will be on their way. They will come and
install the machine. Very sorry, Mr. Shivram. Only you can go where
the treasure is kept. – The assistant will have
to wait outside. – Why? Because only Shivram’s
name is registered in the court. As per the court’s order,
at the time of evaluation.. ..apart from Shivram, the inheritors,
the court representatives.. ..lawyers of these people and only
I can enter the sanctum sanctorum. Nonsense. Shivram’s assistants
also should get permission. Don’t worry. Their main job is to
check the database and the software. They don’t need to
go near the treasure. How long will it take
you to complete this job? Depends on the quantity
to be assessed. I haven’t seen the whole property. First let me have a look. Only after taking a look I
will tell you how long it will take. Okay. See you all. Bye. Good morning, Bhai-ji. Remember one thing. Abbas, no matter what happens.. ..but you won’t move
from the carry van.. ..unless and until I tell you. Yes. The one keeping an eye
on us right now is Sajan. He is DYDP. He is very sharp. Apart from being sharp
he is corrupt as well. He has got brains as well
as a deadly mixture of cunningness. – So deal with him carefully.
– Sure. I will see you later. Have you got all the
amenities in the house? Yes. Let us know if you need anything else. I don’t want anything right now. I am fine. Listen, Mr. Shivram,
when Rajshekhar suggested your name.. ..for evaluation, we didn’t stop him. We are sure that you will be fair. And we checked out
your firm on the net.. ..and we were convinced. My job is to assess the value only. Why would I be unfair in it. More than accounting there
is unconditional cooperation.. ..which we are expecting from Shivram. I will explain all this later on. How will I be able to
answer if you don’t tell me.. ..what kind of cooperation
you are expecting from me? There might be many people
who hold on to memories.. ..of past kingdoms and
keep crying over their loss.. ..but we are different. We invest money in
market and do business. And we always mean business. I am a professional.
I don’t do business. A day comes when one does
everything for the first time, right? So we will start something new. A day also comes for everybody’s end. Haven’t you heard of the doomsday? We have realised that
you are a tough nut. Next time when we meet will
you tell us what you want from us? And at that time
give a solid handshake. Let’s see. Hi. I’m Damini Varma. I know. Your salt and pepper look is very hot. Really? Yes. You have got the attitude
of a fashion player. You are a huge turn on. Since some time I have lost interest. You can say that I have become lazy. Anyway, Thank you for the praise. [English rap song] [English rap song] The veneration of the Goddess is over. Yes. Now the heirs can give their
keys to the officer of the court. Sign here. Let us open the door. I can help you. Okay. No, wait here.
That time has not come as yet. What will be the
harm if Shivram helps? Why won’t there be? This is not the job of the
person who has come to evaluate. – Sajan.
– Yes? You have come here
to make the work easier.. ..and not to interfere
in Shivram’s work. Shivram, go ahead. Oh. [Sanskrit chant] [Sanskrit chant] No, no one else should enter. First the interior will be cleaned then
the king will light a lamp in there. The interior has been cleaned. Come and light the lamp. This contains the certificate
before locking the sanctum sanctorum.. ..and the keys to all the safes. The veneration is over, right? Priest, please come out. Now this is the work place. I will tell you what to do next. As I had said,
only four heirs will go in there. Some important tasks are to
be done in there before evaluation. Everybody please cooperate with me. Especially, you. There won’t be darkness
in here even for a moment. The generator might fail,
for which this provision is there. – Mr. Shivram, is your setup ready?
– Yes. Are all the tools and device ready? But having this camera
here won’t be appropriate. Sir, no photographs. Not even one snap of
whatever you are doing here.. ..and all the things
in here must not go out. Okay. – Strictly for security reasons.
– Okay. Please go ahead, sir. I am going to start my work,
and you can prepare a list.. ..based on my checking. All the work after that will
be done as per my instruction. I won’t take orders from anyone. Is that clear? Okay. [English rap song] [English rap song] [English rap song] [English rap song] [English rap song] Emerald from ancient Persia.
4.1 gram weight. Do you know this is
more than 1800 years old? Let’s note this down. [English rap song] This is riskier than the missions
we have worked on till date. There are some things which
can create problems in this mission. The location of the sanctum sanctorum. The Blue Fox group. The machines of the security guards. The presence of a cunning
police officer like Sajan. Our mission is not
just to get in there.. ..but in fact we have
to take out a big portion.. ..of the treasure form there. We will work on the
plan we have made.. ..because we have no other option. Luck has no place in this mission. For me it is a final
game which is thrilling. I am excited. I have a few more things to share. Come, let us get into the van. Start duplicating these keys. All these are the sketches
of Kerala’s important mansions. Study them thoroughly. All these mansions
have sanctum sanctorum.. ..just like this mansion. Work on them in detail. Okay. Is the machine’s
Wi-Fi transmission on? Yes, Bhai-ji. Data will start pouring
in from tomorrow. Keep going, guys. Hello. Town, Coimbatore. I have come to meet you. Why do you want to kill me? Have patience. Don’t be hasty. Business secret is
never revealed. Got it? [English rap song] [English rap song] [English rap song] [English rap song] You made an entry like Superman.
Who are you? Are you Singham? Or Narsimha? Why have you come here? Just like that. To pass time. Can you see this expensive wristwatch? I take it off before fighting. But in this instance I will
thrash you without removing it. [English rap song] [English rap song] [English rap song] [English rap song] [English rap song] I knew that this will
happen after I filed the case. In your opinion who
could have done this? It can be anybody. It is possible that
my children have done this. Dear, you need not feel so sad. This is not the first time
that I have been attacked like this. But I am surprised as to how
you came there at the right time? I had finished my work early. I was a bit tired.
So I went for a drive. Mr. Varma was attacked
and you reached there? What a great coincidence? This is called fate. The police believe
on planning and not fate. She is your daughter, right? Dear, go inside. Sir, you are not only
an expert jeweller.. ..but you are also
an expert in fighting. You see, sir, the villagers say
that I am an expert in many skills. Sajan sir. May I leave now? Mr. Shivram,
I don’t like to say formal thanks. There is no need to say it. Thanks. But what happened
today was not planned. Everything has got some reason. Tell me honestly. Who are you? Ever since I saw
you for the first time.. ..I thought you were kind of strange. I am sure you have
come here with a purpose. Tell me. Who are you? Shall I tell you? Don’t tell anybody. I am Shivram. I didn’t ask your name. Are you.. Are you a fraud? [English rap song] Maybe I am a fraud. [English rap song] Hi, boss, we have landed. He called up as soon as he arrived.. ..and said that he
wants to meet Bhai-ji. So I brought him. Look, whom I have brought. Hello. I am Shivram,
from Core Consultancy, Jaipur. But I am that person. Who are these new people? Both are in the same
place and are the same entity. It’s weird. What is it said in Hindi? Not a good omen. You are right, it is not good. But who is genuine? Isn’t it said like this? Keep on doing your deeds,
don’t worry about reward, O human. God will reward you
according to your deeds, Bhai-ji, chill. Let’s talk. Yeah, let’s talk. Is Shivram really a fraud? Nikhil has brought everybody. We will have to be careful. He called you up and told
you that he wants to meet you.. ..but his method was not right. It is worth pondering why he did that. He has brought Shivram also. He is a threat to you. If we betray him
he too will betray us. That is why he is
keeping Shivram with him. He too joined him when
he heard that it is a big job. He thinks that this
is enough to scare me. We can’t restrain anybody’s dreams. Anyway, let us go and meet him. Good to see you, Bhai-ji.
Very good to see you. Just like the others I will
also address you as Bhai-ji.. ..because we do not know your name. When he said that Bhai-ji
wants to discuss some matter.. ..I simply caught
a flight and came here. You did a good thing. Nut you brought him
and that too to threaten me. That was not a good thing to do. Bhai-ji. I hadn’t expected
such stupidity from you. Bhai-ji, you have misunderstood. The Bittu Monty gang in
whose custody you had kept him.. ..is not safe enough. Th tis why I took him from them. But now he wants a part of the deal. Come here. Keep your stupid ideas to yourself. Javed, do you think I can’t
understand what you are saying? You are making him a pawn
so that I won’t double-cross you. Keep one thing in mind. Had I thought of deceiving
someone I would surely have done it. Tell him that there
is no need to be over smart. Bhai-ji. Show him. See this. Replicate the materials in these. I know that he has got
manpower and machine also.. ..for this purpose. Go to the African market to
collect the duplicates of diamonds.. ..pearls, emeralds and
the rest of the precious stones. Get as much quantity as needed. Tie all of them in red velvet cloth.. ..and place them in 12
boxes and bring them here. Within 20 days. Time is limited but the
task must be accomplished. Tough task, but I guess I can do it. Good. If everything
goes according to plan.. ..on the 21st day the
treasure will disappear.. ..from the sanctum
sanctorum of the mansion. Till then. He is dangerous, but not more than me. We will need to call more
men if we want to complete the job. We will have to finish
the cement work before the rains. Yes, we can do it. Okay. – You can go. I will be there.
– Okay. – Come, Mr. Shivram.
– How is your hand, sir? It is healing. And if you don’t mind,
don’t address me as sir. I do not like it. And it doesn’t at all sound nice.. ..hearing it from
senior persons like you. In the party only unknown
people address me as sir. This school? I want the children in nearby
region to get education at low cost. So I have sold off
whatever property I owned.. ..and have started this work. But I still need
lots of money for this.. ..and I have nothing left with me now. But since I have taken the
step I will somehow finish this work. You know that Saraswati
is not my daughter. 10-15 years back when she
had no kin I had brought her here. But if someone asks me
how many children I have.. ..I feel very proud to
say that I have one daughter. I won’t live forever. Even after I am gone she can
live with dignity in the community. I am building this school so
that she can do something in her life. She runs it. I am not scared of troubles. But I am a bit restless because
of the recent attack on me. What if something happened
to me before I can finish the work.. Sir, nothing of the sort will happen. I wanted to have a chat
with you so I had called you. How long will it take
you to evaluate the treasure? At the most 10 days. Have you heard? The media is hyping on the
point that the family trustees.. ..are planning to sell off the
treasure in the sanctum sanctorum.. ..and create a heritage. And I have heard that our
new generation has invited.. ..some foreign investors and
planned a party and musical night. I too have heard. Isn’t it said that donkeys
rush where even horses can’t go? “Come, my dear Mohan.” “Come, my dear Mohan.” “Come, my dear Mohan.” “Gopal Krishna.” “Gopal Krishna. My Mohan.” “Come, my dear Mohan.” “Gopal Krishna.” “Gopal Krishna. My Mohan.” “Come, my dear Mohan.” “Gopal Krishna. My Mohan.” “Come, my..” “You play sweet melody.” “You play sweet melody.” “Beautiful..” What happened? “Beautiful, naughty, lady.” “Come, my dear Mohan.” “Beautiful, naughty..” This is the song sung
by the person I love the most. This is the link
between the two of us. Give this to your father. I had taken it to read. Tonight we will start work. There are security guards
at the spot which has been marked. And at the centre of this
point there is the hub of the CCTV. Priya, you have to jam this hub. Okay. Bhai-ji, there is
a software in the surveillance.. ..of the control room,
but it is very difficult to jam it. It takes nearly 30 minutes. So, we have exactly half
an hour for the operation. That’s fine. You jam the CCTV
hub sharp one o’clock. Okay. You will help me break in. And I’ll join you
back at sharp one-thirty. But Bhai-ji,
after entering the sanctum sanctorum.. ..what are we supposed to do next? These are the sketches
of Kerala’s four main mansions. Look carefully at these four. There is a common factor in all these. A secret door hidden from everybody. A secret tunnel connecting the outside
world to the sanctum sanctorum. It is common in all four. Such tunnels and secret doors
were built to remove the contents.. ..of the sanctum sanctorum
in times of war or any emergency. If there is such a secret door,
then someone from the mansion.. ..or at least Shekhar Varma
would know about it, right? I don’t think anybody knows about it. In my opinion, years ago when
the sanctum sanctorum was locked.. ..the king at that time
must have known about it. But he must have thought
that there might be bloodshed.. ..so he didn’t tell anybody about it. Not even to his own children. He must have taken
this step so that someone.. ..would not steal the treasure
from the sanctum sanctorum. But Bhai-ji, we need time
to find that secret door.. ..and favourable luck as well. Luck is not going to help you in this. Logic is what matters. The artisans must have
used some metals in the doors.. ..made 16 years ago. We have to work on this theory. When we scan the doors
with this metal scanner.. ..we will get some result. Yes, I will find you. I mean are you just saying
it or is there a possibility of theft? Sir, do you know what is
the peculiarity of a good policeman? Getting feeling.
And I am an expert in it. There is a build-up
in the atmosphere.. ..that something is certainly
going to happen in here. So, do you suspect anybody? Suspicion. The world has come to know
how many precious things are there.. ..in the sanctum sanctorum. And on top of it the hype
by the channels and media. This is a golden opportunity
for a professional gang or thief. And now, another thing. Out of the four heirs to the
treasure you have claim on one part. At that moment
Rajshekhar files a case. What if any one of them thinks
of usurping the entire treasure? Such a scheme can
also be devised, right? Rajshekhar.
He alone is responsible for all this. That is why there was
an attempt to murder him. That is why you should not talk much. If killing him can solve the problem,
we will do that as well. Listen, let him be. He has suffered a lot in his life. I know him better than you all do. What do you know? Forget it. I won’t tell you. It is a secret between us. Okay, then.
Let him sit here and drink. Come on let us go. As usual, do you want to
make me sleep by offering me drink? Come on.
Do tell me. What is the secret? – Hey, what is happening?
– What happened? – There is no problem.
– Okay. What is the position? I’m on it. Okay. I’m done. Mother Goddess, till date
I haven’t sought anything from you. Today also I am not
seeking anything from you. But to take these boxes to
another location I need a little help. No, I am not seeking it. So, Mother Goddess,
may I start my work? Now there is a secret between us. And other than the two of us,
only one person knows this secret. [English rap song] [English rap song] [English rap song] [English rap song] That’s it. Now I am one and half kilometre
away from the mansion. But the tunnel is
just half a kilometre. I’ll join you.. Have this. The chutney is very tasty. You had said that you will
come once more to talk to me. Have you come for that? We haven’t come to talk. We have tome to tell you just this. Withdraw the case you
have files in the court. What if I don’t withdraw it? Otherwise we will file a case. 10 years ago when Saraswati
was 12 years old.. ..three persons had raped her. Gang rape. You were the MLA at that time. The CI of this area and current
DSP Sajan didn’t register a case. And then she was kept with you, okay? We will file a case
for deceiving everybody.. ..for hiding a crime,
for forcing the police to help you.. ..for robbing her of her
rights and for finding her rapists. The father and daughter
will always be in the news. Can we prevent it? What do you say? Tomorrow we have planned
an investors’ meet at the mansion. You have time till then
to withdraw the court case. Or else we will just do it. Verma, sir, please. Stop. Forgive me. I warn you. Why do you told them? Let me explain, sir.
Please, sir. Please. – Sir, stop it.
– Sir, stop. Sir, please. Sorry, sir. I made a very big mistake. Shivram,
he had done a very dirty thing. – Please, sir.
– Rajshekhar. Brother, do you know
what my children told me? Calm down. I will talk to them. But you should have
told me about this. I didn’t tell you. Forgive me. It happened 10-15 years ago. It was summer time. 12th of April. I was MLA at that time. I was returning home after party’s meeting
at around two o’clock in the night.. ..when I received a
phone call from CI Sajan. After that I immediately
rushed to doctor Sebastian’s clinic. What happened, Sajan? Sir, I was following a man
suspected to be linked to a robbery. – Okay.
– But he disappeared. When I was returning,
behind the bushes.. ‘Today a complaint of a missing child
was received from the primary school.’ ‘A girl attending vacation class.’ ‘When I saw the name on the tag..’ Saraswati. What did you say
the name of the girl is? – Saraswati.
– Saraswati? Last week only I had gone
to the school and handed her a prize. – She is very brilliant.
– Yes, the same one, sir. I asked her before
she became unconscious.. ..but she was unable
to tell me anything. Sir, there were three persons. – They had kidnapped her from
the road and then.. – Wait.. It’s terrible. Dear. Saraswati. Don’t do anything to me.
Don’t so anything. – Come here.
– Yes. Can you catch those people? Sir, I will try,
but we don’t have any clue. By now they must have gone very far. Yes. Make efforts from your side. Don’t register a case as yet. ‘That girl had no kin.’ ‘She was growing up in an orphanage.’ ‘I felt love and
affection for that girl.’ ‘Every day I used to go
to the clinic to meet the girl.’ ‘When I came to know that there
was no way to catch those offenders..’ ‘..I asked Sajan
to suppress this case.’ ‘Sajan and the doctor were
on my side and were helping me.’ ‘I adopted Saraswati as
my daughter and brought her home.’ I didn’t want her to
become a topic of discussion.. ..among people and
for the journalists.. ..because it would
have achieved nothing. So it was better not to let
anybody know anything about this case. That girl had been
robbed of her childhood. I tried hard to make
her move on with life. Slowly she had forgotten everything. I had assured her that no
one will come to know anything. And Sajan had promised me
that he will never tell anybody. But today he broke his promise. My children have threatened me. I should withdraw the court stay..
about opening of the sanctum sanctorum.. ..or else they will publically bring
up the case of this girl’s rape.. ..which took place many years ago. They have given me
time till tomorrow.. ..to change my decision
about the stay. I am unable to explain to Saraswati. She has become very quiet. Hadn’t I told you
I am very apprehensive? Hey, welcome. The stage is all set. Let us start. Come, let us go there. I remember you. I have seen you in Goa on New Year. It was you. But you looked different. Yes, it was me. Hey, man, I searched for you
all over after that day’s programme. He is a great singer. In the middle of my programme at Goa.. ..he had climbed onto the stage. He created such a stir. It was awesome. What brings you here? I’m on a job here. And you are mister..you had
told your name at the programme.. ..but I have forgotten. – Shivram.
– No, no, not Shivram. It was something else. It is Shivram. Maybe you got it wrong. Okay, Shivram. Leave it. You have to join me tonight. – If we are together,
we will rock the stage. – No. No, Shivram, it’s a deal. You are a singer too? Great. Looking forward to the show. Cool. See you on the stage. Okay. – Come Govind, let us go in.
– Okay, let’s go. – Your luggage will be brought later.
– Okay. This is Shivram. – Hi.
– Hello. – He is the one who
evaluates the collection. – Cool. He is interested in our treasure. Okay, so this get together
is for that purpose. A business party with
the potential buyers. It’s not something related
to the heritage resorts project. You are sharp and smart too. You are ready to welcome
the guests for the evening function. I know it very well. I have come here to
talk to you about something. I have come to tell you my decision. Either suicide or insanity. One of these would
have happened to me. My father gave me a
new life form that point. Just like all human beings,
I too have a right to live.. ..and that too with dignity. We can bring happiness
to others’ lives. This is what he told me. You can file a case in the court. You can even look for
the offenders in the rape case. I will face all that. But the case father has files
for handing over the treasure.. ..to the government,
he will not withdraw it. I cannot let my father lose. I have come here to tell you that. Whatever happened to me
was an unfortunate incident. But how will you repent
for what you are doing? Have you ever thought about it? Did everybody see? This is my daughter. My one and only daughter. Let’s go. Wait. Dear, no one will
file a case in any court. Dear, I am with you. Shivram, I apologise
for whatever happened. And I want to repent with my heart. I tried to solve
the attack on Mr. Varma. Without involving anyone
I have found that man. Tonight I will bring him before you. Don’t go alone. It’s dangerous. Don’t worry, Mr.
Shivram. I have made a plan. By the way I want to say one thing.
Earlier I had suspected you as well. But now I don’t. Everything is fine. Tomorrow we can give good news to Mr.
Rajshekhar. On one hand the party will
be going on and on the other hand.. ..my crucial operation
will be going on. Bhai-ji, Javed has called you. Duplicates have been made
just like you had instructed. They will arrive tonight
in 12 boxes in a van. Tonight at 12 o’clock they
will hand over the consignment to us. Okay. Bhai, just as you had told, modifications
have been made in the tunnel. Now, let’s get the boxes. We will complete the
mission tonight, okay? Okay, Bhai-ji? Yes. Bhai-ji,
are you upset about something? That incident of that girl.. Don’t I always tell you?
No emotional baggage. But it always doesn’t happen
with us the way we think. Life gets us trapped. Suddenly something happens
because of which we stop. Do you know after how many
years I have come to Kerala? 15 years.
Bhai-ji, you only had told us. Yes after 15 years I had worked in a village
on Tamilnadu border. I was alone at that time. I don’t know how they traced
me and informed the police. Save me. Save me, save me.. Save me.. Save me.. Save me.. Save me.. Leave me. Leave me. Leave me.. Leave me.. Leave me.. Leave me.. I could never forget her face
and the view I saw in the back mirror. I have spent many
nights without sleeping. That day when I saw her again
then I became all the more angry.. Whatever happened that
day came in front of my eyes. Now it’s my emotional baggage. She must not have seen
my face in darkness.. ..but since that day I see
a new face every day in darkness. Bhai ji, are we backing out? No. a job is always a job. “God, oh God..you are the
notes of musical composition.” “You smile in the songs as well..” “The songs should
keep flowing..oh God..” “The entire world is illusion
and you are the only one protector..” “You are the only one for us..” “We are nothing without you..” “Please take care of everyone..” “You forgive all our sins..” “Hey God listen to our request..” “You forgive all our sins..” “Hey God listen to our request..” “No one has seen you but
still your protection is with us.” “No one knows and
understands your miracles..” “Without you we have no identity.” “Your devotion,
your worship is my aim..” “Every moment we
are dependent on you..” “My worship, your power..” “It seems everyone
is lost here in you..” “Even you tell him, My God..my God..” “I offer prayer in your name..” “I agree that you
are lost in some tune..” “Oh God..” “Oh God..” “God, oh God..” “God, oh God..” “God, oh God..you are the
notes of musical composition.” “You smile in the songs as well..” “The songs should
keep flowing..oh God..” “The entire world is illusion
and you are the only one protector..” “You are the only one for us..” “We are nothing without you..” “Please take care of everyone..” The work we have done according
to that within one hour.. ..these 12 boxes should
reach inside the garbh Griha.. And we have to bring out
the boxes that are kept there. – Okay.
– Fine. [English rap song] [English rap song] You have planned everything
so now you have to execute it. Bhai ji, if you don’t
mind let Abbas be with us. Okay.. Check him. Hey, what the hell.. I don’t think you will need this gun. Javed, I have put
a GPS chip in every box. Just to know that boxes
reach the right place. So that he doesn’t double cross. See the boxes are moving. Perfect.. See this. Yes Javed, we have done it. He has put the boxes in
the cellar that we had given. I had told you that
he won’t throw tantrums. You pay him and he
will get the job done. Excellent.. Goddess, till now I
never believed in any God. But today I am doing it on you. Thank you for whatever you did today. Great Bhai Ji.
There is a small change in the plan. Our final transaction
will take place in Jaipur. And I will hand over
the money to you over there. Okay. Ask Abbas to come with us. Even you should have faith
that we will not cheat you. He is your guarantee. Bhai ji, do not misunderstand.
All will end well. Okay, you can take him. So we will meet for
the last time in Jaipur. Okay, fine. The report of entire
wealth is in this. Take this. This copy is for the officials. So my job is over. I am very thankful to you. Thank you. Shiv Ram Ji, let’s go. Thank you Shiv Ram.. Thank you, bye.. We easily get along with few people. You are a very nice man.
A wonderful human being. Keep coming afterwards also. We will
celebrate and talk the entire night. You sing very well.. Who are they.. Dy SP Saajan was killed last night. At a distance of 1km from the Haveli
his body was found in the bushes. I had received a call that
there was an argument between you two. You will have to come with me. Bhai ji.. Everything is happening the way
I had thought. I am going to Jaipur. You go back to Delhi. – I will also come, Bhai Ji.
– No.. Now the game is going to get over.
Abbas is with them. Don’t worry.
Nothing will happen to him. I will get him. That.. I heard that father has been arrested.
Do you know anything about that? [English rap song] [English rap song] [English rap song] [English rap song] [English rap song] [English rap song] Greetings Bhai Ji. It was a long journey. Isn’t it? Oh yes, it was a long journey and
unfortunately your journey ends here. Bhai ji, everything
happened as you had said. It is our last game in
the real sense of the word. From the time you got this
work to the palace I had doubt on you. Because anyone can become
greedy on seeing this treasure. The 12 boxes kept in the
van can make anyone greedy. But I had told Vicky that
Bhai Ji will never cheat us. But we, we cheated you. The deal is done. And I am not going
to pay you anything. Javed had said that you
have a soft corner for him. So I have put a price on him. Bhai Ji, I had a talk with Vicky.
He has found another formula. Return us 250crores that Vicky
had given then we will leave him. And we can part as friends. We will part as friends.. Good. Some more people
are yet to come to this place. He had told me. Unknown entity. A third party is involved in this.
An unknown entity. A silent partner to this game. I have brought them here so that you
don’t have to go through any trouble. Okay.. You and he were going
to give the treasure.. ..I gave you to
international diamond carter. For a mind blowing price. For the final transaction
they flew down here. Then I kidnapped Shekhar and his son. Not I but Bitu, my man in Jaipur. Hey Shiv Ram, what are you saying?
I cannot understand. How will you understand Mr.
Shekhar Verma? You are not innocent. Do you know who told me that there is a
demon hidden inside you, Mr. Shekhar? Mother Goddess. Mother Goddess who protects
the treasure in the Garbh Grah. The bullet that was stuck
in the wall years ago.. Now tell me how did the gem
of the crown of Mother Goddess break? Now there is a secret between us. Other than the two of us there is
only one person who knows this secret. Then the true face of
Mr. Shekhar Verma came.. ..in front of me who
boasted to be a good person. No one knew about the bad
deed that you had committed. I came to know that. For 40 years the garbh
Grah should be closed.. ..in the name of
prayers and offerings.. The decision of the court
is a punishment for you. Your father thought that
you and your children should.. ..not be able to enjoy
this treasure in youth. Your brother had asked for stay order
from court to open the Garbh Grah. You got scared thinking that
not even one out of four parts.. ..you will get so you
joined hands with him. In desire for the treasure. After that I came to know
that not he but you hired me. Then I started keeping a watch on you. Till he is alive there
will be danger for you.. ..so you tried an attempt
to murder your brother. If he would have died then
the doubt would go straight.. ..to Vasudev Verma
and Shri Krishna Verma. And you would be saved in
future of the case that was done. You planned it well. The time to open the garbh
Grah would have been delayed. Then you would have got
time to elope the treasure. You would have even
dealt with me directly. Saajan one who traced the group who
gave the quotation was also killed. He killed him. Sudhakar Verma.. When the party was going on
in the Haveli for investors meeting.. ..then Sudhakar Varma
secretly called out Saajan. I have come to know that
you are behind all this. Without listening to
me Saajan had gone alone. And death was standing
right in front of her. I had told Abbas to follow Saajan. Abbas shot the entire
scene in his mobile. Today morning by speed post the CD made
by Abbas has reached the Sp office. You.. Let’s go.. Bhai Ji, it was my mistake.
I admit it was my mistake. Forgive me Bhai Ji, forgive me. It was my mistake. Please Bhai Ji.. Please, please forgive me Bhai Ji. Forgive me Bhai Ji. It was him, it was him Bhai Ji. He misled me. Let him pay for it. Bhai Ji I am with you in selling
the treasure kept in the car. Give whatever you wish to. Okay fine, don’t give me anything. Javed..cheater..after
all you showed your status.. Keep quiet.. Bhai Ji, please.. Okay.. Now we are face to face.
This fight is not about good and evil. We all are evil here. The question is who is more evil. And according to
me I am the most evil. Now I will use you. You will go with him and
drop the 12 boxes wherever I say. – I will message you the address.
– Okay. Take this original
event creator with you. He will be of use to you. Thanks Bhai Ji, Thanks. You don’t become
greedy so that is why.. ..your father does
not want you to be with me. Done Bhai ji, done..thanks. Then go. Come on let’s go. Come with me.. Whatever game we play has some rules. The one who follows
them always survives. The night you came to
get the treasure with Javed.. ..do you remember your
car had stopped somewhere? And something happened
in that 5 minute. Oh shit.. No.. Trusting me is a huge risk. The treasure of mansion
is safe in the mansion only. By keeping the GPS chip in
the boxes got by Nikhil I kept.. ..the original ornaments
in place of duplicate ones. After that I exchanged the boxes. Don’t you want to
know why I did like this? To repay a loan. The work that came finding
to me that was previously decided. And at the end of the
day I have made huge money. 250crores for nothing. What did you get? You are a loser. You are worthy of king like death. You call the shot. Thank you to all the esteemed
chief guests who came here.. ..by accepting our invitation. With your help this
institution is working. Thank you for the love and help of the
person who gave money to complete.. ..this building and does
not want his name to be disclosed. This institution is working
because of people like you. Thank you once again.. Jai hind. I really felt good that you came. Thank you, sir. Even I felt happy. I will leave now. – Thank you, sir..
– Thank you.. Father.. Shiv Ram.. All the guests came
here whom we had invited. It is great on your part
to come here without invitation. Thanks to you. I thanked that anonymous person
who helped in completing the building. Did you hear? You have done a lot for us Mr.
Shiv Ram. You got me released
from Saajan’s case. You helped us to appoint
a government official.. ..to look after the
treasure of the mansion. Don’t make me great
by saying all this. I have never done
anything good in life. But I never repented
for whatever I did. I never accepted my
mistakes in front of anyone. 16 years ago a girl was
shouting for help from me. But I could not extend
my hand to help her. Even today I remember that face.
It was like this. I never forgave myself for that. My first and last confession. There are many people
who live their life.. ..by doing small mistakes Mr.
Shiv Ram. But to rectify that mistake and
do a work greater than that are few.. ..and are remembered in history. Shall I ask you something? What is your real name? Do you remember what you
had asked me once? Are you a fraud? You can call me Mr. Fraud. “The heart says your story..” “The hearts says to be careful..” “Oh heart..” “Oh heart..” “Forget all the sufferings..” “When you walk I hold my heart..” “Oh heart..where are you alone..”

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