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Yes, Kripa. Tell me. Although I am free of the case.. ..but I had to bear a loss of Rs
18 lakhs because of that girl. It would’ve been worth it
had what the reporters said was true. But I wasn’t even satisfied and I
ended up paying a huge price for it. You know everything about me.
I haven’t kept secrets from you. I am on the Mumbai-Pune
road currently. The person who conducted my test
said that nothing has happened.. ..he had given me a certificate. Yes, it’s for the doctor. I am taking this money for him. Who is honking? He lives in Mumbai but
he is not there right now. He has gone for hunting
in a jungle in Pune. He has gone for hunting. He sees it as a
form of entertainment. Kripa, I’ll call you later.
I’ll hang up now. Why the hell is
he honking so much? It’s not a man, sir.
She is a woman. A woman!
How did you find that out? You may have a look too. Let me see. Santosh.
– Yes. I see a young woman there. I feel the same, sir.
She must be 25 years old. Listen,
give her way to move ahead. What are you saying? She will
move ahead if I give her way. You fool! Don’t give her so much
space that she moves ahead.. ..let her overtake
us and come near our car. We will be at equal level.
I also want to see her. Then we will decide whether
we should let her move ahead of us.. ..or should we move ahead. Oh. Now I know what you mean. Hey.. Move the car
closer to her car. Slowly. Don’t look at her like that.
– Okay. Hi. Santosh, she seems
to be very smart. We were talking among
ourselves and she understood. I know you are lucky when
it comes to such matters.. ..you will surely win, sir. Keep the car to her level. Listen. Will you come
here or should I come there? Hey. Be careful. Don’t hurt yourself. It’s not clear
because of the rain. Let me see. Look down.
– Move back, all of you. Move back.
– Move back. Hey, move back. Come on. Move aside. Move aside, come on. Kasimalli Abdullah Yusuf.
Kasimalli Abdullah Yusuf. Kasimalli Abdullah Yusuf. None of the charges that were imposed
on the accused have been proved yet.. ..and the prosecutor
has lost the case. This is why I free the
accused of all the charges. Not just that,
but the court also knows.. ..that the self-help groups
that were run by the accused.. ..were shut down
due to police raids.. ..which were for the
betterment of mankind.. ..the accused can start managing
and running those groups again. The IPS officer
appointed for this case.. ..didn’t have any experience.. ..and also, the evidence
and witness of this case.. ..came across as partial. This is why, the court feels.. ..that the police officer
has rushed into making.. ..decisions and thus proved
that he is less experienced. Just on the basis on some news,
without any strong evidence.. ..for a person who does
good work for the society.. ..the inquiry done by the
Enquiry Department is not sufficient. What is fishy in this case.. ..is that a few journalists
are printing the wrong news.. ..and that they are
being irresponsible. It has been proved that a decent
man can be proved a culprit.. ..if a journalist of a publishing
house makes his mind to do that. This is an example
of such a case. Listen to me, Milan. He spoke about journalists but
he didn’t mention your name. Don’t talk to me.
It seems you will be happy.. ..when they drag
my name in this case. I had to bear all this
just because I listened to you. One thing is for sure, sir.
Yusuf.. and his brother Yakub
will prove to be my murderers. Listen. A coward like you should
have gotten into journalism. Quit this job and find
a safer job for yourself. My job is not like your job.. Are you trying to
say that my job is bad? It seems a husband and wife are
fighting for divorce in the court. The case is shut now, but
we will appeal one more time. Oh my! There is
no need to do that. You go home, because I have
to reach home before it rains. Well, one more time we should..
We shouldn’t appeal. Shri.. Shree..
– What happened? Have a look at him.
He’s sitting on your bike. I have an important
hearing tomorrow.. ..and I forgot the
case file in the courtroom. I’ll bring it, you stay here. You are responsible for
all this and you are laughing! You! Sooner or later you will..
– Yes, I am right here.. and so I am asking you
to go and get your bike. That man can’t harm
you for doing that. Go, come on. I’m near the jeep
and I will leave after you. Give me the keys of the bike,
Yakub. I have a lot of work. Well, give me your right hand.. ..I’ll place the
keys on your palm. You had used your right hand to
write a report against my brother. This is why I have decided
to keep your hand with me. From now on, you will have to
manage writing, eating and shaving.. ..only with one hand. I can manage to write reports against
criminals like you and your brother.. ..only with one hand. He has left,
what will you do now? Yakub, this is not the right
place to solve your problem. Tell me where
I should meet you.. ..and I’ll be there.
– That won’t happen any day soon. But I want to mutilate your hand
right in front of the court.. ..and that too today. I observed that the parking
space is not sufficient.. ..and so I parked my
jeep outside the gate. It is our responsibility to
look after the public property. Yes. Yakub, do you want to
get thrashed with my shoes? Go home and slaughter a lamb.. and give some lamb
soup to your brother. The police have thrashed
him really bad.. ..and he can die any moment.. Shri Ram Krishna,
you will have to pay.. ..for what you’ve
done to my brother. Milan. He fled on his bike as
soon as you started fighting. Who is there? I asked, who is it? You are so ungrateful! I was
fighting those goons for you.. ..and you ran away from there. This is the reason
I am watching news channel. Take that knife off my face. It would’ve been
displayed on the news.. ..channel that ASP Shri
Ram Krishna is injured.. ..had that happened for real. Oh. Some other news
would’ve been flashed.. ..had I not intervened
in your matter. Anyway, I feel it’s time
for me to get suspended. The SP wants to meet
me in the morning. I wonder what is going to happen. Right, left! Left, right, left! Your horoscope says everything
is going to go wrong, Shri. Remember, I had told
you that you will keep.. ..falling in trouble
till the age of 34. I remember. Do you remember what
you had said then? You had said that you wonder
what will happen during that time. When I received
your suspension order.. ..I felt what you
had said was right. But I realized the power of
the combination of the stars Revathi and Saturn when I.. ..got this envelope. A meeting has been arranged.. ..in order to discuss the
issues of national security. The Union Minister has asked our
minister to produce all the details. The blast that took place
two days ago near Lonavala.. ..claimed the lives of many
and also the Agricultural president.. ..and social worker, Bal Gangadharan
was a part of it. The police have filed a case.. ..but the people of Delhi
are not satisfied with it. They have decided
that they want you.. ..to investigate this matter. Inspector Shri Ram
Krishna, it’s up to you.. ..to save the reputation
of the department. Sir, me.. What are you saying?
How do they know me? That is a part of the suspense. A boy from Late Bal
Gangadharan’s family.. ..is loyal to the personal staff
of the Central Home Minister. He is young just like you
and he has strongly recommended.. ..your name to the
Central Minister.. ..and that order has
been sent in this cover. Why are you looking at me like
that, Inspector Shri Ram? Sir, just a while ago, you
addressed Mr. Bal Gangadhar.. ..as Agricultural president
and a social worker.. ..but you missed out
on a very important point.. ..that he was a
chronic womanizer. A case was filed against him
for eve teasing four women. I know that. So what? He had drawn a lot
of hatred from people.. ..in the society and in politics.. ..due to his behavior. I couldn’t even manage to
get a criminal like Yusuf arrested.. ..and I wonder what
I will have to go through.. ..if I go to investigate
this matter.. ..wearing a uniform. Big and famous people could be
responsible for Gangadhar’s murder.. ..but I don’t feel
that’s the case. You must have read
it in the newspapers that.. ..a 23 year old girl
named Daksha, who is an.. ..engineering student, had
planned this murder. Even she was killed
in that bomb blast. According to Bal Gangadhar’s
driver Santosh’s last statement.. ..Daksha had planned this conspiracy
and carried out this murder. But we haven’t yet found out if they
both were related to each other.. ..or whether they had
enmity towards each other. This point makes the investigation
of this case very thrilling. Sir, I understood what you said
but still.. Shri Ram, this is not like any regular
case which you had solved earlier. I am sure, this will be a
different experience for you. This file contains all the
details of the investigation.. ..and also Late Gangadhar’s driver,
Santosh’s last statement. Anyway, all the best. Thank you, sir. Right from the beginning,
that girl was following our car. Somewhere near Lonavala,
sir asked me to give her way.. ..and I did that. Our car was adjacent to her car
when we were at Lonavala. When our cars were
adjacent to each other.. ..that girl hinted
towards sir and then.. ..the blast took place. What do you feel after seeing
this video?- What is so difficult? He should’ve died rather than
living in such a condition. What is so strange about it? That’s not the case. I wonder
where I should begin from. Should I begin the investigation
from Bal Gangadhar or from Daksha? Honestly, this case has left me
a little confused. Going by our conversation,
I had realized.. ..that it was something important ..and you always call me when
you come across such a case. I have already faced a
lot of problems earlier. I had already told
you that I feel confident.. ..when you are there with me. But I don’t feel the same way. I had told you about the Yusuf case
and now we shouldn’t meet. Bye. I am writing an article on the
problems faced by a washer man.. ..in the monsoon season. Similarly, I want to live my
life without any disturbances.. ..so please forgive me. I don’t want it! I don’t
want your help for this case. I will start investigating
this case with my plan. I have the list of
Bal Gangadhar’s enemies.. ..and I will arrest all of them,
no matter what their status is. Yes!
– What do you think you can do? Listen, Shri, think
about this case once again.. ..before you start
the investigation. Bal Gangadhar’s life was
like a novel of 100 pages.. ..and Daksha was like a
short story of 2-3 pages. You may read the two
of them if you want to.. ..but we should find out one thing.. ..which means.. – This means
we should start from Daksha. Am I right?
– Absolutely. One thing is confirmed. I began my investigation
in the right manner.. ..and I got you to show me a way out
of it. Don’t you think I am genius? The one who gave you the
degree of IPS should be kicked. Get lost.
– Are you leaving already? Wait. Where are you going?
– Let go of me. “You are my best buddy.
Yes, you are.” “We are like heart and soul.” “We are like sea and its shore.” “I am a river and
you are my riverbank.” “You are my best buddy.
Yes, you are.” “We are like heart and soul.” “We are like sea and shore.” “I am a river and
you are my riverbank.” “What is life without
a friend like you?” “A good friend
is a reason to live.” “I have my friend by my side
always and all the time.” “My friend means
the world to me.” “You are my best buddy.
Yes, you are.” “We are like heart and soul.” “I have my friend by my side
always and all the time.” “My friend means
the world to me.” “He is not akin to my brother,
he is my best friend.” “I share all my
secrets with him.” “O, my friend.
You are my best buddy!” “My friend means
the world to me.” “I have my friend by my side
always and all the time.” “My friend means
the world to me.” Hail Revolution! Long live.. Long live.. “You are my best buddy.
Yes, you are.” “We are like heart and soul.” “We are like sea and its shore.” “What is life without
a friend like you?” “A good friend
is a reason to live.” “I have my friend by my side
always and all the time.” “My friend means
the world to me.” “You are my best buddy.
Yes, you are.” Sir.. Please have some tea. What was her age then? She was 15 years old and she
was studying in class 10. That had become the
headline back then. Were you here back then?
– Yes, sir. This means you are well aware
of everything that happened.. ..right from Sudakshana’s death
to Daksha’s accident. Am I right?
– Yes. Acchhu. Sir, Acchhu doesn’t know
about them more than I do. You may ask me
whatever you want to. Okay. I only want
to know about Daksha. What did she mean to you?
How was she as a person? I can answer your
first question.. ..and my answer is.. When my husband
Shivdas passed away.. ..Daksha was six and
Sudakshana was 12 years old. In those times, me and my husband
were professors in the same college. In spite of being the only
daughter of a millionaire.. ..I decided to
work for a living. I had developed a fear that
how would a woman live her life alone ..after the death
of her husband. The man who replaced my husband
in the college.. ..had also taken my
husband’s place in my life. And everything started
going wrong after that day. He was a cruel man
and he forced himself.. ..on a girl who
was his step daughter. He forced himself on
my daughter Sudakshana.. ..right before Daksha.. On that day,
I not only lost Sudakshana.. ..but I also lost Daksha. After that day, she stopped
addressing me as mom. After three years,
he was proven innocent.. ..and the court demanded
that he walk free. Daksha stabbed him with a knife.. ..but he was lucky
that he remained alive. After that incident,
did Daksha attack him again? From what I know, that
had happened once again.. ..when she was studying
in class 12th. She wanted to seek revenge on her
step father until her last breath. I am sorry,
I don’t know his name. Arun. Arun Paanikar. Did Daksha always wanted
to seek revenge on Mr. Paanikar? Not always, but her hatred
increased as days passed by. This means, that Daksha must
have thought about Arun Paanikar.. ..when she sought revenge. Yes. How is this related
to Bal Gangadhar? Why do you think Daksha sought
revenge on Bal Gangadhar? I don’t know, sir.
I don’t know about revenge.. ..but I don’t even know whether
she knew that man. This is Daksha’s room,
she used to spend her days here.. ..when she came back home. Is this Daksha’s computer? Yes.
– May I? Please. Is there a stone quarry nearby?
Do you hear such noises all the time? It’s at a radius of 1 kilometer. Weapons.world.com. Totaldestroyer.com. Armsandammunitions.com. Did anybody else use this computer
before or after her death? No, only she used to use it. Okay.
– Why, sir? Is there a problem? No. There is nothing. Nothing. Is there nobody in the house
apart from Acchhu? I mean, any servants.. A lady comes here for
cleaning and cooking. His husband cleans the
garden whenever he is free. He blasts stone
at the stone quarry. What is his name? Kaalu. I am taking him along and
if anyone comes forward.. ..I will shoot a bullet
in his head. In order to kill herself
and Bal Gangadhar.. ..Daksha had used such a bomb.. ..which had more than
40% of gun powder in it. This means, she used the same powder
which is used to blast rocks. I want to know whether you gave
just gun powder to Daksha.. ..or did you also give her white stone
aluminium powder in two bottles? Which was also a
remote controlled bomb.. ..with the capacity
to blast two cars. Let alone a bomb, I didn’t
even give her a matchstick, sir. She was a crazy girl.. ..and I can’t take responsibility
for her craziness. I know what you’re hiding!
The police.. – Vikram! Kaalu.
– What is it? This is not a case
of domestic violence. It is a case of murder,
of a suicide bombing. If you don’t support us, the police
of our city won’t summon you.. ..but the police of Delhi will. And then you will have to spend
the rest of your life behind bars.. ..under the charges of association
with Pakistan and terrorism. No! I will tell you everything.
I’ll tell you everything that I know. Tell me. That girl had come to me
a month prior to this incident. I had gone to the farms to cut
a bunch of bananas at madam’s orders. ‘Daksha, what brings you here?’ ‘Why did you left without answering me
when I called you near the junction?’ ‘You called out to me! When?’ ‘Don’t try to fool
me by acting innocent.’ ‘Actually,
I was a little drunk yesterday..’ ‘..and I couldn’t have faced
you in that condition.’ ‘You hit your wife after getting
drunk. – No, that was long back.’ ‘Back then, I didn’t value her.
She means the world to me now.’ ‘I love her a lot.’ ‘I can hit my wife every day after
getting drunk with all this money.’ ‘I haven’t given you money for that.
You have to bring something for me.’ ‘What are you talking about?’ ‘Here.’ ‘Daksha, don’t let your mom find out
that I have helped you with this..’ ‘..because I want to remain alive.’ ‘I don’t care what they find out, for
it won’t make a difference to me.’ ‘Be careful, Daksha.
This is an explosive.’ According to Kaalu’s statement.. ..and the website address that we
got from Daksha’s computer.. ..it is clear that Daksha
didn’t seek anybody’s help.. ..in order to make a bomb. One can easily find out about the.. ..procedure of making a bomb
and also the ammunitions.. ..that even we haven’t heard of. For an intelligent Electronics
engineer like Daksha.. ..reading the procedure
was enough to understand. Sir.
– Yes. What happened, Kabir?
Did you enquire about it? – Yes, sir. Akhila Devrajan,
Sudha Nair, Ashley Jacob.. ..are the three women who had
filed a case against Bal Gangadhar. He not only made Akhila
and Sudha shut the case.. ..by offering them a huge amount,
but he also.. ..offered them jobs
at higher positions.. ..in the offices of Goa and Dubai. Bal Gangadhar was bound to die.
If not for those two women.. ..surely some other
woman has killed him. Am I right?
– Yes, sir. The only woman who remains
was Ashley Jacob.. ..and she belonged
to a very poor family. I know a little about this case. Isn’t
this case about the dance rehearsal? Yes, sir. That woman stood
against Bal Gangadhar.. ..but Bal Gangadhar used
his power and contacts.. ..and proved her to be a crazy
and immoral woman. Also, all the witness and evidence
were changed at the last moment.. ..and she was made
fun of in the court. That girl.. There is a convent school
nearby and she lives there. Vikram.
– Sir. We should find out
whether Ashley and Daksha.. ..were connected to
each other in any way. Sir. – And I want
the number of that convent. Okay, sir.
But that girl is mentally disturbed. I had found out about it. Listen, dear. Dear, he has come to meet you.
He wants to ask you something. Please talk to him. My name is Shri Ram Krishna.. ..and I need your help. Don’t be scared. Ashley, do you know this girl? You may say no if
you don’t recognize her. Go to your room. I had told you over the phone
that this girl is mentally disturbed. She was not the same before.
She was a smart girl.. ..but she changed after that case. A press meet took place
after the case was over.. ..and those people wrote
what they wanted to. But she got mentally disturbed
when her family members.. ..stood against her in the court. No problem.
I will summon someone else. What about the girl in the convent? Did she identify Daksha? No, I couldn’t get
any answer from her. What have you planned now? I have to meet the
next person on my list.. ..who is Daksha’s biggest enemy.
Her step father Arun Paanikar. Where will you find him?
– I have found his address. He owns a rubber farm of five acres
and he looks after that. He stays near Kalyan and we have
to reach there soon. What? We? Yes, you have to come along.
– But what will I do there? Why?
– This is an unofficial visit. Since we are going there,
we will go there too. The rubber seems thin this time. The trees are soaked in rain water
and so this is bound to happen. Sprinkle water on every sheet
six times. The merchants won’t give us money
if they find the rubber thin. That is fine. So you have information
about her two attacks. She had attacked me directly
only twice.. ..but once she was very
close to killing me. What did you see then? That day I saw.. ‘Hey! I said, stop!’ ‘I said, stop there!’ She understood that it was not
easy to kill me. This is why she found someone
else and killed him. So what if she’s dead?
She is at least popular. Okay. We’ll take your leave now
and we will come back if need be. Listen.
– Yes. You had said that you have back pain. Yes. I had fallen off the bike. Mr. Warid is a very good doctor. His medicine can
cure all sorts of pain. Yes, we know that. Alright, come there if you get time. We will surely come. What do you think after
meeting Arun Paanikar? Arun Paanikar is the villain
and the cause of the tragedy.. ..that took place with Daksha and her
family. But men like Bal Gangadhar.. ..were a threat to the society. It would’ve been justified had
Daksha killed Arun Paanikar.. ..but Daksha must’ve killed Gangadhar
considering him.. ..more dangerous than Paanikar. Does that mean she got over her
desire to exact revenge? Are you trying to say that? She would’ve killed Arun first
had that not been the case. Come on.
– Yes. There you go. Be careful, dear.
It is slippery here. What happened? Do you know them?
– No, I don’t. But they looked like a
schoolmaster and his daughter. Oh! I must applaud your
skills of recognizing people. Thank God you didn’t address
him as a father of church. What did you say?
– You fool, that man is Mr. Devasi. Kundanath Devasi, he is one
of the biggest businessmen of Pune. Today, he has brought food for Arun. Then why aren’t the
policemen aware of this? There are no cases
registered against Devasi. Then let me arrest him.
– Oh my! Don’t say that. Come here. Arun is Kundan Devasi’s uncle’s son.. ..and the woman accompanying
him is his niece. These people have come here to offer
prayers and Devasi can prove that. We will be insulted
if we go to arrest him. Come on, start the car now. Yes, what happened? Shri, you will have to come to
Silk Castle hotel on KK road. What’s the matter?
– I will tell you once you come here. Come on, move back. Move back, I said. Come on here. Stay back. Move back. Move back.
– stay back. Move, I said. Let us do our duty. Please move back.
– Stay back. Stay back. Move back. Please move back. This happened an hour ago, sir. Are these bodies identified yet?
– Only this body has been identified. Who is he?
– Sam George Palak. He is a partner of this hotel
and he fell from a top floor. There is a swimming pool there. Sir, there is an eye witness.. ..who is a staff member. But we haven’t been able to
identify the body of the second man. Nobody knew this man earlier. Sorry, sorry. Please stay there. Yes. Do you know Sam George? As of now I can only say that
this man is a responsibility.. ..but, Shri, I have seen
the second man earlier. I don’t remember
where I have seen him. Try to recollect that and
I am sure you will remember. No. But I know someone who
will identify this body.. ..just by looking at it once.
– Who’s that? I’ve called him,
he must be on his way. Milan, what will happen now? Shri, you know Akhil, right?
– Hello. Hello, sir. – Akhil’s sister
is a receptionist in this hotel. This incident took
place when he came here.. ..to drop his sister. Oh. After how long did
this incident take place? It must have been 10 minutes. A lot of people gathered
here in no time. Have you clicked all the pictures? Yes, almost. – We’ll also need
the pictures of the swimming pool. Are we allowed to click pictures? Yes, go ahead.
– Fine, sir. I’ll be right back. I was talking about this man. This man!
Isn’t he the editor of M magazine? Yes, he’s the one. Sukhram. Hello, Milan.
– Hello, sir. Is the body still lying there? Yes.
– I’ll go and check. Excuse me. You are friends with
such boring people. Yes, I had befriended a few
boring people during my college days. Milan, got the clue. It is the same as we had thought.
This is the magazine of August. Sir, please have a look. He is the father of actress Sheetal. He is Mohanchand.
– You are right, sir. The rest of the details
are in this magazine. But, Milan, I don’t understand
why this man came to Sam. He had threatened his wife and
brother-in-law of murder. Sir, he is the eye witness
that I was talking about. What is your name?
– Jomon. What did you see? There were few customers
in the restaurant.. ..and so I went upstairs for a smoke. Who are you? ‘What do you want?
Who are you?’ ‘I am asking you. What do you want?’ ‘I want to kill you..’ ‘..and I will make sure I do that.’ ‘Hey! What are you doing?
Leave him!’ ‘Leave him!’ ‘Please save me.’ ‘Please don’t let go of me.’ ‘Help..’ ‘Please..’ Did Sam regularly
come here for swimming? Yes, sir. He used to come here
after his morning exercise. Have you seen that
second man here before? No, sir. Kabir.
– Sir. Record his statement and let him go. Okay, sir. Come on. Thank you, sir. Tell me more.
– As a primary assumption.. ..I feel there is some connection
between Daksha’s death in the blast.. ..and the death of Mohanchand
who died after falling off.. ..from the 11th floor
of Hotel Silk Castle. I feel there is a link between them. The most important thing is that.. ..she has left her enemy.. ..and killed a man who she never knew
nor had enmity towards him. Daksha’s step father was her enemy.. ..for he was responsible
for her sister’s death. Mohanchand’s wife had
enmity towards her husband.. ..because he wanted to gain
publicity using the name.. ..of his daughter. – Is there
any parallel movement here.. ..like the Naxalites? The murderer also died
along with the victim.. ..and this is a different case. We haven’t come across
such a case before. This is going to be a headache. Did you find any details
about Mohanchand.. ..apart from the magazine? I did. Two years ago.. ..Mohanchand was working as
a driver in a taxi stand in Kalyan. I found all the details from there. ‘There you go. I’ve brought everything
that you had asked me to. – Dad..’ ‘Now, both the sisters
can enjoy Diwali.’ ‘This is for you.’ ‘Fire crackers.’ ‘You spend all your
earnings for your daughter.’ ‘You are just not worried
about the future.’ ‘I have brought all this because
I am worried about the future.’ ‘Enjoy the festival of Diwali.’ Although he was earning less,
Mohanchand took good care.. ..of his daughter and
his wife Lisy’s need. Lisy’s brother and Mohanchand were
not very fond of each other. When he came to meet his sister.. ..he told Mohanchand
that he wanted to cast.. ..Sheetal as a heroine
in his friend’s album. ‘I have done my part.
Not everybody gets such a chance.’ ‘Listen,
Roy, I had already told you..’ ‘..that I will agree to it
if her father does.’ ‘This is not just a matter
of you and your daughter.’ He didn’t want to leave that chance.. ..and so he managed to trap
Lisy and her daughter. ‘That girl had played just
a small part in an album..’ ‘..and now she is in Hyderabad
acting in Telugu films.’ ‘Why do you need to
think so much about it?’ ‘Since my brother is insisting
to do it, it must be good.’ ‘This is the reason I am scared.
– Look.’ ‘I am sure my brother won’t
wish ill for us.’ ‘She can’t act.’ ‘But, dad, I am confident..’ ‘..and I had won the first prize in
cinematic dance in the youth festival.’ ‘Of course!
I had forgotten about it.’ ‘He wasn’t totally convinced
about it, but he had to give in..’ ‘..to his daughter
and his wife’s wishes.’ ‘You will see the worst of me if your
studies suffer because of acting.’ ‘I will never forgive
you and your mother.’ ‘Earlier, she acted in
2-3 albums and then she..’ ‘..appeared on the front
pages of magazines.’ In spite of all this, Sheetal
didn’t get any acting offers.. ..and Mohanchand thought that
the mother and daughter duo.. ..must have gotten rid
of their dream of acting. ‘But Lisy and Sheetal went
to shooting locations..’ ‘..and hotel rooms,
without Mohanchand’s knowledge’ ‘..in order to ask for roles.’ ‘Sheetal also got a few offers
to act in Hindi films..’ ‘..and she got roles in other
language movies too.’ ‘She loved glamour..’ ..and so she started
getting a lot of offers.’ ‘Sir, that first scene was good.
– Our director is a genius.’ ‘No, that’s enough.
– He has made the best movie.’ ‘Everything will
turn out to be good.’ ‘Everything will be good.’ ‘Lisy and Sheetal started
ignoring Mohanchand’s opinions..’ ‘..after earning money.’ ‘Don’t worry, darling. I am here.’ ‘Why do you worry?
I will look after you.’ ‘You will become the
highest paid actress.’ ‘I will kill you.’ ‘Rascal, I will kill you!’ ‘What are you doing? Let go of him!
– I will kill him!’ ‘I have lost it.
I will kill you too.’ ‘What are you doing?
– Hey!’ ‘Come on.. Come near me now.’ ‘You came to my house and you are
indulging in obscene behavior!’ ‘I will kill all of you!’ After that incident, Mohanchand
started acting weird.. ..and he became his daughter’s enemy. Finally,
Lisy and Sheetal left the house. ‘Are you sure you won’t
change your decision?’ ‘No. I won’t go anywhere leaving
my dad alone.’ ‘Come on, come with me.’ ‘No. I won’t come with you.
– I can’t leave you with your dad.’ Roy and Lisy forcibly took Shikha
along with them the next day.. ..because she had refused to come
with them back then. ‘I want to live with dad.’ Mohanchand filed a report in Kalyan
police station on the same day.. ..and after that day, Mohanchand
started receiving threat calls from Roy and his henchmen. ‘Dear.. – I started
acting films in order to..’ ‘..pay the loans taken by my father.’ ‘Dad always came home drunk..’ ‘..and he used to thrash us
after coming home drunk.’ ‘Dad never spoke to us with love..’ ‘..and we couldn’t
have taken it any longer..’ ‘..so we left the house.’ ‘Finally, even Sheetal
went against her father.’ ‘Mohanchand was shattered
and he left the house.’ Did you find any clue about where
Mohanchand used to live after that? It’s been said that he was working
as a waiter in a restaurant at Vashi. He had come back home
in order to sell his house and land.. ..and his friends told us that he had
said that he will kill Lisy and Roy. Oh! You mean to say.. ..that the mode of operation is the
same in this case and that of Daksha. There is something worth noticing. Sam George and Bal Gangadhar
were of the same character. Be it hotel business, event
management or career guidance.. ..he had made a lot of enemies. As you said earlier, it could
be a parallel movement.. ..or anything more than that. We will have to find that out. For how long were you and Mohanchand
working here together? Mohanchand had joined 10 months ago. Did he tell you why
he was working here? – No, sir. He was on leave for 2-3 months
and he said that he was not well. Did anyone visit Mohanchand
regularly? Any friend, relative or.. No, sir.
I didn’t see him meeting anyone. But he used to receive a call
from his younger daughter.. ..and she had written a
letter to him twice. I had read that letter once. What was written in it? Her mother and uncle were forcing
her to act in movies.. ..but Mohanchand didn’t agree to it. He had decided to bring
his daughter back to him.. ..and he was ready to go
to court for the same. The police doesn’t like
putting others in trouble. It doesn’t matter how
distressed someone is.. ..but we will continue to
summon who we have to.. ..and people will have to answer us. Why do you want to know from me? I want to know the reason why
Mohanchand did all this. Why are you asking
this question to me? You have lived with
Mohanchand for 19 years.. ..and who else will I ask
this question if not you? Hello. My sister is not answerable
for a stupid man’s actions. The government pays them money
in order to harass people.. ..under the pretext of
investigating the case. I want to meet your
younger daughter Shikha. She is not here.
I have sent her to a hostel. And what about Sheetal? She has gone to Hyderabad for a
photo shoot, you can’t meet her now. You are of the right age and you
have the answers to my questions.. ..but if you don’t want
to answer my question.. I won’t keep quiet if you keep
interfering in my matter like this! I don’t want to hear a word from you! You have become fat after enjoying
the money that your niece earns.. ..and I will beat you to a pulp if
you interfere in this matter again. Today’s meeting is over, but
we will meet again tomorrow.. ..and your daughters should
be here then. Also, keep in mind.. ..that I will summon each and every
person living in this house.. ..and they will have to
answer my questions. Since we were in our house
I spared him, otherwise.. Ashley! Speak up!
– Devasi. Kundannath Devasi had brought her along with him. I don’t want to hear
details of the business.. ..that you’ve been doing for years. Ashley Jacob lived
in Pune and how did she.. ..reach Arun Paanikar’s
house in Kalyan? Please don’t beat me, I
will tell you everything. I always have an
eye on the victims of.. ..rape and eve teasing. Customers demand for such girls. After the court’s judgment.. ..I had gone to meet
Ashley at her house.. ..but she kicked me out of the house. I had given up hope,
but one fine day.. ..she called me and
asked me to meet her. ‘You were right about what
you had said that day.’ ‘Since I have jumped into the sea,
I shouldn’t fear the waves.’ ‘I am a man of the world.’ ‘I had written my mobile number
on the calendar outside your house..’ ‘..when you kicked me out,
and that came to your rescue now.’ ‘This is why I am known as Devasi.’ ‘Let’s talk clearly now.
Who do you want to be with?’ ‘A businessman,
a politician, an officer?’ ‘You may tell me clearly.
Don’t feel shy.’ ‘You will get the
amount that you demand.’ After that day, I called
her a lot of times. They were all rich men.. ..but she used to
refuse to go to them.. ..after finding out more
information about them. One day,
I spoke to her about Mr. Isaac.. ..and she.. She was interested in meeting him
and instantly agreed to do so.. ..it seemed she was waiting for him. After that, I took her to Mr. Isaac. ‘Haven’t you left yet?’ ‘No.’ ‘How did you like the girl?’ ‘I have seen her just once. I will
tell you more once you come back.’ ‘According to me, she is the best.’ ‘Just explain to her
that such things..’ ‘..are very much prevalent
in the society. – Okay.’ ‘I’ll meet you tomorrow morning.
– No need to come early..’ ‘..you may come by 11am.’ ‘This means you loved this girl.’ ‘Yes, get going now.’ ‘When did you find out that
Arun and Ashley are dead?’ Today morning. I saw a lot of policemen and people.. ..gathered outside Mr. Isaac’s house. I immediately rushed back home
after finding out what had happened. Your last rites will be performed
in the same police station.. ..if what you have said is false.
Do you get that? Kabir.
– Sir. Remove his clothes
and put him in the lock up.. ..we will take him
to the court tomorrow. – Sir. According to Arun and
Ashley’s post mortem report.. ..potassium cyanide is the
reason for their death. We found this lip gloss
at the site of crime.. ..and according to the
reports of the laboratory.. ..this lip gloss has
potassium cyanide in it. A few days ago, Ashley had
left for her house from the convent.. ..and then she reached
Arun’s bungalow. These things are cleared
from Devasi’s statement.. ..but there is no evidence for what
happened after that. We can only assume. As an investigating officer, could
you tell us what must have happened? Why?
– I will tell you. ‘Devasy has left. I had to
make an effort to make him go.’ ‘Why are you applying
so much makeup?’ ‘You look very beautiful anyway.’ A girl kills her enemy applying a
poisonous lipstick and kissing him. That can happen in a story or
a novel, but in real life… You will have to believe me, sir. Because this is not just a guess. There are some reasons
why I have arrived at this. Arun and Ashley didn’t get
physical before death.. ..as per the post-mortem report. Not just that.
Ashley reached Arun’s house.. ..at 6 o’clock in the evening.
Devasy had left her there. And both of them died between
6.30 pm and 7 pm. That means the deaths took place
half an hour.. ..after Devasy left. There were no signs of any fight.. ..near the dead bodies
or in the room. There is no such evidence. Sir, you asked whether something
like this can happen in real life. In the last three deaths,
we have got only one link. The mode of operation
was different in them. But two incidents
of a similar nature. Bal Gangadar and Daksha,
Sam George and Mohanchand.. ..both were suicide cases. I suppose such a case is a first
in the history of crime. Seeking revenge by
exchanging the enemies. Ashley’s revenge on her enemy
Bal Gangadar was sought by.. ..the girl named Daksha. And by killing
Daksha’s enemy Arun.. ..Ashley sought revenge
on her behalf. If we think on the same format.. then we can shed some light on Sam
George and Mohanchand’s incident. This is Mohanchand’s wife Lisy
and this is her brother Roy. Mohanchand considers them
his enemy. He had even spoken to his friends
about killing them. But both of them are still alive. The way Daksha got killed.. ..but Arun Paanikar was still alive
for a few days. So, is something going to happen? Yes, sir. We don’t have any proof,
so we can only guess. As you said, one of them can be
Sam George’s enemy. Exactly, sir. But only
after finding out who that is.. ..and arresting that person alive.. ..can we find out how many
people are involved.. ..in this plan and how. But before that we
will have to wait. No, sir. We will come tomorrow. Yes, sure, sir. Trust me. It was Mr. Reddy’s call
from Hyderabad. He will shoot on 15th and 16th. I don’t understand
what they are doing. Sir, what happened? We are getting
late. When will this get over? Please wait.
– Okay. He’ll make her stand up against us.
He is doing this deliberately. Did your mother and uncle know that
your father used to come to meet you? No! And father had told me
that they should never find out. You had written a letter
to your father.. ..saying that your mother and uncle
were forcing you.. ..to act in films. You had asked your father to save you.
– Yes, I had. Did your father come
to meet you after that? Yes, he had. He had even filed
a case in court for my custody. Father had hired
a good lawyer for that. He had told me about it. But… But what, dear?
What happened after that? Shikha, you may tell us
whatever it is without worrying. Nobody will come to know
anything you say to us. Well…
– Tell us. That day when father
came to take me back… That night…
– ‘Wow! You want to take her.’ ‘How could you even think of that?’ ‘You will take her along and
make her do household chores.’ ‘I don’t want that.’ ‘I am not taking her
along for that.’ ‘I took care of all of you
for so many years.’ ‘If she comes along with me,
I will take better care of her..’ ‘..than you.’ ‘Then you take her along.’ ‘But before that,
answer the lawyer..’ ‘..whom you have hired
to fight your case.’ ‘Mohanchand, this case
doesn’t seem anything like..’ ‘..what you discussed
this morning.’ ‘Even I thought a lot about it.’ ‘Irrespective of what
your argument is..’ ‘..court always allows a minor girl
to live with her mother.’ ‘You should listen to
what Roy is saying.’ ‘Shut up, you scoundrel!’ ‘You are a moron.
You are nobody to advise me.’ ‘I will…’ ‘No! No anger!’ ‘If you continue doing this,
I can even get..’ ‘..the judge of this case here.
Remember that.’ ‘The law is in the hands
of the rich and powerful.’ ‘No way!
God is much more powerful!’ ‘If He also abandons me,
I know what I have got to do.’ ‘I will kill both of you
and take my daughter with me.’ ‘Father! No!’ ‘Don’t do that!
– God!’ ‘Leave me!
– Father! Leave my father!’ ‘Father! Leave my father!’ ‘Father!
– Come on. Come inside.’ ‘Father!
– Come with me.’ ‘No! Father!’ Shikha! So, your father only wanted to seek
revenge on your mother, right? No. Even after all that happened.. ..father was never angry at mother. Uncle Roy was responsible
for everything. We would have been living
peacefully hadn’t it been for him. Father used to always say that. All of you may leave now.
We will call you again if needed. What is it, sir? Have you got
your answers? – Somewhat. We will find out the rest.
You may leave. Alright. Come on. Shikha, you may rest assured. Nobody will force you
to act in films now. Come on. Our guess was right.
The next attack will be on Roy. Yes, sir. That too in a few days. But from where?
– No idea, sir. It may be possible
that the way Daksha, Ashley.. ..and Mohanchand
didn’t get justice.. ..the same way someone must
be preparing to kill Roy. To find out who it is.. ..we will have to find out
about Sam George’s past. Sir! Arjun Singh.
– Yes, sir. That is how I am known. What was the problem
between Sam George and you? There was no problem as such. Then why had Sam filed
a report against you.. ..two years back at
Thane police station? You had stopped him on the way
and had also attacked him. Sam had a friend named Sheru. I knew Sheru.
I had met Sam through him. He used to use Sheru
to do many illegal activities. That is why I had to do all that. What sort of illegal activities? Sam George had a very
different past. He wasn’t like this
at one point of time. Sheru called Sam who was
jobless, to the city.. ..and gave him a job.
Then he even became his partner. After making him a partner,
Sheru trusted him blindly. But Sam was using Sheru. He not only earned
money and position.. ..but also faked love.. ..with Sheru’s sister. It was too late by the time
Sheru found out about it. His sister’s life was ruined. Sam was very smart.
He embezzled money.. ..and filed a case against Sheru
saying that he tried to kill him. He bribed the officials
and got Sheru punished. He was imprisoned for six years.
He was released few days back. When Sam got killed,
I suspected Sheru. Did Sheru come to meet you
after being released from jail? Yes, he had. He asked for
some money and I gave him. Where is he now? When he had come to me, he was at
Dadar. Later he vacated the place. I don’t know where he is now. Okay, Arjun Singh.
You may leave. We will call you again if needed.
– Okay, sir. And yes. If you meet Sheru by any chance,
do inform us. Don’t get carried away by emotions.
– Yes, sir. Sheru! Sheru Kumar! The case was being handled
by SI Chandrasekhar. Many people say that
reading this case file.. ..seems like reading
a thriller story. Minute by minute details
have been recorded in this. That is his style. He collects every news
that gets printed in the papers.. ..during the investigation. Most of them are
single column news. What happened, sir? As you said, most of the time.. ..such news in printed on
inner page in newspapers. But for this…
This is entirely different. The investigating officer has
even marked this specially. When all the other newspapers
have printed similar columns.. ..why is it different only
in this newspaper? But, sir, this is
evening newspaper. Yes! I know how genuine the news
printed in newspapers are. But everything said
by Arjun Singh.. ..has been written in this as well. That means someone who knew
Sheru Kumar well like Arjun Singh.. ..wrote this news.
His name is Aniruddh. We need this Aniruddh. Find out. Hello? Yes. Yes, tell me. I am reporting
state youth festival now. What did you say? Spark? Yes, it’s an evening newspaper.
It has a writer called Aniruddh. I want his details. Only two people have been sent
to cover five stages. I will find out once
the crowd disburses. But one thing is for sure.
There is no newspaper.. ..by the name of Spark
printed in our city. Okay.
– Sir. SI Kabir, sir. Yes, Kabir.
– Sir, I am at Roy’s place. His wife said that he
is out since morning,.. ..but he didn’t say
where he was going. No, sir. The driver has gone along. I tried calling both of them.
Roy’s phone is switched off. And the driver is not
answering his phone. Okay, sir. I will do that. Oh, no! Where did he go? He doesn’t know
that his life is in danger. I want to save him from his killer.
That is why I’m asking about him. She is telling the truth. He left
without informing us this morning. Get down! Sir, this is Roy’s driver.
Roy had gone with him this morning. Where did you get him from? He was at Chandni Bar.
I got him from there. Where is Roy? We met a man. Sir left with him. Where did they go? He went with that man. Will you say anything more
or should I… Leave me! I will tell you, sir.
I will tell you. Sir has gone for a land deal. Alone? No. There was a broker with him. He had told me that nobody
should find out about it. Especially, ma’am Lisy. Did you hear that? He is in a hurry
to buy land in his name. Taxi driver Mohanchand’s
rich wife Lisy.. ..if you still have a heart in you,
think about it. Has all this earned you anything? Who was the broker
who went with Roy? I really don’t know who it is.
I don’t even know his name. Was it him? To tell you the truth, I don’t
have enough money at the moment. But by the rates you mentioned,
it will be a profitable deal. If this deal works out, I will give
you a good share of the profit. It will, sir. I will make sure
the deal works out. People assume things
when they see me. I am the uncle of
a popular film actress. But nobody knows my situation. What’s the matter? Any problem?
– Nothing worth mentioning. After Mohanchand’s death,
my sister’s attitude has changed. I didn’t like all that. All her new movies are flops. Now I have tied my hopes
to the younger girl. But she is beyond my reach. I am going through a rough patch,
but I know what I have to do. Now you can’t do anything. Hadn’t you told your wife
that you wouldn’t return today? That you were going on a one way. What are you doing? What are you
going to do? Sheru, stop the jeep. Sheru, stop!
– The jeep won’t stop now. It will only stop at the peak
of the mountain. Sheru! Both of us are going to die now. Sheru! Sheru, stop the jeep!
Stop the jeep. Shut up! Stop talking rubbish. Stop the jeep!
– Leave me. Stop the jeep. Sheru!
– Shut up! Sheru! Stop!
– Shut up! Stop! Stop the jeep! Hey! Stop! Hey, stop! Hey! Hey! Sheru, stop! Stop, Sheru! Stop! Leave!
– No. Leave me. Leave me. Leave me. Leave me. Leave me. You scoundrel! Speak up! It’s impossible, sir!
I have been punished.. ..for something I never did. You… Let me see until
when you hold back! Tell me! – You may kill me,
but I won’t say anything. I don’t want to say. Tell me! Was Roy the last one
in this series? I won’t tell. Tell me! Where did you meet
Daksha, Ashley and Mohanchand? I won’t tell.
– Tell me. No!
– Speak up! No! I won’t tell. Have you gone mad?
Who will be responsible if he dies? He was going to die anyway, sir. I will take responsibility
for his death. You… You come with me. Come on. Listen! Sir! Are you talking to me?
– No, not you. Your junior. He is talking to you. Listen to him calmly. And yes. Don’t raise your hand on him
come what may. This is my order. Sir! I will tell you a truth, sir. Go on. – It is a gift from me
to this country.. ..where the law is blind. Stop acting smart
and tell me what you have to. There is no need to get angry, sir. You had asked me if Roy
was the last in this series. No. There is one more to go. That’s an important murder
for all of us. Just one is left now.
Fifth and final. Who is that? Advocate Narayan Singh. Go and ask him. You will find out. He is going to die.. ..for sure. Now I challenge you, sir. If you are a man.. ..then go find out who is going
to kill Narayan Singh and stop him. You! Sir! Sir, please! He is a tough guy.
We couldn’t make him say a word. Let’s see. We’ll conduct scientific
tests if he doesn’t say anything. Anyway, that is a trend these days. Sir, you are not understanding
the gravity of the situation. To conduct a scientific test
on Sheru Kumar.. ..with court’s permission
will take at least 10 days. As per Sheru, this was not
the last murder in the series. So, the next attempt
will happen very soon, sir. Because we have caught Sheru alive. So, what should we do now? Sir, you know Narayan Singh, right? Yes, I know him very well. At one time, Raman Kumar
was the top lawyer. He could make anyone a murderer. This one is a new version of him. Narayan Singh.
The old ones have left. He charges Rs 500,000
for one sitting. And he chooses cases. He never
takes murder and theft cases. He only takes kidnapping
and rape cases. That means he might have
a lot of enemies by now. Yes, you can say that. I want to see advocate
Narayan Singh at his best. Your Honor, my client used to
respect him more than her parents. But he harmed her. Because of that,
she has faced.. ..physical as well mental torture. Not just that. His deeds have.. ..maligned the reputation of a
respected profession like teaching. That is why I appeal to the court.. ..to punish him severely.
That’s all, Your Honor. Anything to ask, Mr. Narayan Singh? Yes, Your Honor. Neha Pandit. Yes. Which subject
did Alex Sakhiya.. ..standing opposite you teach you? Zoology.
– You mean animal science. Yes. The minute study of sexual
and other bodily functions.. ..of human beings and animals
is called zoology. All of us are aware of that. Right? Am I right? Yes, you are right. That means this branch has
more explicit topics. During our college days our friends
from science section used to joke.. ..that if a male teacher
would teach zoology.. ..then no girl would
remain absent ever. The same goes for boys
with a female teacher. So tell me. Did you feel anything like that
when Alex used to come to teach? No! I didn’t feel
anything like that. That’s a lie! It’s clear from
your expression that you are lying. I object, Your Honor.
He is trying to… No, my friend. I will prove it. How can you prove it? That’s my duty.
You don’t worry about that. With the permission of the court.. ..I would like to present Neha’s
sex hormone analysis report. In an 18 year old girl,
normally the sexual hormone count.. ..is between 25 and 221. 25 to 221 is considered normal. But as per this lab report.. ..Neha’s count is 262.. ..which is much more
than the normal range. So, we can say that she is
a confirmed nymphomaniac. I can even state a real life
example on this, Your Honor. Do you know Sabu? Yes, I do. How do you know him? I used to go to school
in his brother’s car. Alone? – No. There used
to be other children. Then even Sabu must be knowing you
since childhood. – Yes, sir. She used to travel by car
since second or third grade. She used to be
a very innocent girl. But when she grew up
and reached ninth grade… Go on. What happened then? Her behavior used to be a little
different compared to others. Particularly with boys. She used to touch them
at wrong places. I had stopped getting a boy
from her school in the car. After that she used to express
her anger towards me. Vivek! Yes, sir. How do you know Neha? We were together in college.
– Were you in the same class? Did you have the same friendship
with her like other students.. ..or was it something
more than that? – No, sir. We had planned to get married. Neha, is that true? That is not true, right? He is saying that he has.. ..all the love letters and
greeting cards given by you. It is true that I used
to love him at one time. Okay! That’s enough.
That is what Vivek also said. Then, Vivek, tell me
why your relationship ended? I used to like her a lot.
I was even senior to her. I was going to marry her. But she never wanted to marry. She didn’t want to spend
her entire life with one man. She had told me herself. Not just that. I even found her
with a friend of mine.. ..in compromising situations.
That’s her lifestyle. No! He is lying! He was the one who cheated me! He is lying! He is lying! He is lying! Sir!
– Sir! Sir, tell us something.
– Please, sir! Please, sir!
– Please tell something, sir. Please, sir.
– Please don’t hide the truth. Please tell us, sir.
– Sir, please! Move aside!
– Excuse me. Sir, answer the question.
– Sir, please! Please answer our question.
– Please, sir! Tell us something.. ..so that we can bring
the truth out in the open. The girl became so famous
with just one hearing. That’s your magic. Will I get saved, sir? Yes. Don’t you worry.
I can do everything. That’s enough for me. Excuse me. Yes.
– Hello. I am Shriram Krishna,
ASP. Okay.
– I want to speak to you. It’s a personal matter. So, that’s the case.
My dear friend.. ..it’s been 30 years
since I started practicing. I started my career in Goa in 1982. I always present the case
on behalf of the opposite party. Since that day, I have.. ..never been affected
by such situations. Many famous people tried.. ..to ruin me many times. But none of them have been able
to harm a hair on my head. Four murders have taken place
in this series till now. And all of them were
very well planned. The fifth is suspected to be you,
so it was necessary to inform you. It is our responsibility. That’s fine. But I can’t restrict
myself to my house because of that. Or I can’t stop going anywhere. Let me make it clear. I don’t want
to make any changes to my routine. Advocate Narayan Singh,
you may live up to a 1000 years. And the police won’t stop you
from going anywhere. This series of murders have raised
a lot of questions for us. We are just trying to avoid
one more such incident. 30 years! 30 years back.. ..apart from Arun Paanikar
and Sulakshana’s case.. ..50 more cases made him famous. He achieved success from fighting
cases for the wrong people. That is advocate Narayan Singh’s
career history. Where should we start from? From the cases fought
and won by Narayan Singh.. ..I have prepared a list
of doubtful people. We will divide the list into three
and investigate individually. For example, Krishna Mohan murder
case details won by Narayan Singh. Krishna Mohan was
an engineering student. He was ragged and killed
by his seniors. It also has mention of Krishna
Mohan’s elder brother Ramnath. During the case and after that… The opposite lawyer has been
used to attack Narayan Singh. Where is Ramnath now
and what he is doing? And does he still want to
avenge Narayan Singh or not? Our investigation will be
on those lines. Keep one thing in mind. Prediction!
Prediction is our weapon here. That is why we will have to
operate very carefully. Having enemies
and murder threats.. ..are a part of my profession. Don’t call these things a part
of your profession, sir. I have seen your career history. In your career you have never
fought a case on the right side. You derive a strange
kind of happiness.. ..from manipulating the facts
and cheating the law. Like a born criminal. If you doubt anyone,
give me a call immediately. Sir! Hello? Sir! I met Krishna Mohan’s
elder brother Ramnath. He is the priest at
a big temple now. No, sir.
There is no reason to doubt him. Okay, then leave him
and go to the next. Hello? Shri, you had asked me about
Aniruddh that day, right? The writer of the
evening newspaper. I have found him. When will you be free? Well, I will…
I will call you in the evening. Why did you call me here? Is any of our old friends here? No. It’s nothing like that.
I will tell you. We are investigating about
Narayan Singh’s murderer. Vishnu, Kabir and me. We have found no success as yet. I was myself investigating
about the rape case.. ..of a girl from Panji. The incident took place in 1980. The girl Mary Paul who was 20 years
old was a government employee. She was raped at
the government guest house. A Union Minister and 19 other
people were booked for the case. Mary died a few days
after the verdict. And after some time
her parents also died. I only saw their graves.. ..at a church in Panji. But with the help of
some information.. ..I have understood
one more thing. Mary got pregnant during the rape.
When the case was going on.. ..she gave birth to a child. I started searching
for Mary’s son. Then I reached
Kanyagiri orphanage. After that he studied at St
Aloysius School till 10th grade. But I came to know who
that boy is after coming here. That too in this classroom
where he had studied. Tell me aren’t you the boy.. ..that Mary Paul had
given birth to. Shri, I… I saw the name Milan Paul in the
records of the orphanage and school. I was praying that
it shouldn’t be you. It was in this class
that I first met you. I befriended you. When I came to
know that you were an orphan.. ..I loved you
more than a friend. Still… Still you… Shri, now you will
have to listen to me. What do you want to say?
That you are not Milan Paul! No! The name that you saw
in the records is mine. There was a time when people
and newspapers used to call Mary Paul’s son by that name. The name you said some
time back. The real bastard. Enough! I just want to know
one thing now. You are the one
who is going to kill.. ..advocate Narayan Singh, right?
– Yes. You were cheating me
since so many years! No, Shri. I can look into your
eyes and confidently say.. ..that I never
tried to cheat you. Even after knowing that
you have found out anything,.. ..I came here to
tell you everything. You are speaking the truth when
you are about to be arrested. You can say anything you want. You may call me cruel,
crazy or stupid. But before that,
you will have to listen to me. As you mentioned,
after being raped by 19 people.. ..Mary got pregnant. When the first hearing
of that case took place.. ..I was born. I grew up watching lawyers
and policemen all around. That is how my life started. I used to sleep in the corridors
of the court. ‘You called them
there on purpose.’ ‘You tried to trap
and blackmail them.’ ‘No!’
– During the hearing,.. ..I saw the pain of a woman
very closely. It still haunts me. Influenced by the performance
of lawyer Narayan Singh,.. ..all the accused were
released scot-free. My mother lived only
for two months after that. My grandma and grandpa
used to work.. ..in a government park.
Their health started failing. I became a burden on them. At that time a local politician
suggested them to use me.. ..to hold a protest against the
government outside the Secretariat. The protest was announced
for an indefinite period. But the police threw it away
on the seventh day itself. ‘Fulfill our demands.’ ‘Fulfill our demands.’ ‘Get up from here!’ The police harassed my grandpa,
grandma and me. A few days after the incident,
my grandpa died. And after some days,
my grandma followed suit. After that I was taken to
Kanyagiri orphanage. I was a bright child. That is why I was admitted
to St Aloysius School. I forgot my past life
while studying there. I had a friend to share
everything with. I used to keep on
looking at her eyes. I still don’t know
if I was in love with her. One day she left from class.. ..but never returned. She was raped
and had succumbed to it. You know her very well. Sheetal Chavan. Daksha’s sister?
– Yes. Daksha’s elder sister. I used to be happily with you
at this campus. But I never told you my pain. I didn’t tell you anything about
me except that I am an orphan. Then one day… ‘Stop! Stop! Stop, man!’ ‘Stop!’ ‘Can you give me a lift?
– Come on.’ ‘You are Daksha, right?
– Yes.’ ‘Did you recognize me?
I am Milan.’ ‘You don’t need to tell me.
I know you.’ ‘So why do you keep
ignoring me when we meet?’ ‘I didn’t want to talk to you.
Go and file a case against me.’ ‘Hey, stop! Stop! Ouch!’ ‘Daksha!’ ‘What is it, Daksha?
What has happened to you?’ ‘I lost my car’s key.’ ‘Where?’ ‘I don’t know.
I don’t know anything.’ ‘Why, Daksha? Why are you
destroying yourself?’ ‘Then what else should I do?
Today also I tried to kill him.’ ‘Whom?
– That man.’ ‘My mother’s second husband.’ ‘The one who killed my sister.’ ‘I will kill him.’
– That was a shock for me. Even after 14 years,
Daksha wanted to avenge.. ..her sister’s death. At that time I realized that Daksha
is going through the same pain.. ..and suffering that is born.. ..when you don’t get justice. The pain of not being heard. Then what about Sheru,
Ashley and Mohanchand? I’ll tell you. It was the time when
Bal Gangadar’s case was going on. I was the one who had
reported that case. That is how I knew Ashley. I saw Mohanchand
in a hotel once. ‘Mother, he is my father.’ A famous painter Mohammed Ali
was staying at that hotel. When I reached there… ‘Oh God! Oh my God!’ ‘Ouch! God!’ ‘Who are you? What do you want?
I came here by mistake.’ ‘Get going! Leave!’ ‘Yes. Hello.’ When I came out of Mohammed
Ali’s room after about an hour.. ..I saw… So, you had written about Sheru
under the name of Aniruddh, right? Yes. When I had
started journalism.. ..I used to use that pet name
for such controversial stories. Aniruddh. When did you people decide
to commit those murders? Tracking the enemies
and killing them. It was more than revenge for us. Irrespective of the
situation and people.. ..law and justice were misused. After killing your enemy.. ..we didn’t want to live
among all this. That is why we decided
to die along with our enemy. Shri, I never cheated you
the way you are thinking. I never misused the tasks you
assigned me during investigation. I did all that I could for you. And I am still doing. It may be possible. But in this situation.. ..I won’t be able to behave
like a friend with you. You are way beyond
my capacity to help you. Now you will.. ..have to go with them. You will have to say all that
you told me in court also. You have no other option
apart from that now. Come on, sir. The motorcycle is of my office.
Someone will pick it up. I will inform at office. No, Milan! Don’t move! What the hell did you do?
Why the bloody… You let him escape
from gunpoint! I know! I know the reason. Friendship! But I can say.. ..that he was misusing
your friendship. I am sure he was exploiting you.
– I don’t feel that way, sir. What? – If he had been
exploiting our friendship.. ..then he could have misguided
me during the investigation. But even after knowing that
I was getting closer to him.. ..he didn’t try to stop me. Oh! So, you won’t listen. There is no use telling you
anything. But because of that.. ..if anything happens to
advocate Narayan Singh.. ..then you will be
responsible for it. No, sir.
Being your subordinate officer.. ..and Milan’s friend,
I promise.. ..Milan Paul won’t be able to kill
advocate Narayan Singh or anyone. Hello? It’s me, Shri. Milan, you are falling into
trouble. Please back out. No, Shri. I can’t back out now
because this is not just revenge. This is my duty. Milan, nothing is going to change
if you kill Narayan Singh. Many more will
come to replace him. I know. Many people are there
to save Narayan Singh. But I will be glad I could
finish at least one. And when I kill him.. ..I won’t be able to live
a normal life. Shri, you know that
I will come to you. I will surrender.
– I know you will surrender. But not after killing
advocate Narayan Singh. Hello? Hello! Akhil thought I was the son
of a revolutionary leader.. ..and got you here to me. All of you thought that way. That is why I am asking.
What did you think.. ..after knowing the truth
about me, Neha? Anyone in your situation would
have done the same thing as you. Tell me what help you want. If I am not wrong.. ..Narayan Singh had
called you, right? For a compromise meeting! Yes! He had called me two days
back for the same thing. But I spoke very rudely
to him at that time. You won’t do that anymore.
You call him.. ..and tell him
that on the 17th.. ..as per his wish
you will meet him.. ..for a compromise meeting
at Hotel Imperial Suite. That is the safest way with
which I can reach Narayan Singh. Your meeting with him. Because of earning a lot
of wealth from fighting cases.. ..former Supreme Court judge
has come under the scanner. He has the support
of some lawyers. They are going to meet
at Hotel Imperial Suite on 17th. Advocate Narayan Singh is
the head of that committee. Milan, that will be too risky. And I have also heard that some
lawyers and social workers.. ..are going to hold a rally
on the same day. I know that.
The entire police force.. ..will be there on that day. That is why I have organized
the function on the same day. On that day everyone will be
focused on the event. Except one! If we manage to trick
just one person.. ..then we will succeed. Go back! Go back! Go back! Go back! Go back! What are you doing, SP?
Are you enjoying this? Listen! Within 10 minutes
the chief guest will be here. If anything happens to him,
I won’t spare you. You will have to take
care of his safety. The police wants peace
at this function.. ..more than your chief guest. Hello?
– Hello! I am Neha.
– Yes, Neha. Tell me. I am near the hotel now. I can’t
come inside because of the crowd. Yes, that’s right.
I will try to get free quickly. I will wait. There is a
construction site behind the hotel. I will be there.
– Okay. Move aside! Where are you people going?
Move aside! Move! Move back! Sir, the situation is bad here.
– What? Can’t the police send
these people away? No way, sir! We don’t have as much force now. But if we use lathi charge, it
can be dangerous for you also. Stay away! Now you tell us
what we should do. Sir! Go back! Driver, reverse the car. Hello? Hello, Neha? I am at the construction site
you had mentioned. Where are you? Hello, Neha? Can you hear me? Who are you? Who are you?
Why are you doing this to me? You know me very well. You killed a woman with
your words many times. I am the same Mary Paul’s son. And I was waiting for
the opportunity to kill you. Milan, no! Milan, listen to me.
– Shri, leave me. Leave me! Shri! Milan! Milan, leave him! Leave him!
– Leave me. Stop! Milan! Milan! Shri! Milan, stop it! Stop it. Milan! Milan, no! Milan! Milan, don’t do that!
I need you. I need you. Milan, listen to me. No! Milan!

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