Hindi Short Film – Meera | Husband Reveals Secret to Wife | Relationships After Marriage

Hindi Short Film – Meera | Husband Reveals Secret to Wife | Relationships After Marriage

Yes hello ! ya i reached Are you ready? hmm.. No no, a.. Half an hour, after half an hour alright And listen honk once you are here, i will come down ok. yup ok, yes see you, bye Listen listen come after two minutes ok two minutes , two minutes what are you waiting for my fingers it’s planning yo-yo Naina listen we need to talk first Naina Naina , naina just… Naina I’m very sorry… I did not mean to spoil this for you but.. it’s someting very important to talk about Please hear me out once naina I have been trying to say this to you froma a very long time I just don’t know how to say this what happened ? Naina there is someone in my office Who is very important part of my life right now And its not from a week or two weeks It’s been going on from quite sometime Naina trust me… Trust me…i always i know Naina you don’t, so just let me speak Gaurav i know ! Naina you don’t yet, just… Her name is Radhika right ? Radhika Patil 23 years old, lives in khar west Works in the HR department of your office Is quite beautiful as well You have been having an affair with her from past 1 year… And i have knwon this for three months now i know Naina, but who, i mean how ??? Doesn’t matter right like who told me, what did they tell me & why did they tell me, irrelevant.. i know.. you know what I read this somewhere recently and… It kind of stayed with me Have you heard of meera ? So they say that , Meera was born 700 years after Krishna , So her husband would usually ask her which krishna are you so in love with ? He doesn’t even exist in physical form Then why ? Meera would say in order to love Krishna, i dont need his body i Have immense amount of love for him in me, that’s it, that’s enough.. you know what gaurav ? Listen I am absolutely fine I am good I am very happy I am happy with any situation that you put forth in fact you want she can come here and stay with us in this house itself we both could shift to her place You can even go alone and live with her, whatever suits you, it’s fine.. I mentioned right i am good with any situation you choose.. There is just one thing, just one.. i love you a lot And i love you Unconditionally That’s all Naina I’m leaving you Okay I am shifting with Radhika In her apartment okay well i have parked the car downstairs The Keys are in the cabinet itself, so you can just take that, Okay By the way i have paid the rent for the house for the next 6 month Once or whenever the agreement gets over , just manage your stay ! I will manage don’t worry ya just do that ya i will do that anything else ? Naina divorce papers Will be ready in another 2-36 days, so… I will send them over Please sign them i will do that Just send it to me, i will sign and send it to you so what’s the plan now you are leaving, you are staying, what are you, what’s the plan ? Radhika should be here in the next 10-15 minutes so ya, 10-15 minutes ? Ya Are you taking your clothes ? Or no ? okay Come let’s pack for you Naina , i will pack it Naina just leave it , i will pack it I always pack for you By the way, does Radhika have a cook at her palce ? , Does she know how to cook She knows to cook Okay No burger No pizza No ice cream please
Gaurav. it really doesn’t suit you Also all your clothes are not here so let me know, how i should send them to you, Naina i think She is here so i will have to leave Naina levae it i will take it 1 minute, I will just pack some organic jaggery for you Naina i will take it you will take Naina, i will take White sugar Naina I will take it from Groccery store can i give you your brush, or you want a new brush as well ? 2 seconds and the shoes that you have ordered for will take another 2days so let me know what do you want me to do with it, because this is the address Okay Sorry So Take care of yourself ok ? just just take care of yourself , bye bye Tell Radhika HI from my side And listen, i will be leaving the apartment once the agreement is over bye (Hummming) sorry… i am sorry.. i am sorry.. wmoo… Gaurav It’s hurting sorry… It’s fine Oh…. Gaurav… Please just wait, for once just listen to me just this one time please come back i tried so hard Please just for once Gaurav

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  1. Yaaar ye story siddhi jaake dil pe lagi kitna muskil he jiske liye puri life apni dede or vo hamare bilkul bhi care na kare

  2. Plzzzzzzzz iska part 2 bado or naina ko uska gaurav dedo plzzzzz its so painfull yaaar😭😭😭😭😭

  3. First she needs a counsellar, than move to smaller flat, n move on in life, there is someone better waiting fr her out there.

  4. OMG! what a beautiful short film. Ur channel Pocket films is awesome i love your all videos. Thank you for entertaining us. Love u

  5. What's new in that. All women are like that. Few are sacrificing with smiling face while rest of others are fighting….. But finally give up. Twist to tab aata jab wo brush me zeher laga k hand over Karti husband ko….. Aise logo ko Aisi hi saza milna chahye.

  6. How can a gentleman leave such a great woman.. It's not a deal.. Pls shot next part for all viewers plssss

  7. Really very painfull to give ur love to somebody else and that also with ur own hands and will… and at that moment only their happiness is meaningfull to you .. this is called unconditional love… the peak of love where that 'ME' factor goes out of ur mind …

  8. Omg …How painful ..She can control her self smartly…Bt emotions r true…How can men's do this easily …Use and through

  9. Kya backchodi hai yaar isiliye arrange marriage karni chahiye hum sab ke parents sab kitne khush hai bus yeh aaj kal ke log western tv shows dekhne ka influence hai

  10. Why we guy's r love someone badly…don't give rights to anyone that he/she ditch u in this way….

  11. This is just amazing…. OMG I couldn`t stop my tears, while commenting also tears are falling down.. Yes there are so many women like this in the world… A huge respect for them.. A lots of love from Sri Lanka..

  12. Pain is always pain. We can't hide our pain coz it comes out in a various ways. I like the way how beautifully shows the pain & suffering of wife. Wife try to behave normally and showing her care & understanding towards her husband but the thing is her pain is realising by showing her love& care. Really wonderfully executed. Well done👏👋👌👌👍👍👍
    Good luck for ur upcoming projects.
    Thank you for posting🙏🙏
    Love from

  13. This story is uncompleted or jaisa ladki ko dekhaya gya ha itna bardasht its impossible totally fake 100 mai se sirf one percent hoye to kuch keh nahi sakta.

  14. Superb 👏 👏 👏 but if my husband even think like him I am going to chop him. Thank God aaj k Time pr Meera nhi hoti ladies

  15. He will come back after staying with gf for few days or months for sure.. chal rona nai aur dusronko rula nai 😀

  16. why is this video not viewable in India, had to use vpn to view this video. BTW i watched soch(mindset) video.nice work.Thankyou for showing keen stories.

  17. I am not married.
    But i am dam sure that ,she is a unique gift from god. His parents done good job in life like donation for education, donation for cancer patients so he got like a girl.But he didn't get chance to enjoy the gift.

    This is the personality, the personality developing from culture, civilization and tradition.
    She is from good family,

  18. Everyone's talking of the script and how great her acting was but I am still shook by the kiss man. Omg that can't be acting dude.
    No comments 🤐

  19. This is what happens when you are too much understanding… I just felt like living my past once again while watching this video

  20. Superb acting by Naina with imotions and timing …👍
    How can anybody leave such an understanding, caring and lovely wife who wants only her husband's happinesses….!!!!

  21. trust me,i will be blessed if i ever get such a wife…got so badly cheated in a relationship with a girl for whom i gave my 200% yet got brutal cheating in return…

  22. Jab sale or koi ldki Pasand thi to usse hi kr leta sadi kyu Kisi ldki ki time barbad ki JB tujhe Jana hi tha Uske pass or Samaj Ka dar tha to ABI h samj h to yhi decision pahle Lete sayad Kisi ki life barbad nhi Hoti

  23. In the entire world …
    India is only one country where wife love gheir husband more than ..
    Their parents
    Their brothers and sister
    Their respected God
    Hit like if you want this type of sweet type of heart🤗❤️❤️❤️ wife …

  24. Can this happen in reality? Can any hubby/wife will behave this way as the wife behaved? How easy would it be? I have no words! I dnt know why but it hurted

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