Hipsters.  Russian movies Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish,  English subtiles.

Hipsters. Russian movies Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, English subtiles.

English subtitles by Mark Hamilton
www.younglifebelarus.org Next. May I? Yes. What’s the complaint? You know, a cough. A cough? Strong? Yes. Dry or with phlegm? Dry. Almost gasping. OK, I understand. Undressed? Go to the platform. Do you smoke? Yes. A lot? Yes. oh, oh, oh, you need to quit smoking. Yeah, I need to. Inhale. Hold your breath. You can breathe now Bronchial obstruction… Pneumonia… Moscow, 1955 Ivan, Кlim, Nikolai… Come from that side. Еlena, Slava – here. Lubа, give me the tool. Round-up!!! Run!!! Cut it, cut it! Мels! Can you walk? It hurts! Can you walk? Wait, I’m going for the others. No need. Probably broke my leg. All because of you. oh, well… Stand-up. Stand-up, Stand-up. What’s your name? Mels. And you? Polina. Polly. For those who know, (Polza) “Advantage” Why “Advantage”? You’ll see. Now, you know. Come to Broadway.
It will be to youradvantage! What a night …. Why do people not want to
live like everyone else? OK. How could this happen, Mels? I didn’t catch up. You? Champion of the faculty! I’m telling you, Katya … I tripped and fell into the water. It can happen to anybody. It’s not that, I don’t understand how
you casually say, “didn’t catch up”? We’re not here to play
the game, “tag” Мels. Every dandy – is a potential criminal. From saxophone to knife – just one step! You know what, Kommisar… Tomorrow I’ll write a report … how I ran, how I stumbled, how I fell into the water. Don’t worry, Мels, why are you like this?
I’m still your friend. Don’t take it so hard. We`ll find that dandy freebee,
she won`t escape. The man and cat are crying by the window Grey rain is dripping on the glass. To the man with a cat comes an ambulance, The poor man has gone crazy Doctor is coming, coming through the snowy plain, The doctor is carrying healing powder The man and the cat will take that powder, Grief and melancholy will subside The man and the cat are counting hardly the days The grey ceiling instead of blue sky The man and the cat fly at night But the dream doesn’t come true Doctor is coming, coming through the snow plain The doctor is carrying healing powder. The man and the cat will take that powder Grief and melancholy will subside. Where are you, where are you, ambulance? The man is crying in the toilet. But the walls are deaf, the pipes are like veins, And the toilet cistern beats fast like a heart. Doctor is coming, coming through the snow plain, The doctor is carrying healing powder. The man and the cat will take that powder, Grief and melancholy will subside. Where were you again last night?
On duty.
Come here, sit. Don’t start it, mum… Can`t you understand,
that I`ll be fired from work… That I`ll be sweeping the yard… How can I manage people.. When I`ve raised a spy in my home. For 10 years since the death of your father I… showed you the correct path. Where are your lousy clothes? Where is your American trash?
I`ll throw it out! I`ll burn it! You’ll go naked outside, you dog! You have everything?
What else do you need ? Ungrateful swine you are..
What did I bring you up for?! To let you flash your panties from under the skirt?! What are you looking at? What are you looking?
You, little dog! I’ve disciplined you a little, only a little, right? Now do I need to hit until there is a bloody nose! Tanya, come with us to Broadway.
A hundred times you’ve been invited. No. no. I can’t. Calm down, people! Calm down! It’s not a circus! Broadway Ah oh… Look, he comes alone. Dude! Are there scissors? It’s time to return the favour. There is nothing to cut! A tuft of hair from a mangy mare! I`ve been invited. Who invited you? Polly. She called and I came. Well, hello. Hi. Are you ill? No. It seemed that you stumbeled yesterday. You imagined it. Ah, well. Bye. Be careful, you`ll get poisoned. Do you hear? Guard! Yeah! Hi! Hi! Glad to see you. Hi, Chick. Hey, what is going on here? Huh? What are you harassing him for?
Such an inoffensive little slob. Let’s go to the club “KOK”! Dryn! Leave him alone! Let’s go. Hey, guys! I’m with you! You from the heights, of your beauty you don’t notice me. But I can… help you… know me better. Even if I’m nothing now, Even if they keep telling you, that I’m not the one. But. Give me this day, Give me this night, Give me just one chance And you’ll realize, that I’m what you need. Give me this day, Give me this night, Give me just one chance You won’t sleep until I’m with you. What are you interested in? You can get the rest at this address. Password is: “Does uncle Yosya work here?” Reply: “Uncle Yosya is retired” Key words: “I’m from Nolik”.
Nolik is me.
“I’m from Nolik, Nolik is me”. Nolik – is me.
And You are from Nolik. Hey, Such regret, That you’ve never met such guys before. Excuse me, please. Does uncle Yosya work here? Uncle Yosya has been on a pension for a while. But for you, I’ll change myself And I’ll start everything from the beginning. Even if i’m nothing now, Even if they keep telling you, that I’m not the one, But! Give me this day, Give me this night, Give me just one chance And you’ll realize, I’m what you need. Give me this day, Give me this night, Give me just one chance You won’t sleep Until I’m with you. Let me go! You have no right to do it! Quiet. Don’t make a sound. Don`t be afraid. What’s your name? Bob. How? Boris. Boris Mouseivich Toiter. I’m Mels Listen, Bob…. I have a favour to ask. Teach me style-dancing. Yeah? Get lost! Don’t you understand, you are the only
guy I know among you. I found a friend, it was a pleasure to meet you.
It doesn’t mean anything. So, how is it, hard, hey?
Two stomps, three slaps. Listen Bob… I won’t leave you alone. Bob, you’ll see me in your nightmares.
Understand? What is in a dance? Dance is rhythmic body movement. For example, Vienna dance, or classical waltz. Dislocated back. Who? Not important. It’s a three-beat movement with simultaneous
rotation around the partner. Jazz instead of classical style is… Oh, Come on! There are three main styles: atomic,
Canadian and double Hamburg style. Can we skip the theory? Ok. You’re the man, I’m the girl. Hands off! Paw the girls, not me! What should I do? Like this.[music] First of all, what are you doing with your hands?[music] Any chick will hit you if you’re dancing that way[music] And, now, with the right foot.[music] Hold yourself more straight! [music] Move your legs and close your mouth![music] Feel free. Like that. A sportsman? Yeah.[music] Now squat a little..and turn around! Here you don’t need to be stronger-faster-higher. You just need…drive. Well…energy. From here.[music] I like boogie-woogie,
I’m dancing boogie-woogie every day. [music] To become a real dandy, [music] You need to know how to dance right [music] You should know,
what the canadian style is, [music] It’s all serious here,
it’s not the Polka or the Quadrille. [music] There is the atomic and
triple Hamburg style too.[music] now give it a go by yourself…[music] You like to boogie-woogie.[music] You like to boogie-woogie.[music] You like to boogie-woogie.[music] You like to boogie-woogie.[music] You like to boogie-woogie.
You are dancing boogie-woogie every day. Hello Son… What are you doing in this house in our absence? We`re just dancing. In a country where not even a loud sneeze is allowed,
so as not to fall under the penal code … He’s just dancing Still, the article “the worship of the West”
has not been repealed. Please, take a look at yourself in the mirror… Even your hair breaks this code. Well, OK… Who is this young man? My Comrade? Why do you think we are so simple? Bory.. This young man has the appearance of
secret police. But why do you suspect anybody and everybody? And do you know what’s this?
And why it’s here? These are the necessary things for a man in jail. Uncle Adolf was sent to prison only
because of his politically wrong name! And aunt Fira went there… Because she put Stalin’s portrait
in front of the toilet. But they didn’t even explain to me
why I was in prison. But these impressions in me … I’ll remember for the rest of my life. But Dad! It`s impossible to live such way! From this locked door,
with that damned suitcase! You`re a doctor, you should understand it! It’s an endless mental supression,
that will lead to the disintegration of personality! Bory What, mum? If you do not feel sorry for yourself,
then at least have pity on us, with father. Son, aren’t your pants too tight? And you have tried this stuff… Gel, before? All of a sudden rain…
Or a street sweeper… And..it’ll tumble down. Mels. What? Are you crazy? About what? Crisis occurance in the U.S. economy. Who are you?
Are you going outside like this? Of course. Unloading wagons at
night will not be in vein. Father, tell him! Well what? I like it! In the village, we also used
to dress up to scare girls. Sometimes we made people around have a goosebumps. Hello Hello, Misha Hello Hello What’s up, Vitek? I won’t get laid by a dandy! Alright, Lena, don’t ask me
to repair your bike. Dandy! Dandy! Dandy! Dandy! Dandy! Dandy! Cocktail Hall (KOK club) Guys, what are we waiting for, tell me, uh? Dudes.. Huh? Look… Got looking like a human being. As a bourgeois writer Chehov used to say.. It is necessary to squeeze a drop of a … A slob Dude Dude! “Made in Tambov?” I think, I have one left somewhere. I’ll bring it. Fred Mels Betty Mels Come alone? We usually stay in pairs. It’s easier to beat off the slobs. Dryn Mels Mels Mel Mel! Booked out. We paid already. We paid. Easy, people. They have a reservation. They’re with us. We paid. No room. No room. She’s with us, with us. Why are you late today? Let’s go dancing Atomic Style. Are you always so pushy? I`m not pushy I`m purposeful I’m not a prize for you to win. And what should I do? Hey, dandies, hello! We hang out on Broadway. and we left the boring slobs behind I`ve told you about jazz and freedom I’ve put a stylish tie on for you. Oh, my little babe, stay with me. Oh, my little babe, I’m your playboy. Oh, my little babe, don’t you leave me. Oh, my little babe, My swallow! Hey, dandies, come with me! through forbidden doors! If they catch us, I’ll solve the problem. If you don’t have a place to check your feelings, I’ll find the keys to room to leave them. Oh, my little babe, stay with me! Oh, my little babe, I’m your playboy. Oh, my little babe don’t you leave me. Oh, my little babe, My swallow. Oh, my little babe. Oh, my little babe. My swallow Calm down, guys, calm down. We’re on Broadway. Mel, your guys. Hey, guys. Good evening, Katya. What does it mean, Mels? Nothing. Hello, Commissar, it’s me! It’s just a different suit. You have one. And I have a different one. You know, just different, Kate You are worse than the enemy, Mels. You are a traitor. Kate, do not start, eh? Katya … Let’s go Kate… Stand at ease, comrade. Phew. I didn’t even need to call my dad. Hey, man, do you know where
can I bye a saxaphone? Maybe you need a machine gun too? Interested in getting a saxaphone? I am. If it doesn’t work out, it’s not my fault. There’s a Dandy. He’s asking for a saxaphone. Hello Good Day. How old are you, young man? Twenty. And you still don’t know in
what amasing country we live? Bayan is permissible, accordion is not permissible Clarinet is a correct instrument. And sax is equated with a cold steel – a gun. Come back in 10 years When jazz will be played on morning
perfomances in kindergardens.. And then we’ll speak. Listen, I understood you.
But I need it now. I have money with me. Mamba and Twist, Jimmy, Foxtrot and Tango I played them many times in my life I’m a captain, a very high rank. of a rotting boat, named, “Jazz”. It’s better if it were a submarine in this country. Better to be a submarine! Jazz in this country has no place to stay. Jazz has no place to stay! I filled up my holds with wine and vodka. Vodka! While on course never was I stopped This I know, but oh what a rush. Melody, rhythm and drive When you and your sax are one. Oh, yeah! But if you need to know it all and play this kind of music play, showing no fear, and you won’t drown. New York Yeah, baby! Yes, aha, very nice! Kim. Kim! What happened? Everyone has brothers,
but I have a dandy! Fred’s apartment Good Day. Hello Oh, what a beautiful day. Wonderful Feden’ka, the food is in the fridge. I’ve cooked your favorite cutlets… Salad also. Shirts for the institute are
in wardrobe, clean and ironed… You have an exam soon,
so learn hard, especially english. OK, mum. Oh, my poor baby. Fedor, when you practice your English … Please, don’t do it as loud as you did it last time, understand? Okay Thank you. Well, good luck! Oh girls, you see… Oh, Mel Oh Mel!, How are you? What? Ok, well I’ll catch up with you. You know, Mel, look… Girls interested in us are
divided into a few categories. There are “real chicks” They are small in number. Some of them are “loose”.
Well, they..they you know with us. I hope, you understand, what i mean. Their number is less then small. Do you want? Then there are “pink-cheeked breads”. Breads? Well, yeah. Their mother doesn’t let them dress stylish,
but they realy want to. Understand? Understood. Ah! Also there are slobs I know’em. Very nice. And… then there are fish,
birds and dynamic And which is “Advantage”? Well, Advantage is Advantage. That’s all. Now teach yourself. Duk Ellington. Mandibular dislocation… It usually happens when the
patient yawns too wide… Or takes a bite of an apple. Sorry. Come here. Well, come here. Beautyful, isn’t it? I came… I was looking for you… What for? There’s something I need to say. I love you. It’s serious Very… Ok I want to kiss you. OK Stop. What? I need to go to Sir Johnnie Where? The toilet. Ah… Wait. Sleep easily at night mum,
We support Dynamo! Don’t be so sad Fred, does she have someone? Take my advice. If it’s only for fun,
then find someone easier. It’s not just for that. Well, look… Every boy here… and a 100 more will say,
that the’ve been with her… and all will be lying. Everyone tried, and everyone… falls short. And you? Oh, I’m have absolutely no chance. Because my dad is diplomat, because i study
at the institute of international relations. Because I have a car and this apartments. And she… Advantage. She always does things the other way round. Listen… Have you ever… been with a girl? Look, when you get a girl into bed… what’s to happen next? What’s so hard? Blank! Why should I teach you everything? Take this, and read. It will make sense. But only at home, in a secure place.
Eat it in an emergency. Like a spy eats his secret addresses, understand? (Knock at the door) Are you alive in there? Others need in too. Get out! Come on. Go, go, go! I see… I see your eyes again This is a reflection… of my love. All the world… I easily turned… towards you Everywhere I see you. Let all be as you want, let your eyes shine as before, I’m with you again tonight and through the next night. If you want, I’ll be yours again. And for me it’s not important what day or what time for time has stopped I see only heaven in your eyes I am free and happy. For this song is about what we know – life is so beautiful. We believe, and understand later. Let all be as you want, let your eyes shine as before, I’m with you again tonight and through the next night, if you want, I’ll be yours again. My friends and brothers! I’ll share with you happiness. It’ll be enough for everybody today I know this and I’m not afraid I hope, that on this stage everyone everyone someday Will sing such words like mine. Words about love. Let all be as you want, let your eyes shine as before, I’m with you again tonight and through the next night. and next night, if you want. I’ll be yours again. Train! Let’s go! Come on, run-run-run! O-o-o! Don’t turn on the music, don’t use the bathroom Mascara has run, and your clothes are wrinkled forget school, mum and shame. and there’s a run in your stocking Every ban is making me laugh. Before harsh rules, I did nothing And only you can say – who I am. The badges on the grey jackets, show faces of boredom and fear. I was like everybody else, before I met you. But life is gonna change now, We’ll go out of this door together… and we’ll be together – regarless of the cost. Running minute hands and
the neighbors behind the wall My world will never be the same. We need each other like air and water. Hello, Mels Hi, Kommisar I actually have a name,
have you already forgotten? Hello, Katya And in your style, how is it? Katty? Listen, it’s frightening to submit?
You’re waiting for someone? For you Can I ask you something as an old friend? Just now our player broke and you understand
better than all how to fix this. And in your style, how is it? Always ready! He’s a dandy. We should put him
into a cell to scare children. Your not disgusted to be next to him?
You’re a girl! You better take off your komsomol sign! Katya, it will be easier for you if we walk on different
sides of the street and meet at your place. No, I don’t need to. I just want to know, how do you feel
when people look at you this way? I like it! It’s funny! You could fall down. It’s great, Kate, when all people are different. I’m like this. She’s like this.
And your totally different Now get down! Can you walk normally? I don’t want to be different. Why? Because I don’t imagine being better than others. You’re not better, you’re not worse, you’re just different!
Do you understand? Kate, do you have a thin screwdiver? I’m looking.. This? You are so beautiful, Katya. It’s my mums. Do you like? I like. You look like a person! Thank you. Well, Take it easy! Look.. Look, you’re so beautiful! Look. Do you see? So many things have happened since last time!! Can you imagine, Semen caught an armed
criminal, face to face, at the train station. He had a knife, and Semen caught
the edge by bare hand! He is in a plaster now, there was
something in newspaper about him. And I thought you try to catch only us. Oh, come on! And Ivan married. You know her, Luba. The big one.
She does shot-put in sports. Do you remember? Is it interesting for you? Sure. Let’s drink some more OK. To what? To you. Do you want me to put on some music? You mean your… “Boogie Bones”? Yes. I want! Katya, what are you doing? Katya. Katya, stop it! What if your parents come home? They won’t. I made them go to the theater. Katya, are you crazy? This is all that you want from her. Why am I worse? So, did you decide to rescue me? I don’t need it I’m fine But you told me that I’m beautiful. You are beautiful, Katya. But I love her, do you understand? Who? That dog? That prostitute? You don’t even know her. Still enough, to know her type! Ok, Kate, I`m leaving Sorry Kate. Get out! Get out! Sorry, Kate. Go away. I’m going. Go away, away! Go away. Stop taunting the animal! Come to my room I’m coming So, Fedor, I call you every time before
we’re coming back, right? And do you have enough time to tidy up the house? Yes. So can you explain why in my office… Did I find this “armour”? Hmmm? Betty.. I’m sorry, dad! I understand it’s possible to leave a hair-pin,
or scarf, or..virginity eventually. I’m sorry. But how could she go without a bra, I can’t understand. One time, Fedor, your mother could find it. And I’ll have the problems. Me, not you! Understand? OK I’ll check everybody myself. Hold on. I need to talk to you. Did you take? Are you crazy. I’ll kill you. So let`s talk seriously Hide it! Fedor, I always speak as a minister,
and I try to influence. You will go to USA for practice… Where? To America? Hold on. I want you to understand that it’s not a pleasure trip. This is a first step in your career. If everything goes well, you’ll come back to finish the university.
And you’ll work here at the embassy. Do you agree? What a conversation, Dad? I asked you! Yes or no? Yes Are you ready to do everything for it? Of course. OK So I have three conditions. Tomorrow you’ll change this clown’s dress
for normal Soviet clothes. Then you’ll go to the barber
and change you hair style… to the ideologically right style cut And second, tomorrow you’ll see your
friends for the last time. Sorry for the cynicism, but these are the rules. And you should conform to these rules
or you can work in the factory. I used to dance in halls too at your age And, believe me, that your silly hanging out on Broadway… is just a bad made parody on what we had. Infantile diseases have to be had in childhood. And third? Attention, recording is on. Nothing serious. You must marry. Parting with chicks. Take 1. Who? Girls, your part. Only with Betty! What Betty, are you crazy? Betty… Fire in the eyes, pull in your stomachs and bottoms… Marry the daughter of academician Kupriyanov. She’s had her eye on you since childhood. Give me more emotions and feelings. Though, we live good with your mother.. He doesn’t need an American wife! He doesn’t need an American wife! He doesn’t need an American wife! My sweetheart! Leaving here – say goodbye. I used to love you selflessly. You showed me the new world, the new Paradise, And you’re leaving now without notice. You’re going to be a Soviet, common diplomat. As if you’ve forgotten your past, But we’re still waiting for you, brother, At heart you’re dandy, the same as before. He doesn’t need an American wife! He doesn’t need an American wife! He doesn’t need an American wife! Even if your luxury shoes are already dumped, Even if the KOK club doesn’t sparkle anymore. I’m not going to shed a single tear. Goodbye, my dear, Dear man! Your choice is so clear. Go ahead, dude! Follow your father to the highway, It’s a pity that you’re leaving like this, Sorry, we are different, different just a little He doesn’t need an American wife! He doesn’t need an American wife! He doesn’t need an American wife! No need! You’ll be able to get a lot in return But you’ll never feel free again. And your stylish youth will scarcely come back. He doesn’t need an American wife! He doesn’t need an American wife! He doesn’t need an American wife! He doesn’t need an American wife! He doesn’t need an American wife! He doesn’t need an American wife! He doesn’t need an American wife! He doesn’t need an American wife! Let’s start. Comrade. Sit down, comrades, we are going to start. Today on the agenda, dealing with
Komsomolets [Mels] Biryukov. Mels – rise! There was a Soviet student, Mels. And now we see… Dandy – Mel. It would seem, only one letter,
true comrades?, is so small. But let us remember, what is in the name Mels. This is an abbreviation of our sacred names. Marx… Engels… Lenin… Stalin. And now, let’s think … What does it mean to carelessly
discard the letter “S”? He used to live among us, we were stepping side by side. He was an honest guy, a simple hero, But truth can’t be hidden, his hour has come He reveals his savage teeth He reveals his savage teeth. Bound with one chain, Connected by one aim. Bound with one chain, Connected by one aim. You dared to encroach upon the holy of holies, Where are your ideals? You spit on them! You sold yourself to our enemy for bright rags You easily desert your conscience and honour. But you will not win, our chain will never break Bound with one chain, Connected by one aim. Bound with one chain, Connected by one aim. You dare not dance to the music of West, Don’t dare be a fool, don’t betray us Such a person like you should not be near us, When we march – we march as one Our Party is our mother, our Komsomol is our father! Hey you there. Stand Still!
Good boy. We don’t sing to someone else’s tune. Our joyful bugle plays – awake up! Bound with one chain, Connected with one aim Bound with one chain, Connected with one aim. Here is no place for scoundrels and scams, Here is no place for scoundrels and scams, Here the choir sings, swimming with the flow. Here we march as one, it’s unity we love We are happy just to go without you, And to be! Bound with one chain, Connected by one aim. Bound with one chain, Connected by one aim. Bound with one chain, Connected by one aim. Bound with one chain, Connected by one aim. Bound with one chain, Connected by one aim. Bound with one chain, Connected by one aim. Are you going somewhere? I have a bad news, Mel. Me too. I have really bad news.. And I have really bad news too, what’s yours? I’m leaving, we’re through. And what’s your news? Then I have… …just minor worries. Polina, what’s wrong? Why do you keep silent? You can’t decide this by yourself! You can’t decide this for both of us! You can’t decide this alone! I`m pregnant, Mel! That’s great, Polly. So we’ll have a baby. It’s not your baby, Mel. This is my baby. Mine. This is my baby! Also my mother turned me out of home. So That’s a good thing. Maybe now you will calm down. What’s the expression in science… Two minuses equal a positive! What are you standing thunderstrucked? Did you hear? Soon you will have a nephew. Move the beds now. I feel strange… that we shouldn’t hide. Yeah. Polly… What? What do you think? It will not hurt him? Well, If we… I don’t know. He is so little. Come on. Come on, come on! Come on, run, dear. Soviet Ideology Play jazz today, sellout your country tomorrow! Under a strange tune! Jazz – not our music. And it is a constant. Constant is invariable. Because usually… Just felt giddy. Let’s go for fresh air. No. It’s ok. I won’t be able to dance at all soon. Let’s go to wedding registry office tomorrow? Let’s wait? Why wait? Wait for the birth. Stand still! RAID!!! Mel! Kate… So, what’s this? Are you serious? Katya, that’s enough, let her go. Katya, I’m begging you. Katya! Take your hand off her, you beasts! Oh, maybe you’ll do a perm for me too? I was going to cut my hair right today. Wow, without a line, maybe you’ll live your number,
so I can send my friends. By the way, what’s the cost?
I’m affraid I may not all of it with me. Miss, can you make it a liitle bit shorter? Just a little bit, please? I’ll come to you again with my hair cut. Miss, where are you going, miss? Miss, and the tea? John is born. Everyone pour! Come-on! Pour! Polina, Polina Show us the boy! Why are you standing daddy?
Frozen? Go meet them! Polin, show us the boy.
Come on Polina Move your hands away!
Give the Grandfarther… Who does he take after? Oh, mama! Our side Our side Our side Hero! Our hero! His name was Michael. One of us? No, he was American. He was walking near our home, trying to stop
at least someone to find out where he was… But people run away from him. Did you love him? No, It was completely different. He was like a man from another planet… And he came only for couple of hours…. And you need to find out as much about them So much talk about us… A minute ticking, ticking …
And soon the rocket returns. And we both knew that we’ll
never see each other again. Is this what you wanted to hear? Satisfied? The way to ease international
tension… Hello Well hello, daughter. Where are you going, you animal! Did you reach your goal?!
Achieved your American broad?! I was fired from work and
from the komsomol. Citizen, citizeness, this is not right! Comrade. Comrade. Comrade? How am I your comrade? I’ll put you all in prison!
I’ll leave you all to rot there! Animals! Animals! Animals!
Pigs! Spies! What has the baby been named? Ivan Like our farther, Ivan! Well, let me look at him. He has our eyes however. What’s this? What are you
feeding him with, hey? What do you mean, you think, this is
a home, living in a common room! We have this room and the
second one…with I know what you have. One bathroom for thirty men, right? Insanitary conditions – typhoid,
tuberculosis, diarrhea, jaundice. Let’s take you home. Pack your things. Nobody needs me now? Mum, I need you. Guys. Ivan. No, this is John Where is Polina? Do you hide her? It’s all the same, you take about love and it ends in diapers. Betty, once you have your own child, you’ll see. God, no. Guys. Take your hand away! Hi, Jonny, how are you? Good somewhat. Cute guy! I don’t know how to hold him. I love you, baby. Mum has arrived. You know what? Wait around the corner,
I will be there soon. So… You like music? What kind of music do you like? You don’t understand… OK. Let me show you something. Look. Look here. Look, at what I got.
This is Charlie Parker. Have you heard about Charlie Parker? The best jazzmen, you know. Come on. This is Miles Davis. Have you heard this? Oh, This is cat is great.
This is another Charlie parker. Do you like Charlie Parker? I like. Oh, quite amazing.
But look at this, you know… Hey, what’s going on?
Let me go! I’m an American citizen. Fred… Mel… Fred… Mel… Fred! Mel! Quiet, quiet, I’ve asked you! Freddie Polza, Polza Polza Understand. It’s for you and baby. The latest achievement of imperialism,
by the way – no-spill cup. You can turn it any way, it doesn’t spill. Don’t talk to him. He don’t even
know how to put nipple on a bottle. He’s beyond this. You see, Fred. Polina thinks, that in conditions
of equality I must breastfeed the baby too. Please, talk about this when I am not here. I flied to you across the ocean. And I’m
full of all this with my own family. Let me see the baby.
We woke him up already. Come on How are things with the mother in law? Get along? Good in the morning Screaming at night Baby misses our communal flat. He loves the queue into toilet. Is this him? Mel, I think you’ve listened too
much to Charlie Parker Among the slums and skyscrapers there is a lot of ads,
Americans are walking and chewing gums. Robbing, killing, humming,
And laying stylish ladies. Man Queit, I’ve already asked, be quiet! Do you know about Bob? Your dad can’t help? No. They took Betty way from Moscow I know. And Dryn was sent to the army Yeah. He is crazy, He went to military
registration in his cool clothes. In his shoes, with that hair. So they’ve put
him in a submarine for 5 years Tell me about America. About America… About America… This is an american style. What style? You look like a slob. What are you talking about? Quality! Touch it! And label? It’s more important what’s inside. If person is free, he’ll dress easy . Mel I have some bad news for you There are no dandies. How can it be? Just like that – none. If we walk on the real Brodway like this… we’ll be taken by psychiatrist after few blocks. Mel, there are no dandies there. Get out of here. Mel Get out. Mel Get lost. But we are here. Do not chase us, Mister, from the entrance. We’re not gonna sing so loud anymore. We’re not gonna drink, swear or smoke. But if you want to do this by your own,
please, don’t invite us. We’re saying goodbye to him today. I thought, that we had at least 5 years in reserve. I was so sure, that we had enough time to drink beer and talk. But I just see your back,
with a sign “Don’t miss me”. Wait, stay for one more day. Goodbye, my friend You’re leaving so suddenly You’re leaving without saying goodbye. You’re leaving unexpectedly. Well, goodbye, my friend. You know, all is not so bad. This style defeats fear. This is a wonderful wicked funny era. don’t turn us to dust. Let us remember these people. And the sharp edge of vinyl. And may love save us. Good-bye my friend You’re leaving so suddenly You’re leaving without saying goodbye. You’re leaving unexpectedly. Goodbye dear friend. Subtitles – Mark Hamilton
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