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  2. Hanson, a nevertrumper, was among the National Review crowd who demeaned Trump. But Trump won to their surprise. Now Hanson, a California Establishment "R." is Monday morning quarterbacking.

  3. Democrats and Liberals want 'equality of result' instead of 'equality of opportunity,' but that ideology will only lead to 'equality of poverty.'

  4. There is one non politician in DC and thousands of professional politician types and the non politician is hated because he had the audacity to run for president and win and then succeed on accomplishing most of what he promised even with all the sabotage by democrats and the media(one in the same).

  5. Why does California and Wyoming each get one senator? This guy is an "expert" on American government?

  6. The media said over and over
    What can I say to that?
    AAAAALL THE WAY INTO 2020 and beyond!!
    Drain the swamp and give us our country back.

  7. The well educated "elites" also may have appreciation of culture but when their human demonic appetites ( which we all have) get control of their soul then they set up the systems so they can indulge them free from censure They recruit the lawyers and Psychopaths to protect them

  8. Mark why are you afraid to interview Douglas Brinkley? As America's most qualified historian he edited The Reagan Diaries and now has a new book in print (July 2019).

  9. Personally, I'll go with this:

    "Victor Davis Hanson's defense of President Donald Trump is entirely unconvincing

    'Trump may have acted and sounded crudely, but beneath his uncouth veneer was an uncanny assessment of the politics of his invective,' ­Hanson writes

    It’s always a perilous thing for historians to turn their attention to the present, as they have known with varying degrees of clarity since the days of Thucydides.

    Historians try to see the bigger picture behind (and obscured by) the news of the day – and the rest of us rely on them to see ­clearly. “When you discuss the past, you are a seer,” wrote a friend to one such historian, roughly 2,000 years after ­Thucydides. “When you discuss the events in [my newspaper], you are a blind pygmy, same as I.”

    This has not deterred award-winning historian Victor Davis Hanson from writing his new book, The Case for Trump, in which he lays out a multi-point defence of President Donald Trump only two years into the first term of the Trump administration, when several tenure-defining scandals and investigations are still ongoing and shocking headlines appear in the news almost every day.

    The core of that case has an elegant simplicity. In Hanson’s view, American political life has a pendular motion: when it swings (or is allowed to swing) too far in the direction of weak-willed ­accommodationist ­liberalism, it naturally swings back it in the direction of tough, ­uncompromising Reaganism.

    In many ways in The Case for Trump, Donald Trump himself hardly matters; he’s merely the person who happens to be leading the Republican Party when the pendulum swings back their way. This sentiment is key to the book and runs throughout; this idea of Trump as essentially a random political winner in a game of musical chairs.

    Hanson’s programme on every page is to downplay and trivialise as many of Trump’s countless aberrant behaviours as possible, characterising them as the kind of trivia only effete snobs could possibly find objectionable.

    At virtually every turn, ­Hanson uses euphemisms and little-kid vocabulary: gross ­violations of personal and ­social norms become “ethical dilemmas”; six decades of lying, cheating, fornicating, stealing, defrauding, blackmailing and bullying become “personal foibles”; endless, almost uncountable lies, become “fibs”.

    “Trump’s strange orange hue, his combed-over thinning and dyed yellow hair, his ‘yuge’ tie and grating Queens accent made him especially foul tasting to the coastal elite Left,” Hanson writes.

    The strong implication of The Case for Trump is that these things – the booth-tan, the obvious ­baldness, the body-length necktie worn in a futile attempt to disguise morbid obesity, and so on – aren’t just the extraneous little details of Trump-dislike, but its core and summary.

    This isn’t true and it’s the book’s biggest weakness, a flaw repeated so often it almost becomes a lie itself.

    “Trump may have acted and sounded crudely, but beneath his uncouth veneer was an uncanny assessment of the politics of his invective,” ­Hanson writes.

    “Critics repelled by Trump’s boorishness, of course, must disagree.” There is no “may” about Trump sounding and acting crude, but the implication that if his critics would only look past such things they’d seen something uncanny or even praiseworthy isn’t just wrong – it’s howlingly insulting.

    Plenty of Trump’s many, many critics don’t give two bits about his “uncouth veneer”; they’re angered instead by the steadily growing amount of documentary evidence amassing that his campaign and administration have been fraudulent and criminal from the beginning.

    Even in the short span of time between when Hanson filed his manuscript and when it appeared in book form, dozens of new and dire scandals have erupted around that administration; the “case” for Trump is not and never has been about a Queens accent. Hanson invokes “gentrification and the gospel of good taste” as the foremost engines of Trump criticism and claims they blind such criticism to Trump’s alleged accomplishments: “success in reworking Nafta, in prodding Nato members to keep their budgetary commitments, and in recalibrating long overdue asymmetrical relationships with Turkey, Iran and the Palestinians,” and so on.

    Hanson’s The Case for Trump is built entirely on a combination of willful blindness, canny stage-dressing and a weird kind of aggrieved cultural defensiveness

    It’s a key sign of Hanson’s rhetorical fancy-dancing that Trump himself would hardly understand these descriptions. His “reworking” of Nafta was a carefully presented repackaging of minor details in a working arrangement; his “prodding” of Nato members (over nonexistent slacking on “budgetary commitments”) took the form of embarrassing public gaffes and name-calling; and the “recalibrating” of relationships with nations such as Palestine was also regarded as the haphazard discarding of decades of careful diplomacy without much thought being put into it.

    Every issue, from ­immigration to industry regulation to the economy to election integrity, has suffered at the hands of the Trump administration. And while all that damage was being done, equally important intangibles were being trashed on a nearly daily basis.

    Hanson’s The Case for Trump is built entirely on a combination of willful blindness, canny stage-dressing and a weird kind of aggrieved cultural defensiveness.

    When the historian grumpily reports that Harvard Kennedy School’s Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy found that coverage of the Trump presidency in its first 100 days was 80 per cent negative, he’s simply refusing to consider the most obvious explanation."

  10. I would ask him about President Abraham Lincoln's events and interactions with the Media before the Civil War Broke out? Nice research paper?

  11. BORG,? resistance is not futile LEMMING, ? so if you jump im supposed to fallow . hah ! I choose ..liberty ,freedom and the constitution in all its glory, if you love it dont leave ..but leave it if you want to change it .. how many times do you let them lie to you. before you can't or wont stand for them any more their becoming transparent even though they did not want to be .. Thanks to real news and the people who truly love AMERICA I beleive i'm going to love being a republican

  12. Democrats want to eliminate the Electoral College and if that ever happens we will be under Tyranny and lose Our Constitutional Republic. Pure Democracies are no more than Extreme Socialism and Marxism and Communism. The Rich still have their money and control over the people. Just like the Ultra Leftist Extremist Democrats. Sanders Warren Castro Harris Booker and even Biden because Barack Obama laid the foundation for this.

  13. In a Free Market Society we are Equal under the Law. Not one size fits all. Free Markets and Capitalism offer opportunity for all. Jobs, Education, on the job training which brings people out of poverty. Entrepreneurs and creative thinking create innovation and progress. So everyone cannot be economically the same. Socialism fails at every turn because the Government cannot sustain the basic needs and healthcare for all people. Socialism takes the money from the individuals who earn it and owners who profit from their creativity and give it to everyone else. Soon their is no more incentive for business or for people to enhance their lifestyle for those that work and the Government runs out of money.

  14. The only reason why I wouldn't wholeheartedly agree with his analysis is the overwhelming nationalism and absence of international solidarity

  15. Just because he speaks calmly doesn't mean it's not mostly BS, alleging that the Democrats are trying to "get rid of separation of powers", you have to be an idiot to believe that this isn't what Trump is doing & accusing the Dem's in doing it is again just a blunt lie!

  16. It’s not the progressives as much as it’s the democrats and the democrats gone radical. Part of the progressives hate the democrats and they I hope will vote for Trump…

  17. Talking about the institutions in the western world compared to the rest of the world is like comparing heaven to earth.

  18. Falling for the government enforced all equal cutts off God's blessing to individual Anonymous charity. A Blessing of Abraham. Now as a society,your little self made Babylon equates to,God as your enemy !

  19. It is pretty easy to know what happened, Dewey and his bunch knew that they needed the federal government to be in charge of the public school system. Dewey knew that he had to take God out of the family, after all we now know that we made ourselves , evolution, we don/t need God any more. This isn't my idea you can read for your selves what Dewey wrote for the whole plan. They did a good job and then no God in government and no God in the churches. It has destroyed the family and almost destroyed us all. Trump has put the brakes on for a while. If anyone is interested in more just let me know, I would be happy to expound more.

  20. These two men are extremely intelligent. This is TV I wish more people would watch, an intelligent calm exchange of ideas based on facts logic reasoning and examples from history. ☀️

  21. He defines the establishment as the universities and the NY Times. He doesn't mention Wall Street or Petroleum or Fox News. His view is extremely myopic.

  22. This is the usual trash reactionary argument coming from a guy who knows some history but didn't learn much from the last 100 years

  23. I’m almost 60 and immigrated in the mid sixties, American “culture” is definitely changing and the Internet has changed that with the youth who are influenced by other cultures overseas without knowing their own origin story or history and the respective cultures abroad.

  24. One of the best things about ilustration Is that no one Is the owener of the truth one person whit the enough information can and should challange the elites and authority whether Is a university professor or a polítical system

  25. Many highly accomplished intellectuals can be bigots and racists! The only difference is that guys like the guest professor have the ability to wrap things that are simple in the most complex ways!!! What a beauty: a Fox News loyal viewer, a Trump supporter and climate denier who believes most Mexican illegal immigrants are rapists!

  26. Why does the left get to own our education system? who allowed this INFILTRATION OF MARXIST in our schools and what did the CIA or FBI do about this infiltration?  Why do republican cave to SO DAM easy! there should be laws that no schools should indoctrinate and any teacher should be fired ASAS jailed even if indoctrinating to either side of the political spectrum!

  27. 10:15 Americans pride themselves that they are created by God? No, I beg to differ. Some Americans don't believe in a Judeo-Christian God. And most that do certainly don't BEHAVE as if they follow Christ!

  28. They think they ate better than ALL the rest of the population, that's the elites,, mostly crooked, buying justice, so not live by the laws they impose on others. Father in heaven will view them in that manner, there is a judgement coming weather you believe or not, we will all stand before GOD. Being wealthy can be a great hindrance.

  29. Wow this Mr. Hanson is a smart guy that probably dont really get to be heard in the academic world..thanks for having him.

  30. Hanson speaks of a cultural shift, but it is not a cultural shift that he likes. Keep the word "power" in mind when listening to him. He doesn't like the fact that the cultural shift is also a shift in power.
    He speaks that people/citizens need to act in a certain way. Shouting down speakers at campuses is not right (an action of the alt-left), but demanding that they stop doing it (an action of the alt-right) are two sides of the same coin. Freedom of expression, people.

    Wonder how he is feeling now that the White House and its enablers are wiping their asses with the Constitution, are presenting falsehoods as facts, and giving the middle finger to systems of political and judicial power that he speaks to highly of.

    Also, sounds like a guy who didn't get laid in the 60s…

  31. Just to pick on a small point that reveals an important thing that some people use which I find stupid and offensive and that is how
    religious people define what Atheists are and… So, what V. D. Hanson says, "If I touch a woman's shoulder and she files a case for sexual abuse and I would not get a fair process…" Is an amazingly obvious statement and total nonsense. That is what some people
    do to appear to be saying something that would actually happen. It would not happen.

  32. What are the "GUIDELINES". Say something out loud where there are two or more witnesses. Carry a DIGITAL VOICE RECORDER.
    Keep your DISTANCE to 3 Ft.

    It is all about options and choices.

    Learn "Rules of Evidence".

    Talk about it with friends and family separately. At work?

  33. In a nutshell; Democracy fails once 51% of the voting people embrace insanity ! Thus we avoid voting for the current  Democratic Party, and thereby preserve the Nation.

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