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  1. Alles zu spät… Jetzt Europa wird dunkel sein. Noch 30-50 Jahren bis totaler Untergang. Weiße raße annihilation von cultural Marxism….

  2. Watch the most forbidden documentary in history: “Europa The Last Battle” at archive-dot-org. Entire doc banned on YT. The victors write the history

  3. Infinity war is the Most ambitious crossover event in History.

    A man from Swiss Playing as a Austrian in Germany

  4. What I've always wondered is: Is everything depicted on this 4 minute scene just what happened, according to testaments of Traudl Junge? Or fairytales?

    Because if it's true, then, Hitler was to be felt more than sorry about. Because it shows he was a human who had more than feelings. Hell, this scene might reveal his true self, away from the propaganda that is shoved upon us.

  5. ölmedi!!! cia in yaptigi derin bi arastirmada hitlerin savasi kaybettiktem hemen sonra intahar etmedigi 82 yasina kadar meksika abd sinirinda kucuk bir köy olan denize yakinligiyla bilinen saegorvozu ya bagli innaslio kasabasinda yasadigi ve dogal yollarla öldügü belilenmistir cenazesi bu sehirde dir

  6. BBC should stick to the news and not media comment. There's no greater failure in journalism than media comment. Such is the Downfall of BBC

  7. 「パン食う?」

  8. So ein verfi######## riesen ar###@@@@# Unser schönes Deutschland und ganz Europa in Schutt und Asche zu legen, wenn der penner noch einmal leben würde ich ihn erneut am Sack aufhängen und langsam und qualvoll mit den schlimmsten Folter Methoden verrecken lassen 😤😡😠🤬🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  9. Weird enough I saw something once about Hitler he wanted to help Germany but as we all know honest intentions could go horribly wrong. Resulting what he did . Ik it sounds crazy but remember Germany was in ruined after ww1 even with the Weimar republic that didn't last obviously due to the American stock market crash of 1929. Not a great person but in a devils advocate way if that makes sense he wanted to help Germany. He just ultimately failed

  10. I am not it’s true that the army general talked back to Hitler when Hitler was in rage. I cannot imagine which country with such dictatorship would has this happened, anyone saying no to the dictator would executed immediately!

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