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already dead [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] like I said the lucky ones were already dead [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] is your mom coming better know where did uh where did you get this this shit for real lieutenant yeah Jade’s locations transactions profiles it is definitely legit wait go back Amy kill more original co-founder second-in-command of operation the system killed July 4th 2017 that’s day one this thing’s only missing I was come on all right we gotta move now we want loader down lieutenant slow down we’ve managed to survive this long for a reason with staff their radar colonel coffee yes sir first up dr let me know if you find your shit we can use karna i don’t want to hear it colonel you’re making a mistake are you questioning my authority lieutenant if he’s still alive dan we saw you can’t risk it where’s what we’re out of food supplies are down we need to stop hiding and start fighting it’s a risk we have to take and you know it all right we do this we do it my way understood understood I run the show not you yes sir we are trying to survive here one day at a time remember that not great but not bad why that’s guy 15 so I’m a bitch it looks like we’re getting soft around here Lopez are we getting soft around here no sir good we don’t got time for that what we do got is a situation on our hands one that requires immediate attention Dennis Cochrane put some damn pants on me back to briefing at ten Hut it out and someone Jack Gilmore co-founder and CEO of X Corps Colonel started as first tech company at age 19 hailed by hi-tech magazine as the golden child technical engineering a true genius and yes I am jealous at the ripe old age of 26 he gets the call from Uncle Sam they’re starting a new sector on home defense one that specializes in remote-controlled weaponry and surveillance equipment they’re looking for assistance we make an offer that he can’t refuse gives a shit lock it up private yesterday why searching grid 307 I came across the cyborg pursuing a male and female target the side work killed the female on spot that company online he then took the target to an abandoned warehouse just outside the grid semester perimeter we believe this would be a storage facility for machines right so this this shop pulled from the spy can used by lieutenant Speirs magnified 750 percent and we believe this to be mr. X Corp himself Jack Gilmore Jeff Gilmore is dead he’s right Jack Gilmore was their first target killed by his own machines after he tried to shut the whole thing down come on everybody knows that story I found this buried in the sand it was left behind by the guy whose photographs cracked it open this morning checks out his information that only the highest level of authority would would even have access to yeah kind of information top-secret shit it’s him it’s Jacquelyn and he’s alive it’s simply an extraction mission get in grab the son of a bitch and get out try not to die how do we know it’s not a trap we don’t but if there’s a chance we’re gonna have to take it check kill more could have information or information that they could change the course of this war war this isn’t a war it’s a massacre all right let’s cut the shit Jones Lopez Carlisle you’re up that’s only three we’re gonna need as many hands as we can get we don’t have time it’s a two-day hike by foot by give me fits three minus supplies you have to do this alone soccer not suicide what’s wrong private you scared I’ll go no you’re staying right here lieutenant I need soldiers that listen Colonel pack that’s an order got it good crazy bastard [Music] he’s gonna get us all killed all right yeah kill us himself son of bitch we shot 30 times he’s still breathing I would mess with Captain Machine guy that cut your throat and not even know it and that ain’t no shit desperate times like it or not boys and girls we’re in those supply kits or all become that means the time to act is now before you know what you beat your own shit just to stay alive you’ve seen it too many times men turn to swine shoveling shit each other’s throats drinking their own piss is that how you want to go down no sir I didn’t hear you do you want to eat shit and treat this didn’t think so they don’t let that piece of shit on Wheels lock strapped and ready to move by 1100 hours and I want kill more sitting right here kissing my ass bus sundown any questions good let’s move hey now it was all your fault right she’d never brought in the strays it had food for an extra month maybe more she left the dogs where you found them you ain’t our problem no then like you that’s a problem you ever touch me again I cut your throat got it [Music] Oh your eyes on the inside make sure you’re sweeping and panning we need to see everything you see copy that okay [Music] now let’s just opens on a deathtrap take a look around you colonel why do you why’d you go clean up maybe that could calm for 1200 hours [Music] what keep the other way um I’m just working sweetheart do you want to play I can’t right now sweetie but um how about later you want to play then you mean like I’m just eat like hide-and-go-seek okay but you are at first no you’re it no you’re it no you’re it no you are at MLG back [Music] the voltage [Music] keep your weapons ready and keep moving Jones stay cover keep an eye having entry points I’ll run the sweep careful private I see it engaging [Music] [Music] hey asshole no more yeah we see it this is really where I’m talking he’s already dead yeah and guess who’s next don’t really show what Jack you said your name that’s and it’s come on son of a bitch you want them up don’t his asshole tried to kill me it’s always a fault for one for him and none of this what happened knowledge you can rot in hell Jones you can all rot in hell I’m not dying [Music] hi [Music] let’s go [Music] get down it’s out of here yeah all right [Music] oh you’re gonna make a soldier hang in there hey they’re coming this way we have to make them wait make sure they are being tailed no no she won’t make it if they compromised our location nobody’s gonna make it not them not us nobody she’s and we need kill more did we die we die it won fun with one of the other shit so we were going ah take this I’ll get the wound keep pressure on it I’m not gonna die out here [Music] good in their soldiers Shyama answer me I’m doing everything [Music] [Applause] what I think I can’t shoot I’m not as worthless as everyone thinks give it back I said give it back do you want to shoot shoot to kill if you wanna kill shoot for the head my fellow we were stationed here when it all went down played it safe later for the sideboards to pass us by we were lucky now what about you how the hell are you still alive but he’s really necessary I don’t know yet those were the group of survivors hiding underground trying to fight back but we were limited we had weapons but like the other hardware needed and what would that be computers and the power to run them we’ve been scavenging for parts trying to rebuild then I found us there’s a watch station a couple units down we’ll get you some new gear and buy new honey used how’s she doing she won’t make it through the day I made the right move no I should have been there it should have been me you got a lot of nerve lieutenant all right there long day that’s been rough let’s cut the shit we saved your ass for a reason Gilmore we need details we need to know what happened we need to know exactly what it is we’re fighting against and we need to know how to kill it because right now all we do know is that those machines of yours wiped out 99% of the planet but a month proud of the blackout we received a visitor to our main facility was depressing the United States he tell me about a new technology when this just the corporation’s have been developing so they did aid in the fight against foreign threats kind of technology they had engineered artificial intelligence into the form of a cyber virus the intent was to use a virus to infiltrate and gain control of enemy mainframes so then why did they come to you we had the infrastructure and technology to do it that’s what they told us but that was bullshit the real reason was that they wanted to keep his secret in case anything went wrong on July 4 2017 at 1300 hours we upload the photo containing the virus by 1301 we had lost control of our entire operating Bay all the screens from our main concourse our county facilities went black then turned to evasive scrolling numbers everything was changed pass codes platforms locations everything the rest is history so what went wrong no way to know for sure if I had to guess I’d say they made a little too smart they gave it a mind of its own it decided to use it you see we never opened the source file so then who did it opened itself you tell me this thing is alive I’m just telling you what I saw how do we kill it it’s not that simple how do we kill it we don’t we disarm it if we turn off the machines and we take away its ability to strike Yutaka easy the machines were designed to operate under a signal just a Cassano device remote control each one with its own receiver if you knock out the receiver you knock out the machine but if we can knock out the signal we can take down a whole sector where the signals coming from control stations the system of servers and sound like communications equipment so while we strap it with a block of c4 and blow it clear out of the sky because we have to find them first that’s been a problem all alone the original towers been cut off it now operates under its own stations but if we can capture a data drive from other drones we may be able access flight data records from the inner CPU there has to be something linking the machines to the signal source so what’s our next move cowboy I saw intelligence equipment one of your units is it functional and it’s a little outdated it’s functional with a poetry National Drive that’s that check then we need to capture a data drive and see if reconstructs logs I don’t even capture a data drive and go hunting well what is he nuts when yesterday for all we know this location has already been compromised no if it knew you’d be dead already we should leave in the morning the machines have night vision we don’t first let locked in strap by almost 700 hours I’m gonna need another shooter someone knows what they’re doing we’re all gonna get one shot I’ll go don’t let those perky tits fool you she doesn’t mess around I hope you’re right otherwise we’re dead [Music] did this happen you said this could never happen [Music] we were all wrong [Music] [Music] help me you know it’s not polite to read someone’s hard drive I’m doing what any smart soldier would do and what’s that researching the enemy is that what you think I am the enemy the RCT it’s meant to be used on opposing ground troops they would strap on the prisoners of war then send them back out to the field watching fight against their own regime are you proud of this the building to keep soldiers like you off the battlefield is that what they told you the cerebrum controller c1 what’s it do it was also meant to control the physical function of the host you mean sleep but unlike the RCT it also had the ability to really control something else what their mind you think you’re smart don’t you you just don’t get it we’re trying to save lives you didn’t save lives take a look around you destroyed them Oh I think we’re better off staying next to the rocks right a little more cover in case some shit goes wrong and we’ll need something with a lot of fire powder 50 Cal won’t get it done got grenades don’t maybe something with a little more accuracy what about a rocket launcher that should work [Laughter] [Music] [Music] take your time they shot keep an eye out that could be more close by okay okay okay we got a lot of one my so private aren’t they let me see now we will for what descriptive of course checking the drones access coding instant list of possible combinations and what if it doesn’t have it very unlikely file has over 250 trillion characters it around 16 million attempts per second trust me it’ll find it five bricks enough to blow up a small village unless you want all of it I thought you well lieutenant any word on the logs still working on it reminds me of the good old days back in 68 back when we kept shit real none of this technology bullshit [Music] back on the world is right [Music] [Music] hey hey I said do you copy yes sir good for an office 1700 hours I want this shit locked down tight when everybody on the same page check to get the quarter was dead already that turns out that we’re we’re dealing with a multi-layered access code so we’ve already cracked one big English clean wall it means that the script is working it won’t be long okay until then we continued to get shit done Gilmore assuming we get the location what’s the plan we get in set the detonators and get out that’s it no more machines now within the station’s control radius approximately 500 miles so what you’re saying is there still routes not in our backyard correct oh wait no wait 500 miles so all this hard work that we’re doing putting our asses on the line in the best-case scenario is that we should slow it down it’s a starting he’s right it’s a start well at least have the ability to restock relocate them prepare for another advance what about getting a side how do you never get those machines shoot shouldn’t be an issue it’s gonna keep the control bays hidden very unlikely we’ll come across and drones or sidewalks at least not on the exterior uh-huh and and what about the interior as quiz we’re gonna have to move fast yeah yeah did I wake you I say kiss you tonight of course we scared it rains again I’m sorry sweetie can I ask you a question you can ask me whatever you want cuz you’re not gonna leave me are you what would you say something like that promise it’s wrong you know I used to have a daughter who looked just like you really what was your name her name is Becca he’s the one who made this for me yeah mm-hmm [Music] [Music] [Music] hey a skinny kid with glasses when looking for you What did he say said he was looking for you you can feel it casual blood in the air feels good [Music] you know today this bullshit means yeah means you still have a chance those are the coordinates for X corpse head facility ground zero it’s a couple hours south of here but it’s impossible and Ground Zero is leveled I’ve seen it there’s nothing left maybe you aren’t looking hard enough all right turn that piece of shit off wait wait wait thirty-six point eight zero to five degrees north 114 point eight zero to two degrees and west coordinates our coordinates got a trucker award the drive had a tracer Starla brick come on again swarms how’d they find us no three sure what had it shake down a driver would pull the corners gave up our location in that coordinate yeah right here okay facility ground zero not another one bah bah [Music] you gotta stick to the plan shut it down the way we’ll see them all in one piece never those are the search engine it’s not your call okay I’m calling the shots on the shot car you understand it Oh we need to move down [Music] [Music] [Music] ready to die [Music] [Applause] it’s aired don’t worry I’ll protect you he’s gonna come back she promised yeah not a laugh [Music] [Applause] [Music] check the gear again last night looks like the curl was off if no c4 no detonators no grenades and in most long we have to get inside to shut it down by hands [Music] it’s over isn’t it we never had a chance against them there’s gonna be a lot of activity for the next hour so and it should die down at least nothing going for it we stay next to the covered areas we may slip past we’d have to go back if we go back now everyone dies no we have to stick to the plan I made her promise I can’t let her die alone you did what you had to do and you’re not dead yet neither are they we still have a chance it’s not over yet remember that [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] you can Clare Brahmas three kilometers something’s not right just you try getting close [Music] hey see like I said there’s nothing left now it’s here I remember talk of an underground safe zone when they were first building I thought the idea of been dismissed but I’m starting to think you never got the memo let’s go [Music] it’s a lot it was functional you wouldn’t be careful [Music] I gotta this is it huh not quite as you know my tech as I imagined it’s weird there’s no pass code I login nothing Hey Hey you know your way around the system No all the platforms have been changed Hey there’s a lot of data the menus it’s gonna take a minute might not have that long [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Music] what you doing washing burgers do you know why they want to hurt us they’re a program that way why I don’t know hey what’s up [Music] [Music] [Music] there’s something here I didn’t feel it Hey fine we live to fight another day I don’t know no no firewall [Music] you yeah see no it’s gone something over line the program what could do that I don’t know something external maybe who has to be hooking to the mainframe [Music] [Music] what are they doing here they’ve been selected for what transformation it’s gonna they committed machines [Music] [Applause] okay [Music] that’s why let’s go what is it [Music] it’s a firewall watch the door [Music] [Music] what’s wrong [Music] you wanna kill [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] removal of – board infiltration what are you doing what’s it look like I’m doing [Music] maybe finish Jack I tried to stop at Jack there’s nothing I could do no it’s not your fault he controls me now it may be two things Jack horrible things is okay now I’m getting you out of here Oh Jack too late for me now look at me damn it Jack look at me you have to shut it down now or you will all die [Music] you have to shut it down before they see you Hey [Music] hurry jack you don’t have much time [Music] hello jack Jack you look like you just saw a ghost I can assure you I’m alive and well he looked confused jack well I guess that’s to be expected you this was all you know not just me see Jack there’s a group of us all widespread epidemic beginning to spiral out of control thus we took it upon ourselves to do something about it what are you talking about talking about the future Jack I’m talking about the corporation’s that ran in this world the corporations like X Corp oh I’m just too powerful too reckless you see Jack we’ve been studying the trends for years now all in an effort to forecast the path of our society to try to figure out where it was all going and what were discovered oh well it was troubling you see there comes a point where technology becomes dangerous it comes up but disease that grows and spirals out of control if left untreated well they can destroy everything therefore it must be stopped and everything that it has infected must be killed do you see where I’m going with this Jack you’re insane come on Jack I’m not insane I’m a realist the numbers don’t lie you know that we’ve added it all up and have became clear we had to act now or the age of man would cease to exist replaced by the age of machine an age of artificial intelligence you know that virus who sent you it was never meant infiltrate the enemy’s ring frana it was meant to infiltrate yours we needed an army jack an army that would listen and obey our command never second-guess an order an army that was capable of the task at hand what dusk to cleanse the earth start over I can see her upset look I’ve always liked you jack all right I’m sorry I had to come to this but it’s important you know it was never personal I find a very personal mr. president sorry you feel that way I wouldn’t do that if I was you jack that system is the only thing keeping your sister alive don’t listen to him jack there’s nothing you can do for me now whether you made the switch nod I’m already dead you know think about it jack at best you win this small battle there assists us more machines we will find you eventually why delay the inevitable why prolong the suffering my not just because I need to find you first all right Jeff have it your way Jack [Music] your pastoral child now [Music] [Music] you’re not gonna leave me are you [Music] what would you say something like that [Music] you fish you haven’t seen anything yet [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] I promised you I would we buried what was left the bodies unloaded our gear and though our future may look grim at best one thing is certain we will never give up never stop fighting because somewhere out there there’s a group of men that took it upon themselves to play God [Music] but now they help us die [Music]

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