Honest Trailers – Every Christopher Nolan Movie

Because of your contributions to our Women In Film charity event, you’ve unlocked an Honest Trailer for every Christopher Nolan movie. BWAAAH! You first knew him as the guy who made “Momento” Then he was the guy who saved Batman Now revisit retroactively perfect films of the internet’s god of cinema Makes sense, because only the god can get “Dark Knight Rises” rated 66 of the best movie ever made Suit up, very literally, with Christopher Nolan A visionary director, whose actual vision is colorblind Which enplanes why so much of his work is tinted blue Watch as he carefully construct a series of intricate puzzle boxes Full of non-linear story-telling In-camera technical wizardry Plots that range from – Holy crap that was mind blowing, to -Holy crap that blows, And intense percussive musical scores that will make you scream – Whaaaaat I can’t hear ya —-intense music intensifies— This man is a genius. Ghmm… Sorry. Meet a Christopher Nolan protagonist He’s a well dressed white dude With brushed back hair Kinda like Christopher Nolan Follow this intense stoic man who is likely some kind of thieve, criminal or vigilante But who still follows a strict code “Never follow same person twice” “Never show anyone” “Never recreate places from your memory, always imagine new places” Batman – “I have one rule” Joker – “And that’s the rule you’ll have to brake” As he recons with the tragedy of his past Whether is the death of his wife “I remember my wife dying” The death of his wife “Once i had a wife, she was taken from me” The death of his wife “It won’t bring your wife back” The death of his wife “the doctors would have been able to find the cyst in my wife’s brain, *before* she died instead of afterwards” The.Death.Of.His.Wife “no” Or when Nolan really wants to shake things up The death of his…… Girlfriend That’s… a lot of dead wifes What could it all mean? “..The other fascinating thing about you is that you work with your lovely wife, Emma” (in whisper voice) ruuuun Experience ten masterfully crafted films that as cold and remote as the ice tundra they feature Where human emotions aren’t so much felt as reasoned about “I think positive emotion trumps negative emotion every time” “Love has meaning, yes. Social utility, social bonding, child rearing…” “We love people who’ve died. Where’s the “social utility” in that?” Where time is just a toy to be played with Whether the stories told out of order, backward and forwards, simultaneously then in interlocking series of flashbacks In three separate levels of a dream, where time moves in different speeds In space where time is relative Or in WW2 where time is sort of mashed up to make things more suspenseful And if you think it’s all too complicated I let Nolan break it down on a level that you babies can understand “That’s basically the end of the movie” “This stuff is the black and white running backwards “As we cut between the two scenes” “Scene there, scene there, scene there, scene there” “you have flashbacks to a different timeline, some of which have color, some of which is black and white” “the end of the film being sort of there-ish” “the ones that relate to a parallel story” See, couldn’t be simpler So if you love cinema and enjoy being wowed by a true art Cheer for a man who is rightfully considered one of our greatest modern directors Whose sharp cinematic eye, incredibly talented pool of actors, And obsessive dedication to the craft of filmmaking Have given birth to the rabid fan following That will ignore all the nice things we just said and focus on joky nitpicks which will be taken one hundred percent seriously “you know I hate comedians” He’s one of the best filmmakers working today, OKEY? Is that not enough? “Why so serious? ” “I’m buying this hotel” “Company went public a week ago” “And i bought most of the shares” “I bought the airline” “so let’s put a couple of tables together” “I’m not sure that they let us” “oh, they should. I own a place” “Where is it?” “The clean slate? When you type someones name date of birth and in a few minutes they gone, every database on earth” “Now we’re trapped in Fischer’s mind battling his own private army, and if we get killed we’ll be lost in limbo until our brain tuned to scrambled egg” “you’re well educated man, Coup. And a trained pilot. ” “and an engineer” “would you like to see my mask?” “This is your mask” “You are wearing a mask” “Just take off that mask” “You just rake off your little mask” “like putting on a mask” “If you working alone wear a mask” “Let’s mask up” “No one cared who I was till I put on the mask” “Sssssmoken'” oops, wrong mask “in garbage bag” “where is he” “you can’t give in” “why can’t you out-think him” “where are they, where is the trigger” “Wake up” “Rachel” “Moe, look at me” “we’ll soon be together” “What have you done?” “Forgive me,. I lied to you” “and it also means loosing someone I have cared for, since I first heard each cries echo through this house” “I failed you, you trusted me, and I failed you” OK, I’m sure you all know about first letters in the characters names in “Inception” spelling out “dreams”. But did you know that all the astronauts initials in “Interstellar” spell out BRCMD ? Which can only be referenced to the TV show DOC Where Billy Ray Syrus plays an MD And his character name was Clint Cassidy. CC! That has to be reference to Charlie Chaplin, who was good friends with… ooh.. Edith Piaf! That sing that song in “Inception” that’s the cue for everyone to wake up It all make perfect sense! We’re in a dream , man! Nolan’s trying to wake us up! Hurry! Before it’s too late! The top just keep spinning! I have to wake up! I have t….

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