Honest Trailers – Maleficent

Honest Trailers – Maleficent

From the studio behind the animated classics
that defined a generation and the bloated gritty live action reboot
that defined *this* generation… comes another Disney cash grab that will ruin
everything you love about another childhood classic. Maley-fishent. Male-Ficent. Malayfickent. Screw it. Sleeping Beauty. Two giant cheekbones star in the modern retelling
of Sleeping Beauty, this time from the villain’s perspective where the character you loved for being pure
evil and turning into an awesome dragon is no longer evil? and doesn’t even turn a dragon? Why is he the dragon? You had ONE job, Disney. Instead, watch as the sorceress whose name
literally means ” evil” mildly punks people, feels sorry, “You stole what was left of my heart and now
I’ve lost you forever.” and is only mean because she was roofied and
mutilated by her childhood love. Ugh. Have fun explaining that to your kids. Watch everything scary and fun about Maleficent
get neutered by the same thing that neutered Darth Vader… Backstory. “Nooooo!” Where you’ll learn the answers to questions
you never had, like… What if Maleficent grew up in a low-rent Avatar
rip-off? What if the original was full of generic CGI
battle scenes? Was Maleficent’s pet crow actually a human
slave? Where did her stick come from? And did Maleficent spend most of her time
creepily watching Sleeping Beauty grow up from a few feet away? Yes. She did, apparently. “I hate you.” But it’s not just the Angelina Jolie show… Instead, spend time with one-dimensional caricatures
like The Mean King The Handsome Prince The Cute Princess And the three fairies you love from the original who are now three hideous idiots whose stupidity
borders on child abuse. “Oh look! The little beast is about to fall
off the cliff!” Way to f*** up fairies, Disney! So experience a more modern take on Sleeping
Beauty Where we learn the most important lesson of
all: if your movie comes out after Frozen “An act of true love.” “True love’s kiss!” true love only exists between two girls. Awww yeah. Starring… You Know Nothing, Jon Crow Huey, Dewey, and Louie Groots Harry Styles Areola Prawn King and How Jennifer Aniston Sees Angelina Jolie Sleeping Beauty: The Bad One. We’re gonna be honest: this wasn’t our best trailer, but this wasn’t
Disney’s best movie either. Next week’s will be WAY better. Trust us.

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  1. I just realized Honest Trailers is really back and forth on if they want backstory or not. In Maleficent they don't want backstory but in Black Panther they want more backstory on some random relationship. Make up your mind !!!

  2. I naturally assumed the crow used to be a guy. Why? Because Ducktales had done it and I think it makes more sense because no sane crow would hang out with a woman whose second definition is literally the word harmful.

  3. I actually liked the movie way better than I liked the sleeping beauty movie (or the story for that matters) but to be fair I really hated sleeping beauty so that wasn't that hard. Anyway, I liked it

  4. I completely ๐Ÿ˜‚LOST IT๐Ÿ˜‚once you made that "Jennifer-Aniston-Angelina-Jolie" reference!!!

  5. After how much trouble I had with Maleficent in Kingdom Hearts, I don't want to think that this movie existed.

  6. Apparently theyโ€™re trying to do the same for Cruella de Ville…because thatโ€™s what we need. To feel sympathy for the literal puppy murderer

  7. I died at how jennifer aniston sees angelina jolie HAHAHAH
    Personally, I love the movie, especially Lana Del Rey's OST

  8. Maleficent was my favorite character in the original, she is awesome, a great villain. Why have to ruin that with explanation and background stories?! What's wrong with Hollywood and Disney, these days?

  9. Why exactly did this video call Aurora "Areola"? She never even got close to showing her breasts, much less areola.

  10. Why so much hate? While Maleficent was an iconic villain, she was a VERY generic and petty villain by today's standards. I mean, in the original, her motivation for evil was because she wasn't invited to a party. C'mon. There has to be a better motivation than that.

    I admit that Maleficent's curse was way too weaksauce for her vengeance against the king for mutilating her though, but that's because this movie needed to keep close to the original source. Other than that, I liked this movie.

    Actually, they even weakened the original curse (original Mal cursed Aurora to actual death, whereas this Mal only casted eternal sleep). What they really should have done was to…
    Keep the part where Mal cast death on Aurora (just to keep faithful to the original), and have the fairy "weaken" the curse to sleep. But unknowingly, the fairy's "weakening" failed, and later, Mal attempts to erase the curse, but is unable to do that, so she weakens it to eternal sleep instead.

    It would be awesome if live Mal was actually as strong as her animated counterpart (animation Mal can teleport, turn into dragon, no weakness to iron, etc). Then again, this Mal had telekinesis… which she conveniently forgot during the final battle.

  11. How to make movie remakes at Disney

    1. Hire a director that most likely didn't watch the source material OR say meh and just make the remake word for word to the original

    2. Hire some great actors to play bad rolls

    3. (Optional but highly likely) Buy other corporations and completely ruin their franchises by destroying the fan base


    5. Sorry the writer was partying so hard after his bad remake made millions of dollars he's drunk now

  12. They're making a SECOND ONE!!!!! They haven't learned from their mistakes. Male-efficient: Mistress of Evil.

    All of my NOOOOOOOOOO!

  13. Let me get this straight: Of all the Disney movies that feature the concept of โ€œTrue Loveโ€™s Kissโ€ or some variation of that, Frozen and Maleficent make two where this happens between two women instead of a man and a woman and your take away is โ€œtrue loveโ€™s kiss can only happen between two womenโ€…like two times out of…idk about a billion other times where itโ€™s a man and a woman is whatโ€™s considered too much ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ

  14. Im not an angelina jolie fan or a fan of the movie, but her reaction after finding out her wings were cut off gave me goosebumps

  15. actually no villain is a villain because of no party invite. the original one felt illogical, atleast here it was logic

  16. I hate that ppl canโ€™t just be evil anymore. Maleficent is one the best Disney villains because sheโ€™s evil just because sheโ€™s evil, no backstory needed to justify how/ why she acts the way she does.

  17. This movie was actually good.

    People are all looking at the originals of these through the rose tinted glasses of their childhood. Watch them again, I dare you, they're dumb as fuck.

  18. 5 years later, this movie doesn't look so bad, but kind of planted the seeds of non-experimentation Disney dragged itself into, plus making the original sidekicks dumber in comparison to the new "heroes". This thing was such a monster hit for some reason that they're making a sequel and remaking all of their original movies.

  19. I personally didnโ€™t like it but I do see why people do. I just prefer the villain version of her instead of the misunderstood version of her. It was early Disney didnโ€™t need to know why she was evil just that she was evil.

  20. You know nothing Jon Crow; Huey, Dewey and Louie; Harry Styles; how Jennifer Aniston sees Angelina Jolie…
    Best cast ever… my face hurts from laughing so much!

  21. why wouldn't she watch the girl grow up
    as far as I understand it faries are ageless so no reason to rush anything

    2:30 LOL

  22. Wow, that "There are…no strings…on me" was worth the wait. (It's at the very end.)
    Sounds like you managed to dial it down another octave for that.

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