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Hope | Free To Watch | Drama Movie | Motivation | HD | English | Full Film

(waves splashing) (peaceful folk rock music) – [Woman] Good to see you! You look so pretty! – Get outta here! You better make sure
it’s cooked, too. Hey Derrick, how you doing? (people chattering) – How you doing, baby? What you want? You don’t want nothing? You came to see how
Daddy work the grill? (tongs clacking) I know what I’m doing! I’m king of this grill. Attention! (tongs clacking) Attention. I just want to let y’all know,
if I hear one more person say the word ‘burn’–
– Burn. Burn.
(girls laugh) – Baby, please.
– That’s alright. – I hope y’all
like being hungry. Y’all on a diet this week? Let’s get all up in here. Shut up, D. – Drew.
– Derrick. – I’m high off this smoke.
(Tina laughs) See how that meat coming. (dish clatters) Lord. – Hey, come on, now. – I got this! – Babe.
– You see how I’m doing this? – I’m not gon’ eat that
if it’s burnt, okay? – I’m not burning the meat. – I’m just playing! I know, I know.
– Hard time. That’s my job. That’s my job. (Tina laughs) I’ll put that video
game down tonight. (chuckles) I’da heard the call of the wild. (both laugh) – Alright, I’m not
playing with you. – Alright. (cellphone ringing)
Hey. Hey. Hold on, hold on. (laughs) Yeah, this him. (concerned, uneasy music) Yep. Yeah, I was at that meeting. And what we talked about was
that people that had tenure over 10 years
wouldn’t be laid off. – Drew, is everything okay? – Yeah baby, everything’s fine. Yes, I know, I understand
that, and we talked about that, I was in your office and
you specifically told me that I wouldn’t
be laid off, and, baby, I got it! Yeah, just talk to
Derrick for a second. – Drew, what? – It’s my supervisor, I need
to talk to him, thank you. Yes, and I sat there, and
you looked me in my eye and told me I
wouldn’t be laid off, and now you’re calling me and
telling me I don’t have a job, I need this job. I don’t care about a f… A referral. (sniffles) I can’t use a referral. Yeah, I know there’s
nothing you can do, yeah. No, thank you for your service. (sighs) (sighs) Yeah, baby, everything’s
fine, I got it under control, everything’s fine. You guys having a good time? Derrick! What’s up brother,
how you doing? – Well you know, Tina,
speaking of control, one of the most prevalent
fears people have is losing control. – Hmm, I didn’t know that. – Yeah, if they’re unable to
control the future outcome of events, they feel
almost like, well, like something terrible’s
about to happen. – That’s crazy, only God
can predict the future. – Yeah, look, when I was
talking about control, that wasn’t the type of
control I was speaking of. – Well, Drew, I wasn’t
implying that you were, it’s just that when you
mentioned losing control, it reminded me of an
article that I’d read about losing control. – Look, well on that
note, the type of people you’re talking about, I
think, are just a little weak. – Weak? How? – Well, I mean, they
blame their whole lives on their past mistakes
and their basic inability to maintain control. Our ability to maintain
control is what separates us from the animals,
and I, personally, happen to have
everything in control, so I’m not an animal. – Okay.
– Well said. – Funny, though, because I
thought it was our thumbs that separate us from animals. (Drew snickers) Speaking of animals, Drew, it looks like you’re
burning yours. – Oh, we gon’ take it
back the barbecue, huh? – Hey, excuse me, I gotta go. – Yeah. – [Derrick] Hello? – Hey, I’ma go check
the grill, baby. – Okay. – Hey. You look beautiful. – Thank you. (kiss smacks) You know, a funny thing
happened to me today while I was out shopping. – Really? – Yeah. I had picked out these
really cute shoes that I’d been eyeing for a
while, and when it was time to pay for them, my
card was declined. – Declined? – Yeah, declined, Drew. Is there something
you want to tell me? – Yeah, uh, baby, it’s time for us to make some more responsible purchases. – Responsible? Did you or did you not spend
$89 on a video game this month? – Yeah, but baby, I told you I was gonna get that video game. – Drew, tell me. (sad piano music) – Baby, I lost my job because– – You did what? – Look, they laid me off, they laid off the
entire department. – We have bills to pay! You know the lights need to
be paid no later than Friday. – I know. Listen. I know, it’s gon’ be okay. My check gon’ be in
the bank Thursday, it’s gon’ clear,
we gon’ be fine– – We are not gon’ be fine, baby! I’ve had to borrow
money from my family. And I mean, honestly,
at first I thought maybe I was overspending, but
come to find out we’re broke. Do you know how
embarrassing that is? – Yes.
– Do you? – Yes. – To have to hear my family say, “Your man must not
be doing his job.” (Tina scoffs) – I’ma call John and
see if he can make good on that job he offered
me a couple weeks ago. – [Tina] Well, I hope you at
least cleared your schedule for next Wednesday. – What’s next Wednesday? – Career Day at
Melissa’s school? – Damn, I forgot about that. – Yeah, I figured that. But you promised her
you would be there. Can you at least
keep that promise? – Look, I’m gon’ be
there for my daughter. When have I ever broke
a promise to you or her? – You know what, don’t
make this about us, okay? I am not in the mood
to argue with you. Besides, I need
to get some sleep. I do have to work
in the morning. – Work? Since when? – (sighs) Goodnight, Andrew. (humble R&B music) – Dad, can I ask you a question? – Sure, baby. – Are you and Mom
getting a divorce? – No, why would you ask that? – Well, I hear you
guys arguing a lot, and Mom stays gone, and
when she do come home, you guys are silent
at the dinner table. – You are definitely an
observant young lady, but, look, your mom and I are just
going through some stuff. Grown-up stuff. We gon’ be fine. – Okay. – [Drew] How you even
know about divorces? – I’m not a baby. My friend Joshua told me about his parents
getting a divorce. – Oh, okay. Well look, I want you to have
a good day at school, okay? Gimme a kiss. – Dad!
– What? – We just talked about
this, I’m not a baby! – Yes you are. Look, you gon’
always be my baby. Now you get to school. Oh, guess what I got? I got me a kiss. (kiss smacks) Hey. Now you stop
listening to Joshua. Bye. – [Woman] Girl,
what is all of this? – Bills, and they
are killing me. He’s been out of work
now for three months. – Girl, you must be going crazy. I don’t know how I would act if Robert was at home
with me everyday. – Mostly, he’s out looking
for a job, but when he’s here, I’m out trying to borrow money. – And how is he
dealing with that? – Better than me, but I can
tell it’s hurting his pride. – I’m not gonna tell you what
to do, but I will say this. Everything that we
do is for a man. I mean, take a look around. This a man’s world, but without us, they’d
have no purpose. And taking care of everything
is a man’s responsibility! – I mean, we have
responsibilities too. – Uh, no. Our job is to look good
and to stay in shape, and that costs money, and money
is a man’s responsibility. – So what you’re saying
is I shouldn’t feel wrong for feeling this way? – No. You married a man. And if that man turns
out to be a boy, girl, God’ll forgive you. (door closes) Hey, babe. How’d it go, any leads? – Dead ends. – Amy was just leaving, we
had a few things to discuss. – [Drew] Oh? – Good luck finding a job, Drew. – Thank you, Amy. – Bye, girl. Call me later. – Yeah, call me too. Honestly, do you have
to tell her everything? – [Tina] I didn’t
tell her everything, I just needed somebody
to talk to, okay? – I told you so many times
not to let that witch in my house! – Your house? Last time I checked,
this was our house, and if you wanna keep it real, I’m the one paying the
bills around here, okay? – Let me see. Oh, you gon’ throw
this in my face? – I’m just telling
you the truth, okay? And it’s mighty funny to
me that friends like yours, like Derrick, got
to keep their job. – You know it’s a
recession out there. – I know, and even still,
they seem to somehow be men. – And I ain’t gotta
take this from you. I’m gon’ pay this bill. – You do that.
– Yeah. – [Tina] And make sure
you pay it on time. – [Drew] Now you’re
asking too much. (soft, luminescent pop music) (someone knocking on door) – Can I help you? – Hey. Hello, how you doing? – [Receptionist] Can I help you? – Yeah, is John Bell in? – [Receptionist] Do you
have an appointment? – [Drew] No, but I’m a good
friend of his, my name’s Andrew. – Right. – Yeah, call him up and tell
him Andrew’s here to see him. Thanks. – Mr. Bell, an Andrew
is here to see you? Sir, what’s your last name? – Oh. Sam Houston ’87. He knows that.
– Yes sir. – You just take a
seat, he’ll be out. – Alright. Thank you. – Put it on the books. Drew, you dog. – John Bell. – How is it, my man?
– How you doing, man? – Good to see you,
how are things? – Good, man, I was just
in the neighborhood, thought I’d come see you. How’s business? – Business is great. I can’t complain. And look what I’m working with. – I see that. (chuckles) – That’s funny, I
was just talking about you and Kenny
the other day. – Oh my God, here it comes. Here it comes, he’s
gonna talk about Kenny. – Me and Drew and Kenny
went to college together, and there was this
big back-to-school, me and Kenny were all amped. Drew had warned us not to
go, ’cause we had finals the next morning. So we go, me and
Kenny get bombed! And we were bombed,
you remember that. – You were pretty bad. – We were bad. So we can’t find our way
back to the dorms that night, and we had to call good ol’
Drew to pick us up at 3 a.m. Does he complain? – [Both] Nah. – So he takes us
back to the dorms, and me and Kenny sleep
right through our alarms and good Drew gets up at 6 a.m. – Yep. – Aces his, goes to mine,
across campus, 8 a.m., aces it. Ooh! That was good. 10 a.m., across campus
again, aces Kenny’s. And what was the final score? – [Both] B minus. – Yes!
– Yep, yep, yep. – Dude, you’re
embarrassing me, come on. – (chuckles) If you’re
smart, you’re smart. Look honey, we really all
were pretty surprised, I’m not gonna lie. – Sounds like y’all
had some good times. – Yeah, yeah. It was– – Yeah, they were good.
– It was great. (chuckles) – Alright, come on. Hold all my calls. – Yeah, let’s, fuck it. (Drew laughs)
– One of those nights, huh? – Yeah, I had a couple
of those in my lifetime, but yeah, that was one.
– That’s college. – So how’s Kenny doing? – Wow, you really
haven’t heard, huh? He’s in jail. – Kenny? For what? – Embezzlement. $2.7 million. – Jesus. Are you serious? I can’t imagine him doing
something like that. – As hard as it is today,
anything’s possible. – That’s actually why I wanted
to come talk to you today. I was wondering if you could
make good on that job offer you talked about a
couple weeks ago. I know I turned it down, but– – Look, I’m sorry, but– – I can take it now, I’m free. So, I could even
get started Monday. – I’m really sorry, but look, I gotta lay off 20
people by next week. (sighs) You give me a month,
I’ll cut some strings, let’s work something
out and I’ll try to– – JB.
– One month. – Buddy, I don’t have a month. Look man, my bills are
due now, and me and Tina, we hit a little bit
of a rough spot, and if you could
just give me a job, I could get started Monday, bills are piling up, brother–
– And I understand that, – and I’m really sorry, and… There’s nothing I can do. I mean, I can feel for
you for the Tina thing– – [Drew] Look,
what Tina thing? – I mean, I’m sure it’s nothing. – What do you mean by that? Do you need to
tell me something? Is there something
I’m not aware of? – The way she treats you,
man, she steps all over you, she’s making the whole
situation way more stressful than it should be. (Drew breathes heavily) – Look man, every marriage
is a little bit stressful, but I control what
goes on in my own life. So, are you sure there’s
nothing you can do? There’s nothing you
can offer me right now? There’s no– – A month. (somber R&B music) (Drew sighs) (exhales heavily) (breathing sharply) (car horn blaring) (car engine revs) (car tone beeps) (waves splashing) – Oh.
– Here you go. – You’re a lifesaver, thank you. (lulling hip-hop music) – From the looks of that drink, you must be going
through a hell of a time. – Yeah. (exhales heavily) I’ve lost basically everything. – You seem to be in good health, so, no you haven’t
lost everything yet. – (sighs) I can’t find a
job and my wife is having to borrow money
to keep us afloat. – There is not a man in
this room who hasn’t been where you are right now. – So… – So? So, things will get better for you. I mean, things aren’t
as bad as they seem. Just, as a matter of fact, when I
was going through some things, I found it very
helpful just to talk to the man upstairs. – Are you one of
those church folk? Do you have, what are you,
trying to sell me something? Do you have a brochure
that you’re trying to– – No, no. I’m just someone
who truly believes in a power higher than myself. – Oh. Well, you seem to be connected
with this higher power, so if you could call him and
ask him to write me a check, you know, to help me out,
that would be fantastic. (dreamy music) – You don’t believe. – No no no no no, I do believe. I believe that if I don’t
pay my electricity bill, they’re gonna shut
my lights off. I believe that if I
don’t pay my car note, they’re gonna repossess my car. I believe that, I just don’t
believe that locking myself in a room and talking
to some higher power is gonna save all my problems. – Just ask Him. He will help you. – Alright. (slurps drink) And that’s another thing, I
don’t think that you were… Excuse me.
– Yes? – Who is the gentleman that
was just sitting right there? – [Bartender] There was
no one sitting there. – Yeah, there was. He was just sitting right there,
he was a larger gentleman, he’s got kinda like, he’s
got this thing going on, about… – [Bartender] Sure he was. – I promise you, he was just
sitting right there, I… What are you doing? – [Bartender] You know
what, I’m gonna cut you off. – Are you serious?
– Yes. – Are you being
serious right now? – [Bartender] You go home. – Oh my God.
– Goodnight. – I am not tipping you.
(chair grates floor) Oh God, I hate this place. (heavy, somber music) (knocking on window) – Hey, what took you so long? – Drew, stop it.
– Nah, I’m ready, let’s go. – I don’t wanna hear it. It’s 8:30, she’s
already an hour late. Get in the car. – [Drew] Baby, look. Hey, come on. – You know what, Drew? Clean yourself up. Pay the light bill
and don’t forget to be at Melissa’s
school tonight. I’m gonna be late,
I need you there. – [Drew] Late for what,
what you got going on? – [Tina] Don’t you
dare question me when you stayed out all night. – Out all night? Baby,
– You know what? I don’t care. – I had a couple drinks, I
fell asleep in the driveway! – Honestly, I don’t.
– I was here. – I don’t care!
– I was in the driveway! – But if you must know, Derrick
told me about a position two months ago. Receptionist, I took it. I thought you would be able
to get us out of this hole but obviously not. – I am gonna get us
out of this hole, we just need a little help. – You know what, I
gotta do what I gotta do for me and Melissa. – Look, baby, I just
need a couple more weeks, a little more time! (car door shuts) Nah, I’m not done with you.
(knocking on window) (car engine starts)
I’m not done with you. Hey! (moves into frustrated,
brooding music) (Drew sighs) (door creaks) Hey. You alright? – Turn on the lights, Andrew. – Baby, about the lights– – No, no excuses. Go ahead, flip the switch. Go ahead. Yeah. I paid for the lights to be on. – [Drew] Where’d
you get the money? – Oh, we’ll talk
about that later. Why weren’t you at
Melissa’s school? (Drew sighs) – They took my car. – And you couldn’t call me? (Drew sighs) Whoa! Uh-uh. I packed your things. You need to find
someplace else to stay. (Drew scoffs) – Who sent you these? – Derrick. (ominous string music) – No, no, let me see this. “To a beautiful woman. “So our past mistakes
can remind us “of our beautiful
future together.” What the hell is this? Where’d you get the
money for the lights? – Derrick, okay? – [Drew] Are you crazy? Are you crazy, that’s
my best friend! – Stop it! – [Drew] The hell is
the matter with you? – Stop it!
(slap smacks) – Get off me!
– Get outta here! – [Drew] That’s my best friend! – You need to get outta here! Get out! And don’t come back, Andrew. – [Drew] Baby, I’m sorry– – Get out! (Tina sobbing) (heartfelt piano music) – (sighs) I don’t
know what happened. At one point, everything
in my life was going fine, and then, (sighs) then I lost everything. – Do you remember
the story of Job? – In the Bible?
– Uh-huh. – Yeah, yeah, didn’t God send
the Devil down to punish him or something like that? – Mm-hmm, yep. That’s the one. You see, Job was
a very good man. As a matter of fact,
he was the best man that God had to offer. – So why did God let him
lose everything like that? – Trials and suffering, well, they bring spiritual
enlightenment, and build a relationship
between us and God. – But I’m a good man,
I still am a good man. I didn’t hurt nobody, I
didn’t do nothing wrong– – Baby, baby, baby. (gentle piano music) See, God Himself says that
Job was blameless and upright. Job suffers because
he’s the best of men, not because he’s the worst. – So what do I do? – First, you need
to believe in Him. From your heart. You know, going to
church is not a bad place to do a bit of soul-searching. (Drew exhales heavily) – Okay. Alright. Grandma, I’m a little
homeless right now, and I was wondering if I could
stay here for a little while, just ’til I get– – Oh, hell no! Child, if your trials
are anything like Job’s, I can’t have you
anywhere near me. (Drew groans) Did you forget his
loved ones died? – Yes, I know. (Grandma chuckles) – Look, you can stay
in the beach house as long as you need to, and you can use–
– Are you serious? – Yes, and you could use
your granddad’s car. – Well alright. Thank you, Grandma. (smooches kiss) I love you, thank you, Grandma. – You’re welcome,
baby, you’re welcome. – I love you so much.
– I love you too. – [Grandma] Now, you
promise me you’re gonna go to church on Sunday. (Drew blows air dismissively) – Actually, I don’t
know, Grandma. They talk a long time, and
I read the Bible before– – Okay, give me
back, give me that– – Okay, okay, I’ma go, I’ma
go, I’ma go, I promise. I promise. I’m gon’ be there on
Sunday, praise the Lord, thank you, Jesus. – You know I’m gon’
ask you to pray. – Every other Sunday.
(Grandma sighs) I’ma be there. Thank you! – Uh-huh. Okay. – I love you.
– I love you. Bye bye. – See you at the beach!
– Bye. – Boy, that boy. (sighs) Lord, I know you have a
particular task for him, and I know you’re gonna
reveal it when you’re ready. But Lord, please watch over him. Other than You and Melissa,
he’s all I got left. (moves into vulnerable music) – (sighs) Oh my God. (sighing) Why me? Why’d You do this to me? You took everything I have! (sobbing) Why me? Why’d You do this to me? You did this to me, You
wanna fucking kill me? You don’t love me? I’m a good man. I’m a good man, I
know I’m a good man, I know I’m a good man. You took my wife, (sniffles) You took my baby from me. You took everything I have! I have nothing! (sobbing) You give to everybody but me. Why’d You do that to me? I don’t even care anymore. Oh my God. Why’d You do this to me? (sniffling) (humble R&B music) – Hey. Hey, are you okay?
– Eh, wha? – [Woman] Are you okay? – Yeah, I think so. – It looks like you
had a rough night. – Yeah, I’m just kinda going through some things. – It doesn’t seem like you
need medical attention. I can lend you an
ear if you like. – No, thank you, I’ve cried
enough the last few days. What day is today? – It’s the 15th? – No, I mean what day is this, what is this?
– It’s Sunday. – Oh my God. I’ve been drunk
the last two days. I gotta go. – Wait, wait, go where? Are you in some type of
trouble or something? – No, I just, I
gotta go to church. – Wait, what’s your name? – Andrew. – Andrew, I’m Tracey! I hope we meet again! (sensitive piano music) – So, it was so funny because
Pastor had said that one time in the sermon he was giving,
and it just made me laugh– – Hey! Hey! – Drew. – Hey, I need to talk to you. – Drew, no, this is not
the time or the place. Come on.
– No, no, this is the place. – Just call me later. – No, I can’t call you ’cause
you don’t answer my calls! – Okay, well I’ll call you. – I been trying to
get a hold of you. – Drew, lower your voice. – Derrick, this does
not involve you. – [Derrick] Don’t yell. – This does not
concern you, Derrick! And why you bringing my
wife to church anyway? You’re supposed to
be my best friend! – Drew, we don’t
have time for this! We’re late for church– – Yes we do have time for this,
this the only time I have! – Hey, hey, hey, slow down. – Don’t put your hand on
me, man, what the hell? – Don’t you… Now stay down. – I’m sorry, Drew. – You’re not sorry! And you’re supposed to be
my best friend, Derrick! How you gon’ bring
my wife to church? I used to let you
sleep on my couch when we was growing up! I don’t need none of y’all! – The believer
ought to understand that no matter how
close we are to God, we all are going
to have our share of trials, tribulations,
and troubles. It doesn’t matter who you are. It has been part of
the Christian life, and Jesus himself never
wanted us to be deceived, for he said himself
that in this life, we’re going to have troubles. And sometimes, bad news
causes us to believe that somehow, we are
living wrong, but our Christianity and
our walk in life, no matter how honorably we walk, at some time or
another, we can receive news that is undesirable. Jesus himself, when he
spoke to his disciples, he wanted to make sure
that they understand that and he explained to
them, gave them bad news about an upcoming event. Scripture would tell
us that Jesus himself explains to his disciples how
he was going to be persecuted. How they would spit
on him, and how– – Are you okay? – Oh, yes ma’am, I
just have a little… Never mind. – Even his disciples
received bad news. Jesus explained to them
how one of them among him was a betrayer. And he talked about
how one of them who walked close with him would later on betray him. – The Lord talks
to me sometimes, and He’d want me to tell you that He loves you, and He’s sending you His love. – Thank you. – You’re welcome. – Is that no matter
where you are in life, no matter what you
are going through, there is nothing
too hard for God, for the Scripture says that
many are the afflictions of the righteous, but
the Lord delivers them out of them all. You got to believe that. – Hey.
– Hey. – Oh, got a place by the beach, so I figured I’d come
in, check the place out, see how you guys were doing. – Oh, good deal, good deal. So, usual tonight? – Make it a double.
– Alright. – Yep. – [Bartender] Alright. (Drew sighs) – There you go.
– Thank you. – [Bar Man] So, you’re back. – Well, yeah. – How’s everything going? – [Drew] Fine. – So why are you here? – Are you just one of those
people who sits in bars and waits to talk to people? Is that… – Maybe. So, what does talking hurt? – [Drew] Nothing, I guess. – Well, tell me. (Drew exhales heavily) – Why am I here? Well, let’s see. Where should I start? I lost my job, I lost
my car and my house, thank you.
(glass clinks) (sighs) And my wife and
I are getting a divorce. Oh, and according to
the divorce settlement, she’s gonna get
custody of my daughter. Oh, and to top it all off,
the guy she’s dating now is, or (gulps) my best friend. But other than that,
my life is wonderful. – [Bar Man] Ah. (Drew chuckles) That’s it.
– Yeah. – That’s it.
– Yeah! – You’re getting it. Just think positive. – I was being sarcastic. – Oh, I wasn’t. (Drew groans) Being positive is another
way of having faith. Believing something
good is going to happen. – Look, brother. I’ve been waiting for
good things to happen. It ain’t happening. (ethereal soft rock music) – In today’s world, we
have the problems of noise. Worries about paying bills, is he or she gonna like me, what’s on TV tonight, vanity. With all those noises, I
can’t even hear myself think, let alone God. – Are you saying God
actually speaks to people? – Yes. Everyday. Every hour, every minute, every second. – Yeah? What’s he saying now? – He’s sending you love. – You know, you are the
second person to tell me that. Mm. This is getting weird. – Do you want another round? – Yeah. Hey, let me guess, you didn’t see that guy
that was just sitting right there, did you? – No. – You know what, I’m gonna
hold off on that drink. – You sure?
– Yeah. – [Bartender] Alright,
have a good night. – [Drew] ‘Night. (Drew exhales heavily) – [Tracey] Andrew? – Hey. – Hey. What brings you
out here tonight? – Tracey, right? – (laughs) Right. – Did I get it?
– You remembered. – Nice. – Yeah, it’s good to know
that I’m not that forgettable. (Tracey chuckles)
– No, no, no no no no no, not at all, I just came
out to clear my head. Please, have a seat. – Thanks. – Let me welcome.
– Appreciate it. – Having problems? Look. I don’t mean to pry or
anything like that, but you’re back on the
beach with a bottle. – Oh. This old thing? I haven’t finished this one yet. – Okay, so, things
must be getting better. – No. No, not at all. I’m actually getting a
divorce from my wife. – Look, I’m sorry. – Ah, don’t be. To be honest, I’m not even
sure if I was in love with her. I mean, don’t get me
wrong, I love her. I love my wife, but I’m just not in love with her. Does that make sense? Am I bad for saying that? Is that bad?
– No, no. – Is that bad?
– No, not at all. – That sounds so bad. – No. No. (deep, resonant ambient music) (Drew sighs) – You know, the first
time I ever came out here, I was with my wife. She wasn’t my wife then. We were just dating. And it’s the first time I ever
really looked at the stars. It’s amazing. They’re so far
away, and so close. (sighs) It’s amazing,
it’s beautiful. – It is, indeed it is. It’s like God. So far away, but
yet so beautiful. – You religious? – No. I’m spiritual. – Isn’t that the same thing? (Tracey chuckles) – Lord, no. Religion is manmade,
and anything manmade is made for gain or for profit. Now, spirituality
is enlightenment, and enlightenment is to give
understanding to someone or to oneself. – Are you a hippie?
(Tracey laughs) – No, I’m a freethinker. – Hmm. What about church? – What about it? – You go to church? – Every now and then. – So, you’re really not down
with the whole church thing, like that whole congregation… – No, listen, I’m
not against church, if that’s what you’re asking. – Look, Trace, I really don’t know what
I’m asking, I’m just… I got all this stuff in my head, and I got all these problems– – No, look. That’s more of a
reason not to drink. It clouds your judgment. – Maybe that’s my problem. – (chuckles) Listen,
we all have problems. It’s how you choose to
deal with the problem that really matters. Like, if a problem
consumes your ability to be a good person, then you handled the
problem the wrong way. – I handle my
problems all wrong. My life is over. – There’s always hope. – Hmm. I just need a shot of something. (humble R&B music) Hey Grandma. – Hey, baby. – Hey, Grandma.
– Hey baby. (Drew sighs) – You can do it. – Okay. ♪ There’s hope – [Tina] You get your
homework done, okay? – Okay. – [Tina] And don’t give
your dad a hard time. – I never do, Mom. – Hey. – Hey. – Look, I wasn’t saying
you were a bad parent. – No. – You just weren’t the
husband that I needed. Sign the papers, get
your stuff together, and she can stay
with you one week and then she can
stay with me a week. – You gonna share
custody with me? – If you get your
stuff together. – Look, Tina, girl,
I promise you, you ain’t gotta worry
about nothing, I’m… – I know you will, Drew. (Drew gasps) Alright, I’ll be back
in one hour, okay? Okay? Alright. – Thank you.
– You’re welcome. – Alright. Thank you. – Oh, my munchkin. (kiss smooches) Come on. (sighs) Oh, baby, I
missed you so much. Mm! Get all my sugar.
– I missed you too. (Melissa chuckles) – Hey, I’ma let
you know something. Just ’cause me and your
mom are getting a divorce doesn’t mean I’m not gonna
get to see you as much. I’m still gon’ get to see
you every other weekend. – I know, Mom told me. – Oh, she told you? Did she tell you that
I love you so much? Mm! – She didn’t need
to, I know you do. – You know, huh? Okay. Hey. I know I messed up big time
by not coming to your school. I’m sorry. – It’s okay. – No. No, it’s not okay, and I
wanna let you know something. Next time I say I’m
gon’ do something, I’m gonna do it, even
if it kills me, okay? – [Melissa] Okay. – Okay. – Dad, I want to know something. – Anything. What did you want to know? – Do you believe in God? – As of lately? Yeah, I’m becoming a
believer. (chuckles) – Good. In Bible study, they’re
teaching us about God’s love. – What about it? – Could you allow yourself
to let me be killed? – No, baby, of course not. – Well, God did. He did it for us. – I guess He did. – Don’t guess; believe. Believe in God’s love. He’s sending it to us. – Okay baby, I believe. You so smart.
(kiss smacks) You got such a little head but
you got a big brain in there. (smooches kiss) With that big bun
on top of your head, looking like your momma. – (laughs) Okay. – Alright, I’ma see you later. (exhaling heavily) Trials and tribulations. Let’s look at The Book. (sniffs) Let’s see. Romans. They were pretty successful,
let’s start there. Romans 8:28. “And we know that all good
things were together for good “to them that love God, “to them who are the called
according to His purpose.” His purpose. What is your purpose? – One of the greatest tragedies is that when the
creature refuses to acknowledge the creator. Some of us live each day as if we woke ourselves
up that morning. Our whole lives is about I. And yet, we forget
that if it had not been for the mercies of God, we
would not even been given the air that we breathe. When I think about how God
does not think of Himself and the Bible says that He
gave His only begotten son, I cannot help but
grieve for Mankind. Because everyday, it seems that
Man only thinks of himself. And I believe that any
God that would think of us before we thought of Him,
that would give His son while we were yet
sinners, ought to be a God that we ought to praise. Somebody ought to hear me today,
and I’m just about through. We live in a age of selfishness. Everything is about I. The Technology Age that
our children listen to and the kids are growing up in. It’s brainwashing them
on the one word ‘I’; everything is about I. I’ll give you an example. Somebody in here
has got an iPhone. Somebody’s got an iPad. We hear iTouch and iCloud. All of these things
begin with the letter I. And one of the things
that we must understand is that the world does
not revolve around us. We talk about what we need, but
what about what others need? Do we get up in the morning,
wondering what are the needs of my brothers and my sisters? (tender piano music) “I need one. “I deserve one.” All of these things
embody selfishness. We believe in ourselves
before we believe in God. But I’m here to make
a statement today that if you can put God
first and the others, as the Scripture
proclaims, before yourself, God can make a
difference in your life. God can make a difference. All it takes is
a change of mind. At this time, we’re going
to extend the invitation. There may be someone
here in the church today. You may not know the Lord
in the pardon of your sins, maybe God has placed something– – Yeah. I wanna testify. – [Pastor] But this is
a time when we should. – My name is Andrew Holmes, and I, I’m lost. I been lost a long time. I just wanna say I, (moves into soaring R&B music) I understand what you’re
saying about the letter I. I lost my wife, I ignored all my
responsibilities as a man, but all that stuff
that happened to me was my fault. (sobs) When I had all those things,
I never once thanked the Lord. I felt like the world
owed me something. But I wanna change that today. I wanna say “thank the
Lord” for helping me be a better father to my daughter, I wanna say “thank the
Lord” for helping me realize that my wife was only
trying to make a better way for her and my daughter, (sighs) and, I just wanna say “thank the Lord” for
helping me make it in life, and I’m sorry for all the
things I never said, Lord, I’m so… I’m sorry, Jesus, for all
the things I never said! (sobs) I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. – First of all, let me
thank all three of you for taking time out to come in and to sit down
and talk with me. Many hats that I wear
around here at the church is that I have to be marriage
counselor and mediator. Now, the reason why I
called you three in here is because Sister Holmes
came to me about an issue that is happening right now,
possibly among you three, that I think we need to air out. We need to get some
things out in the open. – Yeah, and Pastor, I understand
where you’re coming from, completely, 100%, and
I just want to say that I’ve forgiven both of them and I don’t have any
issues with them, and I’m just ready to
take it all in and just, you know, be done with it, and– – You’re not the
only one involved, and I’m gonna ask for
Brother Davenport, there may be something
that you want to say that you need to
say to Tina or him. – Yes, Pastor. Let me start off by saying,
Drew, I think your wife is just absolutely beautiful. – Okay. – And Melissa is just
an amazing little girl. – [Drew] That’s my baby. – But it’s just, I just
felt that as a man, you weren’t doing your part. – I’m sorry, I wasn’t
doing my part as a man? As in what, what are
you trying to say? – Drew– – Like, I wasn’t taking
care of my household? – [Derrick] A woman– – My daughter is taken care
of, thank you very much. – [Derrick] Drew, a
woman needs security. – So you’re a
security guard now? Is that what you’re saying? – Well, absolutely. A man that can pay bills,
that can keep the lights on– – [Drew] You see what
I have to deal with? – [Derrick] Come on, Drew. – I did my part as a man, I
paid all the bills I could pay, and I took care of my daughter. Now, I don’t know
where you’re coming off telling me I’m not
doing my part as a man. – Drew, we all got excuses. – Yeah? So what’s your excuse for
cheating on me with my wife? – Guys, come on.
– What’s the excuse? – Guys, please. – You gon’ come in here
in the house of the Lord and bring that up? Like I’m not doing my job? – Tina is right in the
middle of all of this, and hopefully, maybe she can
say something to one of you that can help you
all to move on. – Our marriage wasn’t working even before you
lost your job, Drew. You have to know that. – Yes. – That this wasn’t working. That we weren’t working. (Drew sighs) – Look. Honestly, I knew. I knew about you two, and when things started falling
apart, I just started going through the
motions, and I apologize. – I will always love you. I’m just not in love with you. (Derrick grunts) – Are we done? – [Pastor] We done. (optimistic orchestral music) (Tracey chuckles) – What? – Homeless man, on the
beach, owns a boat? The news is gonna have
to do a story on you. – (chuckles) Maybe, but
technically, it’s not my boat. My grandfather passed last year, so I kinda inherited
the boat, so to speak. – I’m sorry to hear
about your grandfather. How long has it been? – It doesn’t matter. – Okay, so, tell me a
little bit about yourself. Other than what I already know. – Me?
– Yeah. (chuckles) – Oh, wow. Just gonna put me
on the spot, huh? (chuckles) Let’s see. I was born May 4th. – So that makes you a Taurus, which means that you’re
stubborn and hot-tempered. (Tracey chuckles) – Guilty as charged. I graduated high
school when I was 17, I got a scholarship
to go to U of H where I played basketball,
football, and baseball, I like long walks in the park, and I’m looking forward to
meeting a woman I can meet and share the rest of my
life with, how’s that sound? – Very rehearsed. (Drew laughs) – It’s a little rehearsed, I won’t lie to you.
– Yeah, a little bit. (Tracey laughs) – This was a really idea. – What’re you looking for? – No alcohol? – Nah. I heard it cloud your judgment. (both chuckle) – [Tracey] Okay, okay. So, tell me about your family. – My family?
– Yeah. – [Tracey] What makes you, you? – Well, my grandfather
passed away last year, we talked about that, and
I lost my mother and father when I was 15, in
a car accident. – That must have been
really hard on you. – Yeah. Yeah, it was, but, you know, thank God for Grams. She raised me. – Yeah. I can tell, she did a great job. – You think so?
– Yeah. – I don’t know. It’s hard sometimes not
to feel like a failure when you don’t have anything to show for your
years, you know? – No, you have a
daughter that loves you. That’s something to show. (chuckles) I don’t know. It’s something about you
that just seems so right. – That’s funny, I
was just thinking the
same thing about me. And you. (both laugh) – Oh my gosh. I don’t know. I was talking to God,
and I asked Him to bring me someone that I
can share my life with, and it’s so weird, because
I’m sitting in my living room, and God told me to ask you out. I don’t do stuff like
that; that’s crazy, I’ve never done anything
like that before. – Wow.
– In life. – I mean, he is one
hell of a matchmaker. (Tracey laughs) I had no idea I
was being set up, this is amazing. Look, honestly, when I’m with you, I
lose all my problems, and I feel like
when I’m with you, you kinda complete me. Did I just say that?
(Tracey chuckles) I just said that. I just said that,
do you realize that? Do you realize what
you made me say? – How do I know
that you’re the one? – Well, I could
think of a good way. Maybe you could come with
me to church this Sunday? – I would love to do that. – Really?
– Yeah. – [Tracey] Yeah,
I would love to. – You gonna come
with me to church? – Yes, definitely. – [Drew] So, it’s a date? – It’s a church date, yeah. That’s what it is. – That’s awesome. God is proving to be a
pretty good matchmaker at this point, yeah.
– He is. – Amen.
– Yeah. (Tracey laughs) – [Drew] I mean,
God is working fast! – Right? Amen. (laughs)
– I already got a church date! – [Drew] I didn’t even know
He set me up a profile. – He loves you, and He’s sending you his love. – He’s sending you love. – Believe in God’s love. He’s sending it to us. (pot sizzling) – Hey Grandma. – [Grandma] Hey baby,
how was your day? – It was wonderful. I cleaned the house,
I washed the car, and I bought you groceries. – (gasps) It is a wonderful day. Now, what are you
not telling me? – Why you always think I’m
not telling you something? Every time I see you,
you always asking. Ain’t nothing going on! – ‘Cause I raised you, boy! Now spill it! – Okay, if you must know. I met a woman, and not
just any woman, Grandma, when I’m with this
girl, I lose myself, and I know what you’re thinking. You’re looking at me
like, “It’s too fast, “the divorce was
just finalized.” – No, no, I was
not gonna say that. But I will ask, how long have
you been seeing this woman? – About three months. 20 days, 10 hours, 46
minutes, and 32 seconds. 33, 34,
(Grandma laughs) 35. – Okay, okay. So, why haven’t I met her? – You gon’ meet her,
this Sunday at church. – You coming to my church? – Nah, this is the
second Sunday, you
gon’ visit our church. – Oh yeah, that’s right. – Mm-hmm, you gotta keep up,
(fingers snapping) you gotta keep up. You gon’ read a book
tomorrow morning? – I’m sorry baby, I’m getting
old, you gotta forgive me. – It’s okay. – So tell me. What does she do,
where’s she from? – [Drew] That’s crazy, you
know, I don’t have any idea. (cellphone ringing)
– Oh, boy. – Hold on, hold
on, I got a call. Hello? Hey, what’s up, how
you doing, yeah? Yeah yeah yeah, I
could be right over. Grandma. – Okay. – Bye.
– Alright. (kiss smooches) – I love you.
– I love you too. – [Drew] No, I’m leaving
out the door right now. Okay. Yeah. – Yes sir. Okay, I’ll let him know. Thank you. – [Drew] I’m back. – [Receptionist] I see that. – So, who called you to
the principal’s office? Why are you here? – Because I work here. – [Drew] Oh. I guess that would be
a good reason, huh? – Yeah. – [John] Yes sir. – I thought you were in trouble. – Yes sir. Okay. Yes, I will handle it. Thanks. Alright Lauren, we got problems. Corporate’s coming down on
us, so I need you to fix it and I need you to fix
it at five o’clock. – Okay. Yes sir. – And when it’s fixed,
I want you to call me. – Yes sir. – You okay?
– Sorry about that, man. – Nah, nah. I hope everything’s
okay, you good? – It will be fine,
it’ll be fine. – [Drew] Do I need
to take care of that? (Drew laughs)
– Nah, I’m taken care of. – [Drew] How you doing, man? – I’m doing good. So, how we doing? – I’m good, man. Tina and I got a
divorce, you know, but I got joint
custody of my kid, and got a new woman in my life, everything’s good,
man, I can’t complain. – I heard about the divorce, I was wondering,
are we doing okay? – [Drew] I’m alright. – Everything’s good? – [Drew] Yeah. – So, where are we working? – Not working right now,
but, you know, I’m confident, I got faith, and something’s
gonna turn up, man, I’m not worried about it. Everything’s gonna be fine. – I’m glad you said that. – [Drew] Why are you
glad I said that? – You ready? – Why are you dancing?
– You ready? – Yeah, I’m ready. What do you got? I’m not comfortable
with the dancing. – I can offer you a job now. And pay you twice
as much as you were when you were working
at that plant. What do you say to that? – [Drew] I say keep dancing. (John laughs)
Are you serious? – What do you think, baby? When can you start?
– I accept. – [Drew] I can start
Monday, man, I accept! Thank you, yes!
– Perfect. – I will not be late, man,
you will not regret this. Thank you, look, I gotta
get outta here, but, I gotta get outta here,
but thank you, man. – Yes sir.
– JB. – [John] You’re good. – I’ll see you Monday. – Okay.
– Alright. – Oh, hey. Wear a tie. (uplifting hip-hop music) (people cheer) ♪ Where is hope when
you’re all alone ♪ Where was hope when
your friends are gone ♪ Where ♪ Is hope ♪ Lost my job, I
can’t get a loan ♪ Seems like everything I
do, things just go so wrong ♪ Where ♪ Is hope ♪ As I’m sitting here by the sea ♪ Just the waves and me ♪ Thinking about
how it used to be ♪ I’m missing my family ♪ Where ♪ Is hope ♪ Can there be hope for me ♪ I heard that Jesus could
make it happen, you see ♪ Where ♪ Is hope ♪ Can there be hope for me ♪ I heard that Jesus can
make it happen for me ♪ Where ♪ Is hope ♪ Where is hope when
you’re all alone ♪ Where is hope when
your friends are gone ♪ Where ♪ Is hope ♪ I lost my job,
I can’t get a loan ♪ Seems like everything I
do, things just go wrong ♪ Where ♪ Is hope ♪ As I’m sitting here by the sea ♪ Just the waves and me ♪ Thinking about
how it used to be ♪ I’m missing my family ♪ Where ♪ Is hope ♪ Can there be hope for me ♪ I heard that Jesus can
make it happen for me ♪ Where ♪ Is hope ♪ Can there be hope for me ♪ I heard that Jesus can
make it happen for me ♪ Where ♪ Is hope ♪ Where ♪ Is hope ♪ Ooh ♪ Where ♪ Is hope (groovy R&B music)

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    trials and tribulations will always come and go but its meant to strength our
    connection with God , always remember he is there whenever you need him.

  33. Beautiful movie that I absolutely loved, with an amazing cast and such a testimony that 2 can do anything as long as God is #1.

  34. 26:46 "I'm a good man; I know I'm a good man" Jesus said to the rich young ruler why do you call me good?! There's none good but God.

  35. Andrew obviously didn't know the Lord before or at best was backslidden but his wife/ex wife and so called best friend are obviously false converts/nominal believers. If a man loses his job it doesn't mean he wasn't doing his job. People that do there best and work hard get made redundant and to say he wasn't doing his job as a man is just a cop out excuse from his so called best friend and ex wife for their lack of self control, adultery, covertousness, selfishness, greed and pride. I also don't think it was wise for Andrew's ex best friend to have been in the pastor's office during the so called counselling. It was all wrongly handled.

  36. It is times like these the real love in a marriage is tested. For better and for worst. These are times when the husband and wife must stick together. But most don't

  37. My only problem with this movie is the writer didn't put enough emphasis on how foul and selfish the wife was!! And to give the best friend a spot in the counseling session was Ludacris!! Other than that, good movie!!!

  38. From what I saw of this film as a married couple they did not match neither physically, spiritually, mentally or emotionally. They did not complete/cover each other. There is a message in this film for all of us.

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