HOPE – Sci-fi Short Film

HOPE – Sci-fi Short Film

(somber music) (sobbing, collision alarms) (exterior collisions) (sobbing) (big collision) (nature ambience) (computer beep) THORN: There it is enough provisions to last a lifetime I can’t go with you. What? I can’t live the rest of my life up there because you think the world’s going to end. It’s gonna happen, and it’s gonna happen soon! (computer beep) I thought you were with me on this. You’re the most brilliant man in the world but even you can be wrong, no one else has been able to duplicate your findings! That’s because they won’t accept it! (fridge opens) Hope is the only way to save all life on Earth. Helena I can’t go with you, Jacob. (typing) (computer and machinery) (computer warning beeps) (power shutoff) (sobbing) (surreal music) (door opening) (computer beep) (button tap) (playback distortion) THORN’S VOICE: This is Dr. Jacob Thorn. If you’re hearing this, then Hope was a success. Make the most of our second chance. Live.

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  1. I enjoyed watching and got rewarded with a climax like I love them 🙂
    Very well made and you must have had a lot of fun making this exemplary movie !

  2. Didn't make any sense… Very unrealistic… 100,000 years later the guy is still perfectly preserved with a bottle of alcohol in his hands… OK…? Insensible.

  3. 100,000 years later? the guy should have been a skeleton at best, if not pure clothes.
    but i liked the graphics, the execution of it. but it needed better looping on conveying the passage of time.
    or perhaps the gaps are all intentional to leave room for the viewers imagination.

  4. In my eyes the whole movie is absolutely pointless. Badly played characters showing stereotype behaviour. Just one message seems to be true. Getting drunk is the only way to get through this one without getting sick. Very, very boring and not worth your time.

  5. Yeah Georgia Film Makers. I noticed credits for Atlanta, and Kennesaw. I wanted to attend Fine Arts College in Kennesaw. I watched it a couple of times, and enjoy it. I met the actors via teleconference good times. Hope we see more from you.

  6. Please take a second to see my short film "UNARMED". This short film is about the effects POLICE BRUTALITY can have on a family. I poured my heart & soul into this film and you would literally make my DREAMS COME TRUE by watching and giving feedback. I am a student filmmaker and I literally went broke to produce this film! All feedback is wanted, Thanks!!!

  7. yea the worlds gonna end and there will be that one jackass who says I told ya so n my answer will be , yea but you posted that shit everyday hahahaha

  8. This is a good movie, even i don't understand the full story line but it's already great. Love how they bringing back some kind of space and Romance.

  9. Lorenzo Yearby ist verwirrt über den Hass, der in diesem Film zum Ausdruck kommt. Leider ist die Menschheit so. Von Anbeginn an trachteten die Menschen anderen nach dem Leben. Daraus ergaben sich niemals Vorteile für jene, die gemordet und geplündert hatten. Kurzfristig hatten sie zwar etwas gewonnen, doch langfristig konnte man diesen ,,Erfolg" nie sichern. Selbst die früheren Imperien gingen wieder unter aus den oben genannten Gründen. Leider sind wir auch heute noch nicht in der Lage, dieses Problem zu meistern. Solange es rentabel erscheint, anderen etwas weg zu nehmen, wird es auch gemacht. Kriege sind nur die logische Weiterentwicklung dieser primitiven Einstellung, die noch aus der Tierwelt entstammt.
    Logisches Denken wird nur selten bemüht, wenn es um reale Problem-Stellungen geht. Stattdessen ergeht man sich in Religiösität oder Selbstschutz. Revolutionen tragen den Kern ihrer eigenen Zerstörung bereits in sich, weil es niemals ohne Gewalt abgeht. Auch die Religionen bekämpfen sich oft gegenseitig, obwohl Mord , Diebstahl usw. ausdrücklich untersagt sind. Selbst die Rechtfertigung radikaler ,,religiöser", Ungläubige dürfe man ermorden, ist schon Blasphemie. Wissenschaft ohne militärische Ansprüche erscheint nur selten von Erfolg gekrönt, weshalb besonders die Sovjets so paranoid waren, in allem und jedem etwas zu vermuten, das geeignet war, ihre Macht zu schwächen. Nebenprodukt dieser Einstellung war der Buran, ein verbesserter Spaceshuttle mit Höherer Traglast, Schleudersitzen und wieder verwendbaren Trägerraketen und ,,Boostern", die wieder neu betankt werden konnten. Nur die typisch kommunistische Unfähigkeit, ihre Wirtschaft endlich einmal anzukurbeln, zwang das eigentlich erfolgreiche Projekt in die Knie. Auch die USA hatten wegen Geldmangel und idiotischen Entscheidungen ein erfolgreiches Projekt wieder eingestampft. Es war ein Raumfahrzeug mit einem neuartigen Motor, das auf der Erde landen konnte. Der Antrieb hätte nur einen Bruchteil dessen gekostet, was herkömmliche Raketen benötigen.
    Dieser verhännisvolle Hang des Individuums, möglichen Fortschritt zu aller Nutzen auf den Weg zu bringen, wird uns später einmal zum Verhängnis werden.
    Es wäre wohl eher Zufall, wenn es einzelnen Menschen gelingen sollte, die Erde dauerhaft zu verlassen, bevor die Sonne ihre Planeten verschlingt.
    Viel wahrscheinlicher ist es, dass wir uns dank unseres Fortschritts, uns gegenseitig zu schädigen bis zur absoluten Vernichtung. Die wenigen Überlebenden werden sich dann wieder auf das konzentrieren, das sie am besten können. Sie ziehen marodierend durchs Land, um anderen etwas zu stehlen. Mord und Totschlag bleiben dann auch weiterhin populär………

  10. Everything is good just except the sound quality. I'd recommend upgrading your mic for future projects and making sure there is an even spread of low, mid and high end frequencies as apposed to there being 0 bass haha! Just a heads up but good nonetheless

  11. What I got from this is, we need to find the Black Knight satellite to check if it a hope 😉 Also, after 100,00 years the good Doctor would be a layer of Dust. A well put together film though.

  12. Well shot and directed. However, The story is lacking for me. Not that I am a movie guru, but I thought it was going to be a cool twist at the end where, the main character ,after going into the space station to save humanity was actually paranoid. And that is why no other scientists could replicate his experiments.

    IT would have been cool to see him there for maybe upto a year, waiting, and nothing happens, and communicating with people back on Earth trying to reason with him. When they finally do get him to comeback, either on the way back, an asteroid for real hits.. OR just after he lands, an asteroid hits and his biggest fears are realized.
    Yeah, sad ending, but they rock ,,/

  13. that was garbage compared to most that i see. Wouldnt his body decompose after 100,000 years, and how would he have gravity on ship, stupid

  14. So the guy is worried about asteroids impacts ending all planetary life so goes into planetary orbit,  but did nothing to prevent what should be the obvious problem of hull breeches from incoming meteroids? The premise makes no sense.

  15. 100,000 years sounds like an overkill. Earth climate may have stabilized in a few hundred years to start the reseeding. Then, provided that Hope also preserved knowledge for the people (which is suggested by the new humans using and understanding English), it would not take humans more than a few thousand years to become a technological civilization again. A shorter time span would also make it more believable that Hope was still functioning and that the new humans had not been changed noticeably through evolution.

  16. I en joyed the short film.. however, the samples were on the craft in orbit of the moon.. and it didn't return to earth to help reseed it.. just merely saving the samples.. humankind had survivors and restarted again.. I know he didn't want to be alone, but he knew from his calculations he would be. Perhaps worse than calculated..

  17. I liked it very much, thank you. But wait, so it's the year 2112 and Earth still has not joined the Solar Federation? All the planets have joined. The Solar Federation can help in times like this. And to those commenting why didn't his body decompose…have you ever been to outer space? It's cold as hell. Like a freezer.

  18. this story is a cautionary tale about the problem with an Asian woman, she's loyal until the permanent resident status clears…be this a lesson to all the balding nerds going through a midlife crisis or science fiction apocalypse…yeah sure marry her but live in her country. that's what I did and it worked out fine…now if that pesky volcano would just settle down.

  19. It is EXTREMELY fortunate that humans 2.0 understand English and also developed the QWERTY keyboard so they would know to push the space bar. Had me up until the 100,000 years later part.

  20. Ok. Set aside the incomplete and confusing ending. There is no way that after 100'000 Years that HOPE would be functional in any way at all. NONE! Not to mention it would have fallen and burned up in the atmosphere the first 100 years or so. The lack of intelligents here is mine blowing.

  21. How come we get movies with assholes dropping bombs on super-mega-humungo star destroyers, rocket powered boots, and knives poking out of their hands, when we could actually get stuff like this?

  22. To save mankind, you would need to bring a female. I personally know of some who would accept the space challenge to survive.

  23. Interesting music choice-in a good way- sounds like one of the older score. idk many directors that would have the balls to put that style on a movie and they are wrong. Loved it! especially the beginning part .

  24. Wow that was shit. 100,000 years and the body is perfectly fine? The ship's orbit hasn't decayed at all, huh? 100,000 years later and the new visitor waltzes up to the keyboard and tap tap tap on the keyboard, knows exactly what to press to play that audio recording that was all primed up and ready to go, huh? Do you even know how long 100,000 years is? After that immense length of time, it is HIGHLY unrealistic that this new visitor to this ship would even understand our English at all. Do you think your audience is full of complete retards or is this film for children or what? Can't take this kind of amateur crap seriously whatsoever.

  25. Way to go film makers…I too am a film producer…my son went to school for this and we work in a spare time, bc making a film is very very costly…I mean the actors are free and so are we! I spent close to 20k on equipment, software and hard ware…plus all the equipment to make the film like adobe pro, Adobe, pro music soft ware, and cameras! Jeesh, talk about costly! I bout a Sony Tape recorder, A Nikon 7500, and all the lenses and filters and lighting, 4 go pros, a 1500 dollar stabilizer for holding the camera to prevent jiggles and bumps while walking…and well I could go on…good thing I write the scripts, play all the music, Foley work and producer…so be nice ppl. If u want to critique something do so in a positive vein…there is no purpose to hate and ugliness. It just shows u are about 10 years old and could never do this work…way to go film makers.

  26. Nicely done, independent film. One plot hole I see is that it took the survivors of the catastrophe on Earth 100,000 years to recover back to the point of space travel. These people would already have the knowledge of space travel, but need to rebuild to the point of being able to collect the resources to do it – a few hundred years at most. Now if the sentient beings that entered the orbiting vault 100,000 years later were squid looking creatures, or some evolution of roaches or rats, then OK. BUT if you were a race of evolved roaches or rats you'd have to ask the question "… the creatures of the DNA that is held in this vault are the creatures that kept us from evolving in the past. Is it a wise idea to resurrect them now?"

  27. Do the new born people use the same language and do they know how to use our computer device?

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