Horrifying True Stories “I SURVIVED A MASS SHOOTING AT A MOVIE THEATER” (True Scary Storytime)

Horrifying True Stories “I SURVIVED A MASS SHOOTING AT A MOVIE THEATER” (True Scary Storytime)

This happened to me four years ago. It’s by far the most extreme and life threatening
situation I’ve been in. I’m not writing this to evoke sympathy or
pity; my story is a testament to the grim reality that creepy, demented, and twisted
people exist in this world. The eyewitness account you are about to hear
is 100% true. For some understanding, this happened in the
United States. It was the summer of 2012. My longtime boyfriend and I had recently gotten
married. Even though we were dirt poor college students
and lived in a dinky apartment, we were having a blast. That particular summer we gathered with our
friends at the local movie theater almost every weekend. Luckily for us, there was one just down the
street from our apartment that had really cheap movie tickets. A night out that was under $10 was certainly
within our budget. Anyway, one Thursday night I received a call
from this group of friends inviting us to watch the midnight premiere of the newest
Batman movie. I had just finished working a 12 hour shift
and was pretty tired. I almost refused the invitation and thought
of crashing in my apartment instead. However, I didn’t want to miss out on the
fun, and it was a movie I’d wanted to see for a while anyway. Certainly it wouldn’t do any harm to stay
up later than usual and miss a few hours of sleep, right? At 10:30 PM we met at the theater. We passed large cardboard cut-outs of Catwoman
and Batman as we walked inside, greeted by the smell of buttery popcorn and the chatter
of excited movie goers. The ticket booth was to the right of the entrance,
and just above that was an electronic list of movies being played. The 12:00 AM showing of the Dark Knight Rises
was displayed up there in bright red letters. Being paranoid that the tickets would sell
out quickly, one of my friends swung by earlier that day and purchased tickets for all of
us. We bypassed the ticket line and went straight
to the ticket taker. She smiled at us and kindly directed us to
Theater 9, which was on the right side of the lobby. If only I had known what I do now. That among the crowds a killer was lurking. That as I walked across that tacky red and
purple carpet towards Theater 9, I could have been walking to my death. I would have turned around in that instant
and gone home. I would never have gone to see the movie at
all. But, of course, I had no way of knowing what
was about to happen. Oblivious to the peril I was putting myself
in; I pushed open the doors for Theater 9 without giving it a second thought. The hallway in this theater was shaped like
a U and you could go either right or left. Theater 9 was the largest screening room in
the building, perfect for accommodating the crowds that midnight premieres brought in. The screen was motionless and gray; not even
the previews had started yet because there was still a good hour and a half to go until
the movie actually started. We entered on the right side, so all of the
seats were to the left of us. I remember being surprised at just how packed
the theater already was. Just about every seat was filled, much to
our dismay. At first it seemed like we wouldn’t find a
spot to sit together. Now, the way this theater was set up, there
was a section of seats right in front of the screen. This area was flat, and there were about five
rows of seating in this section. A lot of seats in that section were empty,
but sitting right in front of the movie screen sucks and none of us wanted to sit there. One of my friends then spotted a row with
five empty seats all next to each other, perfect for the amount of people we had. These seats were about 3-4 rows up from where
the seating rows start to elevate. We ran up the stairs before someone could
take the seats and filled in. My husband, Brock, sat in the 5th seat. I sat next to him, and my friend Samantha
sat next to me on my right side. Her boyfriend, Tommy, sat next to her, and
another friend named Leo sat in the aisle seat. We spent the next several minutes casually
chatting, joking around, and laughing. After a while my three friends went to the
lobby to buy drinks and that addicting movie theater popcorn. While they were gone, Brock and I passed the
time by people watching. The theater was bright since the lights weren’t
dimmed yet, and I could see everyone clearly. There were a lot of people dressed in Batman
T-shirts and hoodies. One person even had a mask and one of those
shirts with an attached cape. There were a lot of kids in attendance as
well, which wasn’t surprising because, even though it was a Thursday night, it was summer
vacation so that meant no school the next day. Of all the people I saw, the person I will
never forget was the little girl sitting in our same row a few chairs away. She was really cute, blond with blue eyes,
and passed us several times on her way to the lobby, each time coming back with various
snacks and popcorn. Overall, people seemed very excited to see
the movie, and the room was filled with energy and laughter. After what seemed like an eternity of waiting,
the lights started to dim and the previews began. Just like every movie I’ve seen before, a
quick animation flashed across the screen reminding us to get refreshments from the
lobby, to silence our cell phones, and to make sure we know where the emergency exits
are. The animation had this ugly CGI cat in a tuxedo
that was sitting in a movie theater. I casually glanced at the bright green emergency
exit signs that were on the left and right sides of the movie screen. I didn’t think much of the reminder, like
usual. After that, I only remember one preview for
the Man of Steel, the others I’m not sure what they were about. When the movie started the theater erupted
into cheering and clapping. The title of the movie, The Dark Knight Rises,
exploded onto the screen. This was followed by the scene where Bane
is hijacking a plane. I thought this scene was pretty cool and it
caught my interest right away. Only when the movie started to get a little
less interesting did I remember just how tired I was. I decided I would close my eyes at the more
boring parts to get a little bit of rest. I had been awake for 20 hours at that point,
so I was rightfully sleepy. My eyes were closed for most of the duration
of Batman and Catwoman’s encounter. I don’t really remember what was going on
in that part of the movie (perhaps some of you have seen it and know what I’m talking
about.) Anyway, when I opened my eyes again Bruce
Wayne was on his computer digging up information on Catwoman. This is the last scene I saw. I never got to watch the rest of the movie. All of a sudden, a loud BANG erupted from
the left side of the theater. I sort of screamed a little because it startled
me. A strange smell started to fill the auditorium. It was like the smell of a firework, so I
thought it was a cherry bomb or something similar. Had someone thrown fireworks into the crowd
as a prank? Then, down near the right sight of the movie
screen, the dark silhouette of a person caught my attention. They were just a black frame against the bright
movie screen. A series of flashing lights was coming from
this person. It was a weird moment where time literally
slowed down and everything went strangely quiet. I was completely frozen, unable to move and
really unable to think at all. It was like my brain had stopped working entirely. Brock caught on immediately to what was happening
and he grabbed me. He pulled me to the ground and lay on top
of me, shielding me with his own body. At this point in time sound returned to me. I could hear the gunshots ringing out across
the theater. People were screaming. The movie was still playing on top of it all,
creating a chaotic explosion of sound. I realized the flashing lights I had seen
were bullets flying out of a gun barrel. An instant sensation of adrenaline flooded
my body. There was absolutely nothing I could do except
lay there and hope to God that the bullets I heard ripping through seats and walls wouldn’t
go through me, too. At one point shrapnel hit my head, cutting
off a good chunk of my hair, and as I reached for the spot to make sure it wasn’t bleeding
hot pieces of metal fell into my hand. I was lying face up, so I could see everything
that was happening. The lights from a still-playing movie danced
across the ceiling and walls. My friends were on the floor with me. Our unfinished bucket of popcorn was spilled
all across the floor. Leo had his legs sticking out into the aisle
because there wasn’t enough room for him to hide completely behind the seats. At some point Samantha’s water bottle, which
had been in the cup holder between our seats, exploded. Water splashed all over my face. The smell of gun smoke was overwhelming. Riot grade tear gas made me cry and caused
me to cough uncontrollably. There was another smell, too; the horrible
metallic smell of blood that I’ll never forget. I remember my lower body feeling wet all of
a sudden. For some reason I thought this came from the
leaking water bottle, but I soon realized this wasn’t the case. All of a sudden things went strangely quiet. The bullets had stopped for some reason. Tommy shouted “LET’S GET OUT OF HERE!” We took advantage of the opportunity and made
a run for it. We ran down the stairs, across the front of
the screen towards a bright green EXIT sign. We crammed into a small, closet-like space
where the door was. It was so dark we had a hard time finding
it. We were screaming and slamming on the walls
to find the door, blinded by the tear gas and dumbfounded by shock. Then, finally, my hands felt the metal door
handle and I pushed against it with all my strength. The door flew open and the light of a nearby
streetlight flooded our eyes. We pushed against the door so hard that we
all fell over onto the concrete. Samantha lost her pink flip flops just outside
this doorway. As I scrambled to my feet and literally ran
for my life, I realized my legs were red; they were absolutely soaked with blood. It was like I dipped my legs into a bath tub
full of it. I checked my body all over and I realized
I wasn’t injured at all. Where had this blood come from? I looked behind me and realized that the blood
was my husband’s. He had been shot in the leg. A massive, gaping hole had ripped through
the lower half of Brock’s right leg. His foot was barely hanging on and dangled
lifelessly. Leo and a young man I didn’t recognize were
carrying Brock because, after falling outside the door, he lost all his strength and couldn’t
walk. I was completely shocked. I had no idea he had been injured, especially
since he was right behind me the whole time and managed to escape the theater all by himself. How he did it on one foot, I’ll never know. At this point I screamed. My scream was so loud that it alerted nearby
construction workers. The construction workers were doing road repair
on this street, but as soon as they heard my scream and saw us running they stopped
working and watched what was going on. I’m not sure why this is such a vivid part
of my memory. Anyway, they carried Brock along the back
sidewalk all the way to the end, where the corner of the building is. This was quite a distance, several dozen feet. My husband then collapsed from exhaustion
and pain, saying he couldn’t move anymore. He lay down and a puddle of blood started
to form beneath him. I looked back, and realized we had left a
trail of blood leading from the door all the way to our current position. I was trembling. I knelt beside Brock and glanced around to
see who else was injured. Tommy had been shot in the knee and the hip,
and was further away in the parking lot. The teenager who helped my husband was also
injured. His dad and mom were with him; his mom was
sitting against the wall and looked like she was going to pass out. She was bleeding from several places. That family escaped at the same time we did. I guess they heard the bullets stop and decided
to make a run for it, too. We were all lucky, because the shooting was
still going on inside. I had to take off my shirt and use it to stop
the bleeding. I’ll never forget how lifeless and limp
his leg felt, and I imagined that’s what a dead body must feel like. I got blood all over my hands and arms. The police showed up really, really fast. I’d say we were only outside for a minute
or two before the red and blue sirens filled the night and rushed to our location (it probably
helped that we were literally a block away from the police station). A female officer stood by us the whole time
until paramedics arrived, which took a very long time. Brock was one of the last to be taken to a
hospital. He was bleeding out for almost twenty minutes
before an ambulance pulled up on the same street with the road work. At this point he had become almost unresponsive
and was on the verge of unconsciousness. Several massive guys rushed across the grass
with a stretcher, loaded him onto it, and then ran with him back to the waiting ambulance. I wasn’t able to go with him because there
was another injured person in the ambulance, and it was too crowded. I wandered around to the front of the theater
alone, unsure of where my friends had went. My blood stained shirt and a pool of blood
were left behind on the corner of that sidewalk. Walking through the crowds felt like a dream. I couldn’t believe what just happened. People were in hysterics and crying everywhere. A lot of people such as me were covered in
blood. And, like me, I’m pretty sure the blood
staining their skin and clothes wasn’t their own blood. A lot of people seemed to notice how lonely
and dazed I looked, so they kept me company and even offered me a ride to different hospitals
to find Brock, because I hadn’t been told what hospital he was taken to. I hung around these people for a while as
police swarmed the area and asked us what we saw inside the theater. The whole parking lot was on lockdown, and
we weren’t going to be allowed to leave any time soon. It was around 2:00 AM, so it was very dark
outside still (and I was pretty cold, wearing only an undershirt and shorts). The flashing red and blue lights of what seemed
like 100 police cars were blinding. I remember seeing a big police vehicle pull
up that said something like “Crime Scene Investigation Unit” on it. I think that’s when it really sank in and
hit me. I started to get sick to my stomach and wanted
to vomit, but somehow I was able to hold it back. Eventually, police started letting people
leave. I jumped into my truck and booked it out of
there. I was going 90-100 MPH through red lights
and residential areas without even slowing down. Stupid, I know, but I was desperate to learn
the fate of Brock and Tommy. I was in such a panic that I didn’t even think
to go back to my apartment, grab my cell phone (which I had forgotten) and call my parents
or someone else to help me! I was angry, upset, scared, and most of all
still in a state of shock. Was I really going to lose Brock only a month
shy of our first wedding anniversary because of some psychopath with a gun? Thankfully, by the time dawn rolled around
I found the hospital he was treated in. This was in the next city over, maybe 45 minutes
from the theater if you’re going the speed limit. I was so happy to be there, and the hospital
staff were all so welcoming and understanding. After making sure I wasn’t injured as well,
they let me wait in the ICU room that Brock would be placed in when he was done recovering
from surgery. I was so glad that he was alive. Brock and Tommy both had survived, though
many others weren’t so lucky. I found out the following day (after some
much needed sleep on a hospital couch) that 12 people were killed in this shooting and
over 70 were injured (I remember they first thought 15 people were killed, but the real
number was 12). The little blond girl sitting in my row did
not survive. She died in the theater no more than a few
feet from us. She had been shot multiple times. A heart broken police officer, who cried during
his court testimony, tried unsuccessfully to save her by carrying her out of the theater
and having her sent to a hospital. Tommy was rushed to a different hospital in
the back of a police car. He underwent surgery and made a full recovery. The bullet missed his hip bone and narrowly
missed his urinary tract and bladder. According to the surgeons, my husband lost
almost half his blood. Brock made it to the hospital just in time;
any later and he would have died. He underwent several blood transfusions and
was in the hospital for 21 days. The wound to his leg was severe enough that
they had to amputate it after trying unsuccessfully to save it. It’s been so long since the shooting happened
that my husband, friends, and I have been able to recover from it somewhat. The event was pretty horrifying and has left
us scarred for sure. I wouldn’t consider that part of the story
to be creepy, though. No, the creepy part is the shooter himself. I later learned much about him from the murder
trial that would follow in the coming years. Though my encounter with this man was very
brief, he has affected my life greatly. Just to know that people like this exist…is
disturbing. He is certainly one twisted individual that
I never want to see again. I learned everything from watching the televised
trial that took place in early 2015. This guy was going to school for neuroscience
or something in California. I guess he was a pretty smart guy. However, for some reason he had an obsession
with killing people and had a stalker mentality. After dropping out of his university, he moved
to my state and chose my local theater to commit a mass shooting. Before that, he was planning on hiding along
remote hiking trails up in the mountains, jumping people, pulling them into the woods
and killing them there, though he never went through with that idea. He stalked my theater for months and had this
shooting all planned out for the night of July 20th. Though I never saw him before this, its unnerving
to think this guy could have been watching us every time we went to the theater, and
we would have never known it. We were completely unaware of what he had
planned against us. This completely ruined my sense of security,
because who knows what the stranger next to you is planning on doing to you. I came very close to the shooter, but I never
actually saw his face in person until I was forced to testify in court. Of course I saw his mug shots on television,
but while in the theater I only saw him as a dark silhouette in the shadows, like a demonic
figure rendered from the darkest and most sinister nightmare. He was even in the hallway that we passed
upon running for the emergency exit. The only thing stopping him from killing us
there and then was his jammed assault rifle. To commit this crime, he ordered a few thousand
rounds of ammunition, riot gear and armor, tear gas, an assault rifle, and a shotgun. He took pictures of himself, which were shown
in court, wearing all of this gear like some sick trophy and holding up these weapons with
a menacing smile. He dyed his hair orange and put in these creepy
black contacts while making devilish faces into the camera, something that made me sick
just looking at. Before driving to the theater with all of
this gear in his car, he booby trapped his entire apartment and set it to explode if
anyone opened the door. Then, once at the theater, he posed as a movie
goer and even bought a ticket for the movie. I think his ticket had Theater 8 on it, which
was next door, but Theater 9 had more people in it so he went into number 9 instead. He was in the few front rows. I must have passed him several times in the
lobby while he was there. Maybe he had seen me, too. At some point during the movie, he got up
and went through the side exit (which didn’t have an alarm for some reason), kept it propped
open with something, then went to his car to put on all his armor and grabbed his weapons. Then, he came back inside and started shooting. When we escaped the theater, we ran past his
white car which was parked right at the exit. We didn’t even notice it. At some point he came outside, and he would
have seen us there on the concrete. I don’t know what stopped him from shooting
people that were outside, too, but he could have easily ended us there and then if he
wanted to. I think the hardest part for me was facing
this twisted individual in court. I’ll never forget rising as they called
my name, walking down the center row past my family, other survivors, and crowds of
news hungry media personnel. I sat right across from him, maybe only 10
feet away. While his orange hair was gone and he wasn’t
wearing any black contacts, being so close to him was a creepy and uncomfortable experience. My encounters with this man are certainly
ones I will never forget. I can now say that I’ve come face to face
with a true, deranged psychopath. He just had this blank stare in his eyes the
whole time. If eyes truly are the windows to the soul,
then his soul was filled with nothing but a cold indifference for those he had murdered
and harmed. He wouldn’t even look at me. Sitting across from him in court was the second
time I had knowingly been in the same room with this man. A man who had tried to take my life, but thankfully
failed, a man who would end up spending forever behind bars when, at the end of it all, he
was sentenced to 3,318 years in prison for his crimes. This is to the man who tried to kill me. The man who has caused countless nightmares
and fueled the fires of my paranoia. The man who hurt my friends and family, causing
years of untold grief for my husband because he will never walk the same again. The man who stole the innocence and joy from
a 6 year old child who went into that theater alive and came out dead. To the man who carried out the worst mass
shooting in Colorado history, I hope we never meet again. Ever. I hope you rot in prison. Hey everyone, hope you enjoyed the video. If you did, i’d appreciate if you could give
the video a like That’s not something I usually ask for but,
It’s not every day you get such an interesting well-written and horrifying
story from a survivor of something that changed the world. Now for the skeptics who are going to ask
questions, i’ll clarify a bit on the story. This story was posted to Reddit and verified,
which isn’t an easy thing to do, especially for a story
like this. I’ll read a quote from one of their mods. Since a number of people are questioning how
this was verified, I’ll elaborate a little. Before posting, the writer messaged the mods
asking that we verify her story before she posted it. She provided proof-of-identity, which I was
then able to match to a list of survivors and to court records. Absent any conflicting evidence, I am convinced
that she was indeed in the theater that day, and that this is an accurate depiction of
her memories. As always, we only provide the Verified flair
when we’re very certain that an event did happen to someone. We don’t take someone just on their word. So that’s what the Reddit mods said. I’d like to add that I couldn’t include all
the pictures I wanted to in this video, due to YouTube
being a bit vague on their rules lately. If you’d like to look up crime scene photos
from the incident whilst listening to the story again
it’s very interesting. Everything from the pink flip flops mentioned
to the blood trails from her husband can be seen. And just so everybody knows, the writer has
given me permission to narrate and put this story on my channel. I personally learned a lot that I didn’t previously
know about after reading her first person recount of what happened that
day. And I hope that this story does the same for
many other people and helps better understand what happened
not only in general, but from a different perspective. Lastly, real quick before I end the video
i’d like to mention YouTube added these end card things. You should be looking at a few on screen right
now…hopefully. I’m not really used to it yet but apparently
people on mobile and desktop can click them on-screen to visit my t-shirt shop
or visit other videos of mine. I think it’s pretty cool and you should check
it out. Anyways, thanks again for watching the video. And I really want to thank the writer personally
for writing the story and allowing me to use it. If you want to express anything to the writer
and survivor, feel free to do so in the comments nicely. Also once again i’d really appreciate if you
could give the video a like. Social media and everything else in the description
Stay safe and have an awesome day.

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    Still, be safe.

  32. Honestly so thankful I decided to go to a different theater that night. I've lived in CO all my life and I will never forget how we as a community really came together after this. Aurora should not be known for this but unfortunately it is. Even though it was years ago, I'm still crying after listening to this. Glad he got life in prison instead of being let off with any sort of death sentence. Psychopaths really do exist, closer to home than we think.

  33. This could've been prevented! He warned so many before he ever did the shooting. The Dr & law & School wouldn't listen. His own family knew. He actually asked for help. The doctors & law turned him away! Is that not insane? He actually went to get help several times n was seeing a therapist telling the Dr everything. They did nothing to prevent this! They all pushed him out n said oh he won't do anything crazy he jus acting out. Well he did do something! He is super intelligent but very mentally disturbed! I wish the Dr had have turned him in when he first made threats. He did it at his school too. Ppl were scared of him even his ex gf said she had worried n called law to check him n they did nothing.

  34. This was so sad i remember waking up to almost 100 missed calls and text because i was pregnant with my oldest son and there was a pregnant women at the theater and no one new if it was me or not. My friend was working at the theater when this happened. I remember crying for days for the family that lost the 12 people and all the people who had to learn to heal from the injuries that happened. I just went to that theater for the first time since this happened and i havent even been able to watch the movie. I hope people are healing from this now.

  35. It’s kinda surreal that everything that was described are in the pictures I’ve seen. The flip flops, the blood trail, and the blood stained shirt that was left behind. Just kinda hits me in a strange way

  36. god i dont know if i can listen to this.. This is so much different than listening to some random creepy stories…

  37. this is why people should carry firearms on their hip… and aim for the head.. He got off WAAAY too lightly… The death sentence should have been used with impunity, they should have brought it back to just execute him.. hopefully someone takes that head in prison.. he fully deserves every bit of it… Id love to meet the guy actually… One on one, without his little toys and gadgets, see how he amounts as a man… I'd mop the floor with that degenerate freak…

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