Horror-Comedy Short Film “Boy’s Club” | ALTER

You have a problem. You have a problem. You realize I can hear you right? So what? It’s a problem. It was the fifth time today it’s not even twelve. Like you don’t do it? Not ten times a day! Seriously if you could just chill on it, that would be great. Just go eat your corn. I will. And, uhh leave me the can when you’re done. What? Why? Where else are you gonna throw it away? We don’t throw things away. Alright then just leave it on my bed when you are done. Why? Like I don’t… Oh no dude! Come on! I don’t even want to eat my corn. It’s not that hard to… It’s a guy in a truck. What’s he doing? He’s, uh nothing, he’s just… sitting there. What? He’s getting out. What? He’s headed towards the farmhouse. Oh. oh he’s fucked. Hey! By the way, just because there’s some dumbass outside doesn’t mean we’re done talking okay? Yea. So, I had a friend… and he had like a similar problem. I guess you could say. not as severe though… But he told me that how it… how he would… deal with it is by actually– [Try Me] Hey! -Shit
-What are you doing to Clarice? Get out of my truck. Chill man, chill! Oh chill, I’ll chill your ass if you don’t get out of that truck right now. Okay. Okay. Okay. I’m getting out. I’m sorry. I’m sorry I tried to steal your doll man. -Just, just, just, chill out!
-Alright come on. Get out! You get out of the truck! -Come on. Right now!
-Okay! Okay! Okay! Okay! Okay! -Get out! Get out.
-I’m getting out. I’m getting out of the truck! Sorry I tried to steal your doll! Maybe we can figure something out– Ahhhh! Give me some of that dick! 🎶 I need you now more than ever can I be together forever baby I love you Everyone needs to know cause we… fly together so fucking tightly– 🎶 Yeah, oh baby! Oh baby. Fuck me daddy! My butt is so horny! Keep going I’m going to cum! You have a problem.

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