Horror-Comedy Short Film “Circles” | Presented by ALTER

Horror-Comedy Short Film “Circles” | Presented by ALTER

Come with us on a journey into the unknown As we open your eyes and push the boundaries of your imagination shining a light into the dark corners of reality and investigating strange phenomena in the South Hams. This is paranormal South Devon on a Shout Out Radio and we want you to believe. Good evening. This is paranormal South Devon on Shout Out Radio and uh, welcome to The Twilight Zone We have quite packed show for you tonight. We have indeed Martine. We’re back after ..what is it, three weeks? Something like that Andy. How are you? I’m great. Couldn’t be better. Fantastic. Well, what do you been up to since we were last on air? Me? Martine? Oh, Helen, from Newton Abbott err says , we are coming through loud and clear, and aww it’s good to have you back Martine, I’ve missed you. Aww thank you Helen… Thank you. Thanks Helen So what have you been up to since we were last on air Andy? I’ve just been preparing for my talk at the City Hall next Monday. Tickets are selling like hotcakes. I’m looking forward to that. So how many tickets are left exactly? Oh, It’s… it’s another message. Martin from Dawlish says “Andy uh, I watched your DVD Crop Circle Cosmic Consciousness And I think you’re full of …” shall we move on to our main story tonight Martine? What a superb idea Andy, our main story tonight, a lot of you have been emailing in about. It’s the appearance of a series of crop circles in our very own backyard in Totnes. Five circles have appeared in three neighboring farms and it’s the first time that the phenomenon has occurred in South Devon. There were a few anomalies that we observed in two of the formations. Samples have been sent off for closer analysis. But rest assured we will be keeping a close eye on the situation and making sure that we get to the bottom of it. How’s John? He’s fine. Did you bring everything? Yes, Andy. And the night vision? Yes. Andy. Excellent. D’you see that? Those tiny lights? This is it, I knew it! Contact! Okay Let’s calm down. I am calm. We need to think straight. We can’t blow this. I am thinking straight. Yeah, well you say that the last time you forgot a tripod. Are you ever gonna let that go? Can I remind you that Bob Reynolds from the Plymouth UFO Society said that it was and I quote “Bloody amazing footage.” It was a bit shaky though wasn’t it? Andy, wait. Question is are you thinking straight? We’re about to go through the looking-glass. There’s no turning back. Yes, I’m ready Really? Did you bring it? Oh yeahhh. But do you have the gumption to use it? Andy, in 1991 two old men named Duncan and Dave told the world all you needed to make a crop circle was wooden boards, a bit of a rope and some imagination. Just as you were on the verge of a breakthrough people stopped believing. No one wanted to buy your DVDs. You lost your business, your wife, your children. This is our opportunity to prove them all wrong, it’s time to start kicking back. Seany? Seanny, how’s it going? What? I said, how’s it going? Just have a cup of tea and some biscuits I feel a bit bad about wasting all this wheat. Oh that depends on your idea of waste. This is art. Yeah, I suppose, people do eat too much wheat nowadays. Shite, we’re a bit out. Don’t worry babes. We can just make a bit wider I believe it’s the Devon and Cornwall UFO conference in Torquay this weekend isn’t it Andy? That’s right, this Saturday. At Paignton College. Yes Paignton colleagues. He’s been doing it what? How long now? Oh, I think this is the seventh. Seven years? Amazing! Yeah, I think tickets are still available If you had to the Devon and Cornwall UFO research group website. Or I’m sure you can get them on the door. I’m sure you can. What’s that you got there Martine? Well Andy, this is our second story tonight It’s the extraordinary story of a local man who claimed that aliens killed his friends while they were making a crop circle Sounds a little far-fetched We will be discussing that after short break and remember, this is Andy and Martine from Paranormal South Devon. And we want you to believe.

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  1. Oh that was fkn brliant6!!!! Cried laughing ! My mazzy is down my face !! Class !! Everything about this was just Brill Get in!!!! brit humour!!!!!

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