Horror Short Film “Childer” | Presented by ALTER

Horror Short Film “Childer” | Presented by ALTER

Where do Childer come from? Children come from the cabbage patch at the bottom of the garden. Get away from here. You don’t own the forest Mrs. Go home! We are home. Can I go outside to play? Nope. But I have to collect millipedes for school tomorrow, you said I can have them in the house. Okay, but stay beside the house and don’t go near those children. Childer? Where? Children. There’s strange children in the forest. Don’t go near them. They’re dirty. Wee delivery here for you. And if you could sign for it please. It’s a good one this month. You know, we’ve a little book group that meets in the library. Third Tuesday each month. And we discuss that month’s book. We’ve wine, biscuits. I don’t drink wine. Or coffee, if you prefer. We call it “Bodies in the Library.” Caffeine gives me migraines. Thank you. I have to go. Alright chief! Mrs. Gray says there’s a baby in her tummy. So we’re gonna have to get a new teacher. Don’t make a mess. But how did a baby get into her tummy? Be careful. That’s messy! Does the mommy, eat them? Don’t be silly. It was Ira that told me one time “ew, it would be all blood and guts in there.” I told you to be careful. That’s disgusting. Don’t be disgusting. I’m sorry mommy. I’m sorry. It’s not your fault. I’m sorry. Get away! Stay away from us. Stay away. Look, I lost a tooth. I’m afraid young Mark has been to wars with that tennis ball. But he’s okay now, aren’t you son? There’s blood all over the floor. Mr. Cooper, our teacher is having a baby. So you can be our teacher. It’s better than being a postman, because you can do painting every day. I’m sorry. I just – Your letters are on the table. Bye now son. Bye now. It’s nearly Novemeber. Why aren’t they dead yet? I’m sick of picking up leaves. Can I dress up for Halloween? No. Halloween is dangerous. But all the other childer… children are. What children? At school. We’re having a dress up day. I can make a ghost. We’ve lot of white sheets. But I don’t want to be a ghost. I want to be a fireman or a superhero, or a knight or soldier, or at least a dinosaur. Ghosts are for girls. Ghosts are not for girls. Ghosts are for everyone. Fine. I’ll be a ghost. If you kiss him, he’ll be a prince. Our sister kissed a frog once, but she’s dead now. Get away from here, this instant. What is that? It’s my turn to mind the school frog. I have to keep him for the Halloween holidays. No. Get him out of here. But we have to take care of him, he’ll die. No, I’m not having it in the house. Outside. You can keep him outside in the yard, not in the house. I don’t like it. Don’t be rude. I went through a lot of trouble to make that for you. Lovely. I don’t want to be lovely, I want to be scary. It is scary. Very scary. It’s basically a dress. I wanted to be a spaceman. I thought you said you wanted to be scary? Did you clean out that frog’s tank? Yes. No you didn’t. Yes I did. You said you would take care of it. I am! Promise? Okay, you can go and play. Don’t get dirty. Mark!? Mark?! Mark?! Mark?! Come up stairs this instant and get washed. You are filthy. Did I not tell you to play with those children? Didn’t I tell you? Didn’t I tell you to not play with those children? Mommy. Mommy. I told you to not play with those children. Mommy?!

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  1. If you want to watch another startling horror film from director Aislinn Clarke, you can stream "The Devil's Doorway" on Hulu today. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p2QoTwVkTZY


  3. Why she murdered all the children? And one more question (at around 7:51 in this video) Is Oct 38th is the date of any calendar?

  4. Okay, so my interpretation of this is that the mother has an intense fear of things she cannot control. Chaotic things like nature (the forest), dirt, and children terrify her. When her kid starts acting up and being messy and unpredictable, this fear drives her to eliminate him. Those other children (the childer) are her past children who failed to be perfect and clean and obedient (hence her calling them dirty) and got killed by her as a result. Each time she kills a child, she buries them in the cabbage patch, causing it to grow (children come from the cabbage patch), and also for the ghost to become tethered to the area. I think the term "childer" is meant to represent chaotic lack of perfection

  5. 1. I be there's some symbolism with the mailman and pretty sure he was also the dad since he kept calling the boy "son". Perhaps she was ignoring the necessity of the yin to the yang, so to speak, represented by the male counterpart to this story. Could be reaching. But also… 2. How TF did she get past the diaper phase?? Or toddler???

  6. She kills her kids for being dirty.
    She has Visits from postman/daddy. That's why he was so caring to the little boy.
    The kids haunt her because they want to come in lol. They said we are already home.
    She's the OCD Queen
    She didn't want the boy to go to the wild side by getting dirty. He didn't clean the frog's box lol.
    She tries to drown herself at the end and couldn't.
    She getting pretty for a visit from postman.
    The ball from kid that she just killed and ball buried with him. Letting her know he was back.
    That's all I got. I noticed other little things throughout.

  7. Ooohhh so all the childern in the forest were her's AND THEY'RE DEAD. That's why she dressed her son up as a ghost, and that's why she says "children come from the cabbage patch"

  8. I think all those 4 kids were outside and didn’t come near the house because those are her previous kids she has killed. Then she killed the last one right at the end in the bath, which also symbolises the 5 apples at the end with the 5 deaths of the children. Then the ball was thrown to show her that the final kill had joined the 4 to make 5 in the forest.

    Tbh she has a pretty good K/D if I’m honest 😂

  9. ⚠️ there are spoilers in the comments. Also check out young Childer actor Luke Walford in an other Alter presentation called Safe Haven. https://youtu.be/FsHSmsUZtQg

  10. Kid: Where do children come from?

    Adult: U-um…

    from a cabbage patch in a freaking garden

    Edit: why is it that she sounded just like theDISGUSTANG meme when she said disgusting…Anybody here agree?

  11. I understand the Easter eggs if you call them that, but why are the children dressed as animals, or is that just a Halloween thing

    it wasn't me D:
    D I S G O S T A N G

  13. ⚠️ there are spoilers in the comments. Also check out young Childer actor Luke Walford in an other Alter presentation called Safe Haven. https://youtu.be/FsHSmsUZtQg

  14. I have yet to watch this! I'm afraid! Someone dare me to do it because I can't say no to those and I really wanna watch this!

  15. Are all the kids her biological children? She’s too young to have had a kid, murdered him, had another kid and murdered him, had another… so on until this boy #5.

    Someone mentioned the possibility that she adopted or even kidnapped the kids. Maybe, but the boy definitely thought of her as Mom.

  16. Noun. childer. (Ireland, obsolete elsewhere) plural of child. https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/childer

    Childermas (plural Childermases)
    : A day to commemorate the killing of the Holy Innocents. Variously held on 28th December in the Western Church and 29th December in the Eastern Church. In Spanish-speaking countries this is often a prank-filled day like April Fools' Day.

  17. Oh my goodness, I made the mistake of looking through the comments before the video. Don't look at the comments until after, guys.

  18. Sorry, can’t finish watching the video….I got to go clean my place up. You know, vacuum the grass and everything….. 🤪🤔😯🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

  19. ⚠️ there are spoilers in the comments. Also check out young Childer actor Luke Walford in an other Alter presentation called Safe Haven. https://youtu.be/FsHSmsUZtQg

  20. I’m going to guess that all of those kids she kept seeing were her children that she killed when they got too messy especially when that one kid said that their sister died because she kissed a frog (and I’m going to guess it was the one holding the frog). Each kid did something that made their “mother” go off. With Mark, it was him possible finding and digging up the bodies of his deceased sibling. And the apples representing them all being drowned by her.

    That’s what I got from reading the comments and replaying the video a couple of times though I’m still confused at some parts. Like when she said why the kids weren’t dead yet or why the kids had those specific masks on.

  21. Ok but what was that kid eating before, dipping something in an egg? That made me gag like,,, Ik it's probably good to some people but the way it looks just made me sick to my stomach

  22. The five apples in the bucket could be a metaphor …the apples of a mother's eye…her children; that she drowned in water. She murdered them in her craziness and hence child+murder=childer..maybe I m wrong. But all the 5 kids were hers, of course.

  23. That little boy is so cute, I'm totally rethinking my life plan (which actually was not to have children – until now).

  24. 15:47 when she looks at the mirror I though she looks like Hillary Clinton.. That's even scary 😨😨😨


  26. The mother want the son to become a ghost. She already has intention to kill her children from the begining. If cant deal with 'dirty' dont make children. Huhu. Are those dead children fathered by the mail man?

  27. In my opinion, the children in the forest were her other children. The boy was very scared when he came home because he found out what his mother did to his siblings. The five apples represent the five children who died in the bathtub, and the children 'haunting' the place represents the ghosts of her past still haunting her.

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