Horror Short Film | Jeremy Sisto | Inside

Horror Short Film | Jeremy Sisto | Inside

-(announcer) The greatest battle
one can ever fight is the one that takes place
within the mind. Perspective, perception,
and control are the weapons used
in this particular conflict. BlackBoxTV Presents: Inside. -On your feet. The doctor wants to see you. Let’s go, I said. No trouble, now. [light bulb buzzes] -(doctor)
You’re suffering from a condition known as
multiple personality disorder. [overlapping voices] -[man singing]:
That’s my name too -(man)
Just let them die. -(doctor) Without a name,
you can’t know who you really– -(man)
Guess again. My name is– [overlapping voices] -(doctor)
But there are others here, as well. Jonathon, Heather, Thomas,
Harris, Joey, and Bo. For weeks now, we’ve been talking. You’ve introduced me to
a lot of different people. -(girl)
Why is that lady here? -(doctor)
Each with a different name. -(man) She’s one of them.
-(doctor) So, my question is, who am I speaking to now?
-[growls] That doesn’t matter. What matters is,
how do I get out of this place? -(man)
Intimidation won’t work. -Next week,
you’re up for evaluation. If it goes well, you’ll qualify for
a supervised release program, and eventually parole. -I am so sorry, doctor.
I’ve done horrible things. -(man) No, no, deny everything,
confess nothing! -(girl) I saw him do the bad things.
-I’ll take your head off! -(doctor)
It’s good you want to change. The only way you can
get better is if you– -You work for the government. You’re inside my head. You can read my thoughts. I’m being held here against my will! -You are here
because the alternate cells inside your head
have taken control. -[laughing]
That’s hilarious. Wait, are you a real doctor?
Give me a break! [laughs] -I know who I am.
-Then tell me. -[singing]:
John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt That’s my name, too [girl joins in]:
Whenever we go out The people always shout There goes John Jacob
Jingleheimer Schmidt [all arguing] -Stop talking! -[scatting]
-You’ll never amount to nothing. Never have, never will. -[singing]:
Gently down the stream Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily Life is but a D -D. You said D.
Does your name start with a D? -[singing]: That’s my name, too
-I want outta here! -D is for…
[voices continue] -You can’t teach
an old dog new tricks. -[laughs]
-D is for what? -We need help! -I just need to sleep! -What good are you?
-Stop yelling! [voices intensifying] -Enough!
[voices stop] All of you, quiet! I am here to help you. But I can’t do that
if you won’t listen. The only way you’re getting
out of here is if we work together. Now, you were going to say something. Go ahead. -D is for Daniel. My name is Daniel. [eerie music plays] -Good to have you back, Daniel. -Thank you, doctor. It’s good to be back. -It’s been a long time. -Yes, it has. -Now we can get back to work. -[sighs, sniffles] Hello, Daniel. I’m Dr. Blake. As you know, you’ll be up
for evaluation next week, and if you don’t mind,
I’d like to ask you a few questions. So, how are we feeling today? -I feel fine… doctor. Captioned by StreamCaptions.com -(announcer)
Question of the week: how would you
best describe yourself to someone who’s never met you?

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  1. I've seen this before and I just now recognize something.
    Is "Daniel" the insane brother of the sex addict in Six Feet Under?

  2. I think thrres a movie like this, i dont know which is based on which but the movie goes like the whore whose inside his head is the one that left alive, or so youd thought. Its the kid THAT WHOSE LEFT ALIVE, WHO IS ALSO THE SERIAL KILLER, that killed the whore. sorry for the caps and my english. I was too lazy to edit.

  3. For the people who don't get it, the guy has multiple personality disorder but the female doctor he was talking to who finally helped him wasn't really one of the doctors, she was another one of the personalities in his mind. So he isn't really better. It's just one of his personalities helping him

  4. Ok again never seen any of Jeremy Sisto videos, but the talent that youtube has is amazing. – BlackBoxTV Presents, shows mini movies that can rival any new or remakes in theaters. I must say again very impressed. Has anyone seen the old move called Hideaway (1995) starting Jeff Goldblum, Alicia Silverstone, and you guessed it Jeremy Sisto ( JUST found that out BTW ) I kept thinking he looked like the psycho in the movie I watched when I was young called, Hideaway ( Kind of B grade but great acting ) So kickass I just found that out, He looks like him because HA he is him.. ( GREAT ACTOR ) Now I am a new fan. OK OFF TOPIC. BlackBoxTV Presents I have a great idea for a mini show I would LOVE to see done if you take requests or are up for a challenge?

    A beautiful young women born blind  around 19-23 looking, loving life as is but always wondered what it would be like to see the world like others. She meets a young handsome man around 22-25 looking. And they fall in love. The man is evil, born this way. Never in his life has he had feelings for another living soul but her. He has the power to make her wish to be-able to see come true. BUT at a price. They will be connected. His love for her makes it so he wants nothing more in the world then to give her this gift of sight. But fears he may lose her if he does. One night they exchange I love yous after a passionate kiss. and he feels his soul for the first time fill with light, like maybe he can change? Maybe for her? But she will also be-able to see all the evil he has done in the past and might do in the future. Is her love for him and her new found site strong enough to forgive him for the past evils? and prevent him from the ones his blacken soul seeks to ensure? Will she chose him and what could come, or does she seek to help the ones she feels are in danger, with fear in her heart she may lose her gift of sight and the first man she has ever loved!?

    SO BlackBoxTV Presents FANS is this something you think they can do? Is this something you think sounds like something you would like to see? Comment below let them know.. AND BlackBoxTV Presents message me, I would love to help in anyway if you except my challenge!!!!!!  BlackBoxTV Presents IS love blind?

  5. Depending on how you look at it, he COULD be getting better. The Doctor said 'it's been a long time', so she could be the sane side of Daniel finally breaking through after so much batshit crazy being in control for a long time.

  6. Finally I found something better than the usual BS on this channel.
    Has it's impurities but overall it's great. Good Job Trevor Sands.

  7. I hope they are going to release that film with DiCaprio about that person with multiple personalities.

  8. If BlackBox had just done a bit of research, then they should know that it is not referred to as Multiple Personality Disorder (and hasn't been since the late 90's because it's a bit inaccurate), it's known and referred to as Dissociative Identity Disorder. Also, while switching into different personalities there's always a bit of a lull or pause where the patient's face looks almost absolutely blank.
    While this is a fun and nice idea it is in no way accurate.

  9. This was actually something good im surprised. This one plus pretty face were both great. Idk i guess its cause the other ones seemed too fake

  10. Hi I'm Milana! I'm 14 years old I have 2 brothers and I'm smart, nerdy, neat, quirky, and strange a little bit, I have a good sense of humor and I love videos games and YouTube I also enjoy school. That's what I would tell someone.

  11. Oh, so was he like, thinking the lady was infringement of him by like, role playing as her, and the doctor wasn't actually there?

  12. am I the only one in existence who thinks Jeremy sisto looks very much like Jim morrison??? this dude could pass for his son that he allegedly had with that thing way back when. he is almost the spitting image, especially with his hair this length. another doors movie should be made, different from that Oliver stone crap, and Jeremy should play morrison. I wonder if anybody else has thought of this

  13. im so confused i opened my watch history and a bunch of these vids were in it and i never watched them or heard of them

  14. This… means that In this "world" you can't say what you really what to say. You can't tell the truth, you have to say what people want you to say to keep your self safe.

  15. I think this is really encouraging because it's like one of his personalities is trying to help quiet the noise in his head

  16. hello, i think i've found the original version (non-HD) here: (2007 version) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-UIU9QNxJQ and here another version from (2010): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0tITzDjPf4g

  17. I keep coming back to this. This video sparked my interest in filmmaking and all aspects part of it (i.e. screen writing, editing, etc.) Thiss is quite frankly under appreciated. Thank you to the writers of this video and those part of the channel.

  18. I have DID, and the way the voices operate are pretty accurate. But you can't really see them. You might feel their presence from time to time though.. And you can imagine how they would behave if they were in the room with you. But since this does not have a back story, to why and how he got there, it can make others think that people with DID, are a danger to society or can't function like other people. When the thing is, people with DID function and behave, just as other members of society, just in a much more complex and difficult way. And the damaging stereotype of that serial killers have said "The voices in my head told me to do so!" Is in almost all of the cases, not true. That have been something that the murderers have said, in order to maybe not get death penalty or end up in jail. The last thing people with DID, and people who are already struggling with just keeping it all together, are the damaging stigma. We are already using the highest survival function to stay alive, the least you can do, is to be open minded and not judge us, based of little or no information. And please! Do not be afraid of asking questions if you meet somebody with a rare mental disorder. It is much better to get answers, instead of going around wondering and making up answers in your own head. Thankssss

  19. I'm not sure which names is which the psychiatrist later mentioned but I'm gonna guess it.

    1:31 Harris: A muscular, aggressive and hostile alter who uses imitation and threats towards the psychiatrist into getting out of the facility.

    1:44 Heather: A gentle, honest and friendly alter who confess the crimes others have done by apologizing for herself, the Host and the other alters on their behalf.

    1:49 Thomas (walking behind the crowd): A man who shows no remorse for the crimes he, the other alters and the Host has done.

    1:51 Joey: An innocent child alter who acts like any other young children at her age, speaks what she sees and likes singing children songs.

    2:10 Jonathon: An alter who dresses up like a businessman tends to laugh at inappropriate moments, doesn't take things seriously and seemingly having doubts in a laughing behaviour by questioning if the psychiatrist is a real doctor.

    2:19 Bo: A male alter with an optimistic personality likes to sing the John Jacob Jingilier Smith song.

    2:37 ???: An elder alter who often has doubts about others' by saying "you'll never amount to anything".

    3:05 ???: An overweight male alter who may might be lazy or he is often unmotivated as he wishes to sleep.

    4:55 ???: A female alter and psychiatrist who is always willing to help the Host cope with the alters at once despite not being a real psychiatrist, she's very devoted to keep the peace between Daniel and the other alters including herself.

    Daniel: The Host, Victim of D.I.D and the original/core personality.

  20. just a loose interpretation of what i believe "Daniel" has, which is DID; DID is like this- instead of being one person, you are a mobile home. people can move out leave it entirely and new people can move in, but its very hard for everyone to get along sometimes. some people make it messy, some people make it clean, some people keep to themselves. this house is your body. your mind is made up of the people living in the house.

  21. Why Jeremy Sisto?? He did act in Jesus Movie and he was playing as Jesus, but why now is he playing as this character, noticed that he act in a lot of Horror films….

  22. Oh my I love Jeremy Sisto. He's such an enigmatic actor with such beauty. He captivated me years ago in the film May. I absolutely am obsessed with your channel ❤️ all of the films are amazingly good. I'm hooked.

  23. I've recently made a short film on DID. After watching it someone mentioned about 'Inside'. The acting has really blown my mind away. I should've seen this earlier. Pls click the link to watch my film- https://youtu.be/fKFiSJuXusQ

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