Horror Short Film | Leave Me Alone

Horror Short Film | Leave Me Alone

Black Box TV Presents: Leave Me Alone [message ring] AAAAH! Let it go. Let it go. Let it go. Let it go. STOP IT! I SAID STOP IT! [heavy panting] [whimpering] LEAVE ME ALONE! LEAVE! ME! ALONE! LEAVE ME ALONE! LEAVE ME ALOOOONE! LEAVE ME ALONE! [screaming and panting] LEAVE ME ALONE! [heavy panting] 911. State your emergency. Hello. This is 911, ma’am. Do you have an emergency? Yes. What is the nature of your emergency? It’s my boyfriend. He’s dead. What is your address, ma’am? Um… 322 Ridgeview Drive. What is your name? Jamie. Jamie, where is your boyfriend right now? He’s under the bed. When did this happen, Jamie? Last summer. Jamie, so why did- He wanted to leave me! I didn’t mean to! I didn’t mean to! Please stay on the phone with me, ma’am.

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  1. something terrifying happens, of course i'm going to jump in the shower and spend several minutes with my eyes closed. i mean, even creatures of the night have the decency not to come in while i'm showering.

  2. Just, wow.  Amazing, never had a chance to see @Taryn Southern in such a dramatic role.  She's an amazing actress. Her cult film was amazing, too

  3. 1,2 Jamies comin for you,
    3,4 Better lock your door,
    5,6 If your gone it sticks,
    7,8 She'll stay up late,
    9,10 never see day again.


  4. The art style of the skeleton reminds me a lot of The Cat Lady, Did anyone ever play that game? No, well there is something wrong with you!

  5. Ok so I think the guy she was chatting with was actually her dead boyfriend and he was trying to like get revenge or something so he put those images in her mind

  6. This thing is insane..heres the break down:
    Jamie started off a normal night texting her boyfriend on skype. He wanted to video chat her and she agreed, the video computer was a memory/reminder of how she killed him she freaks out, gets in the shower, and so on.After she gets out she sees it over and over again untill she builds up the courage to fight. After that whole dramatic tantrum she calls the police, She tells them about the death of her boyfriend last summer and how she attacked him brutally,as the police continue talking, she drops the phone and cries as the screen fades to black..

    Make sure to check out my other break downs!

  7. What's the name of the song that starts at 0:30? I just got some words, but i can't find the music… "you and i know my head

    you and i know silence is the only thing that i

    you and i know too many things deeping in slow

    sound to thirsting feel

    it comes

    over me i will close my eyes thirsting

    to see"

  8. The fist part is either one of two things:
    1) She is chatting to a new guy online and hoping to start a new relationship. This conjures up memories of how she killed her first boyfriend. "How am I going to hide it?" "What if I kill the next guy?" She has been putting off disposing of his body because she can't deal with it, and now she's had to face it head on.

    2) She hallucinated the entire online chat. She is in a state of mental breakdown, being haunted by her dead boyfriend, causing her to lose track of everything. She is taking a cocktail of drugs which are probably exacerbating her mental decline, but her guilt was eating away at her until she finally snapped, and turned herself in.

  9. does anyone know the name of the song that plays at the end credits cant find it anywhere and i really wanna find it

  10. For those that still wanna know the song it's a cover of the song Handshake Heartattack. The band that covers it is The Epilogues.

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