Horror Short Film “Lovers Never Say Goodbye” | Presented by ALTER

Horror Short Film “Lovers Never Say Goodbye” | Presented by ALTER

We will make it. Trust me. Trust me. You are strong. We are strong. You and me. Hey.

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  1. A slow and tensionless zombie short that tries to be interesting by banking on bland characters being lesbian and so in love and depressed she lets her zombie lover eat her.

  2. Last scene made me think of when one person fades away with dementia and their spouse is like “ok I’m too tired so just consume me with your crazy and we’ll disappear together”.
    I would have liked more of those feelings through the story.

  3. My question to ALTER
    once you upload ur vids, do u get scared when u go to the bathroom all alone by yourself at night…..
    Cuz i am… I m afraid of mirrors

  4. excellent direction, camera, montage, coloring, sound and FX!
    this is why we love ALTER! it raises the bar for expectations!

    as for the plot, it kinda reminded me of why HIV AIDS was invented!

  5. For those who are confused, the film is an allegory on the amount of violence in lesbian relationships, which is way above the national average.

  6. even in death love prevails
    good short but was more sad then scary, and it also implied the zombie at the end wasnt even her girlfriend ?? which adds another layer to the sad ending

  7. Notification from Alter 😍❤️…

    Me: 🍿🥤😎.. 🤐.. 😫.. 😰.. 🤯.. 😵. 😱.. 🙈
    One of my favorite channel.. ❤️ Lots of love and prayers for you guys. I just loved this video.

  8. ชอบมากเลยจ้าา💓💓 I'm from THAILAND!!! and I like your every video. It very good at Ceater! 🙊💙💙

  9. Love u alter…..am glad I found this channel Bcoz I love horror movies ♥️👻
    You deserve more subs♥️😘

  10. I love alter. But this was so predictable. I wasn't a fan of this at all.. It hurts to say that because 99.9% of Alter's presentations are phenomenal. Sorry. It Just missed that special feel most of these films have.

  11. Interesting I don't care what kind of love it is is it comes to living then being a meal I rather live 100% no love is worth dying over or being a meal for something. LOL

  12. Unbelievably superb! As usual you guys hit another home run! Nobody has surpassed the talent n creativity of all of you there, keep them coming.🌈🌟

  13. I completely get where she's coming from, but……………NOPE, HELL NO, that's a homicidal corpse wearing my loved one's face. I'm killing it, breaking down afterwards and the next day continuing on to survive

  14. Terrible. Way too many close ups, and doesn’t get to the point. Had to skip through the first nine minutes because it took so long to get to where it was going. Also what’s up with all these lesbians? See them in nearly every video.

  15. Oh that's what I call everlasting love but if a girlfriend of mine turn I was chopping off her head and moving out with my life I wasn't doing with the main character did LMAO getting my neck chewed off LMAO😂😂

  16. Its only love and that is all. Why do you feed the way you do? Its only love and that is all, but it's so hard gnawing you.

  17. Do I have to be up at 7 am for work… yes
    Am I going to stay up way to late to watch catch up on ALTER videos…. yes

  18. Time to go watch 28 days later and dawn of the dead remake, I need me some good zombie movies without the LGBT stuff being forced down my throat.

  19. Hmmm… This was boring to watch. The story is something you've seen in all apocalypse and the horror is gone because you know already the plot and the ultimate end.

    Disappointed that there is no "twist" to at least make this interesting.

    Nonetheless, the music fit well.

  20. Love hurts, love scars, love wounds and marks any heart not tough or strong enough to take a lot of pain…
    Nazareth "Love Hurts"

  21. During a zombie apocalypse, one must always make an effort to pluck one's eyebrows and shave/wax your armpits., even while looking dirty.

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