Horror Short Film “Lucy’s Tale” | ALTER Exclusive

Horror Short Film “Lucy’s Tale” | ALTER Exclusive

It’s alright to be a late bloomer, Luce. Take. Do you think you have anything with a little extra padding? I’m so excited for the party. Yeah, I heard everyone is going to be there. Brad’s coming. Oh my god! Let’s go, come on. I’m fine. Let’s get out of here. Lucy! Hey Luce, hi! Couple people are hanging out Friday at the lake. You should come. It’ll be fun. Music, swimming, cool stuff like camp fires… or whatever. People hang out. But I want you there, so you should come. Unless you have plans. Sorry I didn’t ask that first. Do you have plans? It’s alright if you do. No. Awesome! Cool, perfect, I’ll see you then. Oh, umm, 7! People are meeting at Glen’s place at 7! That would have been helpful. Sure. See ya. Bye. Did you see what’s on her shirt? MOVE! Freak! What? What’s wrong with you? Stop it, stop it, stop it! Do you think that you’re better than me? Beth, what’s up? Oh shit, your nose! Are you okay? Oh my god. I don’t feel so good. Okay, let’s go to the bathroom, alright? Yeah, alright, let’s do that. Lucy! I’m running out to Mrs. Sommer’s. There’s cold cuts in the fridge. You should invite Bethany over. You need friends. I like her. Bye sweetie! I think I failed though. I always feel like I’m choking. You’re choking? Why is she here? Why is she wearing a sweater? They don’t make bikini tops that small. Who invited her? You know, one of my baby sister’s bathing suit tops would fit. Brad! He likes 12 year old boys. Wait, is my bathing suit top too small? My sister’s boyfriend thinks I’m hot. Just saying. No, it’s not too small. Okay. He’s dumb. Wait, your sister’s boyfriend is dumb? What? No! Brad is. Where is he? Looking for Lucy. Shit. Well she’s alone now. Yeah, because she’s fucking weird. You guys, Lucy’s mom asked my mom if I could come over and hang out with her. Oh my god. Like what? Well, aren’t there like friend apps? Uhh, those are called hook-up ads today. Swipe up, swipe up. Hey! Hey! Evil. I didn’t think you were going to come. I’m glad that you did, I know this isn’t really your thing. Unless you think it is your thing, that’s cool. It’s alright, they’ll leave soon enough anyway. They don’t want to piss off mom and dad and show up too late. Do you dare me to go over there and offer my little sister’s bathing suit top? I can stay out as late as I want to, so I don’t have to worry about that. Don’t drink so fast, okay? Let’s go swimming. Here, I’ll get you a drink. Finish this one. Be right back. Luce? Are you in there? I just wanted to tell you I spoke to Bethany’s mother. I don’t need fucking friends, just fuck off! Mom, I’m sorry. Lucy! No, no, really I am. I just got so mad. Sometimes I think I don’t even know you anymore. I’m sorry! I am sorry! Mom, wait. What are you doing here? I didn’t think I would see you. Where’d you go last night? You kinda just disappeared. We can just go to a diner or something if you want? Oh no, I’m good. Hang on! What the F… What the fuck? Was it good? What? Yeah but… Brad? Brad? Brad? BRAD? BRAD!? Brad… BRAD! Oh my god!

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  1. A statement from the director of "Lucy's Tale", Chelsea Lupkin:

    Lucy's Tale is a female led, coming-of-age story with a horror twist.

    Paying homage to Stephen King’s Carrie and dark female coming-of-age films like, Heathers and Jawbreaker, Lucy’s Tale is sure to remind you of the horrors of growing up and the body insecurity that goes along with it. A suspenseful story about a girl who no doubt wishes to grow bigger boobs, finds herself growing something else and no amount of acne cream or blemish removal can help her. So while Lucy just wants to come into her womanhood, she ultimately comes into her villainhood.

    The film follows a teenager named Lucy as she tries to find her place in high school after one of her best friends abandons her for “cooler” people. Lucy’s Tale is a story that dives into the complexities of mean girls and their consequences. For Lucy, her sense of betrayal and new-found outcast status serve as a catalyst for the film’s supernatural happenings. What should have been a time to grow into her sexual identity and womanhood, instead gives birth to telekinetic powers with a hideous physical side effect.

    A far cry from a final girls horror film, Lucy’s Tale is a film about growing up and becoming the person she was meant to be: good or bad. Whether you like it or not, you’ll be rooting for her the whole time.

    In an interview on Close-up Culture Lupkin says, “When girls hit puberty, there’s a whole mess of confusing things to worry about: We get our period, our boobs get bigger, our hips get wider, we get too tall or not tall enough. We suddenly worry about what we look like to boys and how we are perceived by our peers.

    When writing Lucy’s Tale, I explored the societal pressures of looking and behaving a certain way and thought of them as rules that my character should break in a fantastical way. So while Lucy was faced with entering her womanhood, she was ultimately also coming into her villain-hood, being supernaturally different than the other girls her age.

    Frankly, I’ve always been a champion of fantastic stories, especially those about characters who had physical manifestations of their flaws or internal state of being. Body horror gave me an avenue to tackle the very real and relatable issue of puberty, which is a horror in and of itself.”

  2. Is that why they call her a slut, she literally kissed and did it with a boy she doesn't even know 😐😐😑😑🤨🤨🤔🤔

  3. Check Out "Lucy's Tale" , a Great Short Horror Flik From Chelsea Lupkin , Starring
    Irina Bravo as 'Lucy' , Zach Fifer as Her Suitor 'Brad' , Sandra Lucas as Lucy's 'Mother' , & The Mean Girls :
    Mary Nepi , Zanny Laird , & Daryl Paris Bright !
    An Original Frightening Story with Fabulous Acting !

  4. All I got from that story was:
    Growing tail pros and cons:
    Pros – Super powers
    Cons – You can't have sex.
    I think i'm good without the tail. ._.

  5. .This is why people do bad things towards others. Even if you claim you didn't do nothing to someone, the mere fact that you didn't help, makes you part of the problem.
    This is the talk people should be having, instead of demanding movies to not be put out there, but how can we change and make berthings for bad things not happening. And the importance to normalising mental health.

  6. Time to clear my search history
    Like if your gonna clear your search history lmao I couldn’t tell if she was laughing or crying.. 15:52

  7. Lucy's Tale, that's funny.

    This is well made.

    It just leaves a lot left unexplained.

    The guy who plays Brad is very gifted, he seems authentic and natural. Hope he gets more work.

    Lucys actor also did a very good job.

  8. I feel like she’s the girl version of Lucifer😂 LUCY vs. LUCI(fer) lmaooooo. Even has a tail and freaky powers

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