Horror Short Film “Road Trash” | Presented by ALTER

Horror Short Film “Road Trash” | Presented by ALTER

She couldn’t pinpoint exactly when she started doing it. It was just something she did every day. Like a hobby. Some girls like makeup. Others play sports. Alice was into something a little different. Burying roadkill wasn’t a choice for Alice. It was an addiction. A moral compulsion. All God’s creatures deserved a respectful memorial and she was called to preside over their little funerals. Now Alice was used to seeing mangled piles of limbs and blood-soaked fur, but she had never seen anything like this before. But Alice didn’t discriminate. She buried anything and everything no matter how strange. We all look weird when we’re dead. An eerie, feeling washed over Alice as she walked away from the fresh grave. But that emotion quickly evaporated when she stumbled upon something else in the cemetery. A ticket to the movies. Werewolf Wednesday at the Brazos Cinema. Some cinematic escapism was just what Alice needed. She wasn’t feeling quite herself lately. The solitude of the cool dark theater would alleviate the discomfort. It was getting late. Alice was expected home by now. Just stick to the road she told herself. She soon realized that would be impossible. Alice always wondered what the old hotel looked like inside. It was gutted and slowly rotting. She feared she might suffer the same fate. Growing up, she heard the ghost stories surrounding the hotel. But those spirits were no match for what was following her. Alice knew her fate was inevitable. She carved her own cross with her addiction. She didn’t give that strange creature peace when she buried it in the cemetery, she pissed it off or so, she thought. Alice never left the theater that afternoon the monster was a hallucination a figment of her imagination. Probably an effect of the rabies she contracted weeks ago from one of her animals. Let this be a cautionary tale. Good intentions pave the way to hell.

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  1. Ooohhh so this is why all ppl are shit!!! Its so clear now 😮😯😶 {The fuck?} 👽🚬💀
    Also..magic ticket dies in lone movi3 theater cuz of "contracted rabies"?. At this point I would want ta believe she was ripped apart by a pissed off werewolf at lest that would make more sense then dying alone in a completely Abandoned movie theater.

  2. Thanks for sharing Road Trash, ALTER!! Halloween came early! Hope you guys enjoy my little werewolf short! Happy Halloween! -Natasha

  3. This is the best out of a couple dozen Alter movies I've seen. There are some close seconds, but hands down on this video.

  4. That was super -cool-fun ! I really enjoyed that it was narrated as opposed to actor dialogue. Gave the movie a different vibe 😎👍👍

  5. This was great lol I love the realistic explanation of it , well grounded and very entertaining.
    Also i love how you got heather langenkamp to do the narration lol

  6. Been watching your videos for awhile and I don't know why I haven't subbed until now. But thank you ALTER for your awesome content! Helps fuel my crazy side. OwO

  7. I wan wasn't a big fan of how the story played out, but i extra love the way she narrated it like it was straight out of a "Scarytale"…That's a fairytale mixed with a horror story….i in case you didn't catch that already…thought of it all by myself…you can use
    it if you like…jus sayn…

  8. That is the emptiest movie theater ever. I mean, I've gone there at dead times, but there would still be at least one attendant handling both tickets and concessions.

    Omg that end — hey, Heather Langenkamp narrated! Nice!

  9. Hey there! I am also an producer who creates short film's … and I am trying to grow up to 1k SUBSCRIBES So Any Support from YOU it's welcoming ! THANKS !!

  10. Wait day before yesterday I saw 725 k subscribers and now 728k…you deserve millions subscribers….and I am obsessed with your videos

  11. Loved everything about this short! The narrator…..Alice, the kind soul taking care of dead animals and the twist at the end…Bravo!

  12. Good intentions pave the way to hell.

    It’s sad to know that but I’m an animal lover and I give burials for those poor creatures but I won’t be scared. I still won’t be scared.

  13. Alter siempre sube excelentes cortometrajes, ahora se acerca Halloween, estoy esperando ansiosa esos cortos que no te dejan dormir, saludos desde Perú

  14. Happy Halloween 🎃 👻 I didn’t watch any of your videos for about a month or so, so that I can binge watch them today I got the popcorn and trick or treats ready. I love your channel

  15. I love your page!! you inspired me to start doing Horror Shorts!! EVERYONE GO CHECK OUT PART 1 OF MY NEW HORROR SERIES " SCATOLA DELLA MORTE" ON YOUTUBE

  16. i’ve been out from everything lately but here i am tryna catch-up and binge all alter’s i’ve missed. well, what can i say. alter will always making that good complex progress. nice one! ALTERED🖤

  17. That was awesome !!!! The lighting, the narration music everything. I’m scared to death of werewolves . The LED lighting reminded me of Suspiria. Bravo Alter

  18. Wear gloves and wash your hands often, especially when touching roadkill or wild animals. If you’re bit by something or worry you may be infected, get a rabies shot. It’s not a fun way to die. Disease is a serious thing.

  19. I told alter to make a werewolf movie for me and they made a stupid corny one dam alter u was waiting for a werewolf movie and this the movie you gave me dam bad movie;!!!!!!!!!!

  20. A different movie!!scary also!!
    Where is her family members?!no answer!!
    Anyhow it is a good film!!தெளிவா படம் எடுங்கப்பா!!கமெண்ட்ஸ் குடுக்குறவங்களுமே ஒழுங்கா எழுத மாட்டேங்குறாங்க!!என்னமோ?!
    Good work director!!

  21. I was hoping she bear the curse herself being burdened to kill every full moon 😂, but hey the ending was nice the lesson to be learned: Be careful of trashing graves you don't know when it'll return to haunt you.

  22. Alternate ending:

    Alice realizes that everything she found on the road were killed by that same feral human-animal.

    And then she gets thrown off on that same road by the beast and it cuts to black.

  23. Loved it ! Not everything right happens in this world. Real life is twisted. No matter how good your intentions, chances are you may anyways end up in a soup

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