Horror Short Film “Rue” | Presented by ALTER

How much longer am I gonna be here? Well, since the time that I wasted with you two in the principal’s office was
supposed to be spent grading papers, maybe that’s how much longer you owe me. That, or until you two want to tell me what this is all about? Ask her! She’s the one
that rushed me while I was standing in front of the class calling me a cunt. Excuse me. Reading from a report which not only
needs a spellcheck but was directed squarely at Clover Lang here. Look, if she took what I wrote personally that’s her problem. And mine is that you’re using
class time to threaten somebody with the wrath of some bargain bin local ghost.
Made up of the hands of the missionary settlers that slaughtered while they were
in prayer. Okay, look, I know that you students think us teachers are uptight
and preachy and all thou shalt not but it wasn’t that long ago that we were
right where you are. And some of us care enough to keep our ear to the ground. We hear what’s being said, Malory. Well you can’t control who you fall in
love with. Isn’t that right? And look, I get it. You don’t take what I
wrote seriously because you’re new here. But the story’s been around forever but
it all starts by seeing things from the corner of your eye. Things you’re ashamed of and would do anything to forget. But you can’t stop them.
That’s Rue, haunting you. Festering you for slaughter. And when it
finally comes, you can’t scream. Nothing comes out your mouth. It’s like in a nightmare, you can’t scream. But yeah, you’re right.
The lot say it’s just some stupid story people tell around the campfire.
But you didn’t get to hear my conclusion before I was punched in the face. Whether or not it’s true, Rue is guilt. And that, I know for sure is real. Look, don’t let her get to you, okay? She’s
just messing with your head because she’s angry.
Because she likes you more than a friend should and you’re not willing to
reciprocate that. Alright, she’s the one that should be feeling guilty. She’s the
one that this ghost would be after. Nothing bad is going to happen just because
you regret things. But I need to know, what did you tell her? I love you. *whispers: Why’d you do this?* Why? Hey. Hey. What’s going on? Why’d you do this?

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