Horror Short Film “Skintight” | Presented by ALTER

Horror Short Film “Skintight” | Presented by ALTER

That southern breeze That air that has a strong metallic like scent We are breathing in poison now rising from the roots of the soil The field is still lush and the wind still blows just right I can’t wait till you see Robin This is all quite hard to fully describe Hey mama, what you doing here? Man came to pick up my last check. You quit? Is there anything I can help you with today sir? These people Literally just talk into the man’s Came to beg for your job back? Actually I came to pick up my last check I know Nah hold up What is this? Your paycheck. This doesn’t even have my last two shifts on it. What am I supposed to do with this? I don’t know. It’s not my problem I’m gonna report this. You can’t keep playing me. Let’s be glad you’re getting something. Take it or leave it, you know, there’s nothing else If I’m being honest with you honey, this is me helping you out. What happened? She’s being an asshole, that’s what happened? Look you got to sit down and talk with her. I’m over it. I don’t even have the energy You got a second? Yes, bounced off my break anyway. Come on. I don’t know how you stay working here Gotta pay the bills man. So I think someone’s stalking me. Hmm? They’ve been sending me these confusing ass letters. I don’t know how to describe it. Here, just look at this It’s like a kid wrote it fam. You probably just overreacting. Someone could be messing with yours, especially since we just moved out here No, I just don’t feel right. Just relax a bit, getting worked up over nothing. I don’t know. I try not to let it get to me, trying to ignore it, but they’re worse shit than this, you know. The whole point of me moving out here was to start my life over I thought maybe moving would be a breath of fresh air way from the bullshit. I don’t know. I just needed someplace smaller My mom, she always like “Robin, you never know what you want to do. Damn near 30 and you always moving. She’s right, though Now I’m stuck Stuck and broke, ain’t that some shit. Robin I’m telling you just relax This this is nothing just ink on paper Whoever this is just playing games with you There’s no reason to stress about it Jimmy Hey stay safe, alright. Hey mama How are you? How’s work fine? I’m fine We’ve got a cousin Tatiana, right? Yeah, that’s a distant cousin. She passed away 5 years ago. Why? No reason. What’s going on? I don’t want you to worry mom, I’m handling it Baby, what is going on? Been getting a few letters with a double triangle symbol on them. Most of them have my name on it, but … this one says Tatiana. What kind of letter? Double triangle symbol? I need to call Reverend Johnson. This sounds real familiar. Look, I need you to lock all your doors. I am on my way. I need you to call 9-1-1 baby now! Okay, hold on mama. Wait 9-1-1 dispatch, what’s your emergency? I think someone’s stalking me. I don’t know what they look like I think it could be more than one person Are you home mam? Yes Is it possible they are inside your house? No, nope It’s taken years and years to get to this point Decades. Centuries of… Blood, sweat and tears. But here we are. Keeping the sacred tradition alive and well. So much more. You’re in this. The deepest strongest quality that skin can have is power. It’s here, and here, and here. It’s everywhere. And only inside. Why do you keep looking away I understand your place Understand that there is no way out of it You can’t break the chain. No one can. Skin-tight It’s just a circle Robin. That’s it. I’m so happy you’re finally about to be perfect. So do me a favor and just smile. You people need to get together. Come on now

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  1. For more about the filmmaker Ciara Boniface: https://artandseek.org/2018/04/23/disney-studios-next-visionary-filmmaker-ciara-boniface/

  2. So.. Does that mean… Everyone who had that triangle symbol was all in on it? Or they all went through the same thing as her?

  3. If one research the Jim crow era, this was indeed a practice. Only the timing in history is off.Maybe some very old barns or houses may contain some purses wallets made of "human skins"

  4. Well this was as subtle as a nuclear explosion. You want to make a horror story about slavery? I would have just told a story actually when slavery happened. Plenty real horror in that. It would be intresting to see the time period and You can even put a fantasy spin to the horror. you don’t have to make it seem like every white person you see around you is your enemy. Literally not one white person in this was a decent person or was even perceived to be. If they made a film where only black people were bad I’d think that’s just dumb and racist. They did this in get out to but atleast that had other aspects then made it a fun watch. Aside from political over tones In my opinion It was poorly crafted in pacing, cinematography, and the acting literally sounded like somebody reading off a script. But it’s gonna get praise because black people. To bad. I really wanted to see a good horror film for poc.

  5. This seemed like a fairly insightful commentary about how scary it can be to be a black person in a white world but it just came back to the usual Alter theme: beautiful young girls are being mutilated. It's an interesting pattern, but I think I'm going to find an alternative to Alter. I like a story that makes some kind of sense and also offers at least some hope that our hero might survive. All you fans of sadism and despair…enjoy!

  6. Thought I'd post something interesting:
    "There are two different types of melanin, the eumelanin (present in the skin and hair of dark-colored persons) and pheomelanin (present in the skin and hair of light colored persons). It has been reported that eumelanin is photo-protective and that pheomelanin is phototoxic in nature.

    ScienceDirect › topics › chemistry"

    And this: "Big Think › eumelanin-implant

    Web results

    Melanin conducts enough electricity to enable implantable electronics – Big Think

    Mar 29, 2019 · Researchers have just found a way to boost its … Eumelanin, a dark pigment from which we get our eye, hair …"

    "Interesting Engineering › melanin-c…

    Melanin Cyborgs: Pigment Breakthrough Enables Biocompatible Electronics

    Mar 27, 2019 · Scientists have created eumelanin that is compatible with a useful range of bioelectronics. … that significantly increases its ability to conduct electricity."

    This why our melanin is unique and special. What scientist are doing, can only be done with eumelanin (black people's melanin)

  7. Well i must say that this film SADLY is kind of REALITY! #fact in Chicago, Detroit, & many other areas of the USA(HELL EVEN THE WORLD REALLY) people(mainly whites) have been murdering blacks for their organs & their skin(to some this maybe new information but this has been happening for hundreds of years.. Maybe even longer) during slavery time.. Whites beliefs were that BLACKS had a high tolerance to pain. That basically no matter what was being done to them physically.. Black would be able to endure the process! (SMDH)… Now whether they actually REALLY did/do believed in this or just told them selves this in order to justify this LIE so that they could be mentally "OK" WITH TORTURING BLACKS(remember they didn't view us as HUMANS/EQUALS.. We were beneath a DOG.. TO THEM! But what I make of this film. The truth is finally being revealed. That melanin skin (or skin with darker tone) is without a doubt very valuable & offers many benefits… Genetically melanin is the 1ST SKIN TONE OF THE WORLD (THEREFORE MELANINATED SKIN HAS WITHSTOOD SEVERAL YEARS) & basically the white woman who finally capture Robyn basically is going to form a suit for herself using her melanin skin… Lol the irony this shows us blacks that we are indeed important and powerful(hints words the white woman spoke to Robyn while she was chained)…basically for hundreds year during slavery being that we are less than. Hold no value.. That really its the complete opposite and everything that they NEED AND WANT IN ORDER FOR THEM TO SURVIVE! (WOW, IM MIND BLOWN) FUNNY HOW SO MUCH TRUTH IS REVEALED IN MOVIES ETC.. MORE THAN WHAT IS SHOWN ON THE NEWS

  8. Is this one of those incredibly unoriginal "White people bad, white people scary" films, or is this meant to be a horror short?
    Legitimate question.

  9. Damn girl your mama told you lock all your doors and windows baby girl why didn't you listen? That singing and song is hauntingly beautiful. Know what the bad part was? When it ended wish there was more

  10. Ending: The chains come off the black girl and she tries to grab a weapon but Donald Trump comes in and grabs her by the pu**y and tells her "I am the chosen one!" xD xD

  11. They say we black people is poor,dum,jagoboos and low lifes but still they need our skin melon to survive not adding we black people is the original race on earth all races and nationality come from us but we so dam weak heaedi right all bullshit if you black or support Black people give me a like in this message ,u want to really see how many proud black people is out there and any other races that respect and support the black race you to give this message a like !!!!!!!!

  12. Actors and actresses all need a start somewhere. This acting was kind of cringey: the main girl, the coworker, and the supervisor. It was alright though, best of luck to them!!

  13. I honestly hate being white because of the prejudice that white people have thrown at the black community. I am so ashamed of my fellow dumbass white people.

  14. The triangles in this, screamed Illuminati to me. And Im a realist and I try not to read much into certain things. But this was something I noticed while I watched this and my mind seemed to wander….And what was up when she locks all the doors and then ends up going outside? Nooooooo girl,stay INSIDE!!!

  15. it’s like she didn’t want people to know she went missing.
    her: moves to remote city, lives alone, doesn’t know many people, quits job, only friend we know of isn’t worried about her, then goes out side after her mom telling her to lock the doors
    wow she’s smart…

  16. so this is like Get Out, right? With white people wishing their ancestors hadn"t gone so far from their birthplace on earth and therefore destroying black people so that they can feel better by playing dress-up.
    This whole situation reminds me of the oxidation process within the human body. let me explain. In oxidation, a healthy chemical bond in the body is disrupted when an electron is knocked out of place and it becomes what they call a free radical. the highly reactive free radical then goes about trying to get back in a chemical bond by knocking other electrons out of their bonds, creating more free radicals fucking up the body. I think these white people are like the electrons that have lost their way out of arrogance then realizing what they lost and trying to fix themselves by taking from others.

  17. Her acting was so good until she started lightly swinging on her chair to "escape the chain". That was the most unconvincing struggle I've ever seen.

    But hm. I feel like a tiny bit more exposition would have worked wonders on this one!

  18. The way she describes the intro as a narrator, I would love some sense in speaking in that kind of tongue. I always admire and envy people who speak with sick intelligence. It blows my mind to the next dimension.

  19. How is admiring and commenting on her looks any where near off topic? For me it describes her natural beauty, it's the essence that eases your mind. She's pulchritudinous.

  20. Does this have to do with anything about a wolf in sheep's clothing? Like beware of who you get close to, because they can be your friend one day, hear something, and be your enemy the next day. So always be vigilant and on the prowl.

  21. Its some butthurt ass caucasians in the vomment section that dont want to believe that the true origin of their racism is out of jealousy. Lol!!! Black ppl dont wanna be science experiraments we wanna be left df alone lol

  22. “BABY GIRL…..” bubbling brown sugar….and those empress braids I love them..nice acting part it fits nicely!!”😘🌹

  23. Looks to me like just a racist piece of shit espousing how the white man/woman is keeping the black man/woman down, all wrapped up in some sort of occult nonsense. Same old tired theme. The only thing missing was the song "Swing Low Sweet Chariot" playing as the credits rolled.

  24. What a great movie!!!! Want part 2 for sure!!! And what a completely stunning actress… she is a knock out…Gorgeous… I'd watch anything she is in….Almost forgot, I normally don't care about these things, she has incredibly cool hair!!! I really liked that about her for some weird reason…its HOT!!!

  25. If I was a member of a "skinning gang" I wouldn't try so hard to scare away my wannabe victim by leaving dozens (!!!) of scary letters for her and even painting a triangle by blood on her car's windshield. This short film should be nominated for the most illogical clickbait production category for sure.

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