Horror Short Film “Teeth” | Presented by ALTER

Horror Short Film “Teeth” | Presented by ALTER

I received my first tooth at the age of two and a half. This was, by all accounts, particularly late in a child’s development and meant that I was also late to be weaned. I did not enjoy teething so much. Its unpleasantness developed in me a certain disregard for these heart buds erupting from my gums. I found biting with conviction on firm objects to be of benefit and suitable punishment for the teeth. I would take to chewing anything I could get my young mandible around. Surprisingly, my teeth survived this intentional barbarity only to be defeated by an oh, so sweet sticky toffee apple. This victory was short-lived. These were primary teeth and primary teeth are only present to make way for adult teeth. They sprouted in you. By the age of six and a half. I had unfortunately now gained a complete and fresh set. I had no interest in their welfare. I only had interest in the sugariness that passed them by and settled on my tongue. My first adult tooth was not a victim to my thoughtlessness But was in fact knocked out. At eleven years of age a pre-planned chance meeting behind the school resulted in an inconspicuous bicuspid becoming an absent bicuspid. The gap left by this missing tooth was thoroughly explored and enjoyed by my tone of fond reminiscence. I reached the age of 48 continuing to lose teeth. By then I had lost enough teeth to begin missing them in my day-to-day mastication of food. Even if my tongue was now lavishing in the smoothness of it surrounds. Lost three more through medical intervention and through necessity I gained my first set of dentures. With them. came a revelation. It was only then presented with the disembodied enamels that the full beauty of this substantial link between food, tongue, throat and stomach became apparent. I began to place the form of the teeth above the function vetting and analyzing food for potential risk of the teeth falling foul, Many foods in fact became avoided. Avoided or mashed. filtered Separated and mashed again all for the sake of keeping my prosthetic teeth pristine. My fascination with teeth soon began to spread outside the realm of my own and into those of other toothed animals. I marveled at their efficiency, the specificity. These wondrous beasts that had no need to worry their minds about their teeth. They were blessed with immaculate design. I would take inspiration from them. I began to think about how I could combine these specialists points, that perhaps I could improve on my previous god-given and god-inspired dentures. I realized the perfect cutting, tearing and mashing tools. At the age of sixty-two, I separated the species and sorted the teeth into categories of size and shape. I gathered my resources and set to work on the construction. Through my thorough studies, I became convinced that I had come to a combination of interspecies teeth… That could not be better matched. My meticulousness meant that they were not finished swiftly. But they would be of utmost quality. In my 70th, the impressive and fair set of teeth were complete. In my 71st year, I lost the tip of my tongue.

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  1. Cant wait to try out self improvised set of dentures that ive been working on for a long time.
    "Accidentally bits off tip of tongue"

    Me: Bruh.mp3

  2. What’s up with the flies? They’re just kinda everywhere in the house. I feel like it kinda has some symbolism behind it or something.

  3. Jesus Christ, this made me feel so fucking uncomfortable and nervous! That means you achieved what you were striving to do! Very well done

  4. Am i the only one that found that aesthetically pleasing when he bit that wood thing and held the knife against his teeth-

  5. it didn't scare me or it's not creepy for me. Is it for those ppl who have those phobias that has something to do with the teeth??

  6. The only thing i hated was dragging that bread knife on his teeth. I was fine with every other momen, that was just an awful feeling.

  7. 1. Doesnt that guy at least cleans those theets ? I mean , he took them from animals
    2.Kids can grow up their milk theets again after losing them ? He said that he got a full set of theets even if he lost his first theet at 3 years , my adult theets grew up at 11 years so i dont think that he grew his adult theets at that age , 3. Why the heck would you want animal theets ? Wth ? 4.OK , YOU GOT ANIMAL THEETS , BUT DONT YOU REALISE THAT YOU CAN BITE YOUR TOUNG OF WHEN THOSE FRICKIN BIG AND SHARP FRONT THEETS ? AND EVEN IF YOU DIDNT OBSERVE , YOUR TONGUE HURTS WHEN YOU BITE IT , HOW THE HECK DID YOU CUT YOUR ENTIRE TONGUE P.S. it was theets or thoot ? Still learning English

  8. I have strong jawline i bit my friend to the blood i was shaking with my head like dog lmao. It was bite challenge

  9. good video and all but the mfs in the comments are ether people saying oh no animals die boo hoo or some negative inelegance people

  10. Me before the video: Oh~ I hope this sends shivers down my spine.
    Me after the video: Casually points out the fact that he lost his tongue

  11. This is why you never get animal teeth there sharp and can cut bits of tongue of this is why we have the normal teeth so we can't bite of our tongue

  12. My mind during this video:
    -well that’s creepy
    -he a doctor?
    -oh it’s about Dracula
    -there goes his tongue
    -how can he speak so well?
    -let’s see what people have comment about this one y’all bc I think I’m really stupid

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