Horror Short Film “The Last Halloween” | Presented by ALTER

Horror Short Film “The Last Halloween” | Presented by ALTER

Easy girl. Trick or treat? Stay there. You be careful out there. Knock-knock, knock-knock-knock, who’s there? Sam and Janet. Sam and Janet who? Trick or treat? Aren’t you a little late to be out this young? Especially with the… I’ll see what I can find. It’s not much I’m afraid. You should manage more than anyone, you’re the devil. Lucifer. Beezlebub. The Horned One. Go away. Trick or treat? You gotta be kidding me. Go home. There’s nothing for you here. You kids even know how to read? Bad things happen to trespassers. Kate! Get down here! Trick or treat? I said scram. Don’t make me come out there. Go bother someone else and leave us alone. Now get the hell off my property! Jack, they’re kids. Maybe we should let them… I think they’re leaving. What if they need our help? Kate, it’s not safe. We can’t just open the door for anyone anymore. They’re kids. They’re hungry. We have enough. No! We’re not taking that chance. Not again! They could be infected. They could be crazy for all we know. I mean, they think it’s Halloween. I think it is Halloween. They’re getting nothing from us Kate. We have to protect ourselves. From what? This? Everything’s gonna be okay. I guess they’re gone. I don’t see them anymore. Good, let them go harass someone else. Honey? Kate? Jack!!!! Kate!? Kate!? *offscreen* Kate… Jaaaacccckkkk Where’s my wife? What did you do with my wife? What do you want? Food? Take it. Just take it and get out. It’s too late Jaaaccckkkk It’s too late Jack. It’s too late Jack. Too late Jack. Kate! Kate? Happy Halloween.

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  1. 1:34 My father durin Christmas…

    7:14 Me opening my Christmas present…

    7:17 The Christmas present…

    And ye I'm makin Christmas jokes durin' Halloween cuz fuck it…

  2. I think those four trick or treaters are supposed to represent the four horsemen of the apocalypse. 🐴🐎👻🎃

  3. This contains everything I need in a Halloween movie. I’m a tiny bit scared but mostly entertained!
    Also, laughing old man could be a mood. Someone meme it with “When you’ve been working overtime for a month”.

  4. Sometimes seeing these shorts make me feel as though I'm going crazy. I am pretty sure I have seen this before. Oh well, wouldn't hurt to rewatch.

  5. Jeez. ..my favorite is here…
    The king of horror ALTER..
    Really enjoying u guys …..
    Feeling chilled here😨😨

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