Horror Short Film “The Rat” | ALTER Exclusive

Horror Short Film “The Rat” | ALTER Exclusive

Hey gorgeous, what are you doing out here all alone? I don’t know, I get really paranoid. Oh come on. The more you cough the more you get off, baby. Haven’t we been driving for a while? I thought we could do something fun first. You know, to get in the mood. Ugh, Jim, it’s so dirty. Why don’t we just go back to the car? Oh come on, it’s not that bad. Here. I want you right now. Shit. Condom. I think I have one in the truck. No no no, you stay here. You look so fucking good, I want you just like this. Hurry, okay? Of course. Jim? Jim? Is that you? Jim that isn’t funny! Renee, baby, I’m just messing with you. Hey, hey. I’m just messing with you. Hey. You jerk. SONG: I’m dancing with you from across the bar SONG: When I close my eyes, I’m the best dancer alive SONG: I’m looking at you move through the room like a parade SONG: But you look at me move through the room the regular way SONG: I don’t think I wanna get much closer to you SONG: I don’t think I wanna get any closer to you You want? SONG: I don’t think I wanna get much closer to you SONG: I don’t think I wanna get any closer to you SONG: I’m already in love, what would I say? SONG: I’m already in love, what would I-

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  1. Whoa!! Never, EVER been this early for any YouTube video! I love ALTER… check out my channel and show ❤️IF YOU WANT!

  2. Wait, so this movie is just about a stupid girl falling for the most obvious asshole?
    Did i miss some deeper meaning here?

  3. Grrrrrrrrr!!! Wanted to set fire to that whilst it was on his stupid cheesy head!!!! He was a fkn rat!!!! Them testicles needed a good swift kicking!!! Lol!!! True tho!!

  4. ALTER, you're beginning to falter. This wasn't scary at all. A little saddening, but frightening none whatsoever. However, I'll forgive you this once. Please aim higher from here on out.

  5. Oh, be so careful where you place your trust, your heart, oh tender ladies…a RAT can be hiding anywhere. I am once again, ALTERed. Carlen May – Mann, crew, and ALTER, Thank you for a unique little film about the number one horror in our everyday lives-toxic people! ☠💖 ( P.S. – And , the realistic glint of those eyes at the party!…)

  6. I still dont get it did he scare her soul away. What happen to her sex drive she went limp over a prank, how scary is she. This girl sucks.

  7. I liked the film, I think it was really well made and effective. But it's a drama, not horror, so I expected something else completely.

  8. The Rat is insensitive and immature. He messed with her head, when she was already in a paranoid and vulnerable state. During the sex, she was willing but disconnected (when previously she was into it and having fun), The Rat didn't care. She may as well have been a blow up doll. Afterwards, he leaves her to herself to deal with the after affects of paranoia and fear. However, at the party she is now dressed as a cat, and he a rat again. Even in her paranoid and vulnerable state, she recognizes who he really is. I actually expected her to attack and kill him, the way a cat would hunt and kill a rat , and the costumes were alluding to that. But a big chunk of the night is not included in the movie, she wakes up alone and gets up and continues with life the way she normally does. It leaves the questions, did the rat abandon her? did she dump him? did she drag him out the back, kill him and leave him at the back door? Whatever happened, she picked herself up and got on with things.

  9. Oh no. More intersectional propogandist nonsense, pretending that toxic masculinity is something bigger than an insignificant number of moronic guys. Yawn.

  10. What was the point to this shit? I love alter but I swear some of their videos have no rhyme or reason to them. Stuff happens, the end. Kind of pretentious.

  11. This was just not one of my favorites from Alter. I am such a huge fan cuz the filmmakers take such bold risks and so often end up with a gem. This time, not so much. But that's just one woman's opinion.

  12. The 'Rat' concept just isn't distinguish enough for me, I know he make her have sex with him on a dirty bed in a creepy old house, He make her try bad stuff but it seem that pretty much it. I think it might have to go further and weirder

  13. The rat proved himself to be an immature narcissist and she a cunning huntress that runs 😎
    Well done Alter 👏

  14. Man,I love these scary ALTER films! Keep up the good work! I am OBSESSED in seeing more ! This is fascinating!!!☻🖤☠💀👻😄🦇🕷🕸

  15. Yeh, finding out your boyfriend, who you thought, LOVED YOU, doesn't care for you and has no respect or compassion. In other words he's a … RAT. I guess that would be HORRIFYING. I hope she dumps him and chooses better next time.

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