Horror Short Film “TiCK” | ALTER Exclusive

Horror Short Film “TiCK” | ALTER Exclusive

Hey! Get outta my room! – He should be back by now.
– You’re so paranoid. – Would you just listen to me for once?
– I don’t trust them. Dad says we’re more fortunate, so we have to help them,
and they only act mean because they’re scared. Exactly. See? He’s back. Told you! (LOUDSPEAKER VOICE)
We thank you for your donations.
Volunteers will meet you at your doors to escort you to your new facility. (repeats) Put your daytime clothes on! I want you to get under the bed and don’t make a noise, no matter what. Ok? Here, take these. I’m sorry. (OUTSIDE)
Are you sure? Listen. (OUTSIDE)
The last one almost tore
my fuckin’ arm off. What’s wrong with you? Idiot. It might be awake. It’s not fair, we do all the work.
I can tell they been watering down our rations too! Shut her up! Shut her up! She’s just a kid. Just looks like a kid. Goddamned TICK. But you’re gone. We’re still here, Nishiime. Don’t even think it. TICK. Hey, are you done or what? It’s pretty messed up already. You see that scar on it’s face? It’s no good to anyone like that. Probably been living off bats or some damn thing. Sorry little bloodsucker. We got people we gotta take care of.
That’s life, you know? Come on, Sam. You know they stiffed us last time. My arm’s busted and I’m really feelin’ the ills. Look at my hand! It’s starting again! Fuck you! No way. My mom’s up there with those bougie assholes and they’re gonna cut off her supply if we don’t drop off. So, for once, just stop thinking about yourself, fuck? That’s the point, FUCK. We don’t NEED THEM. This little beastie can be all ours. We can take care of your ma! What do you say, Tick? You can have all the batties you want. You can be our family pet- Fucking shit! Fuck! We’re still here, Nishiime.

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  1. Hi Alter, great video tody!! I really liked this as with the others I've seen!! you guys make some awesome videos, and keep them coming!!! have a great week everyone at Alter, see ya's soon!!!

  2. Bravo Alter! Your videos are awesome. Some more than others but this one has a refreshingly different take on vamps. ☠️💜

  3. I assume "tick" or tweaking is the reaction Vampires have when they aren't feeding or getting enough blood to quench their thirst.
    So humans nicknamed them "tick" kinda like how modern zombies are called Walkers.
    If thats the case it gives us a deeper insight on the desperate need vampires need to feed. Even the bliss they may experience once it is quenched.

  4. Well, well! This was pretty amazing (LEAD actress was EXCELLENT 🤗) & "sucked" (lol 😘) me right in! However, it DOES need a "follow-up" /continuation as it left 'open' so many unanswered questions… MORE, PLEAAASSSSEEEEE!!?! 💗 (PS: I am assuming the twinkle lights run on batteries?? 😉)

  5. @ Alter Yes Loved it ♥️ 🧨🚬💥 Poor Young Girl.! She was Very Self Reliant , Blood Suckers( VAMPIRES)
    Tick is an Excellent Name . This would make an Awsome Movie !
    🎄Happy Hollidays Alter and Everyone ✨🌍✨🎅🏼 ⭐️⭐️⭐️👍🏽

  6. This is the second film to be featured on ALTER from the incredibly talented Ashlea Wessel. The first was INK, which you can watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vL6yiZiNiHw

  7. Intense from almost the very start & just ramped up from there! Yep, there was a LOT of content smashed into this short movie, which would be my only "issue", just 'cause now I'd really like to see it more fleshed out (hehe) in a longer version. Also, keep the lead (Ava Close?), she was amazing! Once again Alter, you spoil us, thank you!

  8. Another AWESOME pick Alter! And I am not a big vampire fan! But this one was totally different! Where we are rooting for the typical "bad guy"! We are cheering the monster on! I knew when she lapped up that blood under the bed that this was not you average home invasion! Once again ALTER! You have ALTered my thinking! 😱✌
    PS: I LOVED INK AS WELL! This is a woman to watch!

  9. There are some vampires that sparkle like diamonds when they stand in sun😆😉🙃. Let me know if you know them too

  10. God damn that was an awesome take on the vampire story. I love the nickname tick.. it fits.. never actually thought about it before. But that was excellent. Loved the way it was choppy and dark and the young vampire was ambiguous and creepy.
    Very well done. Love you always ALTER. ♥️

  11. LOVE the opener. Wasn't expecting THEM to be the vampires. Whole film was great and I'd love either a sequel or an expansion

  12. Omg she wasnt brushing her teeth.. she was FILING THEM.. UGHHHHHHHH OMG THAT MAKES ME WANT TO JUMP OFF A CLIFF.. THAT'S TRUE HORROR 😲😲😲😲

  13. This was really cool….would love to see the story fully fleshed out in a long version. Very atmospheric and dark…Bravo to all

  14. I don't care if the little girl was a vampire. I would be tempted to protect her from those who wish to harm her, until she learns how to survive without my assistance.

  15. That was awesome! I like how she sharpened her teeth instead of brushing them before she went to bed! I would like to see this as a full length film, so we could get the front of the story and the end too! I am an old lady, I cut my horror teeth on black and white Vampire movies as a kid when they were only on either at night or on Saturday afternoon monster movies. All of the new film makers coming up in the world today gives me great hope for new ideas into some of the oldest monsters. Can't wait to see your next film!!

  16. Ok. That was cool how about a part two!! Since she sees her sister through visions maybe she’s still alive😳… She can go on a hunt to find her, part two she’s walks into diner trying to blend in but notice that most of their cups are filled with blood, as she begins to use her sense of smell she gets a vision of her sister hanging again with the blood lines hanging from her, as she looks around she notice the man that kidnapped her sister, so she begins to…….

    Can’t wait!!!!! ☺️😁

  17. This.is so scary cool! PLEASE, keep up the good work! Hope you can do a short Horror film about KRAMPUS !!!🙂🖤💀☠👻⚰🦇🕷

  18. Nice one! Try submitting your short film to Casttree events 2019. This year its in Christ University, Bangalore https://casttree.com/event

  19. Kudos to the creators…..I wonder how this could be worked in to a remake of "30 days of Night"? This one made my evening!

  20. I read the story blurb after seeing the film and my first impressions/take, members of a high vampire society were being preyed on by underclass humans (the humans came off as pretty raggedly and nongovernmental, especially a government that sends injured agents/reps/ to catch felon's/escapee's), was different from the story. Nonetheless interesting story.

  21. Loved this film, give that girl more work, she rocked that part. Loved the first "neck kill", slo/mo blood spurt done just right. Bravo, Ashlea Wessel.

  22. call me dumb but I don't quite get why they are taking her somewhere and not just killing her
    their accent makes it a bit hard to understand

  23. Other than a tick being a blood sucker… Can someone please explain this? I'm getting a vampiy vibe cause of the lights… But what's the deeper meaning???? Please please please lol is it JUST another vampire flick????

  24. Just needed more run time to tell a fluid story. Looked more like the previews of a big-budget movie, that now I will not get to see.

  25. Hiding in a tent out in the open? Other than that pretty wicked!
    Oh what was that that happened right before she drove off?

  26. My question is…is the tick the badguy…or the others. Like wth is happening to his skin? What is the setting? Why is it like this? So many questions lol

  27. You guys ever see that Tarantino interview where he talks about how a story should unfold all its different layers as you watch it? Well, that's exactly what this was! At first, I had no clue what was really going on. By the end though……

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