Hoshino – Star Wars Fan Film

Hoshino – Star Wars Fan Film

Ko. Master Jaan-Xu… when are we moving on to lightsabers? That is not the right question. You should be asking what is unique about
a lightsaber? What is essential? It’s not the blade’s color! It’s not it’s power! No. The most important thing about a lightsaber
is that it’s a sword that can be turned off. It doesn’t have to be– A sword at all. I get it. But we can still train. If it’s a choice let me choose! Soon. The force is in that stick… as much as it’s
in this… Ko, you have to remember: this, this is light…
but it has weight. This is stupid! In a real fight I’d be able to see! To be a Jedi is to fight the darkness. The blindfold is just a helpful simulation. We are the guardians of peace in the galaxy. We defend and protect. We never attack. I have friends in orbit who probably heard you
coming. Ah, but Master Hoshino… my friends are closer. We are the guardians of peace in the galaxy. We defend and protect. We never… attack.

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  1. One year and 1.5 million views! Thank you to all who have watched HOSHINO! Eric and I appreciate the love/comments/questions regarding the film. We adore Star Wars so much and this was a blast to make – an even greater gift to have it find so many of you. Excited to share new projects very soon and to continue to expand as a storyteller. Thanks again!

  2. Generally, a teacher would not accept a student who is so arrogant and disrespectful. This is certainly not a realistic scenario. Anyone who knows something about martial arts training with authentic teachers (masters) knows what I am talking about.

  3. genial,, la verdad genial ,,,,esto es mucho mejor que star wars 7, 8 y 9 seguramente,,, me puso la piel de gallina muy buen video

  4. I really wanted her to be holding the lightsaber the wrong way and then pierce herself. 4:08 If that had happened this would be really be Star Wars

  5. This is what I was hoping for for The last Jedi, I wanted a scene with Rey force building her lightsaber. You guys fulfilled the dream where Disney failed. Thank you 🙏

  6. Though I prefer to play Sith in SWTOR, I would definitely enjoy playing a jedi like Ko Hoshino. She is the epitome of a heroic badazz!

  7. It is so much better than disney goddamn crap. Thank you so much. It is ways much better.
    I suggest you contact Mark Hamill and make TRUE Star Wars )))

  8. Steven Vitale just did in a few min on a limited budget what Disney can’t do with unlimited resources and the title in their back pocket WITH scripts from the creator. HahahahahahahahahAaaaaaa!!! What a joke.The fans and bio ware make better Star Wars than anything Disney has done… how absolutely stupid are they… it’s soo easy.. but the are driven by $$$$$$ and not the touching of the heart of Star Wars …the animated bio wars shorts are the very BEST segments of any Star Wars out there . Look at this one…only a fraction of the budget yet blows away all the Disney crap crap mega crap…because it comes from the heart…something Disney lacks…over paid directors ..discarded story ideas… pathetic…Disney is evil and lack the mental capacity for SW…Lucas never should have sold it and this is all his fault..he should own it…how do you sell creative control ? He didn’t sell a franchise he sold his soul. Sad sad mega sad.

  9. Very cool movie.

    But I do not agree with its main theme – "Do not attack."

    There is no victory without attack.

    Without attack, in the end, only failure.

    Defense should be part of the attack, only in this case it is effective.

    As a good case: protect yourself, and then make a counterattack.

    But if you use only protection, the enemy will find a way to destroy it. Sooner or later…

    If your enemy is sleeping, yes, you can wait until he wakes up, and attack you. And maybe kill you. And then he kill all others who was ander your protection. So yes, let him sleep well. Do not attack.

    We call such people presumptuous.

    The Jedi has no right to be presumptuous.

    Too much is entrusted to him and too much he protects, so as never to attack.

  10. Good stuff! Imho it would benefit with a little more work on the coreography. And I know spinning techniques are common in all movies but unless you're Darth Maul it just looks bad. To use it as a way to do a normal cut, like it's used here and the vast majority of instances in the movies, is just stupid. Sorry, but it just is. It adds time to your attack, you loose sight of the opponent, and you give your opponent a big hard to defend target (your back) = three very bad things.

    It can possibly have uses in certain situations though. Likely you'd be switching the grip upsidedown so you can stab from behind without making a full spin in those cases. The doublebladed sabre (in the hands of a well-trained individual like the guy doing Maul) is better suited for that type of fighting.

  11. The light saber is not a toy.it can cutt through anything it touches.do not play with a dangerous weapon without being fully trained with it

  12. And THIS is what happened when you wield a lightsaber unprepared. #dysneystarwars/reymarysue

    nice, simple, and well-executed story. Congratulations.

  13. An tell her that its dangerous an the lightsaber can cutt through anything it touches an look what happened when she took it an played with it you dont hold it to your face hold it above your head she's to inpatient just like luke was

  14. i feel so pumped up for star wars and deflated at the same time after watching this video, because disney saps the literal life force out of the series with it's loopholes, animals, bad character deaths, and illogical decisions. BUT I am happy that these fan films exist, makes me remember why I liked star wars growing up.

  15. This is amazing. A tip is just mabye the way she list her eyes could have been better than rats hiring her lightsaber but . That doesn’t mean it’s bad . They could … no u could make this a flipping movie

  16. What a superb piece of cinema. Those involved should be proud of this achievement and I salute you. Clearly the force is most certainly with you.

  17. I would've said "in a real fight, your opponent may blind you, or even your teammates may do so even if accidentally. Real sight is from within, not from dependency on fragile biology."

  18. Master should have purchased for Hoshino a custom saber with bright led. And with some transparent cortosis thin layer on the blade section. Good gift for impatient padawan.

  19. We never attack. Apart from that one time where Grand Master Yoda and Kenobi broke into the Jedi temple and killed every single clone , and then Yoda went and challenged the Emperor 😛

  20. THIS …is a Starwars story. Much much MUCH better than the garbage that Rian Johnson did. I would love to see more with these characters. This proves that you can do a SW story that doesn't include Luke, Leia, Han and so on WITHOUT trashing them. Well done!!!

  21. Give the franchise to Hollywood types and you get Rey; give the franchise to those who adore Star Wars and you get Hoshino. This was really well done and I hope there is more to come. I imagine these films are super expensive with limited budgets, so I understand the Jedi master being a white dude with a beard. But I really wish he wasn't a white dude with a beard. I'm a white dude with a beard. I'm tired of white dudes with beards. I'm off to shave.

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