Hostel Daze | TVFs Latest Show | Binge Now on Amazon Prime Video

Hostel Daze | TVFs Latest Show | Binge Now on Amazon Prime Video

Open the door, now it’s your turn. Let’s go in a group.
Only the tiger walks alone. It’s not a senior. Seniors don’t knock.
They just barge in. Open the door. Let’s go together, please. Hello, guys. – This is the D top Wing, right?
– Yes. Hi, Ankit Pandey.
Civil. 5502. Why should I? 5500 bucks just for the name? What’s so special about your name? – No, that’s my rank. 5502.
– Oh, right. I’m Rupesh Bhati.
Mechanical. 1537007 But these many didn’t
even appear for the Mains. That’s not my rank. That’s the amount paid by my father
for my selection, with GST. – Hi.
– Hi. I am Chirag Bansal.
Computer Science. Civil is great. I desperately wanted to choose Civil,
but my father… But then everyone knows about Civil. What about it? The students who opt for civil
in this college never get a job. And which understanding father will
ever push his dear son… …in the dark depths of unemployment. Uncle was absolutely right. No, but it’s clearly mentioned
in the prospectus that… They write utter nonsense
in the prospectus. They even have pictures
of girls and boys together. But did you see a single
chick on your way here? Don’t worry about the branch. – You can change it.
– How’s that even possible? You need to be amongst
the top 1% for that. Top 1%? – You don’t even know that?
– How could he know? Poor guy missed his orientation. Don’t worry, I’ve made
notes of the entire orientation. Go settle your luggage,
and I’ll tell you more about it. – Keep it where?
– In your room. This boy is very slow. Son. You should stay in Civil. But I’ve been allotted this room. But we’re already staying here.

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  1. Ye 5502 wala show off ke rha tha… Jee me 5502 la ke…
    Par computer science and mechanical engineering ne uski le li…
    Par di nhi… πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

  2. It's an amazing we series, any one wants to watch download telegram app and search for hostel daze, u can see there whole series.

  3. Sorry but this is not tvf level content. I have watched 2 episodes and can't relate to it for a minute. Over the top acting. I am disappointed.

  4. I think the show would have been better if it has been ensemble instead of focusing on the lead. Each episode should have been about one character in the hostel but still giving enough screen time to other actors.

  5. 15L donation pe mechanical
    5502 pe civil,

    Bhaii konsa private college hai jaha civil ki cuttoff 5k hai🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

  6. Marale na saalo humlogo pr nhi h prime madrchodo dekhna band hojayega ab tumhara bhi tvf delhadi aukaad saalo lalchi youtube pr nhi daal pa rhe the

  7. I watched it !
    Not so good…. , just disappointing ! , never expected such a bullshit from TVF , sad πŸ˜”

    Look n feel wise its quite similar to other hostel related films n shows . too much overrated dialogues and acting ! πŸ˜”

  8. Too bad the subtitle writer couldn't spell 'tirsath' right. Anti national ? Nope .. Pure incompetence? .. Yess

  9. Orientation k notes..!!
    Mujhe aaj mehsus hua h ki m kitna insincere tha studies ko leke

  10. TVF ye baar disappoint kar diya.
    7th se lekar Masters tak hostel mai raha hu.
    Aisi ragging kahi par bhi nahi hoti.
    Kuch jyada he over kar diya.
    Abhi sirf 1st episode dekha hai.

  11. If u wanna download this full series for free follow me on Instagram (_sparsh_jain_)

    and DM me ..i will send u free download link …πŸ€‘πŸ’―

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