House Chairs To Subpoena White House To Turn Over Documents On Ukraine Call | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC

House Chairs To Subpoena White House To Turn Over Documents On Ukraine Call | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC

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  1. It's sad that people are still going to back this man & vote for him. They will say, it's just a conversation..

  2. Ha! In an unprecidented move of transparency, Trump released the transcript ! What more is there?
    The Dems obviously didn't plan on him doing that !

  3. Who's going to enforce the subpoenas? Barr thinks that the President is King and is not bound by Congressional laws.

  4. Hi Hallie.👋☺.
    Exceptional reporting, Hallie.👍☺👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏.
    Keep on digging, Hallie.👍.
    👉👉Proceed democrats, proceed.👍☺👏👏.

  5. The dems are wasting their time and tax payer dollars. Nothing they can do can stop a 2020 Trump win. The harder they fight the more he wins.

  6. Thank sounds like Congress is finally playing hardball! It is about time….Adam Schiff teal…you go guys: go get trump! He so needs to learn about national parameters..what is legal and what isn’t….trump doesn’t recognize boundaries and that may indeed land him in prison hopefully!

  7. joe Biden waved a billion $$ dollars & had the Ukraine government fire a prosecutor 2 save dum dum hunters fossil fuel job😲corruption 👎

  8. Breaking: Democrats Attempting To Intimidate State Department Employees…..May Have Violated Their Civil Rights.

  9. Democrats are in deep doo doo so they are throwing their poo at the wall hoping some of it sticks so they can smell it

  10. The whole reason these people are refusing subpoenas is the same thing none of these news outlets want to touch on…
    White people dont like sending white people to jail for any reason
    And thats what these criminals are betting on… We can all clearly see laws were only written for brown people to follow..

  11. Only foolish US voters allows 100 years old dinosaurs get into political business.And watch political circus scene after this.

  12. What worries me is Trump knows our secrets, and even if he is removed from office, what's to stop him from selling our secrets to other countries?

  13. Democrats must impeach Trump
    If Democrats don't impeach Trump, then we can say without a doubt, Democrats are terrified of John Durham and William Barr's investigation into what happened in 2016 to create the Russia hoax.

    If they do impeachment, then it's even worse for them, an impeachment automatically triggers subpeona power to the Republicans in Congress to bring on all the facts and witnesses.

    It doesn't end there, if through some corruption impeachment clears the House and moves to the Senate, Democrats are f**ked. The Senate will call in all the truth tellers and America will find out the corrupt Democrats tried to frame Trump and even some Democrats will vote against impeachment. With that 90% of the country will not vote Democrat. Here even Liberal media lies will not work anymore.

  14. Trump is live on TV right now. The lies are coming out of his mouth faster than I can blink my eyes. He is truly insane.

  15. It is time for President Trump and his advisers to sue House Democrats for harassment and other civil rights violations.

  16. He knows what he did, other wise he wouldn’t have called it a “perfect” phone call

    Also, why didn’t they ask for the actual call from the beginning instead of going off transcripts.

  17. Sooooo, what happened to the emergency meeting with the State Dept. IG that was supposed to be with all the heads of committees this morn??

  18. BREAKING NEWS : Federal judge blocks California Law that requires presidential candidates to release tax returns! LMFAO!
    What's the score up to now?
    TRUMP 100
    liberal dummycrats 0 ( still )

  19. Facts are there and many tRump supporters refuse to the reality of these facts which put our country at risk as well. The issue will be the coverup. Wait for the facts. I believe it will get worst. So far the facts are that trump has asked a foreign country to interfere in our election by digging up information on a political opponent. That can not be denied. It is against the law!.

  20. The Trump admin doesn't like the forceful nature Congress is taking with these subpoenas. Understandable. But the forceful tone is also understandable. Trump admin has no one to blame but themselves for it. They wanted to prevent people from testifying, try and use 'executive privilege' when there was none, state outright that they would not honor requests/subpoenas. What was the Trump admin expecting to happen with all of the stonewalling? Did they expect Congress to be like, "Oh, they don't want to honor our subpoena because they think it's unjust? Maybe they are right, and we'll let them and we will also stop!" You have to be pretty stupid not to see this outcome coming true …. Oh yeah, Trump is that stupid.

  21. If it was a "Perfect Call", (and he always has telephonic communications of absolute perfection) Trump should have no problem releasing his call records, transcripts, and recordings.

  22. This is over , it’s now known pencil neck helped write the “ whistleblowers” report. Hopefully pencil neck will face charges for lying to the doj 😝

  23. oh geez can we just throw out all you dems that are crying all the time. seriously go to canada – your ancestors who fought for this country would escort you there themselves if they were alive

  24. Giuliani and Trump already have the evidence from the Ukraine on Hillary, Biden and Obama. The first thing Trump did was expand the facilities at Gitmo. (Snicker) The democrats are in full panic mode because they cannot stop what is coming. The MSM are chasing the tails again as usual. Enjoy the clown show while it lasts. The sequels from "The Wheels of Justice" will be on closed circuit tv.
    Brock's sock sucking flock left their droppings below.

  25. Harvard Law School professor says all subpoenaes need a terminal date. Also that the House Intelligence Committee needs to tell Trump, Pompeo, Barr, Pence and Giuliani that if they invoke some phoney version of a non-existent absolute immunity or executive privilege, it will infer against them everything it needs to infer. It is not going to allow them simply to stonewall, or it will treat their stonewalling as evidence not only of consciousness of guilt but of actual guilt.
    Let us hope the Dems put that information on every single subpoenae because Trump has admitted his guilt for all the world to witness and then provided further proof by releasing the transcript of his extorting the Ukraine president.

  26. Democrat islamo nazi party propaganda. Illegally want to impeach because POTUS Trump's too successful loves Americans. Ain't gonna happen moral, sophisticated, politically literate adults know it's a hoax to refocus away from their corruption. Democrats running desperate useless, worthless trash contribute nothing to USA, society, humanity. Ditto, MSNBC.

  27. What happened to the story in politico in January of 2017 were government officials of Ukraine were helping the democrats and Hillary campaign dig up dirt on President Trump. Ukrainian officials scrambled to make up with President Trump after he was elected. Having never expected him to be. By the way, at the same time Ukraine was helping Hillary the Russians were also helping. Where in the h*** are all the so called investigative reporters??!!!
    Do you ever wonder how many years the democrats and never trumpers and the main stream media have been gas lighting and lying to the American people the American people .

  28. While they are at it, they should ask for all the communications between Trump and Putin as well as Trump and MBS.

  29. Israel’s attorney general says he has decided to indict Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on a series of corruption charges.


    Bill Barr has been traveling the world to pressure allies into investigating American intelligence services in hopes of proving conspiracy theories about Robert Mueller's investigation have poured salt into it.

    The U.S Department of Justice and the attorney general are not established by the Constitution. They are created by statute and Congress could abolish them tomorrow.

  30. Subpoena all you like they ain't going to get anything from the WH. As with all previous subpoena's they'll simply be ignored.
    WOW USA have you got some problems, your entire legal/government system is collapsing!! The Orangeman is giving you all the middle finger whilst laughing at you.

  31. A subpoena is not asking you to show, a subpoena is telling you to show.. Send the Sergeant At Arms to round them up.

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