How a Metroid Movie Could Work – PREVIEW

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, but good
video game movies are possible. We’ve gotten close a few times whether it’s
the campy fun of Mortal Kombat and Resident Evil or the competent but not quite there
Rampage and Tomb Raider. But with each passing year, more and more
care is being put into the craft. Look at the love put into every scene in Detective
Pikachu or how the Castlevania TV series really hones in on the character of Dracula. It’s gotten me thinking recently about a
movie adaptation I’ve wanted for a very long time, Metroid. The world of Samus Aran is ripe for storytelling,
but it simply hasn’t happened yet. A lone woman facing the odds as Space Pirates
and alien creatures try to kill her at every turn. And while there isn’t a ton of character
development in the games, the side material is full of possibilities. So I decided to try my hand at what a Metroid
movie could look like. Now of course this is essentially just a rough
script. A ton of work and talent goes into the creation
of every movie. Directors, writers, producers, actors, special
effects artists, stunt coordinators, camera work, lighting, sound design, set design,
music, even keeping track of continuity between scenes. Every movie is a miracle of teamwork, so it’s
naive to think that I alone have all the ideas. Instead, as you watch this, I’d like you
to use the theater of your mind, expand upon the ideas I’ve put forth, and imagine what
a Metroid movie could really be like. Metroid The story begins in space as a research vessel
flies amongst the stars. Talking is heard as Galactic Federation scientists
surround a central clear tube containing a tiny Metroid. One asks about the survivors while another
shakes her head. The only ones who survived the encounter are
in this room, about 12. Still, they’ve secured a sample. A Metroid as spoken of in Chozo history. The ultimate warrior who’s ability to siphon
energy could help power the Federation. The ship begins to shake and an explosion
rips through the hull. Dozens of Space Pirate ships surround the
research vessel as one docks next to the newly made hole. All is quiet until the Space Pirates fire
a volley of shots, killing everyone on board. Ridley then emerges and immediately spots
the Metroid. He bares his teeth in what approximates a
smile as his shadow falls over the Metroid. The music shifts as the blackness transitions
to a lush, green planet. Three kids around the age of 10 are running
up a large grassy hill while K-2L Research Colony flashes across the screen. They reach the top and look back at the colony. The young girl, Samus, shields her eyes from
the sun as she looks at all the research buildings that had been constructed. Young Samus – It looks so small. One of the boys, Hip, complains that he wants
to go back while the other, Gunpei, pulls out a sled from his backpack and unfolds it. She excitedly takes it from his hands and
meticulously looks for the perfect spot to place it on the steep hill. Samus smiles deviously and jumps on the front
with the two boys behind. They take off down the hill, picking up speed
and launching into the air a few times causing them to lose control. The three start heading toward the colony
and only just barely slow down thanks to Samus’s quick thinking before slamming against one
of the buildings. A blond woman comes out at the noise and looks
at her sternly. Samus smiles sheepishly as the boys run off. Virginia Aran sighs, smiles back, and takes
Samus by the hand. Virginia – Could you please not try to break
your neck? Young Samus – Well, I wasn’t trying. Virginia rolls her eyes as she leads Samus
inside and taps her husband, Rodney, on the shoulder as he’s typing on a computer. He ruffles Samus’s hair as Virginia tells
him about their daughter’s adventure. Despite their busyness, the two of them are
kind, attentive parents, but they still get pulled into work. Their attitudes instantly become more serious
as another researcher enters and tells them that Mother is online. Virginia and Rodney enter the largest building
in the colony which is just one central room. In the center is Mother Brain, a biomechanical
supercomputer that could potentially link the Federation’s databases at speeds incomprehensible
to current tech. Mother Brain is essentially a giant brain
in a jar with one large eye situated on the frontal lobe. Her stem consists of a tangle of thick wires
that tie her to the researchers’ network. However, she doesn’t exactly look like the
version from the games as she lacks the spikes embedded in her upper lobes. The researchers greet Mother Brain before
giving her tasks which she completes with startling speed. It isn’t long before Samus’s parents excitedly
talk about the potential of Mother Brain. She would serve as the basis for the Aurora
program, a series of mechanical recreations that mimicked the functionality of Mother
Brain. Though a single one couldn’t compare to
the original, a network installed across the galaxy would make this a negligible liability. The telecommunication, mathematical, and problem-solving
possibilities alone would push society forward in a massive way, to say nothing of the unknown
potential. Suddenly a young researcher bursts in and
tells everyone that “they’re” here. Virginia and Rodney look at each other nervously
before heading to greet the spacecraft that has landed at the dock. As the door opens, three bird-like aliens
emerge. Samus, who’s been following her parents,
watches from behind a nearby crate as they greet the Chozo, which consist of the Elder,
Gray Voice, and Spring Wind. Rodney excitedly tells them that they’ve
successfully gotten Mother Brain online which pleases Gray Voice and Spring Wind, but the
Elder seems distracted as he’s caught sight of Samus. Realizing she’s been spotted, Samus emerges,
unafraid. The Arans try to apologize, but the Elder
waves it away. He takes her by the hand and explains to Samus
that the Chozo are a dying race, ancient and powerful once, but even now they’re nearly
extinct. Spring Wind is the youngest amongst them and
even he is centuries old. The bravery and optimism of youth is something
to be cherished. But this state of affairs is also why they
provided Chozo DNA to the Federation for the Mother Brain project. Allowing the supercomputer access to millennia
of Chozo knowledge would not only help future generations, but this Mother and her Aurora
children would spread peace throughout the galaxy, serving as the last gift of the Chozo. Hearing this, Samus begins to sniffle as tears
drip down her cheeks. Young Samus – I’m so sorry. It must be awful to be alone like that. The Elder gently wipes her tears away before
explaining that his people are never alone. Not truly. Memories carry them forward. Samus doesn’t understand, but they rejoin
the others as Gray Voice is walking from Mother Brain’s building, talking with Rodney. He’s pleased with the progress and promises
that the three of them would return soon from Zebes. The Chozo board their ship and leave with
Samus enthusiastically waving goodbye. The scene then shifts to Ridley on his ship
as a Space Pirate nervously enters a test chamber with the tiny Metroid. He tries to leave but Ridley threatens him
with his tail. The Pirate is closed in and tries to attack
the Metroid, but it quickly latches to his chest and drains him of his life energy, leaving
him a withered husk. Ridley begins to laugh at the sight. Ridley – Incredible. And this is only a child. Imagine the limitless potential of a fully
grown one. Heh, no wonder the Federation wanted it. Another Pirate agrees but laments how the
Metroids are impossible to control. There’s no telling what it would target. In all likelihood, every living thing nearby
would become its victim. Ridley – Our spies have already found the
thing we need to control it. This is only a small taste of my Metroid movie
project. The entire script is written but before I
can move forward, I need to see if the interest is there. So if you enjoyed this sample and want to
see the rest, please let us know in the comments and share it as much as possible. I would love to continue on. The question is, do you want to see more? Thanks for watching and be sure to subscribe
to GameXplain for more on Metroid and other things gaming.

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