How Hollywood Makes Gunfights Look Realistic | Movies Insider

How Hollywood Makes Gunfights Look Realistic | Movies Insider

– [Harry] From John Wick to John Wayne, gun fights in movies
can often look so real that it’s hard to imagine
how they’re put together. Here at the British Action Academy, stuntman Andreas Petrides teaches students how to safely perform firearm sequences. [Andreas] Holding it, 10-point
check. One, two, three. We do gun rush today, which is the Firearms for Films course, which teaches people
about the performance side of using firearms on a film set. My background, I’ve been a
stuntman for about 28 years now. I’ve worked on many, many productions. “Star Wars,” I doubled Ewan McGregor in all the lightsaber fights
and obviously trained Ewan. On “Bond” films, I’ve done both. I’ve trained the actors, and also I’ve played characters myself,
and I’ve doubled characters. – [Harry] In the old days, of course, people used to actually get shot. Nowadays, though, films use a
series of dummy replacements. There are blanks, real working weapons loaded with blank cartridges. These are for when you just need a big muzzle flash or a loud bang. ‘Function’ guns are replica
guns that don’t actually fire. Or for cheaper fake versions that don’t look as real in a close-up, some movies use rubber guns. The person responsible for these on a set? The Weapons Master. And stunt performers need to know exactly how to use them. The thing with blanks is that they do still make a lot of noise, and you get the kind of flash as well that you expect from a gunshot. So it’s a really realistic experience. For actors, it’s all about selling the idea that it’s a real gun. Action! [Participant] Bang bang. Bang! Bang! [Harry] And of course, reacting to being shot is important. [Harry] They teach you the
ways to kind of roll onto your body so that you don’t
just smack the floor, but it does still kind of hurt. These guys, they don’t mess about. One thing that can be very real is the weight of the equipment
actors have to lug around. According to Andreas, actors on the set of “Saving Private Ryan” wore
packs weighted down with ammo, all in the name of believability. The prop guns themselves go
hand in hand with sound design. When a gun fires, you’re
hearing three acoustic elements: the muzzle blast sound, the impact point, and the crack sound of the
bullet traveling through the air. Without this layering, a movie just doesn’t seem as realistic. Cinema is filled with basic gun mistakes. So how would a beginner
go about getting it right? [Andreas] My advice to anybody
who wants to get into the industry as a stunt performer
is, it’s dedication. You know, it’s part of your life, you gotta really want to do it. It’s not a part-time
hobby, and the more skills you have under your belt,
the more employable you are.

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  1. But thing is that it's not even realistic ( probably would be too brutal to show realistic versions and movies would have to be rated 18+ and go to the same age restriction category as porn which means less profit ).

  2. These firearm manipulation techniques are pure cringe. The worst part is their draw. That big ass circle that are making is a huge waste of time

  3. How hollywood makes millions off of gun violence and then tell us how we shouldnt own guns… Frig off.

  4. Let me save you some time. People don't know how a gun fight is, so they don't need to be realistic, and they AREN'T

  5. I’m sorry but this was cringeworthy to watch. These “experts” have no idea what they’re talking about when it comes to handling these firearms.

  6. when you get shot theres no knockback or felt energy…Unless youre wearing armor and hit by a big round, you just fall from the instant reaction.

  7. Instructor: Let me teach you how to hold a gun

    Instructor: points the gun directly at them

    That rule that u shouldn’t point a gun at someone even if it isn’t loaded: Am I a joke to you?

  8. I understand acting. Fake guns. Whatever but Is anyone else super uncomfortable with everybody pointing potentially live loaded firearms at everyone else?

  9. wtf the greek genes man.This guys has a full greek name.Props to him,first time i see a greek person in a potition like him.

  10. But if you look at the actor of John wick . HE KNOWS HOW TO USE GUNS. There’s a video how he uses guns for the John wick 3 movie

  11. They are keeping their elbows out when they need them tucked in. Always line up your thumbs when your firing a handgun and keep your arms out straight. For close quarters bring the gun close to your chest. —Random Navy Seal that was at the range i was shooting at

    – when hit, move your head a yard backwards and fall down like if you were drunk
    – hold rifles with a chicken-wing and pistols with a teacup grip
    – muzzle sweep your leg and also everybody
    – train with .22 calibers to "shoot" 5.56 ones
    – show stances and grips that would make any real firearms instructor kill himself upon seeing it

    the video should be renamed to "how hollywood makes you wish you killed yourself before seeing this"

  13. First off, when shot in the head, the bullet does not push your head back. The bullet just goes right through, your head goes straight down to the floor and your body follows. Second, they don't.

  14. Leave it to a Brit to teach people how to hold a gun and of course you'll get guys tea cupping the guns. It's 2019 bro, learn to hold the firearm correctly…

  15. Sure, if there's one thing John Wayne movies are known for it's their realistic and gritty depictions of violence and gunfights…

  16. Dudes a firearm instructor for movies but clearly has never been taught on ACTUAL gun safety as on many occasions he leaves his finger on the trigger or in the trigger guard when moving and rolling etc. Most likely hasn't even fired a firearm let alone a handgun.

  17. Nah, this is US propaganda , i mean Seriously you must watch Wakanda film , very Realistic and MADE WITH LOVE NOT for MONEY but passion

  18. All the "trainees" have clearly never touched a gun before and the "instructor's" training apparently is based exclusively on 1980's action movies and nothing else.

  19. People did not actually get shot in older movies, your grips were horrible, and no its not like being punched when you're shot. You dont fly back when a small projectile rips through you faster than the speed of sound. But what can you expect from hollywood.

  20. Have them shoot rounds with actual recoil so they get the real experience and can act out those scenes from their experience with decent recoil.

  21. Lesson one: When you get shot, do not throw your arms out. Do not fall backward. Just drop like a sack of wet sand.

  22. The correct order for the sounds, assuming a supersonic round, is 1) impact 2) sonic crack 3) muzzle sound. Before any of that comes the muzzle flash. Movies always get it wrong.

  23. British action academy? Same company to accept millions to create fake war propaganda videos to make the outside world see things as they want?? Hmm maybe, maybe not

  24. Realistic? Bullshit.
    I'm pretty sure people don't instantly die when they get shot in the chest or stomach. Nor do people reel back like that when they get shot.
    The only way you might "die" from a shot in the chest or stomach is if a certain vertebrae is severed, but all that would do is paralyze you from the neck down but you'd still be alive.
    As for reeling back, there's something about the velocity and mass of a bullet that causes it to go through people with ease.

  25. 1:20
    Semi-Automatic guns in movies are actually very much not normal guns, they need to be modified to still work with blank rounds.

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