How Movie Theaters Are Ruining Your Movie Experience

How Movie Theaters Are Ruining Your Movie Experience

[Narrator] Which looks better? This, or that? Well, what if I told you
that you may have been paying a premium to see the worst version. You know those black bars
you sometimes see on the top, bottom or sides of a movie? They occur because movies
are filmed at different frame sizes, or aspect ratios. “Lady Bird”, shot in widescreen should appear differently
than “Star Wars”, which was shot in Cinemascope. A Cinemascope movie on your TV will have black bars on the top and bottom, while a movie theater masks the frame with retractable curtains. These curtains at Night
Hawk Cinema in Brooklyn absorb the light and create a frame around the projected image. But take away the curtains and… – When you don’t have
masking what happens is you’ve got this gray area of screen which isn’t reflecting picture, it’s not reflecting image. It just sort of sits there and looks ugly. There is a move afoot by
some theater circuits, I guess in order to save money, that have decided that,
that’s a waste of money and they’re not gonna do it. [Narrator] That’s Chapin Cutler. He’s been working in the
projection and theater business for over 40 years. The empty screen space can be distracting and takes away from the
immersive experience of seeing a movie on the big screen. Another problem? Projector brightness, which can be affected by
the age and cleanliness of the bulb, along with
any dirt or smudges that may be on the window
of the projection booth. Some “Solo” attendees
reported seeing extremely dark almost unviewable projections with a few saying that
they had to struggle to see what was on screen. – If the standard that’s
been established for the amount of light that is
supposed to be on the screen isn’t there, then not only
does the picture look dark but you don’t see anything
that goes on in the shadows. All of that information disappears. [Narrator] And if there was a 3D showing in the theater before
a standard 2D showing a lens meant only for
3D movies may still be on the projector making
the image two thirds darker than it should be. – Showing something like that
with a very low light level is gonna take away from it. If that’s the experience
you walk away with that’s going to impede
your positive judgment of the film, and that’s
just gonna ruin it for you. [Narrator] Hurting both
the team behind the movie and its viewers, and
possibly creating customers who may not come back to that theater for a subpar experience. These issues aren’t limited to “Solo.” The past few years have
seen numerous reports of theaters not doing enough
to ensure quality screenings. Standard 2D movie tickets
average about $9.00 in the U.S. And almost twice that in
places like New York City. But is the price of admission
worth seeing a movie that is not being shown
the way it is meant to? You can get a full 4K movie for 15 bucks. Why bother with what may be a questionable theater presentation if
you can get cinema-like quality at home? The picture may be bigger,
and the sound may be better but if you’re having a bad
theater experience, take note. If a theater has a dark blurry picture or leaves empty areas
of the screen unmasked try a different theater. Many are still working hard to bring you the best picture possible.

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  1. Movie theater ruins my movie experience because there’s always too many people talking and fiddling around

  2. Why would the bars matter when your attention is one of the screen. On an iPhone do you see the white wars on the top on the bottom? At least I don’t my attention is on the screen.

  3. In case you forgot what Cinema you’re in we’ll remind you with our ad 3 times before the previews start

  4. Prices in nyc are way too much. I went upstate for trip and remember seeing avenegers in rpx for only 13 when in nyc its like 25

  5. Also the people, there are people talking and reacting to every scene like: “ oh my god! No!” And they are always screaming and talking and snorting and shouting and have there phone on which is why I don’t like going to movies sometimes

  6. Spirited Away is overrated in my opinion, but for anime to be used for an example of big screen content is good enough for me.

  7. Movies are so expensive!
    But I did pay under $10 at the local drive-in for a double feature…the opening weekend of Antman and the wasp and Incredibles 2.
    But you don't get to pick what's going to show that night but you can get pretty lucky. And you can talk and etc in your car.

    I would never pay 20$ for one movie ticket. That's outrageous.

  8. I watched the first avengers at Regal. The opening 4 minutes were absolute trash. Sound and visuals were mess. Poor quality

  9. Hollywood’s ignorant mouth has stopped our family from going to the movies so this isn’t a problem. Nice going.
    De Niro.

  10. Watching a movie for me is more about the sound and atmosphere, in my country (the netherlands) tickets are quite cheap and if you go a few weeks after a release only 20% (or less) of the seats are filled so you dont have other people around you talking the entire movie. Also you only pay 2 more bucks for extremely good sound…

  11. This happened a few weeks ago when I watched Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. The screen picture was so dark and blurry, I couldn’t really see the picture. But what bothered me the most was the audio. It was like it was over 100%. It was EXTREMELY loud and painful. Almost piercing. Like someone is ramming speaking in your ears.

  12. Not only that when there is a funny movie people laughing gets me angry like it’s funny but you don’t have to ruin the joke damn

  13. I live across the street from a movie theater, but more times than not, I go to one that's on the other side of town, because the screens across the street are too dim.

  14. I noticed this when I watched Infinity War at a mall I come to. It was so dark that my nearsighted eyes are struggling to see what was going on.

  15. Movie theaters hardly make any money off of tickets, it’s almost purely concessions that keep the building open

    Also I work in a Regal Cinemas and we have none of the issues listed in the video! We check al our polarizers (3D into 2D) and keep our screens as big as we can! Tickets here are roughly $9, but we have nice recliners and just about the friendliest staff around!

  16. I noticed this problem in my local AMC cinema and couldn’t help but thinking if anyone else notice it as well?

  17. The only cinema on my city has a very small screen something like 16:9 or 16:10 and they'll just crop and zoom in the movies. Is like watching in a open tv station.

  18. You’re better off purchasing large storage volumes of hard disks on computer, tablet, and phone and just pirating the movies. Stop paying for these movies! Your dollar is your vote in society.

  19. Theres this place in Payson, Az that plays movies but sucks ass. They keep the lights on and theres always kids in the theater making noise.

  20. You know those advertisements saying don’t pirate movies, because you’ll see the backs of people’s’ heads, hear them talking , hear sweet wrappers rustling and see people going to the toilet.
    Get the best experience by going to the cinema, so you can have all those things in person.
    Don’t wait fo Netflix, where you can see and hear properly, in a dark, quiet room, see it when you want instead of when the cinema tells you you’re allowed to, and pause while you pee or make a coffee, because that… Sucks?

  21. I didn’t even know theaters still used projectors, I just assumed the movies were streamed to a big ol tv screen.

  22. AMC is now a Chinese company, look it up. They’ve put a ton of money renovating AMC over the years. Their prices are outrageous. You shouldn’t have to shell out 75 bucks for two seats and some popcorn. To me that’s more killer to the movie going experience from a decade ago.

  23. I’m happy my towns theater seems to be a good one as I’ve never had an issue with the image/brightness quality

  24. Went to see Incredibles 2 yesterday and the lights didn’t turn off in the cinema until two people (me and a guy sitting behind me) left the screen and asked about it. Also we could hear the same movie, but 20 minutes ahead, coming from the screen next to us. How is sound proofing not more of a priority? It was the main cinema in Dublin too, not some crappy local one.

  25. In my country, most of small cinema franchises died because of bigger (and better) cinema companies overshadowed them. And that is excelent, because I don't see any of those complaints here in any cinema around here. Even the smallest cinema room have those masks, excelent audio, good quality projection, and they don't mix up 2D and 3D movies in the same room. It's kinda weird to say that because Brazil is a country that is always behind in almost every aspect. It's good to see once that we have something nicely done for a change.

  26. I thought this was gonna be about this annoying girl next to me saying that was soo freaking weird over & over during antman!!

  27. Both Ayala malls and SM cinemas have really dark screens. Really ruining the experience. Better to watch on 55 or 65 inches 4k tvs.

  28. Never saw that in a movie theatre the cineplex a Canadian movie company the biggest in Canada is great

  29. I went to see Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri in an odeon theatre in Ireland, and the picture was fine, but all of the sound came from literally one speaker, the front right one. And this was in the biggest auditorium with the best sound systems they had at the place. It was like I was watching it with one ear bud out. For shame.

  30. the most continual irritation I've run into is that no one is paying attention to focus. it used to be that you were supposed to use binoculars and focus on the grain but I srsly doubt anyone is doing anything like that nowadays.

  31. Even in India we are facing this problem, a couple of months ago I saw a screening of Blade Runner 2049. As it is the movie was shot in mostly dark settings coupled with the problems mentioned in the video and poor 3d glasses made the movie literally unwatchable for me.

  32. These entitled, privalleged assholes the closest movie theater to me is over 60 miles away! I’d love to go

  33. I genuinely believe cinemas are a thing of the past. Sure, people still keep to the tradition of going to cinemas, since 100 years ago, that was the way to see just about anything before home television was invented. But with the modern, interconnected era of streaming services like NetFlix available, why don’t producers cut out the middle man and just make DVDs, Blu-Rays and streaming available immediately?

  34. I work in a movie theater and avg price is about 10 dollars a ticket, we have electric reclining seats in every theater and we have a kitchen that serves food and you can have your food delivered to your seat. I'm gonna miss working there tho, this is my last week. Oh also we have a discount day on Tuesday where every movie ticket is 7 dollars regardless of age or whether its 2D or 3D, it used to be 5 dollars but we increased our prices recently

  35. But I like the IMAX speakers. I’m not going to rent or buy large speakers and have them in my living room. Especially with my current neighbors.

  36. Digital projectors use bulbs which last far less longer than 35 mm projectors (Film cell – Reel) type ' and cost 2-3 times as much. Theatre chains run the bulb until its last legs to gain maximum profits. The projector warns the Cinema when it should be changed but a lot of chains wont change it until its absolutely necessary which I find disgusting considering the amount of greed and profit margins these establishments thrive on whilst charging unfair and out of touch prices for people and Family's who choose to watch a film there.

  37. Another aspect is the fact most Cinemas now use digital projectors which they feel do not require a full time projectionist. But things being what they are standards fall and not having someone in the projection booth to keep them were they should be results in inferior standards of Movie theatre quality.

  38. My local theatre will only mask a new movie for about a week. After that they move them to the smaller screens and don't bother with it. They are pretty chill though. Once restarted a movie and refunded everyone because they noticed the lense window had caked on grime. Foods still robbery but the service and quality is definitely more than what I've experienced elseware

  39. I've been visiting AMC's DOLBY CINEMA very frequently. The picture quality was outstanding and very promising. Even the audio and surround sound was so immersive I thought there was an earthquake. I highly recommend this to everyone who's planning to see another movie (You must see Aquaman). It's a little pricey, but the experience you get is definitely worth it.

  40. I saw Far From Home in IMAX, anybody else notice that the black bars started to minimize the screen during the 3rd act?

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