How Movie Trailers Manipulate You

How Movie Trailers Manipulate You

Oh most people don’t even know that we exist everybody thinks that the studios do the trailers they have no idea that there’s this entire industry built around movie trailers in 2017 movie theater attendants hit its lowest point in 25 years but the movie trailer industry is experiencing a golden age just over a century ago promo screened at the end of films earning them the name trailer soon they were in front of the movies and the trailers themselves started to evolve today more people are watching trailers than ever before in the early 2000s about a dozen companies produce movie trailers now there are more than a hundred trailers are something you go when you seek out particularly on on YouTube that one form of advertising that you want more studies of the brain have found a connection between reactions to trailers and a film’s box-office success and people trust trailers more than Rotten Tomatoes and even their own friends trailers have become their own form of entertainment right the dissection process that happens it never used to happen before of analyzing every frame the end of this trailer was I was like rain I was like like the movies they’re promoting trailers have premieres critics and even their own award show we attended the trailer industry’s version of the Oscars and visited the most prestigious trailer house in LA to find out what goes into crafting two minutes that will make you laugh cry and most of all get you to cough up 15 bucks for a movie ticket there’s the classic rides that happens in every single trailer and it’s called sixty voices rising when it goes getting the intensity going up until that one big shot before you go into town [Applause] there’s lots of Rises but that’s one of them maybe that’s a big one lots of power downs and bass drops to make a big power down and then you throw an impactful line in there this is homicide [Music] you can just insert interesting sounds like if you have an explosion you can put in like the sound of an eagle just to kind of give it a bigger feel this trailer for baby driver a woman turns around and in the backseat of a car and there’s just like a jungle cat that just goes it adds to all the cool factor of that trailer whenever you see somebody reacting to something on a trailer that’s the emotion that we’re trying to give you so you see somebody crying shock laughing those are all things that are being done deliberately when you’re dealing with international a joke that works really well in dialogue doesn’t translate necessarily so well but a nut punch that always works [Music] music is one of the most important ingredients in an enticing trailer there are even composers who specialize in creating bespoke trailer music as well as juicing up well-known songs there is an industry term that we use called trailer ization that can enhance the song that already exists when you play the originals even though that amazing tracks they don’t necessarily work for the trailer and then they enhanced it by adding some the orchestral elements and big drums that the song didn’t have while trigger ization seeks to enhance classic tracks a different technique is re-recording a song in a way that completely changes its tone the trend last couple years has been here that the dark creepy cover of a song that you know already so we provide that as well covers like these have replaced the narrated in a world style as the most widely mocked trailer trope even by the man who popularized it when we did the trailer for the social network that used a cover song of Radiohead screep that then became a thing that you started hearing more and more of afterwards I was just like okay no we don’t do that anymore it can kind of finish its cycles there Mark Williams been behind the trailers for over 40 oscar-winning films as well as countless arthouse classics I think we’re constantly trying to find out what the new new thing is we did a trailer for they used kind of a rhythmic device of a guy’s head getting pounded against the wall with something like the revenant we used the sound of DiCaprio’s breath repeating the sound of his grave Bing Doug is giving it the counter rhythm it’s all about serving the character in the story I’m now starting to see a lots of things of rhythms and trailers and just for the sake of repeating sounds a lot of click-click-boom trailers yeah very sound design heavy gun gun left and right people kicking each other that is hopefully going to die this year because it’s boring once it becomes a formula you want to find something else so that oh look at that movie look what they did but we don’t get too invested because it is definitely not fine art it is commercial art every trailer is a collaboration between ourselves Studios filmmakers and so you are trying to make a lot of people happy sometimes we’re working in here in advance on a film which is crazy no one thinks that we spend that much time on these things wrong before a trailer can play in theaters it needs to contend with the expansive and vague rules of the MPAA a green band trailer is what you would usually see in front of a movie it’s rated for pretty much all audiences and is relatively tame blood is just the big no-no what you do is you change the color of the blood to look like mud that’s done in a lot of horror films so if you see people looking extra dirty that’s usually blood no thrusting no thrust is the roll can’t can’t thrust you can moan you can grunt no thrusting up but if it’s a red band whatever you want red band trailers which can show explicit content specialize in targeting more mature audiences there one example of the multiple versions of trailers Studios often create to target different demographic trailers are no longer just for theaters and television thanks to an increase in online viewing they now have to be made for a variety of different platforms including YouTube Twitter Instagram and Facebook if you’re trying to watch a trailer online advertising algorithms may note your interest in trailers and make you watch a different trailer before your trailer this is often followed by another mini trailer called a bumper which is a six second trailer for the trailer you’re about to watch with trailers popping up everywhere it seems like the perfect time to be in the business but for some the best trailer is no trailer at all I mean I’ll be honest it’s still my favorite experiences are when I never see a trailer for a movie or see any bit of advertising like those are the best experiences just at the movies that’s one of the funny things about the job like literally everything we work on you know there’s been no advertising before we see it I actually get to enjoy all these movies without ever being exposed to movie trailers we done I think so you

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  1. “Trailers have become their own form of entertainment” that can be enjoyed “the same way they listen to a song."
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  2. The one guy is a bit snobby about something that doesn't need snobs……otherwise it looks like a fun job.

  3. I straight up don't watch movie trailers unless I'm at the movie theater because half of them spoil good shit

  4. 15 bucks for a movie ticket? it's 15 for a box of candy
    last time I went was 4 years ago each ticket was 28 small popcorn was 18

  5. Trailers are boring. They show you the whole movie in condensed form. You want them to stop showing you so much and get on with the movie.

  6. More Vice manipulation…. VICE IS LEFTIST PROPAGANDA….

  7. I hate movie trailers that make the Movie seem like an Action one but when you go to watch, it’s just a Love Story that has one little bit of action that has nothing to do with the plot.

  8. Have you noticed the deep blue of the sky in the before 2000 trailers?….. Chemtrails make our sky pale blue or white now

  9. Trailers will become movies. It’s already happening. I mean, with our busy lives – why not just sit through 2-3 minutes instead of 2-3H ? 😎😂

  10. So basically, these guys are the reason every studio strailer is following the same boring recipe. You wanna see some creative editing in a blockbuster trailer? Check out 2:15–2:20 in Mad Max Fury Road Retaliate Trailer on youtube. Those 5 seconds give me goosebumps every time.

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