how NOT to take art criticism – painting a picture of shane dawson

how NOT to take art criticism – painting a picture of shane dawson

Shane Dawson can’t take criticism, his videos
are unnecessarily long and overrated, and his interactions with people who disagree
with him are gross, because they point to a desire to always be right and a fear of
betraying the false illusion of himself that he set up for his fans . . . is what a sociopath
would say. Listen, Shane Dawson is perfect, okay. This is Jesus. This is normal people. And this is Shane Dawson. Do you understand why they’re are almost at the
same level? Because they’re both doing the work of God. So yes, it’s me. Rejoice, for today father is blessing you
with fanart. And by fanart, I mean putting a popular
YouTuber in the title of this video for views because you know how I operate. I’m kind of ashamed to admit this, but I’m
what you would call: a Shane Dawson stan. And actually, why am I even ashamed? I’m allowed to support Shane Dawson, okay. Part of my fascination with him actually comes
from my background . He is a film-maker, and I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Film Production. Now, I’ve made actual short films in the
past for school, and , film-making. . . it’s . . . it’s not that hard. But you know what, it’s hard for Shane Dawson,
and as a college student I don’t know what it’s like, and neither do you. So stop criticizing him! If you do that, you’re just spreading drama
and being dramatic at the same time. You’re trying to cancel a human being, and human beings
don’t deserve to be cancelled, so I am cancelling anybody who has anything to say about him that isn’t pure, unfiltered praise. If you feel differently about him than I do,
I hate to break this to you but you’re definitely a sociopath. And how dare anyone out there make fun of
Shane after all she’s been through!!! Speaking of sociopaths, Shane Dawson just
released an eight-part (yes, eight) series about Jake Paul (yeah I know) and let me just
say, even though Jake Paul, the title character, didn’t show up until part 5 and the series
did not deliver on what was in the trailer or episode one whatsoever, and you might be
thinking that I wasted 7 hours of my life watching it . . . No. You wasted 7 hours of your life, by not watching
it, and I hope you’ll find something more productive to do with your time in the future. Lol. My favorite part about this series is how
the first episode, or episodes (I don’t remember, 7 hours is a really long time) gave
a lot of misleading and/or flat-out incorrect information about sociopaths. It made sociopaths out to be these monstrous daredevils who would stick out like a sore thumb in society, when in reality,
sociopaths use charm or wit to manipulate others, which arguably you’d be pretty good at if you
got 18 million people to smash the subscribe button (goals), they display impulsiveness
and a failure to plan ahead, like constantly having to push back episodes of your own documentary
series, and they show failure to consider negative consequences of behavior and failure to learn
from those consequences, like repeatedly quote-tweeting quote-tweeting tweets that criticize you, exposing those
commenters to your entire enraged fanbase, even when those people criticizing you have expressly
stated that they thought they were being helpful and they meant no harm. Those are all qualities of a sociopath too—Wait,
what’s that? You’re going to accuse me of insinuating
that Shane Dawson is a sociopath? Well, go ahead. Oh wait—you can’t. Because I put words on the screen saying I’m
not doing that. Sorry. Shane Dawson is not a sociopath, and he is
not a manipulator, okay? Bobby Burns made one video, full of good
points, in which he accused Shane of making terrible content and being a dishonest manipulator, and then Shane Dawson literally invited Bobby Burns to his house, gave him a car,
gave him a huge platform, and is now considered largely responsible for making Bobby as famous
as he is today. He did all this because he’s not a manipulator
and he needed to make sure that everyone around him, including Bobby, knew that. Because people who are definitely not things,
feel the need to make sure everyone knows that they’re not those things, even if that
means responding to channels that are 100 times smaller than you, or replying to a tweet that has
less than twenty likes. What do you think, Shane is not allowed to
defend himself just because he has 18 million subscribers? And honestly, how dare Bobby even make that
video in the first place. The fact that he had good points doesn’t
matter, since he was probably jealous and he just made it to get some easy views like
I’m attempting to do right now, and honestly, that is pathetic. Shane Dawson would never put someone’s name
in the title of every single video in an eight part series just to get some extra views,
so the fact that people are doing it to him . . . disgusts me. All you people care about is ad revenue and
making money off of her!! She’s a human!!!!!! So what if Bobby Burns pretty much went through
an identity crisis after Shane did all of that and is now dealing with a bunch of bitter
Shane Dawson fans? Leaving people with a bunch of his bitter
fans is what Shane Dawson does best, and honestly, they were being rude first and he has a good
heart and he’s such an inspiration and he’s a sweet and innocent thirty-year-old man,
so . . . it’s what they deserve. It’s interesting how, when Shane Dawson
reacted to Bobby’s video on his channel, he left out this part. A fact that, for some reason, everyone seems
to forget about Shane Dawson is the fact that he used blackface . . . like, a lot. But it’s okay, because he apologized, right? And honestly, I would leave that part out too
because I’m in blackface literally every day of my life. Lol. Like honestly, is blackface really that offensive? It was a different time, less than ten years
ago. I swear to God, people get offended by literally
everything nowadays. Here are some more relatable clips of Shane
Dawson that I’m sure we can all relate to. How fly do Iook? I mean, really. Hey!! Oh n– b– monkey woman! I’m sorry, when I become Nicki I just get
so angry! The word of the day is . . . Ni– There goes my ad revenue, which is ironic
if you think about it. And he apologized, so you’re no longer allowed
to bring it up. Shane Dawson has a big heart okay, he’s just
a caring person. He made a documentary on Jake Paul even when
he knew that it would upset some people. When he sees a problem, he risks his image
and his security to make sure that people know the truth. But I told you a few months back, in a conspiracy
video, that there are so many child molesters in Hollywood that are protected. And Kevin Spacey was one of them. I knew. Like, I had heard the stories, but I was too
afraid to say anything, because it wasn’t like, directly connected to me, like it didn’t
happen to me. But I knew he was one of the guys that was
out there possibly molesting people. When he sees a problem, he usually risks his
image and his security to make sure that people know the truth. So what are the lessons we can learn from
this as artists? Well, it all boils down to . . . If you work
hard on something, then you don’t deserve to be criticized, whatsoever. If someone brings up a criticism against you,
whether you think it’s valid , whether they said it nicely or not . . .They can literally
. . . do that. If you’re working hard on something that
nobody asked for and is therefore a personal choice, you have every right to get upset
with people who call you out for anything, including not living up to your own statements
and promises. And to all of you doing the call-outs, stop
being a fake “fan”. If you criticize someone, you’re not a fan
of them. And if you don’t follow Shane Dawson on
Twitter, then you’re a fake fan too. You’re just a hater in disguise with nothing
better to do. What you don’t realize is that Shane is making
you all this money and all you do is write a bunch of crap about her!!!! Draw attention to your detractors by sharing
their comments, and draw attention away from yourself by deleting your mistakes and
refusing to apologize. And if you do apologize, just apologize to
yourself for stooping down to their level in the first place. And if someone brings up something that happened
more than two minutes ago, shut them down because it’s old news. That’s just called standing up for yourself. And if you wind up looking bad in the process,
your fans will just point out that there are other things that look even worse than you
do, so it doesn’t matter. When you have that many subscribers, when
you have 18 million subscribers and fans, it doesn’t matter, because at the end of
the day nothing is going to knock you off of the top. You don’t have to treat people nicely, you
don’t have to appreciate your fans, you don’t have to make documentary-quality videos
as long as the majority of your fanbase has never seen a real documentary. You don’t even have to have to hide the
fact that you’re filming lengthy videos to make yourself seem like a good person over
and over, as long as you can find another questionable YouTuber who agrees to let you
make them seem better as well. You just have to exist, and the whole world
should thank you for it and just get over any mistakes you’ve made in the past, because
you’re trying hard, you’re going through a lot, and you are the greatest thing to ever
happen to this website, and everyone around you, is a stan . . . like me. I just painted a picture of Shane Dawson. And you can find that image, on my Twitter,
along with all of my questionable content. And looks like I got ten minutes of content
out of this, so . . . Leave a like, tell me what you think, and subscribe if you haven’t
already. Thank you for watching and a big thank you
to my 29,000 subscribers. Okay bye. Leave her alone!!

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  1. Now I'm gonna go see what booby burns is doing these days.. I used to watch he's videos until the whole Shane thing happens

  2. very big fan of Shane but, yeah honestly him responding to criticism the way he does is just eghhhh
    tbh, I do love his series genuinely but, I think he should take a break and do smaller light hearted projects, where it's just fun and goofy, bc I feel like he's trying to one up each of his series, especially with his recent video of Eugenia, which I do think is Very glaring in terms of how the info wasn't mentioned or wasn't correct, and it felt, kinda like nothing really happened like with the Jake Paul series. I think he did somewhat succeed in spreading awareness of eating disorders, but I did do a "oof" when I saw the same therapist from the Jake Paul series. she was better in the video, but I watched another one called "The Problem with Return of Eugenia" and Eugenia's friends said that the therapist knew the situation of Eugenia's mom but didn't mention it at all in the video, how her mom is very controlling of her to the point where Eugenia didn't know how to unlock the door, AKA the part where they were just laughing at the big lock thing.
    I do wish that Shane would see through his tinted glasses and take the criticism and try to improve more. I do think he is a good person, he just needs to realize that the "haters" Are fans of him or at least just want to help him improve. He needs to realize that we can like him but still criticize him Because we like him!!

  3. Pls become a filmmaker and make educational videos for my future kids so they don't have to watch the terrifying 80's and 70's ones we grew up with ;n;

  4. dude you are one of the most underrated people on this shit storm whirlwind website I have laughed out loud on every video claps

  5. can someone count how many times this man has picked fights with people he usually doesn't even personally know to pay his rent

  6. I do like shane, but I see the same thing happening with almost all of his content: he's immature. he handles criticism in an immature fashion, as seen with his responses shown in this very video. he doesnt know how to cover serious topics properly, as seen in his Jake Paul documentary (not being able to properly discuss personality disorders) and his most recent video on eugenia cooney, which was just a lighthearted house tour (even though we expected him to make a serious video on ED recovery, which he talked about very briefly and not very carefully). he doesnt seem to ever get the right people or do the right research, either. I know he works very hard on his content, but for a 31-year-old, I think he needs to grow up.

  7. its bad when my least favorite person featured in shane's channel is shane… ( im sorry but subscribe to garrett instead )

  8. His videos are way too long because he wastes a lot of time for no reason. He never proves anything. He also keeps making things about him or his feelings. No clue why people love him so.

  9. Holy fuck for like 80% of the video I was trying to decipher if you were being sarcastic or genuine (Which I know you did on purpose and did perfectly) That was entertaining.

  10. Throw back to when Shane first got his cat and I made a polite comment, as an experienced cat owner, pointing out some not so healthy things he was letting Cheeto do and I got bombarded with comments from his stans telling me to kill myself.

  11. I enjoy Shane Dawson, but I don't view his YouTube videos as documentaries. Hes just a content creator, and he is providing the content that a lot of people enjoy. It keeps me entertained, it's free and I enjoy it. I don't expect him to be 100% perfect, and his personality to be everyones cup of team. It's hard to see from both sides, and then how Shane actually is. I dont even know if he is manipulative, or if he is purposefully doing these things. Only the people who know him very closely may know what's going on and what he is going through.
    I'm not saying to forgive him, and to change your mind, but hopefully some people can just give him the benefit of the doubt. We all do and say things we regret, we all make mistakes and we all have our issues. In light of all the YouTube negativity lately, I would hope maybe some people can just say," Hey, I dont really like him, but to each their own."

  12. Out of all his ‘documentaries’ the only one I’ve been able to watch is the Jeffree Star one bc the other ones were soo boring

  13. You are brilliant! Sophisticated, dry humor…unlike most of the tired, sophomoric content that most YouTubers put out.. Like Shane's corny, overdone 'Queen' persona and his painfully un-funny skits

  14. I watched about 3 minutes of this video and had to give up. I'm not sure what you're saying in this video, whether you like Shane or not or what you're even trying to say at all to be honest. I love most of your videos but as a person with autism it would be nice to have a little explanation as like a pinned comment or in the description of what the fuck is going on cause all the comments are talking about sarcasm but I honestly just cannot fucking understand what is happening. Its either constant sarcasm with interjected reality or constant reality with interjected sarcasm like usual OR the entire video is satirical because its so different so whichever one of the above options it is is flipped on its head i just CAN'T do this it's upsetting me now so I'm gonna go think about something else but yeah. Four your special needs audience just a little blunt explanation somewhere would reeeeally help x if you want

  15. Rip old Shane Dawson his comedy has changed drastically he used to have a dark sense of humor he’s letting his over sensitive fans control his content by making it kid friendly and so he can get ads on his videos.
    Look at Brandon Rogers he makes content because he loves to he doesn’t rely on YouTube for income. He made a whole video about censorship on YouTube and how it’s not worth the money to just up and change your original content.
    I don’t like Shane and his squad anymore they’re so basic. I only care about Garrett at this point…also where is Drew? Did he just drop him? or maybe Drew just doesn’t reach out idk…I just miss Shane’s skits and older spooky videos with Garrett and drew…and that era is over.
    Yes his videos are legendary but I don’t get hyped for them as I used to since he makes long ass videos he doesn’t post regularly…it’s easy to forget about him.

  16. I am nro subbed to him I mean, I do feel he is dramatic and extra he adds that to all his video it doesn't take criticism at all. I did take his apology back then but I still bit iffyabout him.
    I dunno why he did Jake Paul thing he didht really need make them seem sympathetic a little. Or people who have been very problematic. They're more like dramatised reality series that are long honestly

  17. Seriously no one wanted the series I miss when he just posted a 15 minute video everyday it was way better for everyone that way

  18. While I get the point you’re making, I think you may gotten some characteristics of psychopaths and sociopaths mixed up. Sociopaths are more impulsive, which does make them “stick out” in society. Psychopaths are more manipulative and employ mimicry of emotions and/or responses to situations from other people. A psychopath doesn’t- cannot- care about anyone, while a sociopath is able to form a bond with another individual- it’s usually unhealthy and obsessive.

  19. 6:47 WHAT? WHAT? WHAT??? WHAT????? Shane Dawson KNEW that Kevin Spacey was a child molestor and didn't say anything because it had nothing to do with him????????

  20. I like Shane but he does videos nobody asks for like I woukd love if he went back to making stupid content and just laughing and having a good time but all his stuff is so serious now we only ever see him not as serious is in Morgan’s and rylands video it makes me wonder if he’s just doing it for money considering he’d probably be making a lot since when we he does post it’s hour long videos he should go back to his old content in my opinion

  21. The meanspice girl that tweeted told him to stop giving racists a platform, and he ignored that and yelled at her to fuck off because he has worked hard for free, when she didn’t ask whatsoever, didn’t follow him, didn’t like him, just wanted to tell him he should stop being racist – he somehow translated all that as being a desperate fan…… he wilfully ignorant or trying to bamboozle us into forgetting about the racism

  22. You tripped me out I really thought you didn’t like him 😂 I can’t imagine Shane Dawson being a asshole. Your art is fabulous

  23. The fact that Shane and Greg used to be close friends tells me enough. True, Greg is a billion times worse….but they do have some character flaws in common.

  24. I like Shane and I do think he's empathetic to a fault, but he has his issues. I think he's using these hugely hyped series as a cop-out to justify him basically living like a hermit. He didn't make it as a filmmaker, he's had to reinvent himself on youtube multiple times over the years, he's perpetually dissatisfied with his body, he rarely leaves the house or socializes.. So I think his sense of self worth is tightly related to making these series. He found his niche. And it works, because people constantly praise him for it, but it also makes it nearly impossible for him to take any criticism. When you criticise his work you criticise the one thing he feels he's succeeding at, and that's making him lash out.
    The problem I'm seeing is that he's inadvertently manipulating public opinion (especially his younger fans). I don't think either Tana or Jake are worthy of any redemption, and the Eugenia Cooney thing was just eerie and uncomfortable.
    Imo what he really needs is to take a step back from his work so he can see it more objectively. And lots of therapy.

  25. Honestly I do love shane and I love the fact that hes been making these videos he seems to really enjoy making. I just love when people get passionate and he at least seems to be. But on the other hand hes so fucking bad at criticism. It's difficult because when youre getting as many views as he has theres gonna be a lot more than hes used to, so as a person I understand his defensiveness. Not giving him an excuse there, just saying I somewhat understand where it comes from. Its difficult because as an influential person you have to be more level headed about stuff like that. It can be really hard for some people. They see criticism and assume its hate and get upset or defensive. Theres a difference between "hey I didnt like this video you made because of x,y and z" and "hey you suck and I dont like you" but he doesnt seem to see that difference. It's kinda sad in a way because he must feel a lot more hated than he actually is. Like sure there are always people who hate, but imagine all of the people who are genuine fans and tried to criticise something or give advice. Imagine all those people and imagine thinking they hate you in the same way as the people suicide baiting you and shit. That mindset must seriously suck. Anyways I feel like I'm rambling so theres my thoughts I guess

  26. i could not pick up on the sarcasm so now i have to rewatch the whole thing so i know what he meant

  27. Tbh I dont feel any way in particular towards shane, but I do dislike his content. It often has very little substance and all of his long videos feel like 3/4 filler content. I could understand the lack of substance and depth if he didnt market his docs as an in depth look at a persons life and motivation. Everything seems very surface level and I feel like he allows himself to be manipulated way too often. There are cases I can understand that , like the eugenia Cooney one, bc that's a sensitive topic, but in other cases these people have signed on knowing what shane claims to want to do.

  28. i have to say i used to be a huge shame fan and im ngl i find his content to be entertaining but more and more im growing to dislike him. He seems genuine yet surrounds himself with people like jeffree and trisha etc etc

  29. i ‘like’ shane, he’s a decent youtuber and makes pretty good content. but he’s given jeffree so much chances to prove himself right and it’s sorta annoying, i would rather watch him make an 8 part series on jake paul again. it would be better if he went back to his conspiracy theory videos which made him grow in the first place. it feels like he’s growing into a different person now.

  30. Some people can pull of being an innocent and precious bean at 30 years old, but Shane isn’t really one of those people. The more I think about it the more creeped out I feel, that might just be me though

  31. please make videos on people we don't like 😐 shane is a super hard worker and is always stressed, your videos aggravate me sometimes bc you are always trying to pick at and on regular people and trying to find anything to talk about

  32. idk, I feel like jake paul is just a guy with a lot to prove, but who is also very stupid, so he has no idea how to sell out. a lot of youtubers hide their true selves with editing and storycrafting, but jake paul genuinely has no idea how to craft a story that anyone over the age of 12 will find endearing.

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