How They Make Babies Cry In TV And Movies | Movies Insider

How They Make Babies Cry In TV And Movies | Movies Insider

Narrator: Babies cry all the time, whether you like it or not. And it takes a very patient
parent to make them stop. When it comes to TV and movies, however, a director may actually want
a baby to cry on command. And this requires hiring someone with a special set of skills. That’s Elaine Hall. She’s what’s known in
Hollywood as a baby wrangler. Elaine Hall: A baby
wrangler is a interpreter between what the director
wants a young child to do in front of a camera. Narrator: She’s worked with
infants and young children on a variety of commercials,
TV shows, and movies, like “The Flintstones,”
“Grace Under Fire,” and “Akeelah tnd the Bee.” First off, where do these
crying babies come from? Babies, just like adult actors, come from casting calls, but they’re only legally allowed to work for four hours a day on set, so there’s a simple trick used
to extend their camera time. Hall: Very often, when you
see a TV show or a film, twins are used to play one role. Narrator: There’s also a
few other rules in place when using young actors. Hall: For every set that has a child, there’s a studio teacher on the set. For infants, there must be a
studio teacher and a nurse. Narrator: For non-crying scenes, working with babies and young children involves making it fun for them. Hall: Everything was made into a game. I would put on the lens of the camera, funny faces on the lens, when they needed to
make direct eye contact. I would be behind the camera on every scene, making them laugh. Narrator: But for crying,
it’s a whole different story. Elaine uses a special technique. Hall: What I do to get babies to cry is, I start to cry myself. For example, I’ll go, “Wahhhh!” And the baby will start to cry. When a baby, even an infant,
hears another baby cry, the infant or the baby will
start to cry themselves. This is an example of empathy. It’s pretty instantaneous. Narrator: She used this technique
in “Akeelah And The Bee.” In this scene, Akeelah’s
sister brings her baby to the event, and it starts to cry. And her technique has
never failed, so far. Hall: My success rate is 100 percent. Narrator: She says she’s
heard of other baby wranglers using questionable techniques
like placing bad odors in front of the child
or making a loud noise. But according to Elaine,
these sorts of methods may be harmful to the child,
and should be avoided. If the baby’s face doesn’t
need to be shown on camera, oftentimes, they’ll use a doll instead. Once it’s crying, how do
you get the baby to stop? Hall: When I stop crying, and
then I’ll look at the baby, and assure the baby
that everything’s safe, I’m okay, she’s okay, then, very quickly, a
baby will stop crying. Narrator: She may also
use rattles and bells to help, if necessary. Regardless of the scene,
Elaine says it’s important that the baby spend time
with the actor ahead of time. Hall: I always have the actor and the baby create relationship off camera, so that it’s not like
you’re just plopping a kid into a stranger’s lap.

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  1. No she scared the shit out of the babies with her scary ass cries. I would definitely cry if she was holding me and crying like that.

    and the baby will cry 😁

  3. How to figure out if a baby is a sociopath, begin crying and if they don’t cry with you, they don’t have empathy 😯

  4. Please support me and my daughter by subscribing to my YouTube channel and whoever subscribes thank you because it motivates me to keep going

  5. Did you hear that guys? Babies have empathy from the moment they’re born. Ergo, nobody is born evil. Which is kind of scary to think about. That we as humans have so much power to shape and create another human being. And how we already have, created some of the worst personalities to have ever lived. Evil is created by man, not by God. ♥️

  6. Me: You sick monster, making Children cry!

    Her: yeah, it's my job

    Btw this is a joke so dont get triggered for whatever reason

  7. The worst method I ever heared of was not an infant but an older child. There was the story of the director getting child actor Jackie Cooper to cry on cue. He had someone take Jackie's beloved dog out and shoot him! Jackie heared the gun shot and immediately bawled his eyes out. After the director got the take that he wanted the man brought the dog back to reassure Jackie that they never harmed him to start with! I just gasped in horror thinking "What a dirty trick!"

  8. Manager: so I see on your resumé you have had a previous job…can you elaborate on it?

    Elaine: uHhHh weLL iTs haRd tO eXPlaiN

  9. Am I the only one who knows what movie that toddler is from in the thumb nail edit before they showed it

  10. Mrs Elaine or Coach E as I call her is actually an amazing person. No she isn’t just a baby wrangler, she is the founder of the miracle project! Y’all should check it out!

  11. Yeah my friend has a 1 and 0 year old siblings and her 3 month old will cry then the 1 year old will cry

  12. I was shocked when i was watching fuller house and saw that Michelle had a twin bruhhh that made me think for days

  13. Your new teacher comes into the room to get to know everyone.
    She asked what you want be when you grow up.
    You say, “I want to cry to make baby’s cry”!
    She thinks in her head (this is gonna be a ruff year D:)
    She says out loud, THATS GREAT SAMANTHA HA HA HA
    she goes home Samantha is weirrrrrrdd..

  14. My baby won't cry lol she spent time in the NICU even and would be quiet even though the whole place was going off because it was feeding time.

  15. I can't stop thinking about how she would manage to use rattles to cheer a baby up without the sound equipment picking it up– for scenes where the baby starts or stops crying on camera. I would love to see more about where and how she's placed on set.

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