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  1. VALIDATION!!! Home DVD’s, on-demand purchases, streaming… they all suck. I don’t want to hear everyone say you need the latest and greatest Dolby dts, THX processors and speakers because you still can’t hear dialogue. The only way to listen to a movie at the same level all throughout the movie is through quality wired or wireless headphones. I will say that most people do listen to their TV sound through sound bar speakers and if you have a sound bar that only processes 2.1 channel you are definitely screwed. If you want a little more capability listening to dialogue through a soundbar, you best upgrade to 7.1. Its a little better but this video is hilarious and spot on.

  2. I thought I was losing my hearing when I had to turn up the volume to listen to the dialogue. I'm glad that it's not only me that thinks that the fucking dialogue is quiet as nuts

  3. Basicly Let's Play YouTubers, except they increase their own voice and decrease the audio of the actual fucking game

  4. It's called dynamic range. The sound of a whisper should not be as loud as the sound of a gunshot. The sound of raindrops falling on grass should not be as loud as a bomb exploding. It is possible to normalize the sound levels so everything is as loud, or as quiet, as everything else. I think this is what lots of people want. I don't. Especially in movies, normalized sound ruins the experience because it's so obviously artificial. Real life does not have normalized sound.

  5. ) The Croatian Parliament voted unanimously on March 1, 2019, to adopt the Council of Europe Convention against Trafficking in Human Organs, becoming the eighth European nation to ratify the treaty.

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  6. How they mix the audio for youtube videos:
    Loud blaring deafening intro music
    Quiet dialogue
    Even louder outro

  7. Couple this with having deaf family members and very slow reaction time with the volume = I never watch movies with my family anymore.

  8. Hoo-fucking-ray!   A Trending YT video that's actually funny and doesn't take 15 minutes of the uploader explaining how witty, clever and funny they are.    A seriously lovely breath of fresh air.       🙂

  9. If your TV has a "night mode" or "dialogue mode" its pretty good at balancing that out if a little odd sounding at times. Would be better if it was just consistent to begin with though

  10. movies, normalized sound ruins the experience because it's so obviously artificial. Real life does not have normalized sound.

  11. How have we evolved to where we can’t watch a movie without constantly changing the volume every 5 minutes? Let’s evolve backwards just a bit

  12. turns tv volume to 51
    Character dialogue: whisper whisper whisper
    Anything else that happens in the movie: 9/11 cranked up to 11

  13. Honestly I just thought my hearing was going to shit so now I just turn on subtitles for everything.

  14. This happened to me when i was trying to watch the spiderman multiverse movie when everyone was asleep. One second they're talking, the next music starts blaring. I'm like, whooaaaaa, where's my remote?

  15. Oh, you forgot the pointless modification of the sound mix, removing and adding effects that bring nothing to the film.

  16. Omfg so fucking true!!!!!! I hate it when the audio is low and Boom the damn music or soundtrack to the movie blares to all hell. Or in YouTube videos where audio is low then high low then high lol.

  17. I have volume leveling on my tv, and sometimes switching to stereo, from 5.1, or vice versa can help. But mostly I just have to leave subtitles on.

  18. I remember this guy, he's responsible for taking down super hygh's channel..

    whiny little bitch.. this video is shit. 🖕

  19. Watched the new Jumanji the other day, I knew we were in trouble when we had to turn to 25 to hear the dialogue, normally movies only need about 20, every time the action got going the bass box started jumping off the floor, sorry neighbours!

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