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  1. Y'all just gonna ignore that a 20 year old and a 17 year old were just chilling in a car at like 3:00 in the morning

  2. The fact that 8/10 victims he shot survived with fatal injuries is so bone chilling. Listen to the podcast of him.

  3. Ryan and Shane should cover the mysteries about the Clark Air Base Hospital in the Philippines… The Hospital is considered to be one of the most hunted places on Earth

  4. Lol he made this all up so he could plead insanity at the court hearing. He did his research on how mind of an insane murderer works and acted accordingly.

  5. me: i shouldn’t watch this before i go to sleep on a school night it’s late i’ll get nightmares. also me: this is about catching him!! it won’t give me nightmares, because i know he’s been caught!

  6. Yet, no mention of Sam Berkowitz admitting that he killed because he was angry. He did not hear the dog tell him to kill, he did not hear demonic voices at all. Typical hyperbolic nonsense just for more clicks.

  7. Have you guys thought about doing an episode about the the mysterious ourang medan? I know it’s in the new game that the people who made “Until Dawn” from, but it is an interesting mystery.

  8. "Don't worry, Harvey survived."
    "Harvey was a good boy for the rest of his life."
    They have their priorities straight and I love it.

  9. My grandmother was neighboors with son of same and somtimes walked to school together , and she always told me he was nice untill he got distant in high school. Sometimes you can't tell the signs

  10. I think serial killers have like 2 or 3 different groups.

    Son of Sam and Ed Kemper are so different in nature.

    They both killed people but their brand of violence is so different. Ed Kemper nature revolves around killing family members and some form of sexual assault and extreme violence. Very similar to Dahmer's crime. But son of Sam isnt that brand.

  11. I only liked because Harvey survived if the dog would of died I wouldn't of liked
    I'm glad Harvey was always a good boy for the rest of his time

  12. You guys should really do one on Israel Keyes. That guy is probably one of the most bone chilling serial killers I've heard of

  13. Ummm….. yeah….. I’m kind of happy I didnt get the job at Shawangunk now…. I had an interview there last November and just got chills when he said that’s where he is 😫

  14. I remember way back when he became a christian i got to meet him and couldnt believe i shook the hand of one of the most intense serial killers ever

  15. i swear on god, my grandfather used to work at that correctional facility its like half an hour from my house. he said he would always interview some of the criminals and then said that berkowitz is is like almost all convicts, he regrets what he did, and the way he did it

  16. Thanks for letting me know about this man. I´ve watched some of his interviews from 4 years ago and I truly believe that he is a better man today. Not saying he is a good guy, because in the end he is a serial killer, but he bettered his life and gave it to God.

  17. 7 human survivors… and 1 dog survivor…. gotta say, doesn't sound like the prolific serial killer one would expect….

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