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  1. Why is there no border option this is very crucial to have if only it was available. It's a feature u just have to add seriously

  2. But after I edit using picture-in-picture option, when I export it (save it) ,, and later when I check in saved files and play the edited video , only single video is being played not the other video (at the corner of tht video) what to do

  3. I'd like to point out something that triggers a crash. If you have the overlay clip set to "Cover" and then apply chroma key, switching the overlay style from Cover to Picture in Picture triggers a crash.

  4. Is there a step by step video showing exactly how to add a watermark/logo using the picture and picture technique?

  5. Hi there. I really like your software and I am using the full version (not the trial). I have had no problems in actually creating the picture in picture videos I want to make. My issues happen when I try to export the final product. For whatever reason it is only giving me the overlayed track of video when it occurs, and it takes up the entire screen, and then the regular track returns when it is finished. Any idea as to what is going on here? Previewing exactly what I want while in the program and then not getting what I want upon export is starting to bum me out.

  6. I wish people doing video tutorials would slow down when moving the cursor. By the time I've spotted the cursor, the tutor is talking about something else. So frustrating.

  7. Hi this is a very helpful video but I am wondering if it is possible to put a border around the overlay video to emphasize the 2nd video


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