How to add your ghost to a video

How to add your ghost to a video

Hello and welcome to the Movavi vlog. My name is Roman and I warn you, today’s blog
is going to be a bit scary after all, Halloween is just around the corner … I while ago, we talked about how you
can clone yourself in a video. In that tutorial, we showed you the easiest
way to create a clone – and we promised you a more advanced technique a bit later. I’m a man of my word, so today I’ll show you
how to create your ghost clone in a video. You often see how a human soul separates from
the body in the form of translucent weightless matter in fantasy films. So now we’re going to explore how you can
surprise your friends for Hallowe’en with a similar video where you are the main character For this effect, you’ll need a green screen
background and a bit more patience than last time. In our last exercise, the clones weren’t able
to interact with each other and had to be in different parts of the shot. But what if I told you you could create a
whole roomful of clones, all overlapping each other? Set up the green screen and place your character
a little distance from the screen. You should not be able to see their shadow. First, you need to film one scene and then,
without moving the camera, film the scenes with the clones. For convenience, mark the area on the floor
where the character should stand in all the scenes. We don’t recommend pacing the character and
the clones on the same line. For this example, we are using Movavi Video
Editor. Upload to the program all your good shots
and an image or video that will act as the background for your video. Select a scene where you want to have a double
behind so that the first character partially covers it. Now drag your clip so it’s above the background. Double click the clip and you’ll see a menu
above the preview window that lets you choose how your character will be displayed in the
background, for example, ‘cover’. Then, click the ‘clip properties’ button in
the tools section. You’ll see the Chroma Key tab on the menu
that opens. Click on it. The program automatically offers you green
as the colour for removal. For best results, we recommend you choose
the colour manually by clicking on the background in the preview window. You can also experiment with different settings. Click ‘apply’ when you have the effect you
want. Then choose the clip to go on top of the first
one and drag it to the next track. Again, set the chroma key and synchronize
your clips to get your clones interacting with each other. In this way, you can create any number of
clones without needing to place them in different parts of the video. But what about creating that ghost? It’s time to reveal the secret. We did exactly the same thing as in the first
example but filmed two new scenes. This time, drag the scene with the ghost above
the background Click Chroma Key, choose the colour and set the
character in its target location relative to the background. Now set the opacity for your ghost clip to
about 50% in the video properties tab. All done! The only thing left to do is save your video. Now you know how to create one clone, clone
those clones, and even make a ghost clone. I hope this video helps you turn your Hallowe’en
ideas into a spooky reality. If you need a refresher on cloning, check
out the first part of this tutorial where we showed how to create your clone without
a green screen. The subscribe button is here. Thanks for watching the Movavi vlog. Bye!

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  1. help me not to get into movavi but i don't have money to buy movavi for forver i don't have money): i created a video but….nu going cat I see a movavi and says he must buy movavi money i don't have money

  2. Hello, I am a video creator that has used Movavi suite for all my videos. I am having problems with exporting my videos and I even tried unchecking the Intel acceleration box in the settings section.
    It still tells​ me that an unknown error has occurred.
    I tried uploading the video in all the available formats to my YouTube channel.
    Then I tried saving it as a media file and it still doesn't work.
    Are there any other ideas I can try to export my videos?

  3. Hi i love your editing program but i have a realy big problem. The problem is that when i tryed to upload the video to youtube it says on the midle of the screen that thos film was made with moavi. Pls help

  4. Fudging CONTES! This is for your shitty, yet surprisingly interesting, advert that prevented me from watching my YouTube channel! EVIL EYE 😡

  5. How to change the picture from normal picture to more close picture like you did in this video in the start


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