How to Ask Someone to Be Quiet in a Movie Theater

How to Ask Someone to Be Quiet in a Movie Theater

How to Ask Someone to Be Quiet in a Movie
Theater. Don’t you just hate it when a fellow moviegoer
provides a running commentary? Here’s how to silence the squawker. You will need Self-control Persistence Daring
and theater management. Step 1. Positively identify the miscreant. You don’t want to wrongly accuse someone
who appears to be speaking, but is actually just chewing his popcorn aggressively. Step 2. See if there’s a seat you can move to without
much fuss. In these situations, an avoidance maneuver
is always preferable to a confrontation. Step 3. Assess your adversary. Does the loudmouth have tattoos that might
have been acquired in prison? An aura of insanity? A weapon? If so, it’s probably best to wait until
the movie comes out on DVD. Step 4. Begin with a polite approach. In a soft, calm voice, explain that while
you are impressed with how well he is following the plot, you’d appreciate it if he’d
keep his observations to himself. Step 5. If he ignores you, raise your voice a notch
and say you are _begging_ him to pipe down, as you paid good money to hear Daniel Day-Lewis’s
voice, not his. Ask loudly if anyone else is bothered by this
boorish behavior. It’s in your best interest to get the entire
theater riled up against noise. Step 6. If nothing is getting through to this chucklehead,
complain to management. Even if the “manager” is a pimple-faced
teen, he has the authority to throw out unruly customers. Step 7. If all your efforts have led to naught, plus
you’ve missed a good chunk of the movie, politely request a refund. If you come off as reasonable, you might even
score some free passes. Did you know Action movies and those with
a PG rating are the most likely to have problems with audience behavior, according to officials
at one large movie-theater chain.

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  5. I posted this video on another site and someone there pointed out that getting the hole room in a uproar toward that 1 person wouldn't be the best idea

  6. Step 1: Check loudmouth's gender.
    Step 2a: If male, kick in balls.
    Step 2b: If female, rape.
    Step 3: Enjoy your movie.

  7. Step 1: Politely ask him to be quiet.
    Step 2: Tell him loudly to shut up.
    Step 3: Stand up and tell him to SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!
    Step 4: Make threats to him.
    Step 5: Call the Cops, and tell management that you want a refund.

  8. @JRussoBuffaloNY Yeah, so they can all argue with each other and we can have a mass murder in our movie theaters! Great idea!

  9. @JRussoBuffaloNY Ok, you have now proven that you're superior to a stranger on the internet. You must feel complete now.
    Besides, I was just joking. You need to learn to relax and chill a little bit. You must be the life of the party, too.

  10. @JRussoBuffaloNY You also need to learn how to type. Or maybe spell. How hard is it to say "YOU" instead of u? "PEOPLE" instead of ppl and "ARE" instead of r?
    Also, you make no sense. So shut your fat face.

  11. my english teacher went to go see star wars episode 5 when it 1st came out with his wife. after he got out, there was another person who came out with him and he spoiled the ending. "hey guys you'll never believe it! darth vader is really luke's father"! compared to all the star wars fans, everyone who didn't watch it wa shocked. my teacher said that everyone gave the guy dirty looks and looked as though they wanted to decapitate is head.

  12. If all else fails….
    it would also help you you were 10000000000000000 pounds, and looked scary : )

  13. i know i had to go see ice age three ans some little girl kept kicking my seat and screaming the name of every charicter that came on screen and the mom did nothing to stop her

  14. step one: yell SHUT UP
    step two :yell THIS IS SPARTA
    step three:make a big hole
    step four:kick the person into the hole
    step five: shoot the person
    step six:ENJOY

  15. Step 1: Obtain the theatre's phone number and program it into your cell phones speed dial.
    Step 2: Make note of the auditorium # your movie is in.
    Step 3: Call theatre and say "could you send a manager to theatre (#), there are/is (person or group) in (row location) being very disruptive".
    Step 4: Sit back and enjoy shocked look on person's/group's face(s) when the manager confronts them (usually accompanied by 1 or 2 theatre employees in case things get ugly).

  16. i always have a new plan for when i go to the movies, like for example: for this next Harry Potter film (which for movie 6 i couldn't enjoy because this fucking chick was talking behind me) i shall just throw my fucking coke inside his/her shirt and kick him/her out of the movie theater,………
    okay i exaggerated with the kick her ass out of the theater but i WILL put my fucking coke in the bitch's shirt!

  17. @pokelover66544 when i went to see toy story 3, this kid, OMFG, when woody first appeared on the screen, the kid yelled "LOOK MOMMY ITS WOODY!" and parent is like "YES SWEETIE I KNOW!" and then there was another scene where woody lost his hat and the kids like "WOODY'S HAT!!" "YES SWEETIE I KNOW!" and the parent didnt even try to shut him up! she just spoke at the SAME volume of the kid! you'd think she would say "yes sweetie, we're in a movie theater now be quite." >:( stupid ass bitch!

  18. You will need: A bat
    Step 1: Take your your bat
    Step 2: Wack him across the head and tell him to shut the fuck up
    Step 3: Enjoy the movie 🙂

  19. you yell shut the fuck up if they dont do any thing go slap them or break their phone if using it then to add insult to injury throw pop and popcorn in their face

  20. I had that problem when I was at the movies with my friend and three kids 12/13 years old were talking through the whole movie.

  21. ok, how much does self-control cost cos ive already got persistence and daring, bought them from asda, or to americans wal-mart.

  22. the best prank is to take out a cell phane and get a freind to call you and say mom i wont pick up you crab cream im at the movies i dont care how itchy it is me and my girlfriend do that all the time or say the main chacter is going to die or yell rape

  23. step 1: turn around. beat the hell out of them
    step 2: If that doesn't work, take out a gun, point it at them and yell, "You wanna mess with me now."
    step 3: If that doesn't work, Shoot them. That'll shut 'em up

  24. after doing all these steps the film would be over so instead i just use the rule of turning around and shouting "SHUT UP" at them!!! and if dont work, thats when you body slam them!!!

  25. When I was at the cinema a while back a woman came over to me and wrongly accused me of talking and she said "shut up, I paid for my ticket to see this film". Me: "Yeah so did i". Conflict resolved by an awkward moment. Job done 😉

  26. I was watching starwars 3D with my bf and a family in front wouldn't shut the hell up. He got so angry (he is a starwars fanatic) he told them: 'Piss off! we are trying to watch a bloody movie here!! and kids(he had two toddelers) SHUT YOUR PIE HOLES!' lets just say I went to the bathroom and stayed there. soooooo embarrasing.

  27. That da number one thing not to do in a movie theather stand up n yell
    Guy: don't jump, dont jump, he gonna jump!
    Me: "hey dont u agreed that this guy is too loud n disturbing da movie, I say we should kick him out!!
    People: Booo! Shut up, were tryin to watch da movie!!
    Guy: dude can u keep it down or I'll go get da manger, can't some ppl go to da movies n watch in piece
    Manger: sir I'm goin to hav to ask u to leave we been getting alot of complaints sayin that some asshole won't stfu so

  28. I agree with the did you know last time I went to the theater I had an 8 yr old behind me at the 9 PM showing

  29. How to Ask Someone to Be Quiet in a Movie Theater
    Step 1: Stand up and turn around
    Step 2: Look him in the eye and say " SHUT DA FUCK UP BEFORE I BREAK YOUR NECK !!!!!! "

  30. My friend went to see Magi Madoka Part 2 (an anime movie) and told me that there was little kids screaming and crying because of the violence. Parents…PG IS NOT THE SAME AS G!!!! Got that!!?

  31. my friend will never be quiet at the moives. i tryed whispering "please be quiet" then i sarcasically say "wow, observant"……..then resorting to violence doesn't even help. people stare at me all the time in the cinema when im with him

  32. Step 1. Have a quiet baby Step 2. Tell them to be quiet Step 3. If they don't tell them to STFU Step 4. If they don't use the fuckin' baby as a weapon. "I WILL MAKE THUS GUY CRY!!" Step 5. If all else fails, just drag them outside the movie theater or turn into a monster or be Kratos. DID YOU KNOW? You'd probably never do this…

  33. When I went to see zootopia with my 2 best buddies, during the walt disney animated studios logo was on, a little kid was screaming mickey mouse lots of times and the kids parent won't tell the kid to shut up

  34. You will need

    You can ask them to shhh
    You can tell them to shut up
    Or put tape over there mouth
    Warning this can lead to police matters or attacking

    You know over 200milllion Americans are movie assholes

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