how to avoid looking like trash for your yearbook picture

how to avoid looking like trash for your yearbook picture

Good morning guys! It is 8:50 right now. I had to be ready an hour ago Today I’m taking my senior portrait and I’m trying not to look like trash for this. So I’m gonna show you guys how I get ready for that, so when you guys take your yearbook photos or your senior portraits, you’ll be ready to go. I just curled my hair, that’s why it’s so crazy; I didn’t really brush it out yet, but I just did some curls now. I’m gonna do my makeup I was supposed to do this like 30 minutes ago, didn’t happen. Prepping.. Who puts on makeup this early in the morning? And that’s it! By the way, I’m not wearing pants right now Is this even surprising at this point. Not really surprised but if I flash you in the mirror, just don’t be alarmed. Also I’ve never filmed a video this early in the morning. I’m not doing well at all. All of my yearbook pictures have always looked like trash. So, last year of high school, I’m actually making an effort. Also blend that down your neck Now I’m gonna use a concealer I thought it was a good idea to go to sleep at 1:00 AM last night, and it wasn’t. I’m kind of in a rush right now, I haven’t gotten good sleep in like 17 years. I’m gonna spray my face with the Urban Decay all nighter. This thing works. so well. I went to a school dance with a full face of makeup and I sprayed this. I was dancing all night. That tastes so disgusting. Anyways, I was dancing all night. I was sweating cuz I was having some fun and my makeup didn’t budge. So that’s a really good setting spray. I’m kind of going ham with the concealer because I’m not sure if I can ask the photographer to photoshop my whole face but we’re gonna give it a try. Now I’m gonna set my face with my translucent powder. If get flash back in my photos, I’m gonna die. Alright ladies and gents. I’m trying to be like an architecture and chisel the frick out of my face so this is the hotel heiress by Tarte. It’s just a bronzer I don’t know how to contour super well, so I’m kind of just warming up my face, adding some color. THANK YOU SO MUCHHHH I don’t normally wear blush but I feel like in high quality pictures you probably should go all out So this is the Tarte blush in the shade ‘Risque’ Highlighter; I don’t think it would be the best idea to go ham with this But I’m gonna use a little bit with my crack and broken ‘Backless champagne pop’. I’m gonna put a little bit of this. I lied I didn’t put a little bit I’m gonna do my eyebrows. These are like the only things I have going for me Alright. Okay for eyeshadow I’m using the Glossier lid star in the shade moon and putting this on my eye flap kind of messily cuz we’re gonna blend it out with our fingers anyways, so it doesn’t matter It’s pretty sheer so you can’t tell that much of a difference, but I just add two layers so you can see more of the sparkles and the shimmer I’m so tired! Ok, now I’m using hot spell it’s kind of like an orangey-brown And then I’m putting this in my crease. I’m actually not doing this to well right now. Tip #1 not looking like trash in your yearbook photos, is not get ready an hour later than yours. I don’t know if I have enough time to put on false eyelashes, So we’re gonna check hehe Um, not really well we’re gonna do it anyways As if that makes anything better, I don’t really know how to put on false eyelashes that well plus I’m running late Ooh, another tip, practice your makeup look if you’re doing your own makeup for your yearbook photos Yeah, this is not working. Does that even look like okay, Oh God Alright I currently don’t have on a shirt Just had a little panic attack. Tip #2, don’t set yourself up for failure. If you like a chicken with its head cut off Alright I don’t I don’t know guys know how senior portraits work But you got like a head shot and then like a personality shot so I don’t play volleyball anymore so I wasn’t gonna dress up in Volleyball uniform and pretend to do that. I’m gonna hold up my plaque! So I’m in the dressing room right now and im gonna put on my first outfit. It’s this aloha print dress Where are you Ava That was your that was it And we’re done! I’m sweating, I’m done smiling. It’s so weird they’re like, okay, tilt, chin down, and I’m like this to my picture Yeah, I hope they turned out okay, we’re done for the day. All right, we just finished that was so much fun Shoutout to lifeshut My number one tip is Be prepared They’re gonna put you in really weird positions and then you have to like lean And then you have to like lean forward tilt your head and nose down. It’s like a whole you can’t even see me It’s a whole process if you need a portable fan bring a portable fan. I was sweating so much also bring touch-up makeup I didn’t do it. I mean I did that but I just didn’t feel like actually using it So any advice you would give to them about senior portraits mom. Eat a good breakfast first so you’re not grouchy. I didn’t eat breakfast No your smile they’re like, okay, so I was doing this smile the whole time and they are like different smile and I was like What do you mean what others smile I was so confused even if you don’t like wearing makeup You should just because it makes you look To even your complexion. Yeah a little pink of the lips to make your lips pop that is it for this video I hope you guys enjoyed this was kind of all over the place, but thanks for filming Denise Anyways, if you say it all the way to the point of video first of all You’re amazing cuz I definitely wouldn’t have and second of all comment down below You guys mean the world to me and um if you’re not already make sure you subscribe I would love it if you do so it’s the right thing to do. You might even burn a calorie. You’re still doing it That’s why I subscribe just to friend the kimanni subscribes like 20,000 times a day Come on drop all the girls I can hide the poem. We just don’t stop

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  1. For my year book picture I tried to curl my hair but then a large chunk fell off😭 I’ve never forgiven my curlers

  2. Do you follow Jesus?? I think you do right? Is there a video about your faith? If not can you answer me 😂❤️ i really wanna know!!

  3. 3:20 to 3: 30 is literally the funniest thing in the entire universe. Oh my gosh you are amazing at editing❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😀😀😀😀😀

  4. what the hell is with how high maintenance american high schools r? australia literally does the same thing for each year. like u go in take one photo of just your head and then ur done.

  5. Had to sub just cuz I relate too looking like trash on my school pictures EVERY YEAR I pray my portraits look good ha

  6. I just took my senior pictures last week.
    I literally only put on eyeliner and I did that in the car on the way to the studio
    I also only had one outfit bc I only own t shirts

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