How to Be More Photogenic | How to Look Good in Every Picture | Tips for Better Photos

How to Be More Photogenic | How to Look Good in Every Picture | Tips for Better Photos

What’s up virgins, it’s your boy Based
Zeus, and today I’m gonna be teaching you how to be photogenic AS FUCK so you can start
raking in the Instagram likes and sliding into all the instagram models DMs just like
me. And speaking of likes, be sure to smash that
like button, if not, I’ll smash your girl, hashtag Based. #1 DON’T … lean back or away from the
camera You know what I’m talking about, when young
guys take pictures, they almost immediately tilt their head backwards and shy away from
the camera. Doing this immediately messes up the structure
of your jawline in your pictures and it makes you look like you have a double chin. It’s almost an instinct to shy away from
the camera and pull your head back, as if you’re trying to hide from the camera to
hide your ugliness but fuck that. You’re subscribed to this channel so you
already know that looks aren’t all that important if you have solid game and a great
personality! Plus, if you’re ugly, then I have videos
on how to get girls if you’re ugly anyway – which I’ll have linked on the screen right
now – so being ugly isn’t an issue for you anymore.. Instead of leaning away from the camera … #2 DO … lean your head forward and jut your
chin outward. Now if you’re watching this video and trying
it right now like I know you are, you’re probably thinking no way this shit feels so
unnatural and awkward, I’m gonna come out looking like a giraffe in my pictures. But trust me, jutting your chin forward in
pictures is the EASIEST way to create a sharper jawline and make your face look a lot more
structured in your pictures. Look at all these pictures, all these guys
are looking snacky as fuck because they’re all jutting their chin outwards and it’s
making their jawline look fucking fire. Leaning it forward creates more separation
from your neck so you avoid looking like you have a double chin and it makes your facial
structure more pronounced. You’re welcome. #3 DO … use your tongue to make your jawline
look stronger. Sounds crazy right? But if you force your tongue up to the roof
of your mouth and breathe through your nose, you’ll feel your jawline tighten up and
look a lot more defined and structured. Try it now in front of the mirror and you’ll
see what I’m talking about. You’re welcome. #4 DO … make your skin look smoother. Oh fuck wait I just said two Do’s in a row,
instead of a Don’t. Fuck it, I’m only doing one take. You can have all the photography knowledge
in the world but if your skin is rough and bumpy and you have red spots all over, it’s
gonna show up in your photos and ruin your entire look. Plus, a lot of Instagram filters actually
make bad skin look even worse because they increase the Contrast on the photo which brings
out any discrepancies like that. If you want to make sure your face is on point
and looking dope, I recommend you check out Tiege Hanley, who I got to sponsor today’s
video. If you wanna have your best face possible,
then use Tiege Hanley, it’s simple. Tiege takes all the guesswork and complicated
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and PM moisturizer for morning and night. If you wanna step it up then level 2 comes
with an anti-aging eye cream which gets rid of puffiness and dark circles from under your
eyes. Your eyes are a huge aspect of looking good
in pictures and Tiege’s eye cream has caffeine in it to make the skin around your eyes firmer
and make sure you’re as awake as your morning coffee makes you feel because if your eyes
look tired and all fucked up, then your whole face will be off. And if your whole face is off then Tiege hooks
it up with their level 3 system which also includes the eye cream AND an anti aging firming
super serum that’s packed with vitamins and antioxidants to tighten up your face and
make it look soft and as Alpha would say, DYNAMITE. And the best part, if you rub Tiege Hanley
on your photos, you’ll look more photogenic! I’ll have a link and discount code in the
description for you guys to check out. #5 DON’T … do basic ass poses. Yeah I’m looking at you, teenage boys. Wait what? no no, not like that! Not in a creepy way with Chris Hansen about
to emerge. You know when guys take pictures together
and they all do that stupid pose with their hands in front? Yeah please, for Zeus’s sake don’t do
that. It makes your picture indistinguishable from
all the other basic dudes posing like that on Instagram AND it doesn’t even make you
look your best because it hides your posture and makes you look like a clone next to all
the other people you’re standing next to. Instead go for tip #5. #6 DO … figure out what poses work best
for you. Now I’m into photography and I’ve noticed
that most of the time when I photograph people that they look best when looking directly
into the camera as opposed to away from it, but looking away from it is a good option
as well. It’s just about experimenting with a bunch
of different pictures and poses and seeing what works best for you. Get yourself a little tripod and use the timer
on your camera to take some pictures of yourself in a bunch of different poses. Then look at em and see which ones you look
good in and which ones you don’t look good in. That way, next time you’re with friends
and you guys are taking pics, it removes all the guesswork because you already KNOW your
best poses and you can jump right into em. Trust me, literally EVERY hot girl or guy
on Instagram knows exactly what their best angles are. #7 DON’T … Take pictures with shitty lighting. Lighting is also important. You don’t want the light below you because
it makes your face look fucked up. And if you’re posing with your shirt off,
you want the light right above you and slightly in front, because it highlights your body
and makes you look a lot more defined. I’m not exaggerating when I say you can
look like you just dropped 10% body fat just by altering the lighting in your pictures. Play around with it and figure out what works
best for you. And that’s it. If you liked this video be sure to drop a
like and subscribe to my channel for instant clout, ALSO be sure to check the link in my
description for a badass discount on Tiege Hanley the only uncomplicated skincare system
for men. Zeus out.

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  1. Haha.. I became photogenic …now i look good in picture and ugly af in real life*… (-_-) now tell me how can I undo it *hellppp!

  2. One. I'm bad at all angles.
    Two. I wondee people maximize brightness and lower contrast to see whole structure of mi face. Ha! You got me.

  3. Ohh shit bruh thanks I finally can look good while taking pics.. Man I look so much better this way really thanks

  4. The thing i like about your ads is that you only promote fashion products,just what your channel is based on,to look better than you actually are.I gotta respect that.

  5. I’m visiting my friend in prison next week & we’re planning on taking a picture, & I’m more nervous about the picture than going into a prison for the first time 😂

  6. 14 seconds in and i had to suscribe🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️

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