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  1. hello congratulations for working with all my research your screen was the best … please send a rgb of the color you made is from Brazil it probably does not have this ink here …. and what kind of fabric or canvas did you do until then…? Please pass this information on to me. thank you!

  2. Click Bait!!! The title is misleading it is written as; "DIY New to bulid your Black Screen for Projector ALR" Nothing about this video showed how to build or bulid a Black Screen for Projector ALR

  3. The problem with the use of glitters in the mix is that the image looks good when its mostly dark scenes. But on a bright scene, you get too much reflection from the glitters. I bought some dark grey cloth with a bit of shimmers and its very nice when projecting dark scenes on it but lots of speckles with bright scenes.

  4. UM SORRY, but luminous 4k ALR paint by Crystal edge technology got you beat on performance and price!!….no buy!!!

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