How To Change Youtube Channel Art(Cover Photo) Background Picture On Android & Iphone-2019

How To Change Youtube Channel Art(Cover Photo) Background Picture On Android & Iphone-2019

Hello whatsapp guys and welcome back to my youtube channel “Teconz”. Today i will show you how to change your YouTube channel cover photo by using your mobile and here you can see this is my youtube channel page. Now in this section I try to press that gear icon for view my entire profile, but unfortunately there is no special option is available to customize the cover photo. Only it has channel name edit settings and description, so how to change it?. Just close this YouTube application and then open your Google chrome web browser, so here you can click to access this YouTube website by enter the following YouTube website URL and the URL is “” so just click to access it. Finally my YouTube mobile site is ready to streaming… Here you can press that person icon and it is placed at the fourth one and this is my profile section but before
going to the tutorial, first of all just sign in your YouTube channel account with this webpage. Now I try to view this mobile site to desktop site, by press that google chrome browser 3 dot icon but if you’re using the older version of Google Chrome browser this icon is located at the almost top of right side, so just press it and then scroll down. Here you can tick to enable “Desktop site” and this is my youtube channel desktop view. So here you can press your profile icon and it is placed at the same right side corner and then go to “My channel”,so here you can see this is my default YouTube channel photo, but I don’t like this photo. So how to change it?. By simply tap on this cover photo and then it ask for uploading process… but one think
remember it. The default cover photo size as 2560*1440. So I try to upload the one image file from my mobile gallery and then it shows some previews by based on your uploaded image file. So once your file is successfully uploaded, just
click to save these changes. And then you can see my youtube channel page cover photo is changed to new one here i using the white background, so it doesn’t shows any images. So same way I try to check it, by accessing the
YouTube application, but if your YouTube application cover photo is not changed
to new one, just refress this new page. Finally my cover photo is also updated
to new one and it shows same white background. So this is the way you can
easily change your youtube channel cover photo by watching my tutorial. For more tech
videos you can subscribe my beautiful tech channel “Teconz” and
thanks for watching…

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  1. Thank you so much. God bless you. I was trying so hard to find a video on how to change the background picture and i could not find even one until i found yours.

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