How To Change YouTube Profile Picture

How To Change YouTube Profile Picture

How To Change Youtube Profile Picture If you want to change your Youtube profile picture, this can be done very quickly and simply, from any page on Youtube, by first of all clicking on the top right arrow, and in the dropdown click on Settings. Once you’re in Settings, you’ll see there will be an image, or even a blank image there. Click on ‘Change’. Here you have an option. You can either upload an image, you can choose a video still, so this is a still frame from any of your previous video uploads, if you have any, or you can use a default image. If you’re going to be uploading an image, read this little blurb here. Basically, you should not be uploading pictures containing celebrities, artwork, or copyrighted images. Maximum file size is 1 MB. Really important to keep that in mind. Best results is to upload an 800 pixel by 800 pixel image, but that’s not totally necessary, that’s just for best results. If we’re going to upload an image, choose File, and once you’re ready with your image, select it, either double-click it, or click Open. Once you’re ready, click on Save Changes. Now your profile picture has been changed. One thing to keep in mind is once you get to this
screen, just click on Save. That will save your new profile picture. That’s how to change Youtube profile picture! Thanks for watching. If this helped you please give it a LIKE, or let me know by commenting below, and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE for more how-to instructional videos!

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  1. Do i really have to spend more than a fucking goddamn hour just to change my fucking youtube picture without success!!! Fuck you Google!!!!! Your plus bullshit is a big fucking fail and completely useless!

  2. I absolutely loathe that I am forced to have Google plus if I want to use YouTube. Way to force things on people Google.

  3. Google + is confusing me now. I am trying to get my channel starting but idk…I guess I will get my channel going soon.

    Google is the most worthless garbage clusterfuck website i have ever had the displeasure of using, I hope whoever is responsible for this pile of dirt website is evaporated clean off the face of the earth, flew straight into the fiery pits of hell, and left there to rot for their crimes against humanity. I hope everyone involved in this useless spyfest simultaneously bursts into a pile of ash in front of their family, for making privacy a thing of the past. Hopefully soon, those good-for-nothing baby-girl bastards rot in prison, where they contract every std known to man and a couple disease strains unknown to man, from which they die slowly and painfully from 5 years later. There is absolutely no excuse for making such a pathetic 'website' so painfully impossible to use, and it will not be forgotten… The douchelords responsible will soon face the most deadly, hazardous revenge forged from the burning energy of a thousand suns, and my vengence shall reign down upon the earth at a rate incomprehensible to man. It is time for a change, and anyone who stands in the way of justice will not live long enough to hear themselves scream. One account all of google. No, i had a couple gmail accounts, all of which had been rendered useless by the faglords over at google. Good day.

  5. I am not liking what you are doing to my site I wish to stay on You Tube   and use Google when I need too, my husband has his site come on  sort it out for me please. Separate is good for my household user's

  6. Guys go on 'YouTube Settings' not 'settings', then click on your profile picture wait for it to take you to another page, and then hover your cursor over the profile picture and click on the pencil icon thing! Your welcome! (:

  7. Can you help me save my youtube picture only if i go to google i can see my orignal picture but if i go to youtube it shows my other picture and it would'nt save plz help 

  8. When I want to leave a comment, my profile picture appears, but when I click on "View as public" it does not appear on my profile . Wtf man ?

  9. Hey there! hmm on my right side its only my google profile pic.. i don't have a drop down issue… but i did change it for the comment sections… but it only seems to change my comment section profile picture… Hmm I'm not sure what to do :/

  10. wow, so up to date 2015.. NOT, it's 2013. Today it's google+ crap that doesn't let us edit our picture on youtube different from google+
    Why is this important? Because you can uplaod gifs on google+, but you cant see them work on youtube. So you have a not working gif, how retarted…

  11. I actually feel cheated watching this video. I usually don't allow the commercial to run I will skip it unless I feel I'm searching for information I really need. I watched the dang commercial and got old outdated information and for me that makes you SUCK! You see, you help me and I in return help you by sitting through a commercial I really don't care to so you get paid for good info. So, why don't you take this video down and update with proper information.

  12. how odd it doesnt change right away on the com.. but everywhere else it shows up… server must be slow as fuck… -.-

    When I click change it just brings me onto my new fucking Google+ page it made when I created the channel! And when I change it from there, on G+, IT DOESNT CHANGE THE PICTURE ON YOUTUBE
    Help please someone!!!

  14. Ugh so I guess this means I'll have to sign in from my slow af computer to do this via desktop. sighs c'est la vie I guess…

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